The Splatter Matter

I keep hearing people say and reading about them saying, "when the fecal matter hits the fan". When? The fecal matter has already hit the fan and is now approaching tsunami proportions. Splatter is going everywhere and is either hitting or approaching everyone. If this government "shutdown" didn't convince you that the Republic of the United States of America is dead and we are now living in the United Soviet States of America with Obama as our own personal tyrant dictator, then you have not been paying attention.

We are right now in a survival situation and people need to start thinking differently. People need to quit thinking about having a better life with bigger this and more that and need to start thinking about how to survive the crisis our liberal commie traitors have forced onto us and are intentionally making worse. You people who have been prepping for a coming crisis, it is here.

I just read over at what amounts to the upper class trash destroying the middle class in the US. The liberals created the housing bubble and burst it causing huge numbers of people to have to leave their homes which increased the demand for rental property which is increasing rent so fewer people can afford to rent. Also, by causing and increasing this economic disaster, they are increasing the number of people without jobs and others who are working part time just to survive. Then they toss in Obamacare to cause most employers to cut jobs back to part time to further decrease incomes and disposable income further increasing the number of people who are barely getting by or not getting by at all. Plus, if you don't buy the insurance you can't afford but is now required by Obamacare, the government will take your home, your bank account and everything else making you impoverished.

This is causing a number of things. First, the number of homeless is increasing, especially for families with children. Second, it is causing increasing numbers of people to move back in with their parents or other family members. Third, it is increasing the number of people or families sharing rental properties just to have some place to live. It isn't just the illegal aliens who are sharing rental properties, it is increasingly everyone.

If you have not believed me before that we are in a super depression, you will soon know it is true. I recently read somewhere that things have gotten so bad that increasing numbers of women are selling their hair, selling their breast milk, and even selling their ovary eggs to make ends meet. This crisis has hit critical mass for increasing numbers of people and will soon get there for the rest.

Remember those "holy" entitlement programs the liberals have been preaching they won't touch? Well, they are quietly touching them and decreasing spending on almost all assistance programs such as assisted housing, Welfare, Medical, and Medicaid which only makes it worse with increasing numbers of people now needing assistance. Remember all of those unemployed people the government has been hiding in order to keep the government fake unemployment numbers lower than they should be and I have been warning you about? Well, those people are making things worse by increasing demand for assistance programs but in a way so it doesn't make Obama look as bad as he should.

Basically, they are driving the middle class into poverty and the lower class to enslave everyone. By the time the upper class trash has finished with you, very few of you will look down your noses at the lower class because you are now the lower class. Just as the Bible teaches, pride goes before the fall. We were very proud and are not falling very fast.

The only things we are missing right now is for Obama to stage a false flag event so he can declare martial law, disband our worthless Congress and Supreme Court, suspend the US Constitution (which they are trying to do now), and consolidate power by murdering most of the traitors who helped put Obama in power to firmly establish their dictatorship. From what I am reading, the latter has been tried but foiled by the US military several times. Keep an eye on Chicago.

From some of the dreams God has shown me, Obama will succeed at setting up his dictatorship well enough for him to feel safe in personally taking an army of black Muslims and liberal traitors to invade Israel before the fighting starts. That could be for anywhere from a few months to a few years. Basically, things have to get bad enough for most people to turn back to God before God will save our butts. Until then, it is just going to keep getting worse.

You really need to know and deal with the now obvious fact that Obama, the liberal traitors, and the Muslims have ALREADY overthrown the US government and set up their dictatorship. The fight is on.

If you finally realize that the fecal matter IS ALREADY HITTING THE FAN, then you also know it is time to....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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