Magic Space Dust

I have been working on this essay for some time and have decided that it is time to dig up a few more dead bodies from the evolution cemetery. I have told you a number of times that better than 90% of the scientists who profess a belief in evolution also believe that a superior intelligence (vastly superior to us humans) was required to cause even evolution to happen because science has proved that even evolution couldn't happen by accidence and coincidence. It is time to show you more of the reasons why scientists believe this.

I have already shown that, if they can't prove how things first got started then all of the rest of their fairy tales are completely meaningless because there won't be anything to evolve into anything so, hey, let's start at the very beginning.

Did you know that scientists are currently working on at least five different theories on how everything began to replace the Big Bang theory? Gee, you don't think the Big Bang theory has been scientifically disproved and they are desperately trying to come up with another fairy tale to replace the Big Bang fairy tale, do you?

I never could accept the Big Bang theory because it was so preposterous, therefore, as an evolutionist, I was one of those Christians who believed that God caused evolution to happen because I already knew that evolution ain't going to happen by itself.

Basically, the Big Bang says that there was nothing and nothing exploded creating everything out of nothing.

People, you have to be an idiot to believe that or completely stoned out of your mind. It is only common sense that you have to have something to explode because "nothing" doesn't explode, ever. Then I dare anyone to use physics to explain to me how you can create matter out of nothing. It just ain't going to happen, baby.

But it gets better and much more preposterous showing just how desperate evolutionists have been for more than half a century to have any kind of great sounding fairy tale the scientifically ignorant people would believe so the people would not believe in Christianity.

Then the evolutionist fairy tale tried to explain away infinity because our human minds can't deal with infinity ignoring that, just because we can't understand it doesn't mean it doesn't exist, all it means is we can't understand it. To do this, they dreamed up a really preposterous fairy tale about a four dimensional cosmos that is like the skin of a balloon so that "in any direction you go, you will never hit the edge of space" because, if you ever get to the edge of space, then there has to be something beyond space.

This shows just how simple minded we humans can get, even most scientists, because even a balloon has inner and outer edges so that you will get to an edge, if you travel in the right direction plus their fairy tale blatantly ignores just what is their magic balloon expanding into. If your cosmos expanded like they say it did, then it had to expand into something, especially an empty space, therefore, our cosmos MUST have an edge that is pushing out into something.

Then they said that the most massive explosion in the history of existence caused the matter it created out of nothing to very rapidly expand outward in a massive spherical shell or balloon and then magically, mysteriously, miraculously, and mystically the tiny electrons, protons, and photons the massive explosion created out of nothing and was propelling all of that matter away from each other to start coming together to form atoms, molecules and stars.

There are two laws in physics this fairy tale clearly violates. First, a law says that, if a body is set in motion, it will remain in motion until another force acts on that body. The second law says that a body in motion will remain in motion in the same direction until another force causes it to change direction.

This massive explosion would have been the greatest force in the history of existence in part because it had propelled all matter outward, rapidly expanding or MOVING AWAY FROM EACH OTHER proving that the explosive force was far greater than any or all of the attraction forces the electrons and protons had towards each other combined.

We know this because in 1998 scientists made a public announcement that it had been proved that our cosmos will continue to expand outwards until all matter in our cosmos flies apart, meaning there will never be any kind of implosion because the explosive force is far greater than all of the attraction forces in our cosmos combined.

You see, according to their fairy tale and physics, all of the particles created in their massive explosion were rapidly expanding outward getting farther and farther apart in straight lines so that they would have NEVER come close enough together to start combining to form atoms. They would have just continued to fly outwards, getting farther and farther apart forever UNLESS there was a massive force that caused the particles to alter direction so that they started getting closer together until the particles could combine and form atoms but there was no such force written into their fairy tale.

Plus the massive explosion would have magically created all of the electrons and protons pretty evenly distributed, which means the forces of electrons and protons attracting each other would have been equal in all directions so that none of them would have been able to pull the others towards them to form atoms.

You have to understand that physics requires that, if their magical explosion did happen, did create matter, and did cause that matter to rapidly expand outward, it would have been scientifically impossible for that matter to begin interacting and creating atoms or molecules. Physics says it ain't going to happen, baby.

So far we have destroyed three basic and critical parts to their fairy tale but it gets better.

BUT, let's say their magical explosion caused by nothing did happen and magically created matter out of nothing and that matter magically didn't continue to spread out through space constantly getting farther and farther apart and did magically start getting closer together and started forming atoms and these atoms began to mysterious, magically, mystically form into massive nebulae (plural, nebula is singular) which will mysteriously, mystically, and magically begin to implode into stars, planets, and asteroids. (I hope you realize it will take a cosmos full of fairy dust for that to happen, which begs to ask, just what are these guys smoking?)

A few years ago scientists made a public statement that it is not possible for nebulae to implode and form stars or planets because of a little thing called atmospheric pressure.

You see, the pagan fairy tellers believed and teach that with so much mass in one big cloud, there has to be enough gravity to implode all of that mass into stars and planets but they failed to realize or covered up that the mass in a nebula is so spread out that the gravity per cubic foot is so little that it can't compress anything into anything. It isn't just how much cumulative gravity you have but also how concentrated that gravity is that matters. When that gravity isn't concentrated enough within each cubic foot, it can't compress gas into liquid, much less into solid matter like stars, planets, and asteroids.

If their fairy tale is true, why haven't all of their nebulae already imploded into stars, planets, and asteroids?

A really great example here is the fairy tale about asteroids, the asteroid belt, rock debris just outside of our solar system, and comets in our solar system. The evolutionist fairy tellers claim all of those solid rocks inside and just outside of our solar system were magically compressed into solid rock just by their own cumulative gravity.


That magical space dust is so spread out over such a great area that it cannot have enough concentrated gravity per cubic foot to compress the space dust into balls of dust, much less into solid rocks.

You think not?

There is at least hundreds of thousands to millions time less gravity per cubic foot at any point in space than on the surface of Earth. Yet you find dirt, dust, and sand everywhere on the planet that has not been compressed into solid rock. In the Sahara Desert there are sand dunes over 100 feet high where the sand at the bottom of those dunes has not been compressed into solid sand stone or rock and is under many times greater compression than the dust anywhere in space.

It is only common sense science that, if sand, dirt and dust on Earth has not all been compressed into solid rock then it is impossible for dust in space, where there is almost zero gravity and compression, to compress space dust into solid rock unless it is magic space dust, you know, more of that fairy dust thingy.

Further proof of this is the serious concern scientists had about us landing space craft of the moon before the first space craft to visit the moon. Based on the theory of evolution, physics, the dirt and sand here on Earth that had not been compressed into solid rock, and that the moon has six times less gravity and compression force than Earth, the scientists believed that the top 50 to 100 or more feet of the soil on the moon had to be space dust so loosely compacted that a space ship would sink into that dust and kill the astronauts. The scientists were pleasantly surprised when the space ship didn't sink into the dust and that the moon's surface is mostly solid stone covered by relatively little dust.

Of course, they were also embarrassed because it made them look pretty stupid but that is what you should expect when you base your scientific research and analyses on really bad science and lies.

BTW, that disproved their evolution fairy tale but do you think they learned from it?

Oh no, they just ignored that and kept on trying to beat their dead horse into running.

But, hey, let's look at even better evidence, you know, Jupiter, which has millions time more gravity and compressive force per cubic foot than even Earth. If the pagan fairy tale of evolution where true and nebulae and space dust could be compressed into solid rock with millions time less concentrated gravity and compressive force, don't you think that Jupiter would have already compressed all of those massive clouds of gas into solid rock? Oops, just a wee bit obvious, huh?

Listen, if Jupiter has not already compressed all of that gas into solid rock, then it is ABSOLUTELY. CONCLUSIVELY. SCIENTIFICALLY.IMPOSSIBLE for space dust or space gas to be compressed into stars, planets, or asteroids in the near zero gravity of space. That should be obvious common sense science.

Now I have proved in just a few essays that every key part of the pagan evolution fairy tale is scientifically impossible. Nothing cannot explode and create matter from nothing; matter propelled and scattering through space cannot get together to begin forming atoms and molecules, much less stars, planets, and asteroids, even magical space dust and gas cannot be compressed into solid rock by near zero gravity, it is scientifically impossible for the simplest living cell to accidentally and coincidentally form, and plants can't just start living and reproducing in sterile soil without biomatter but it gets better.

Basically, when it comes to the most critical things required for evolution to be true, evolution has not proved a thing. They just ignore those critical things, lie about them, and keep telling their great sounding fairy tales. The evolutionists just keep telling the great sounding and deceptive fairy tales to convince you that the evolutionists have proved evolution to be true, when they can't, and keep trying to make the Bible and God look ridiculous, which is why I am also showing you the science behind the "miracles" in the Bible.

All of the miracles in the Bible are more scientifically sound, feasible, and probable than any of the most critical parts of evolution could ever be possible without a being who has vastly superior intelligence and power to cause evolution to happen. The greatest success of the evolutionists is the propaganda program they have been running to convince you that evolution is scientifically proven, when it is not, and that the Bible is ridiculous, when it is not.

Now do you better understand why better than 90% of scientists who believe in evolution also believe that a being who has vastly superior intelligence and power to humans MUST exist?

They know and have proved that, regardless of evolution or creation, God MUST exist and He MUST have caused our existence. There is no other possibility.

Now all we have to do is show you the science supporting that God did what He said in the bible and didn't lie to us. Man is the liar, not God.

John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

You better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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