Man Plans

I have been telling you that man plans, God laughs. Well, God is currently enjoying a really great belly laugh.

The arrogant upper class trash were so certain they had everything planned to a T and couldn't possibly fail with their evil plans. Why, they are just so brilliant and had the money to hire all the other evil brilliant people to help plan things out and manage everything so well it was inconceivable that they could possibly fail. Yeah, right.

Their big brain child, the EU is supposed to be the foundation for their coming one world government. Buuuut, then the EU began blowing apart economically and financially so the upper class trash had to use an awful lot of bubble gum to hold everything together well enough they can hide their still existing problems by not reporting about their increasing problems with their media and other smoke and mirrors. Basically, the upper class trash have barely managed to glue everything together with bubble gum so they can continue on with their evil plans to conquer the world and set up their one world government before murdering off more than seven billion people.

Man plans, God laughs!

You know, I may not be as intelligent as these natural elites like to think they are (neither are they) but I am smart enough to know that, when you plans start heading south, it is a good idea to back off and rethink things and not just do bubble gum remedies while continuing bumbling down the road to a point of no return. I have never seen that work.

Another part of their ingenious plan is falling apart in a big way. As a matter of fact, the failure of this part of their plan means the failure of the entire plan. The upper class trash had foolishly thought that they could destroy their own economies and nations and the rest of the world would just happily continue respecting the upper class trash as before, you know, when they had powerful economies and militaries to require that respect.

The upper class trash did have just enough intelligence to realize that their nations' militaries posed a threat to the upper class trash plans to stage coups over their governments. The upper class trash knew the militaries would intervene to stop them. So the upper class trash all worked to degrade their militaries so their militaries wouldn't be strong enough to stop them. For example, Obama had torn the US military down to where, a few years ago, it was only a one front military and has continued to degrade the military since then meaning it isn't even a one front military any more.

You see these idiots didn't realize that the only reason the other countries went along with the idiots' plans was because the idiots had strong enough militaries to force the other countries to go along with their idiot plans. When the idiots degraded their militaries so those militaries couldn't stop the idiots' national coups, the other countries don't have to go along with the idiots' plans any more. And, boy, are they not going along.

Just like after Rome fell and left a power vacuum, all hell is breaking loose all over the planet. Suddenly no one is respecting the idiots or sticking to the idiots' plans.

Basically, the upper class trash are bullies who used big sticks to get every one in line and then, to keep those big sticks from stopping the bullies from seizing control of the big sticks' nations, the bullies destroyed the nations financially so those nations would have to whittle those big sticks down into twigs and then destroyed those nations' economies so those nations couldn't rebuild the big sticks to stop the bullies from seizing control of the nations. Now, all the bullies have is twigs to keep everyone in line and fewer and fewer other nations are paying any attention. Go figure.

Man plans, God laughs!

Now we have a real mess on our hands and the idiot upper class trash don't have any big sticks to get everyone back in line and they can't rebuild those big sticks because those nations' economies are trash. So we now have lesser countries waging war against each other and our formerly powerful nations can't do a thing about it.

BTW, I told you that those other nations didn't have any plans to share power with our stupid upper class trash and definitely didn't plan to let our upper class trash run things. Now those nations are proving what I said.

The Suni Muslims are waging war against the Shiite Muslims in Iraq and Syria and no one can intervene on either side, not mighty Britain or the US. Saudi Arabia wants the US to intervene on the side of their proxy, Al Quaeda, and Obama is being told by the Pentagon that we don't have the military resources to intervene, we're broke. Right now, both Saudi Arabia and Obama are scratching their heads wondering what to do when they can no longer be the big bullies because they turned their big stick into a twig. Suddenly, Saudi Arabia's and Obama's plans are falling apart.

Man plans, God laughs! And you know God is laughing really hard. :-)

The lesson here is that you can't continue to be a big bully if you destroy your big stick. Therefore, if you have plans that cause you to fear your big stick, just maybe you should reconsider your plans? That would be the best idea but greedy, power mad fools don't have good ideas.

Keep an eye on this one, everybody's plans are falling apart and there is no telling what is going to happen. Therefore, it would be a good idea to....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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