It is all magic, illusions, and slights of hand, Obama and his Commiecrats can make anything disappear. Have you noticed that none of the scandals caused by the left are being talked about by anyone any more, except for a few? You find out they have something illegal in one hand and they scare you to get you looking at the other hand until most people forget about what was illegal in the first hand. I don't see anyone talking about Benghazi, IRS, NSA, or any of the other scandals for which Obama was on the verge of being impeached. They all magically went away. Or did they?

No, those scandals are all still there, it is just that the commies got you to stop thinking about them by causing a big stir about something which didn't matter as much but they had you believing it did matter even more than the commies' crimes. Their past crimes aren't the only thing they just hid from you. They just hid their next big crime while it is still a work in progress.

But first, let's look at the lie they used to scare everyone into looking away from the crime Obama insists on committing. Horror of horrors, the government shut down and was on the verge of bringing our country to its knees, except that this was the 18th US government shutdown in less than 100 years and, I don't know if you noticed, but the country is still here after 18 shutdowns.

"But," you say,"the US was on the verge of defaulting on government debt! Horror of horrors!" Or, at least, that is what they had you convinced it was.

Then I say, "The US government has defaulted on its debts or at least part of them three times and it is still here." You see, the US defaulted on its debts right after the nation was founded in the late 1700s, again during the War of 1812 because of a Treasury error, and then by FDR in 1933. Did you notice the US is still here? Maybe it wasn't as bad as they had you believing it was? Don't get me wrong, it was something to be taken seriously but not to be so terrified about that you should forget about everything else.

Now, what was the latest scandal Obama was working on accomplishing against the will of the people and Congress just before Obama shut down the government and started threatening that the US would default on its debts? Remember Syria? Yeah, that is right, Obama was wanting to invade Syria without permission from Congress, which is an impeachable offense. Guess what, while everyone was getting all upset about Obama proving he is a tyrant (to those who didn't already know) by bullying and terrorizing people at national monuments and parks, everyone forgot about Syria, well, except for me.

A combat wing of F22s, more than 20 birds, used to be stationed five miles from me at Holloman AFB but I heard them all leave at one time yesterday while everyone was looking at the government shutdown and worrying about the US defaulting on its debts. You can bet those planes leaving Holloman during this mess wasn't a coincidence. The F22s at Holloman will be replaced with more than 50 F16s as a training wing and not a combat wing. I found out a while back that Obama is moving all 186 of the F22s to one air base in Florida, "because of sequestration", which is really stupid because having all of our best stealth planes stationed at one Air Force Base means they could all be taken out by one 200k tactical nuke. It is every bit as stupid as the positioning of our Pacific Fleet and the aircraft were positioned at Pearl Harbor on December 7, 1940. We are talking really, really stupid.

Then I remembered the five US Navy carriers Obama insisted being stationed side-by-side in the same Navy port against the objections of the US Navy. That was five of our most important weapon systems set up as sitting ducks so that one 200k tactical nuke could also take them out crippling our Navy. I don't know if those five carriers are still stationed side-by-side but my first thought was, "Is Obama setting up our best weapons systems so he can destroy them with just a few tactical nukes?" That is something I am going to seriously watch and think about but not the only thing.

Then I remembered that, just before the government conveniently shutdown, Obama moved both the 82nd and 101st Air Borne Army Divisions, two of our best, to the east coast to prepare them to invade Syria and has a US Navy fleet quietly building up off of the coast of Syria. They are still there preparing to go to Syria. Then I realized, "Hold it, Obama is moving our best military units and weapons systems to the east coast within one hop range of Syria, Jordan, and Turkey." That is when I realized there is another possibility.

Is Obama moving military units to the east coast for a fast invasion or blitzkrieg of Syria without approval from Congress? If Obama properly stages our military on the east coast, with today's technology, he can have all of the major combatants in terrorist controlled Syria, Jordan, and Turkey within just a few weeks, many within hours or days, of starting the operation by ships and planes with enough supplies to last at least one month, probably more. I have been thinking about that one all day. Hmmm, I am wondering if Obama made any more troop movements to the east coast while everyone was watching the US government shutdown? There are a number of possibilities.

For example, if Obama were to nuke some US cities and blame Israel, he could declare martial law, and have most of those troops in the Middle East before everyone's heads stopped spinning. That would put the remaining of the US's best weapons systems and troops out of country so they wouldn't be able to stop Obama, the liberal commie traitors, the Muslims, and the Chinese from firmly establishing their beloved US dictatorship. Then Obama and company could send a large army to help our military (what is left of it) invade and destroy Israel establishing Obama as the Muslim Mahdi. After that, Obama could use the US nukes to finish conquering the rest of the world and setting up his Muslim global Caliphate. Or any number of plans similar to that.

You have to understand that Israel is considered one of the top five militaries in the world and is easily one of the top three in technology. She is not going down as easily as Iraq did, it will take quite a bit more muscle just to get the job done, and you better bet we will bleed doing it. And don't forget that she has had nukes for years, knows how to use them, and will use them to survive. Then there is always God to deal with when invading Israel.

I am going to keep an eye on this and keep thinking about it. Something is definitely happening, you just have to keep an eye on that commie magic.

With all of this lefty magic going on, you might want to....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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