Magic 2

One thing I have learned about Obama is to never expect what would be most probably for even normal evil people. I cannot remember anything he has done in which he has not been deceptive and used his magic of distraction and confusion to do something unimaginably horrible. He always gives us hints that most people completely miss, especially from years ago, and then gives you something so monstrous and evil that, if you had told anyone he was going to do it, no one would have believed you, not even his enemies. They would say something like, "Even Obama wouldn't dare to do that." But that is what we always get.

Therefore, I have learned to remember the most devious thing he told us he would do years ago in relation to what his actions say he might be doing while ignoring what it looks like and he now says he is doing because the most devious thing he said he would do in conjunction with what it looks like he might be doing is what we seem to keep getting from Obama. We must learn to anticipate the worst possible from our Tyrant dictator.

So, what does this thing in Syria look like?

We are being told that Obama wanting to invade Syria is because Obama is upset that Assad used chemical weapons on his own people. But, is that what it really looks like? Let's do the math. I like math.

Obama stood idly by watching the war in Syria murder over 100,000 people without saying a thing. Obama has also not even hinted at noticing millions of non Muslim people being tormented, enslaved, and murdered by his Muslim buddies all over the world. Obama is working towards and is fighting for Obamacare to enslave the US people. Clearly Obama doesn't care about anyone except Obama. Therefore, Obama wanting to invade Syria to protect the Syrian people from being killed by Assad is smoke and mirrors.

Then why does Obama really want to invade Syria?

To understand this, you have to properly connect a lot of very subtle dots, which no one seems to be paying attention to, and read very closely between the lines.

For example, let's say that Obama gets his wish and invades Syria with troops on the ground in Syria, Lebanon, Jordan, and Turkey along with troops and aircraft at sea and aircraft from numerous bases a little further away from Syria in other countries ready to take down Assad while the Muslim terrorist forces are quickly building up their armies. Then Russia, China, and Iran quickly build up their armies and navies to protect Assad from Obama so that we have several million forces from all parties built up in Syria, Lebanon, and Jordan and, at least some, are probably also using Egypt as a staging area for the fight looking like they are about to kick off WWIII. Why, this is going to be a real knock-down, drag-out global war between them. Then, to the absolute surprise of everyone, Obama, the great deceiver and magician, the Russians, the Chinese, the Muslims, and everyone else getting ready to mix it up, suddenly turn their weapons on Israel in a surprise attack catching Israel completely off guard. You know, like Pearl Harbor, 9/11, and other such attacks by bad guys.

In other words, what if Obama is using the war in Syria to sucker punch Israel?

Think about it, if you were going to invade Israel from the north, where would you base your troops and ships?

Answer: the same places you would position your troops to wage a war in Syria, which would be in Syria, Lebanon, Jordan, Egypt, and the Mediterranean Sea right next to Lebanon and Syria. You know, right where Obama has already positioned US troops and ships with more soon to follow.

Think not?

Well, let's connect some dots I am sure most of you didn't even notice and watch to see the picture we get. First, Obama has proven he is a devout Wahabbi Suni Muslim to everyone except the exceptionally stupid and wants to get rid of Israel. Until now, Obama and King Abdullah have treated Israel with open disdain but suddenly they seem to be getting along fine and I have been wondering what is going on. Something isn't right with that picture.

Ignoring the 100,000 plus casualties of the Syrian War, Obama "suddenly" decides he will invade Syria to protect Syria's people from Assad. Obama quickly starts massing a force in the area for the war including troops which are right now stationed in Jordan, Turkey, Syria, Lebanon, and at sea and those forces are quickly building. Then Obama stages the government shutdown to get everyone's attention from the Syrian War and Obama building up his force to invade Syria. Mean while, Obama is making it look like it will be a war of the US and Suni Muslims verses the Russians, Iran, China, and the Shiite Muslims.

Really? Hmmmm, there seems to be something wrong with this picture. Obama and Putin/China have suddenly been talking while chilling the rhetoric, Obama has sent "Ambassador Farrakhan" to talk with Iran with King Abdullah pretending to be upset by something his very loyal servant, Obama, is doing. Mean while, behind the curtain, Obama and everyone else continue to quietly build their forces in the area with Obama clearly moving troops and aircraft to the US east coast for one quick deployment move to the Middle East. Mean while, you and everyone else has been distracted by the US government shutdown. You have to get past the smoke and mirrors to see what is really going on.

There is one very important clue here, Obama and ALL the countries and forces currently deploying to fight in Syria have all stated they would like to see Israel destroyed. NOT ONE of them was Israel's friend one to two years ago.

Why the sudden change?

Let's say you want to invade Israel which has one of the top five militaries in the world, has one of the three technologically most advanced militaries in the world, has some of the best trained and most experienced troops in the world, and has nukes, which means she isn't going down easy and anyone who tries is going to do a lot of bleeding. To keep your damages to an acceptable level, you will need the element of surprise. That is critical.

So, how do you stage millions of troops to invade Israel without tipping Israel off that you plan to invade her so you will have the element of surprise?

You have the Muslim terrorist groups stage a "civil war" against Assad in Syria which will make it possible for those terrorist groups to get large numbers of their forces staged without tipping Israel off about the pending invasion of Israel. Then you have the terrorists to stage a chemical attack against Syrian civilians and blame Assad so Obama can have an excuse to invade and remove Assad so Obama and his Muslim pals can start building up troops in the area without tipping off Israel about their plans to invade Israel. Then you have Russia, China, and Iran threatening WWIII, if Obama and company invade Syria, so those countries can begin building up troops and ships in the war zone without tipping off Israel that they also plan to invade Israel. You get millions of troops from all of those countries staged in the combat zone, while staging a US government shutdown to distract everyone from the troops building up in the combat zone, while making it look like all of those forces are about to go at each other in the start of WWIII and then suddenly turn their weapons on Israel. Surprise!!! You know, just like Obama and his bunch always do with their magic. You get Israel watching one hand so you can stab her in the back with the other hand.

I am definitely going to keep an eye on this one.

With Obama and company being such devious monsters, you just might want to....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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