I have given considerable thought to the CBS crisis and it raises a number of interesting possibilities. First, you must remember that the courts have held up that minority share holders in a publically trade firm have rights that can't be trampled on by one or more majority share holders. The principle right of minority share holders is that the majority share holder must manage the company in a manner in which the minority share holders will reasonably increase their wealth through holding shares in that company.

In other words, you can't just purchase a majority holding in any publically traded company and use it, at the financial expense of the minority share holders, to achieve something like a political agenda.

If you look at the broadcast media market, you realize that all of the major publically broadcasting firms are positioned to the far left of the market with no one positioned to the center or right of the market. Even with all markets being equal in size, this is a violation of basic marketing principles and extremely bad management. The only thing this could possibly be is a coordinated abuse of the media or publically traded corporations to achieve a political agenda promoting liberal ideas and concepts. The majority share holders, the members of the board of directors, the CEO's, and all upper level management are liable to the minority share holders for not appropriately acting to increase the earning potential of their companies through using proper marketing strategies. Since it is a blatantly coordinated effort between major corporations to control a market, it is also in violation of RICO and is a felony.

Now, since ViaCom was controlling share holder for CBS and used CBS to blatantly promote ViaCom's liberal political agenda in such a manner that CBS has been financially mismanaged to the point of facing potential bankruptcy, this is a gross violation of SEC rules and ViaCom is liable to all of the minority share holders for CBS for illegal mismanagement of CBS. All of the parties within ViaCom could easily face criminal charges especially since they used ViaCom to cover up the declining financial state of CBS while abusing the management and control of the company.

In other words, ENRON all over again.

But this also means that the principles in charge of the other broadcast media could face similar charges for their blatant acts of mismanagement to promote the liberal agenda. Ultimately, they are responsible to all of the share holders and they have not been adhering to that responsibility.

But it just keeps being more potential fun for the liberal leaders who have been blatantly abusing their power and control of the media. First, how is CBS going to dig itself out of this hole that ViaCom put them into?

If CBS stays at the far radical extreme left in which ViaCom so blatantly gross mismanaged it, it will definitely die and cease to exist. You see, exactly what I told you would happen in August 2002, when I started this series on the liberal crisis, that, if the media continued to all stay positioned to the far left with the liberal population dying off and the conservative population growing, one or more of those media would find themselves in severe financial difficulty, has happened.

At this time, CBS is that medium facing the extreme choice of moving to the right or ceasing to exist within just a few years. Last year, CBS lost over one billion dollars and this year they can't afford to lose another billion plus dollars or they won't be around next year. In other words, the liberals in CBS will either lose their jobs because the company will make the right move of moving to the right to save itself or because the company didn't make that move and will go out of business. I think the liberals in CBS better start working on their resumes; they will need them soon, very soon.

This puts everyone in upper management in a quandary because they are damned if they do and damned if they don't. If the CEO doesn't start firing all of the liberals in CBS to begin their move to the right, the board of directors will face the task of either firing him and hiring a conservative who will make that move or getting fired themselves. If none of the above happens, kiss CBS goodbye. (For you conservatives out there, this is really getting fun, isn't it. :-))

Also, will the minority share holders sue ViaCom and all responsible principles and insist that ViaCom's management be prosecuted for covering up CBS's financial problems with illegal accounting practices very similar to those of ENRON? (The great liberal soap just keeps getting better!!! I think I am having to much fun at the expense of the fool liberals. Nah, the fun will get even better.)

Then there is the marketing fact that, if CBS does move to the right, like it should have years ago just to survive (you know, like I said would happen), they will quickly gain from 50% to as much as over 66% of the market share for broadcast television. Their ratings will blow through the roof along with their profits and they will bounce back very quickly.

Buuuuuuuuut, what about those other broadcast firms (CNN, ABC, NBC, WB, and PBS) who will still be positioned to the far left and fighting over only 1/3 to 1/2 of the broadcast market share?

Easy answer; they will ALL start bleeding like stuck piggy banks!!! They will find themselves in worse shape than CBS is now. CBS is in its current financial problems because it is getting less than 20% market share but, if you do the math, you will see that all of the others will be getting much less than 20% market share. Ouch!!!

If you have been watching Wall Street, you know what will happen. There will be a massive stampede to the right of the market by at least two or three of those firms especially since the left is dying and the right is the future.

Hang on, my dear, conservative friends, we are almost there. It is like I told you, the most important thing will be the bottom line because the bottom line is the finish line for business. A lot of liberal media dudes and dudettes are about to find themselves looking for jobs in fast food service. I sure hope they have been saving their money for an early retirement.

It only took three and a half years to get this far from when I predicted all of this. It won't take long to get the rest of the way. The liberal fools have screwed themselves because they got what they wanted. Sit back and enjoy the laugh because it will only get better. :-))

You are currently watching the agonizing death throws of liberalism!!!

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