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Transgender Athletes

About 50 years ago I was made aware of sports hating lefty college professors and academe who were doing everything they could do to kill sports, especially college sports. This is has been going on since sports first became active in universities about 200+ years ago. It was started because students began to belong to sports clubs that associated with the different universities being expelled from those universities for belonging to those sports clubs because of the arrogant accedeme and professors.

You have to understand that these arrogant academe and professors liked to believe they were better than everyone else because "they were of the mind and not of the body" and anything physical like manual labor or sports was beneath them. Therefore, they liked to believe that having sports in college tainted their superior intellectual image plus they were suddenly in competition with the sports and athletes as role models for students, which really ticked off these arrogant, elitist, narcissistic lefty academe and professors. "Why, how dare the students associate the universities with something physical and of the body such as sports."

It wasn't long before those spoiled rich brats became the wealthy donors to the universities and, for those universities to continue to get those wonderful donations from those rich donors, who all enjoyed sports, the universities were forced to accept collegiate sports.

This caused the lefty college professors to go underground and form academic organizations about 200 years ago that became a crusade to get rid of sports, especially college sports.

Basically, their 200+ year crusade against sports is all about their egos and pride because most of them are not as smart as they like to think they are. I have been watching their crusade against sports for more than half a century and most people don't even know this sick crap is going on.

These are the people who came up with the idea of Title 9 and their strategy was to use Title 9 to kill collegiate sports because there were very few women involved in sports at that time and Title 9 requires the universities to spend as much money on women's sports as on men's sports, which would have required all universities to shut down almost all to all of their men's sports.

I was in college at this time and saw what was going on.

What really ticked off these intellectually superior academe is that the "intellectually inferior" professors in the university sports departments saw this coming and outsmarted these arrogant sports hating intellectually superior lefty academe. What they did was to start campus wide recruiting to get more women in college sports and started recruiting more female athletes from high schools by using scholarships.

The end result is that Title 9 failed to destroy men's sports in universities, only shutting down the men's minority sports that couldn't pay for themselves to pay for women's sports and it caused women's sports to grow rapidly, saving men's collegiate sports.

This thing about allowing transgenders to participate in women's sports is meant to destroy women's sports by forcing women to compete against men, which these academe know will chase most women off from women's sports, at which point those sports hating academe can use Title 9 to finally destroy men's sports because, if women's sports die off because of the transgender thing, then the universities will be forced to stop men's sports.

You have to understand that the top lefties hate American middle class sports, especially pro and college football. For decades after Title 9 failed to get rid of college sports, the lefties pushed to make soccer more popular in hopes of destroying pro and college football but that failed. Then they started this kneeling crap during the national anthem to try to destroy football and other sports and it seems to be working to a point but not completely so the lefties want to finish off sports with the transgender thing.

You have to understand that almost all lefties were the spoiled rich kids in high school who hated high school sports and PE because, physically they were lousy at all sports, they were extremely jealous of the athletes getting more attention than they got with their school plays and such, and they never grew up. They are all still a bunch of spoiled little high school brats who went into either Hollywood, the news media, or government because they were never good at anything else and are too lazy to actually work for a living. I bet that opened an eye or two.

Keep an eye on this.

BTW, does that sound familiar to you, you know, the lefties thinking they are superior to everyone else and should be micro managing everyone else's lives and they can't leave anyone else alone? Have you noticed that the lefty culture is built around the high school cool or in-crowd mentality because they never finished growing up?

Hey, baby, they are the intellectually superior natural elites and we should all be glad to live their superior way they love to order us to live, you know, like these lefty governors ordering the lockdowns that are destroying people's lives along with ordering such things as masks and social distancing.

Like everything, the lefties destroy everything good because they can't stand good and love evil.

All of the lefties are the same. They are not as smart as they think they are, the people are not as stupid as the lefties like to think you are, and it just burns their evil butts.

And, if you think the left is not waging war against Christianity just take a look at this video which shows some of how they plan to destroy Christianity. Sides have been chosen on God's line and Satan's spawn are waging holy war against Christians.

Trump Impeachment

I am only paying a little attention to the Trump impeachment because this war we are quickly plunging into is more important. Besides, when this war gets full blown, if the people want Trump to lead it, the impeachment won't stop them or him. Basically, if God wants to continue to use Trump to fight this war, God will continue to use Trump to fight this war and the evil lefties can't stop it.

One thing that bothers me is how short sighted even most conservatives are. They can't seem to see very far down the road and realize that, just maybe, they shouldn't go down this or that side road. That bothers me a lot because it is not helping our cause.

The Flood

This video shows excellent evidence of a global flood. This is a very good video.

Deja vu

Here we go again and you can thank the upper class trash who always get around to this kind of evil crap as shown by this video. Note that they listed such things as extremists, racists, and bigots, you know, the same things they call everyone who disagrees with them, like you. Then these brainwashed commies think they need to "deprogram Trump supporters", you know, start a terrorist campaign to scare everyone to not support anyone who wants to stop the lefties from setting up their global dictatorship and committing genocide against more than 7 billion people globally.

This is happening fast, isn't it?

They are consolidating power as quickly as possible so they will never lose their control and power again and using fear to help them.

"How dare you stand up against them and fight for freedom?"

They did this sick witch hunt crap in the Soviet Union, in Nazi Germany, in Communist China, in Venezuela, and numerous times throughout history, always caused by the power mad upper class trash and their thugs.

I told you it would get worse, didn't I? I told you they would come for you and send you off to their commie "reeducation" death camps to "deprogram you", didn't I?

Watch the entire video and you law enforcement and military better get your acts together quickly, before it is too late and the bodies begin to pile up. They are coming for you too.

You see, God let them get their dictatorship setup so they can feel free to show their true colors and how evil they really are because they feel they can never lose their power and control of the government again and that is when this evil crap always starts.

They got away with their obviously rigged election so that now they can't be voted out of office so that now they feel safe in publically being the monsters and human demons they have wanted to be and have been hiding. The spawn of Satan are now crawling out of the woodwork and you better secure your red zones or they will soon be sending you off to their death camps to "reeducated" or "deprogram" you because you dare to disagree with them.

Basically, they will be brainwashing you to believe what they want you to believe and, if their brainwashing doesn't work on you, you will disappear.

Now the real terror campaign begins with them in control sending bad cops and military around to arrest you and cart you and your families off in the dark of night, many to never be seen again. Once this gets started, no one will be safe from it, not the law enforcement or military, no one.

You want a glimpse into the future?

You do it by taking a look into the past with videos like this because this is just a glimpse of what it is going to look like very soon.

Welcome to Nazi America, where our parents told us this could never happen but it is happening right now because of the traitors who just betrayed you by aiding this ongoing coup. The Marxists rise up their evil heads again with another Marxist dictatorship that will be just as bad and maybe even worse than the rest.

How many millions of people will these Marxists murder in our nation and globally?

As many as they can. People, this is just the next step in their global depopulation program and all of these false charges will be used to justify their murders of billions of people globally. Hey, it is to protect you from these terrorists, of which you are almost all one by their standards.

People, Biden isn't going to denounce any of this because he is part of it. That would be like expecting Hitler to denounce his own SS.

Do you believe yet that they are evil?

They are not stupid, they are evil. There is a difference.

You all need to know that the left is already working to consolidate power and permanently destroy the US government for any possibility of it returning to being a republic instead of a commie dictatorship. Within the first year of them having absolute power, they will change everything to prevent Trump from being able to do anything positive even if he did get reelected while also working to setup their global commie dictatorship as quickly as possible. They know they may not have much time.

People, because we turned out backs on God, we are going to have to start over again and build a new nation, either a better Christian Republic or a Christian Theocracy.

I just simply cannot state enough, secure your red zones.


Fauci just said on TV that he is "relieved" that Trump is gone. You better bet that he is relieved that Trump is gone because Trump was trying to find a prosecutor who would bring charges against Her Fauci for the horrible capital crimes he is committing. The man should be swinging on a gallows by now and, if Barr had done his job, Her Fauci would be.

You have to understand that what Fauci is doing is intentionally and criminally abusing his medical license to intentionally commit malpractice by intentionally giving terrible medical advice that he knows is killing people and he continues to kill people for political reasons.

Fauci's crimes are on par with the crimes committed by Hitler's Dr. Josef Mengele, also known as the "Angel of Death" in the prison camps where he tortured and murdered people, who committed some of the most horrible crimes committed by any of Hitler's bunch. He was the worst of the worst.

For any medical doctor to intentionally kill people for any reason is abhorrent and it should be a capital crime. We are talking about people who are among Satan's favorite spawn and will burn in the deepest and fieriest depths of Hell.

Oh yeah, you can bet Her Josef Fauci is feeling relieved because he was probably having nightmares about his scrawny widdle neck suddenly getting just a wee bit longer at the end of a rope, where he knows he belongs. The man is easily one of, if not the worst, mass murders in US history. He is knowingly murdering far more people than any of our worst mass killers in history and getting away with it because the evil, vile lefty upper class trash are protecting his evil little butt, absolutely proving that none of them care about any of you and are all willing to murder all of you for their gain.

The little slime bag infuriates me because for anyone who knows what he knows to be intentionally abusing his medical license to murder people for any reason, especially for political reasons, is one of the worst crimes anyone can commit. In my opinion, what he is doing is at least as bad as your nanny murdering your kids and eating them.

Yeah, now you know how bad Her Josef Fauci makes me feel but, hey, that is just my professional opinion of the little maggot feces.

Listen, at 2 pm on February 2, 1972, I took an oath that has no expiration date to protect the US Constitution, the Republic, and the people of this nation from both external and internal threats, these evil, vile criminals are impoverishing, enslaving, and murdering my people and I am too sick to do anything to stop it. That makes me furious.

I wish and have prayed that God would send them all to Hell where they belong so they cannot harm any more people. These very evil spawn of Satan deserve no more mercy than they are giving you, my people. I call on the name of God, Yahweh/Jesus, that, if I am a man of God, God will soon put an end to their evil against you.

People keep calling lefties stupid but they are not stupid, they are evil and there is a difference. By calling the evil spawn of Satan stupid, they are making stupid people look bad. Get it straight, the stupid people are the ones who keep believing the great sounding spawn of Satan lies.

Aztec Eagles

Let me share a dirty little secret you only learn by studying history and is not being told on the Internet, well, not until now.

Within the first few years of the US being involved in WWII, the US confronted the government of Mexico, which was negotiating with the German Nazis for the Nazis to use Mexico for an invasion into the Southwest US. Mexico and Germany had been working on this plan for years before the US entering WWII, which is one of the reasons why the US enticed Japan to attack Pearl Harbor so the US could get into WWII early that I explained in detail some time ago.

There were several reasons why the US used the attack on Pearl Harbor as a sucker punch to get the US into WWII early or before it was too late and this plan for Germany to use Mexico to invade the US from the Southwest was one of the most important reasons. We knew what Hitler and Japan were planning.

The US threatened Mexico with invasion to prevent this German invasion and forced Mexico to create an Air Force unit that would be placed under the control of the US Military as a token force to prevent the US from invading Mexico to prevent the German invasion of the US from Mexico.

This Mexican Air Force unit was called the "Aztec Eagles" and the US had control of Mexico's best Air Force pilots until the end of WWII, which would have made it even easier for the US to invade Mexico.

Get the picture?

Based on the intel I have been able to gather over the last 50+ years, Mexico is still wanting to invade and take back the Southwest US that the US purchased from them for at least 2.5 to 5 times the market value at that time. They are working with our lefty commie traitors, China, the European Royals, and other enemies of the US.

BTW, in the late 1930s and early 1940s, our lefty pacifist who were working very hard to keep us from getting into WWII were also working with Hitler and his SS stationed her in the US to keep the US out of WWII until it was too late. They were being very successful and had turned most Americans against the US getting involved in WWII, which is why we needed to sacrifice thousands of soldiers' lives to create enough anger in the American people to cause the American people to demand we get in the war before it was too late.

Yeah, I bet they didn't teach you people any of that, did they. You have to dig to learn what I have learned and it has taken me more than half a century of digging.

Keep an eye on this.

US Marines

Why are they changing how the US Marines fight, especially by getting rid of their tanks?

Because the modern battle field has changed and you have to keep in mind that the US Marines are a rapid attack force and not a sustaining force like the US Army. It is the Marine job to strike, destroy, and continue moving quickly.

The Marines have given up their tanks because of a combination of things beginning with the new Russian anti-tank rockets that would destroy too many US tanks too quickly for a rapid attack force, slowing that force down, and the Marines have their own anti-tank rockets and other weapons to use against enemy tanks and infantry that make it possible for them to not use tanks and to still move very quickly.

Besides, the modern Marine Corp tank is the A-10. Think about it. It is much more mobile, faster, and more deadly, which fits the Marine Corp much better. I would not be surprised to see the Marine Corp purchase A-10s or their replacement in the future.

The Army can continue to use tanks because the US tank defenses for the Russian rockets work well enough in conjunction with their infantry that they can still continue to move at their normal slower pace.

I have been watching this and waiting for this to happen but didn't want to say anything about this until it was made public knowledge. I won't give up any intel that compromises our troops.

Besides, there is another possible reason why the Marines are getting rid of their tanks. They may know that their next war will be fought in US cities, where tanks won't do so well and they may be restructuring for that fight.

Note that I am still believing God that 80% of our military are good guys and will eventually fight for us.

Creation Science

This video is part of a great creation science series of videos that make it very obvious why the evolutionists had to drop previous theories for their "Catastrophism Theory", which it is also obviously very flawed because Catastrophism is based on the false belief that it was many smaller, local catastrophes that caused our geology to be what it is today but they know it is bull crap, which is why they had to, not too long ago, drop Catastrophism for their new "Multiverse Theory", which is even worse straw grabbing bull crap based on the stupid idea of infinite numbers of cosmoses making it "possible" for anything to happen by accident and coincidence even though all of those multiple cosmoses, for which there is absolutely no scientific evidence any other cosmoses even exist, must be based on the same physical laws that make it impossible for evolution to happen in our cosmos.

The most recent theory is the stupidest theory yet, shows they are grabbing at really flimsy straws because they are running out of ideas, and can't last too much longer before it is rejected by science and the God hating evolutionists have to smoke some more dope to dream up another great sounding stupid theroy. Satan's God hating spawn are only about one or two steps away from being forced to admit that the Bible is right and their hate theories about evolution are wrong and very stupid.

Then I found this video that is even better because it shows maps that show just how extensive these flows are and that they simply cannot be the result of local to region catastrophes. They could only have been caused by a global flood. There is no other possibility. The evolutionists are lying to you and they know it.

These videos are from a great channel that shows the scientific evidence supporting Biblical creation and the Flood.

Note in this video that he said that the primary cause of the Flood was "sea floor faulting" that broke up the "fountains of the deep", you know, just like I told you decades ago was caused by a massive meteor shower striking Earth and fracturing the crust that was caused by a planet exploding where we now have a asteroid belt between Mars and Jupiter, which is the remnant of a planet.

Remember that I showed you the NASA map showing where at least hundreds of meteors struck Earth, mostly in North America and Europe, causing the Earth's crust to crack, which caused that faulting the full length of the Atlantic Ocean, where the super heated water beneath the Earth's crust roared up to cause Noah's Flood.

Nothing like a little scientific confirmation on a scientific hypothesis, huh?

By the grace of God, my science is good science.

BTW, I have a scientific hypothesis that much of the soil making up those layers came from when the "fountains of the deep" were opened up with massive amounts of super heated water gushing up from under Earth's crust where the Atlantic Ocean is today because, that much water coming up under that much force would have very quickly eroded away the land on both sides of the rift where that water came up and the flowing water would have quickly transported that soil away from the Atlantic Ocean on both sides of the continent, which, at that time was just one continent.

That hypothesis easily explains what we see and my hypothesis is based on what we see in relation to what the Bible says. My hypothesis is based on the evidence the way science is supposed to work. I have been studying stuff like this for half a century.

Remember my hypothesis about "Continental Drying" I originally called global warming, where I said the continents are drying because more water is evaporating and draining off of the continents than has been being deposited by precipitation for thousands of years?

This video tells us that, right after the flood, there was a massive amount of water being deposited on the continents because of a combination of warm oceans and cool continents and he partly explains why. But then he tells us that, after the oceans cooled and the continents warmed, the amount of precipitation decreased massively, which would confirm my Continental Drying hypothesis.

That is quite a few hypotheses confirmed in just one essay.

Food For Thought

I just saw a Christian headline that said, "Satan's plan is for a one world religion."

Guess what, that is also Jesus' plan, you know, for Christianity to be the only religion in the world to stop all of this pagan madness.

My money is on Jesus.

John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

You better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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