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I just realized that it is time for me to write this essay doing an analysis of how certain people grossly mishandled this COVID 19 crisis. I want you to compare how this should have been handled to how it was handled and the thing is that the US Pentagon has experts for doing exactly what the civilians should have already known what to do but obviously were too stupid to do it.

You have to understand that, every year, the US Military responds to crises all over the planet in other nations that require emergency medical care and have been doing this since at least the 1950s. All you have to do is pay attention to the news about the US Military sending soldiers to provide medical assistance in other countries for a variety of crises.

This is not something that is brand new or I just made up. This is something that every medical person and every politician in this nation should have known about and you are about to see why those politicians committed gross criminal negligence, belong in prison, and the person who was most negligent is Fauci.

We are going to look at how they should have responded to an actual situation with a complex and structured program and Fauci should have had his people trained to do just that with teams prepared for such a crisis.

For a simplistic model, we will start with only what happened in New York City when they realized that some of their hospitals were likely to become overwhelmed. The idiot mayor should have contacted the idiot governor and they should have had a meeting with the medical professionals in the New York City area to set up a coordinated system between all of the hospitals in that area and just outside that area.

Fauci should have had teams of professionals and should have worked with FEMA to develop teams and strategies so that at least professionally trained individuals and maybe small teams would have gone to those meetings to offer assistance and consultation, while sending information back to Fauci and the president. These teams will become very important later.

Where were Fauci's teams? Why didn't Fauci have FEMA teams involved in this before the virus ever left China? Why was he just sitting on his lazy, bureaucratic butt waiting for the president to do his job for him?

What should have happened is that, as soon as the POTENTIAL pandemic was realized, Fauci and his staff should have briefed the president on their organization, plans, strategies, and resources and then asked the president for his approval and suggestions. That briefing should have included coordinated planning with other organizations like FEMA, local to regional hospitals, all 50 governors, the National Guard, Coast Guard, and the US Military.

But, hey, that would have required Fauci doing his job and that would have been work. We can't expect that of an overpaid bureaucrat.

That was Fauci's job and I never heard of any this and I was watching. This pandemic was much worse than amateur hour, it was criminal negligence and he also lied to help stage a coup so it was also treason.

What does Fauci think he had been getting all of those big, fat bureaucratic pay checks for, playing with himself? Why didn't any of the others, especially the governors, try to organize within their jurisdictions and with Fauci? Maybe they think they are allergic to earning their pay too?

They were all criminally negligent and, since they also used this crisis to stage a coup of the US Government, a monkey with a rubber stamp could have done better by just staying out of the way so that doing nothing would have been better than what they did.

Why are they still free and not in prison for their crimes?

Oh yeah, because the corrupt legal system was aiding in their coup at your expense. Get it straight, people, this coup was not just against Trump, it was also staged to steal power from you, the people.

The system would have been designed so that, when hospital A reached a patient load level that would be considered approaching crisis level, all of their patients should have been broken down into categories based on level of illness with everything from severe to light cases of the disease. Let's say they established five categories of patients, A, B, C, D, and E. Gee, that would have been tough to do.

They should have figured out which hospitals within a given area could handle which categories with patients from each of those categories being transferred to those capable hospitals to decrease the load on hospital A.

People, our hospitals do patient transfers all of the time. Duh, hello, no brainer.

The great medical god, Fauci, didn't know this?

They should have set up an emergency crisis level for, say, 10% to 15% of maximum potential patient load for each hospital so that other facilities could take up some of the load from any facility that came close to their crisis level to keep a little "buffer" for a sudden increase in cases for each hospital. They should have organized and worked to keep their patient load down to about 85% to 90% of their maximum effective potential patient load.

They could even send less ill patients to hospitals outside of their emergency area. Their system should have had quite a bit of flexibility built into it to handle unforeseeable events.

If the patient load got close to their crisis level for most of the hospitals, the team of aforementioned professionals, you know, including Fauci's team, should have contacted the idiot governor and the idiot governor should have called in the National Guard to set up emergency medical units to handle some of the load to keep any of the hospitals from getting into their emergency crisis level.

The National Guard units set up emergency medical facilities like this all of the time.

The great medical god, Fauci, didn't know this? Just how stupid is this guy?

If it reached a crisis level to where even those facilities were getting close to their emergency crisis level, Fauci's team and the idiot governor should have contacted Fauci and the president to get the Pentagon to send in military units from the Coast Guard, Army, Navy, Air Force, and Marines to set up more emergency medical units to provide a greater capacity to handle some of the load, you know, the way Trump sent in two Navy hospital ships to both New York City and Los Angeles without their idiot governors requesting the aid.

People, the US Military does this in other nations ALL OF THE TIME!

The great medical god, Fauci, didn't know this? Who hired this clown?

Why couldn't they do it in this nation and Fauci should have been a big part of this project working very closely with the Pentagon but all he could do was lie to give power mad governors excuses to unconstitutionally and illegally force you to do things that obviously didn't help anything and caused a lot of harm to a lot of people.

Trump is the only one who even came close to handling this crisis right.

It is important to understand that, nationally, and, in almost all cases, regionally, we never came close to exceeding the patient capacity for those areas so that medical experts could have brought in people and resources from other regions to set up emergency medical facilities to increase patient load capacity for a strained area.

All they had to do was move people and stuff around to help out other areas, we can easily do that when you consider that this crisis lasted more than 9 months and took a month or more to develop towards a crisis level in any area.

The great medical god, Fauci, didn't know this? Obama hired a real twit, didn't he?

What, we couldn't get personnel and equipment to hard hit areas within a few days to weeks? Really? Why didn't Fauci have plans and the organization to do that? Why didn't these idiot governors work with their doctors and hospitals to set up plans to do that? Were they all too busy playing with themselves?

My farts are smarter than those people, meaning that no intelligence is better than their intelligence.

The fact they didn't already have a standing game plan, especially when this didn't even reach the US until months after it hit in China, is criminal negligence and they all belong in prison.

What the hell do all of these politicians and bureaucrats think we pay them lots of money to do, play with themselves? These criminals spent all of the time from when it broke out in China until it reached the US talking about it and they didn't do something to prepare for it? Really? Why?

Oh yeah, criminal negligence.

People, militaries around the world have been setting up emergency medical facilities for battle fields all over the world for thousands of years, the US Military has been doing it for hundreds of years, and the US Military has been providing emergency medical care for other nations for more than half a century and our idiot governors and Fauci couldn't do that? You see just how grossly incompetent and negligent they were?

They didn't do one thing right and Trump was the only who did anything right with the idiot lefties working to keep him from doing more right to make Trump look bad. That is called treason.

Now, if the governors and others intentionally miss managed this crisis to make Trump look bad, then they are guilty of more crimes than criminal negligence, you know, like treason because they betrayed you, the people.

I wouldn't hire any of these criminals to manage an outhouse; you know they would steal the toilet paper to sell it.

Be careful what idiots you vote for. Most of our politicians couldn't manage an outhouse, which is why they went into government.

The biggest problem we have with corrupt people is that they don't want to see the responsibility that comes with their jobs, they only want to see opportunities to make fast, easy money, usually illegally.

When you are hired to sweep a floor, you have a responsibility to keep that floor clean. When you are hired to manage a government or government program, you have a responsibility to the people to properly manage that government or program.

The problem is that, when corrupt people get themselves hired to manage the government or government programs, they shirk their responsibilities to the people, called criminal negligence, and spend all of their time focused on the opportunity of how much can they steal from how many people and how fast. All they care about is themselves and their bank accounts. They are completely irresponsible people.

When God set me up to write this blog, I acquired the responsibility to God and to you to do the job right by trying my best to make sure that, what I write is as close to the truth as possible. I am human and make mistakes but it is part of my responsibility to keep those mistakes to a minimum and I am not allowed to lie. If I tell you something, to the best of my knowledge, it is true and I keep my mistakes to a minimum by doing a lot of homework and questioning everything while praying to God for guidance.

You would be surprised at how much I have written over the last 20+ years and didn't publish because, after it was finished and I read back through it, I didn't like what I wrote and it wasn't good enough to present to you. I'm kind of picky that way.

You should see the hours I spend researching everything before I write anything. Sometimes, I spend 10 to 15+ hours researching things in just one day before I publish anything and often will work on one topic for days before I write or publish about that topic and you ain't paying me a dime, baby. God takes care of me.

I have to admit that reading about these sick, evil, vile, human demons that much gets to me so that sometimes I just have to take a few days completely off to clear my mind from all of their evil and corruption. They suck!

I know that, on Judgment Day, almost all of you will be stunned, amazed, and astounded at how evil, vile, corrupt, and sick these human spawn of Satan really are, even most of the ones you now trust. I will not be surprised to see, when their crimes are read before God by the angels, some of their victims will attack them and just beat the living crap out of these jerks and I will loan them my baseball bat. Judgment Day will be very interesting and I am really looking forward to it. That is when all of you will believe me.

Can't you just see me loaning baseball bats to victims to beat the crap out of jerks on Judgment Day?

What? 1,000 of you victims want baseball bats to beat the crap out of that jerk? I don't have 1,000 baseball bats, you will have to take turns.

John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

You better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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