Master Plan IIB

After thinking about the Master Plan essay, I decided to show you some more of the sinister ways they have been and still are working on for killing you off as quickly as possible. These arrogant jerks have been working long and hard on this plan. If you doubt what I am telling you about the upper class commie's trying to kill off most of the people on the planet, just remember back to about 5 or 6 years ago when some of the elite academe openly stated on TV that they believe that most of the people on the planet need to die off for the benefit of the planet and they thought it should be done with some deadly disease like Ebola. These commie's gave you a very strong hint that they are doing what I say they are doing and most people missed it.

We will start with the sports and exercise thing. For over half a century, the liberals have been telling everyone that sports and exercise don't really provide any significant benefits when scientific research has clearly shown that sports and exercise provide huge health benefits. They have succeeded in painting all athletes at every opportunity as being bullies when very few are and most bullies are really not athletes. They have done everything they could to make athletes and sports look bad and not providing any healthful benefits while being very painful.

These liberal commie's have had secret organizations (I have been invited to attend meetings for such groups) with regular meetings working to do everything they can to destroy all of the sports and activities they have decided are beneath them. They have spent better than four decades working to destroy all physical education classes and school sports programs in public schools and secondary education with such ideas as: "They are not really necessary and don't really provide any meaningful benefits", "We can better use the money for the arts", "Sports encourage violence", and "Competition is bad because it makes people aggressive" in spite of evidence to the contrary. They have worked hard to brainwash entire generations to hate sports and exercise.

The end result of all of this? We now have a nation where better than 2/3 of the people are from fat to obese developing serious health problems mostly because of them not getting enough exercise. These people are increasingly dying off younger and faster from fat and fitness related health problems. With time, this problem will only get worse. These fat people are already in a massive and accelerating die off which will continue to accelerate with age. Add this together with the liberal health care system where they will cut such sick people off from needed medical treatment and they will die even faster and younger. This problem is so severe that we have increasing numbers of children dying from what were formerly considered adult diseases.

The liberal commie's have been so successful with this program that they have achieved putting 2 out of every 3 people in the US at risk of dying from fat and fitness related problems such as coronary diseases. They can easily kill off 200 million people in the US with this program within a few decades and recent research shows that they have been able to effectively use this same strategy on a global basis as more people in more countries are becoming less active and more obese. If they are as successful with this program in other countries as they have been in the US, they could easily kill off 2/3 of the people on the planet very quickly. You should also know that the younger the people get fat, the sooner they die.

Then we have the sun thing. A few decades ago the liberals began a scare tactic to get people to not get sun tans, stay out of the sun, and/or use a lot of sun screen for fear of getting skin cancer. (Have you noticed yet that the lying commie's use scare tactics and lies an awful lot to get people to do the wrong things?) Recent research shows that skin cancer has more to do with genetics than with sun light. Anther thing the lying commie's didn't tell you is that the sun hitting your skin causes your skin cells to generate almost all of the vitamin D you need and your body creates. If you don't get enough vitamin D, you will get very sick and die. I recently spoke with a pharmacist who told me they are having a pandemic of people in the US with doctors' prescriptions taking large doses of vitamin D because they are not getting enough sun shine because of this liberal scare tactic.

Then we have the "sterilize the poor" thing. More and more, the upper class natural elite liberal commie academe have been promoting the idea of sterilizing the poor. Their lame excuse is that the poor are inferior and they should be removed from the gene pool. They forget to tell you that in 1936 scientific research proved conclusively that there is absolutely no correlation between wealth and intelligence. What they do tell you (their lie) is that people with more money are intellectually superior and should be micro managing everyone else's lives in an effort to get you to completely turn your lives over to them so they can kill you off sooner.

The liberal commie's also fail to tell you the real reasons why we have poor people. First, there are certain jobs which must be done and the rich won't pay the people doing those jobs much money so the rich can make a greater profit. These are hard working people who just don't get paid very much which is why they are really poor. As a matter of fact, increasingly, more and more people who live in poverty have college degrees and they don't tell you that either do they.

Now let's take a look at the sinister strategy behind this scam. These are jobs that have to be done and, when the people currently doing these jobs are exterminated, then some one else will have to do these jobs and you bet the rich won't pay them any more to do the same jobs. This will develop a new poor class from the middle class who the commie's will want to exterminate. Then some one else will have to do the job....and you should get the picture by now. This is simply another plan to kill off as many people as they can as quickly as they can. If they can get their way with this plan, they will be able to keep killing off more and more people just because they are poor (working hard and not getting paid much doing necessary jobs) with the lame excuse of cleaning up the gene pool until they have wiped out large numbers of people. If they get their sinister way and you find yourself getting one of these jobs, you better kiss your butt goodbye.

While we are here, let's analyze this superiority crap they keep ramming down our throats. These upper class natural elites keep telling us they are obviously superior to us because they have more wealth. The real reason most of them have more wealth is because they use taxes to steal that money from you and stuff it in their own thieving pockets. That doesn't require superior intelligence just inferior morality.

I have noticed that there are only three significant requirements for being a successful politician in this country, especially at the national level. 1) You have to have the lying liberal commie media supporting you, 2) you have to be charismatic which is not a sign of intelligence but personality, and 3) you have to be a very good liar.

So how intelligent are today's "superior" politicians? If you watch closely, you will notice that all of the liberal politicians have an entourage of consultants traveling with them all of the time. In this group of "professionals" are one or more people called spin doctors who are really nothing more than professional liars. The job of these professional liars is to figure out and tell the politicians which lies to tell because the liberal politicians are too stupid to figure out themselves which lies to tell. As a matter of fact, when he was campaigning, Obama is so stupid he had to use teleprompters because he can't even remember the lies long enough to tell them.

Then we have the fact that the liberal lying commie politicians don't even write their own legislation. They hire teams of much more intelligent people to write the laws and all they do is show up and vote the way their owners tell them to vote. Who are their owners? The people who buy them by making "campaign donations". It turns out the the liberal politicians are a bunch of stupid puppets with other more intelligent people behind the scenes pulling the strings. Those money people are the "wizards of Oz" working to have their stupid puppets kill you off so the money people can have THEIR planet to themselves. And the stupid commie puppets are too stupid to figure out that they won't be needed after their constituents are killed off. Who will the commie puppet masters need to be controlled, dead people?

If you think these stupid people are superior to you, you are in serious trouble. They have convinced me that my fart's are smarter than they are because my fart's would never do the stupid things they regularly do. Just watch and listen to the stupid things they believe, say, and do. They are complete idiots incapable of learning form other people's mistakes, in denial about their own mistakes, and, therefore, also incapable of learning from their own mistakes. My dog is smarter than that.

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