Master Plan II

Several decades ago I went back to college to get my M.B.A. and, during my last semester, I had an elderly ultra liberal college professor for my economics history class. I gained his confidence and, one day towards the end of the semester, he asked me specifically if I could drive him home after class. He only lived about a mile from the class room and normally walked both ways for a little exercise and to get outside. I figured he probably wasn't feeling too well but it turned out that all he wanted to do was confide in me about something so he had me stop in front of his house where he explained something very terrifying but time has proved it to be true.

He had realized that either because of his age or because he had done the math that he wasn't going to be a positive part of what I call the Master Plan Part II. He told me that the upper class natural elite liberals have a master plan I should know about. I think it is time for me to share this master plan with you. You really need to know about it.

They feel they are so superior to the rest of us, including the rest of the upper class, that the planet is really theirs and they shouldn't have to share their planet with the rest of us. As a matter of fact, they see it being repulsive that they have to share their planet with any more of us than they absolutely have to. Because of this, they have developed a master plan to eradicate all but a MAXIMUM of 500 million people from the entire planet and turn the planet into their paradise. Please remember that the 500 million is the absolute MAXIMUM number of people they want to have to share their planet with. The real long term number is much lower and it wouldn't surprise me to find out it is as low as 50 or 100 million people globally. It is just that the 500 million is the number they keep telling their stupid little liberal activist puppets because 500 million is a large enough number that most of the liberal activist puppets won't realize they are not really included in the master plan and are also planned for eventual extermination along with everyone else. This way, the master race can persuade the fools to do their dirty work of helping exterminate the rest of us before the "masters" begin exterminating them.

You really must know that these upper class liberal commie natural elites really are today's Nazi's in the worst of ways. You must realize that their master plan requires that they must literally wipe out all but a few of the current cities, towns, villages, and even people living in remote areas GLOBALLY to achieve their evil goal. Even the communities they decide to keep for their purposes will be greatly depopulated down to small villages. And they plan to return these communities to being wild areas such as forests. You know, like they are currently talking about doing with your farms and ranches. For example, in the State of New Mexico, I would only expect from one to maybe six very small communities to be left such as very small remnants of Toas, Sante Fe, and Ruidoso. The rest of it will be "rewilded". Gee, where have we heard that term before?

A proof about this arrogance and feeling of supremacy is another secret I learned about while taking a few biology classes about 10 years ago. I was surprised to find out from other biologist (who have not yet figured out they are screwing themselves and still think they are part of the master plan) that the conservation movement is just a front. What the liberal upper class "master race" have done is use the fear tactics of conservationism to close off many of the really nicest forests, islands, and other natural recreational areas to the public so they and their biology puppets can use these resources as their own private recreational facilities without having to share those resources with us loathsome inferior people. They get these really great natural resources shut down to protect birds, butterflies, fish, or whatever and then they go on "scientific forays" into these resources to "count the birdies" but are really using this as a cover to hide their recreating in those areas while you pay for maintaining and keeping you out of these resources with your taxes.

Because of the master race using the 500 million to get their puppets to do their dirty work for the masters, I will first focus my analysis on the 500 million and then you will much more easily see that, with the lower number, what ever it is, even most of the liberal radicals who think they are included in the master plan couldn't possibly be included. Then I am going to show you how they have set up a variety of government funded (by your taxes) programs designed to depopulate the planet of you loathsome inferior people.

If you just stop and think about it, the 500 million really is not that large of a number when used globally. There are well over 100 countries which means that the maximum number will allow an average of less than 50 million people per country. Just in the US, there are about 60 million liberals so that should tell even the stupid puppets that a lot of liberals are going to have to be exterminated to get the global number down to even the maximum. But these puppets have been brain washed to not question the masters because they are taught the masters are superior to them and it would be blasphemous to question their liberal gods and goddesses. Therefore, they just blindly believe without question that they are included in the master plan.

But let's do a little socio-economic analysis. I have an M.B.A., let's use it.

If you study the history of economics, you find out that, in the US prior to the US Civil War, less than 3% of the total population controlled better than 95% of the wealth with a tiny fledgling middle class of from less than 1% to a maximum of 2% of the population. That should tell you that better than 95% of the population at that time was living in real poverty and almost all of those were white people. Economically, everyone in the lower class where the upper class slaves and that is where the liberal commie's are trying to get it back to today. That should tell you that with even the 500 million number, they only plan on having 15 million people globally who will not be their impoverished worker slaves.

Second, you have to realize that for the upper class commie's to maintain their current standard of living, there has to be a much larger working force than the upper class liberal commie's. This should tell you that most of the people who will be permitted to share the commie's planet with them will have to be members of the working force or mostly blue collar workers and the commie activists are not workers with a trade or skill in anything except causing trouble and who are the upper class commie's going to need these people to cause trouble for after the commie's have taken control of the planet and exterminated most of the people? Themselves? Guess what, the commie's are not going to need better than 95% of the activists after they wipe out better than 95% of the people. Duh, hello, no brainer!

Some one will have to maintain the commie's luxurious homes, cars, planes, yachts, stores, and recreational resorts along with their desired forms of entertainment. Except for a very small Gestapo, the commie's won't need or have to share their planet with anyone except for the people required to maintain their standard of living and the few people required to keep their slaves alive and working by providing the slaves with food and clothing. The simple rule of thumb for determining whether you might even be remotely included in the commie master plan is, if you are not currently maintaining their homes, toys, or current recreational sites, you won't be needed and are not included in their master plan.

In other words, if you are not a member of the upper class commie's core group and you are not a member of the working population which will be required to maintain their standard of living or keep those working people alive, you are not going to make it past the showers in the commie concentration camps. The working force will be dummed down so they can't figure out they are really being used as slaves while being brainwashed to believe the upper class commie's are actually taking care of them so they won't revolt. Therefore, the commie's won't need many members in their Gestapo.

There will only be two groups of people the commie's plan to keep alive other than themselves. The first will be the people who are directly providing the services and products required by the upper class commie's and the second group will be the few people required to keep the very small first group alive and working by providing for the first group.

Common sense should tell you that, to make it into the first group, you have to currently be working in a profession directly providing for the products and services being used by the commie's (including maintaining recreational resorts). If you are not currently in this elite work force maintain things like luxury cars, planes, yachts, and such SPECIFICALLY for the upper class commie's and not for other people, then you won't make the cut to stay alive. Even if you are providing such luxury products and services for other people but not the commie's, you are planned for extermination.

With a very small slave labor force maintaining the standard of living for the commie's, it will require a very small support force to provide the products and services to keep the other slaves working and you can bet the commie's don't plan for any of the slave labor force to live in luxury. The commie's are already making the moves to return everyone else to poverty so they can better control everyone. It is much easier to control brainwashed poor people than well educated comfortable people and they do plan on controlling you in every way. The second force will be people who will concentrate or providing only the basics for the first force and themselves including very basic food, clothing, housing, and transportation. This should tell you that even most people working in such areas are planned for extermination and only a very small group are planned to be kept alive.

You can also bet that the commie's have a population control plan for preventing the global population from growing past their desired population level. It will certainly include killing all of the people off as soon as their children have grown up and can replace them plus limiting the number of children people can have to being an exact replacement of those people. So even the worker slaves will eventually be exterminated to control the population. In other words, if you are not an upper class commie, eventually, they are going to kill you. Oops, didn't figure on that one, did you, stupid. :-)

When you take this down to a more likely population of 50 to 100 million, I just don't see any room in their plan for the vast majority of commie activists. Even at the 500 million number, there isn't room for most of the commie activists. You kind of want to shout, "Suckers!" at these commie puppets.

This really kills me that so many liberals know about this and are so stupid they can't figure out they are not part of the master plan. So let me briefly get personal with some of you liberal fools. If you are a liberal brainwashing students in the public schools or the universities the upper class commie's are not using, after the commie's kill off all of your students, why are they going to need you? They won't, you will die next, stupid.

If you are a liberal politician working to help with the take over of the country and you are not currently part of the upper class running parts of the planet they want to keep, after they kill off all of the people you are currently managing, why are they going to need you?

If you are a liberal involved in Hollywood or a liberal journalist, writer, editor, producer, or such, after they kill off all of your market, why are they going to need you? The truth with this particular group of people is that the commie's already have the technology in place to replace everyone of you idiots. It is called animation, stupid. They won't need ANY of you liberal fools in the media with animation. All they will need will be a few programmers and production people and you liberal actors and actresses are dead meat. :-)

You idiot liberal judges and attorneys who are helping destroy the US thinking you will be a part of the master plan, after they kill off all of the people you work to control, why will they need you? They won't. As a matter of fact, for the remaining slave force, the won't even want them to have any kind of legal representation. The upper class commie's will only need a very tiny force of judges to persecute the slaves who misbehave. The rest of you are planned for extermination, stupid.

Basically, any of you liberal clowns who think you are included in the master plan and you are putting yourselves out of work are also killing yourselves off, stupid. You are your own worst enemies helping the upper class Nazi's kill you and everyone else off.

Now how do they plan to perform this eradication? The ugly truth is that they are already doing it.

Let's start with abortion to decrease the general population. Through abortion, the commie's have already killed off more than 40 million US citizens alone not including the tens of millions more they killed off globally. The problem with this brilliant plan is that only the stupid commie's were doing it which caused the upper class commie natural elite liberals to temporarily lose power and control so they had to steal that power back with commie dirty tricks.

Then there is the free sex thing. With their promoting free sex, the commie's have caused the single greatest pandemic in the history of the world. As of right now, almost everyone on the planet has at least one sexually transmitted disease with almost all of these diseases being terminal and incurable. It should also be noted that many of these sexually transmitted diseases cause sterility and/or can be transmitted to the baby so it will die very young. This pandemic is already causing massive death but it is being covered up by the commie's with many of those who are dying being their own commie puppets.

Then there is the recreational drug thing which decreases your life expectancy and also provides them with an absolute control over those stupid enough to use the drugs. Plus many of you will eventually end up as derelict drug addicts who won't live very long on the streets before either the effects of the drugs kill you or you kill yourself by overdosing. These people have very short life expectancies.

Then there is the homosexuality thing which will tell you why the commie's are working so hard to turn you and your children into homosexuals. First, homosexuals don't reproduce so they will eventually eradicate themselves. Second, the homosexuals have the highest rate of sexually transmitted diseases as far as percent of population, number of different diseases per person, and types of the most deadly diseases. The irony here is that, because the liberal commie upper class are promoting homosexuality, the homosexuals believe it is the conservatives who are trying to kill them off when it is really the upper class commie's who are killing them off by promoting homosexuality and homosexual promiscuity.

Then there is the health care thing which is designed to deny health care to sick people. Now think about what we just talked about and who are the sickest people with the most diseases? The liberals are the people who will suffer and die the most and fastest when the commie government starts denying the sick health care. It will be the blue collar workers who will survive the best. You know, the people the commie's will need to maintain their standard of living.

Then there is the fuel shortage thing which is designed to drive the population into poverty and then kill you off because you can't afford basics like food, heating, and other things required to stay alive. Add to this the bio-fuel thing which is designed to drive the price of food up so more of you will starve to death because you can't afford to buy enough food to stay alive. Then there is the current tree planting thing where they plan to turn current farm and ranch lands into forests further decreasing food supplies driving the price of food even higher so more of you will starve to death. Then there is their version of the global warming thing which has been proved to be bogus but they insist on forcing it through so it will increase fuel and other costs so you will have even less money for food and will starve to death sooner. It should be obvious that their basic plan with food is to decrease the supply in order to drive up the price and cause increasing numbers of you to starve to death because you can't buy food.

Then there is the liberal chaos thing in which they have brainwashed large numbers of their liberal puppets to go around causing social disruptions and rioting with the goal of causing a permanent state of chaos. Think about it, if we live in a state of chaos, it will be much easier for the commie's to round up the rest of you and exterminate you by using the chaos and confusing created by them as a cover for wiping out entire communities. They can even send their chaos thugs into neighborhoods and smaller towns and villages to completely wipe them out. Most people will never realize it is the upper class commie's doing it.

Then there is the war by Islam against the rest of you. Have you noticed that the commie's are not fighting to save you from the Muslims? They are permitting the Muslims to have a free killing spree at your expense to further decrease your populations. By the way, there has been a statistic which goes back decades which shows that better than 90% of the Muslims being killed off by hostile acts are being killed off by other Muslims. This means that the upper class, which includes the upper class Muslims, is using the warrior cult of Islam to kill both the Muslims and non Muslims off leaving a greatly depopulated planet. Oh yeah, the honor killings the Muslim religious leaders are promoting against Muslim women? If you want to control or decrease a population, you kill off the females first because a population can only reproduce based on the number of females because one woman will normally only have one child per year but one man can get hundreds of women pregnant. It is the female population which determines the maximum reproduction potential for every population. Did you notice that the global Muslim population has dropped from 1.6 billion to 1.2 billion in the last 10 years? Gee, I wonder why.

If you check, you will find that the upper class Muslims who are promoting this Muslim war against the rest of us are also socialists or commie's and they are in bed with the rest of the upper class commie's using this war to kill of the rest of you.

Then there are the very large number of military bases which were shut down by the Clinton administration. Did you know that those empty bases have been turned into concentration camps? Well....the commie's call them "relocation camps" the way Hitler called his death camps "work camps". Can you guess what the commie's plan to eventually use those camps for? But you will be pleased to know that, as they use these camps to finish killing you off, they will also use the camps to kill off the commie's they don't need any more because, after all, the other commie's won't realize until it is too late when they are killing of other commie's along with of the rest of you. If you put commie's in the same cloths in the same death camps, they will look just like you and die just as fast.

Now let's take this down to the much more probable number of people they plan to leave alive on THEIR Planet Earth, 50 to 100 million. It doesn't take a rocket scientist to realize that the upper class commie's plan on also killing off at least 95% of the commie's who help them achieve their goal. In history, we call this consolidation of power and you better bet it is included in the secret part of their master plan. After all, after the commie's get ride of all the rest of the people they plan to exterminate, they won't need the rest of you stupid commie's. Kiss your butts goodbye, suckers! The last laugh is on you.

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!
We really need for God to save our stupid butts from ourselves with this screw up!

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