This is the third in a series of essays meant to give you a heads up about what is really going on and what we are dealing with. What I am attempting to illustrate with these three essays is that there is far more than just UN Agenda 21, our liberal commie traitors, and the Muslim infiltrators to deal with. There are other plots which are a threat to this country and when combined and coordinated, as they have been by the liberals, the problem is far worse than anyone is telling you.

This part of the equation has to do with the country of Mexico just south of the US border, therefore, I have named this essay "Mexico". You are probably thinking, "What threat could that weak, third world country pose to the mighty US?" Much more than you can imagine. First, remember that our liberal commie traitors have been weakening our military, law enforcement, and intelligence agencies so that we are not quite so powerful any more. Also remember the threat that our liberal commie traitors and their Muslim buddies currently pose to our national security and understand that any threat added to that threat just makes that threat even worse and our chances of survival less. Basically, there are a bunch of enemies ganging up on us at one time like a pack of mad dogs moving in on a wounded animal but the liberal traitors have helped those enemies infiltrate past our front lines and into our cities. I have heard some of this from Latino friends.

More History

We need to look at a little more history to set the stage and this is very important for understanding the current mentality of the Mexican upper class trash so pay attention. In the early 1500s, more than 100 years before any Europeans or Russians reached the North American continent in the early to mid 1600s, a Spanish ship was wrecked off the coast of what was to become Texas. Only two people survived and, after a few years of trials and even slavery by the American Indians they encountered, they finally made it back to Mexico with tales of Cibola (see-bow-luh), the Seven Cities of Gold they had heard about from the Indians. These two individuals told the Spanish leaders in Mexico that Cibola was not in the land they had been in, Texas, but was much further inland in the area of what has become New Mexico.

Remember that these Spanish leaders were greedy, power mad people who were looking for more gold to steal from other people. The Spanish officials checked with the Indians in Mexico to see if those Indians knew anything about Cibola and sure enough, they knew about the legend of Cibola to the north. Thinking that this new wealth might equal or exceed the gold they had looted in Mexico, they decided to name this new territory Nuevo Mexico meaning THE NEW Mexico or new place to loot even more gold from than they had looted from Mexico. Basic legend was that there were seven Indian cities where everything including the buildings and streets were made of gold. You probably can't even begin to imagine the stimulation and fantasies this provided for these greedy explorers. The legends of Cibola quickly reached Spain and things were set in motion for the rapid exploration and conquest of Nuevo Mexico and the Seven Cities of Cibola.

It would make a good movie, wouldn't it? Where is Nicolas Cage? :-) As a side note, it is most likely the legends of the Seven Cities of Cibola were founded on the ancient Anisazi civilization which existed in Chaco Canyon in northwestern New Mexico and was at its peak about 1,200 years ago. In those ruins, they have found a total of 13 small to large pueblos. This was several hundred years before the Aztec Indians rose to power in Mexico and about 700 years before the Spanish got here. This civilization was dead and in ruins hundreds of years before the Spanish heard the legend of Cibola but the legend still lived with the American Indians. The Anisazi people had a very advance civilization which traded all over North America, from southern Mexico to the Eastern US and California, in the west. If this is true, then they would not have been the Anisazi (Navajo for "ancient ones") Indians, they would have been the Cibola Indians.

Over the next few decades, the Spanish established three basic expedition routes and began exploring what later became the Western Continental US. They set a minor exploration route into the Territory of Texas which was entirely to settle the area with farms and ranches, no major exploration. They set up another minor route into Alta California for the same reason. The Mexican Indians had told the Spanish that there were no cities of gold in the Texas or California areas, only in the Territory of Nuevo Mexico. The main route for exploration was into the Territory of Nuevo Mexico because of the legends of Cibola and the Spanish desire for more gold. The greedy Spanish conquistadors were going gold hunting.

In the very early 1500s, more than 100 years before any other Europeans reached any part of North America, the Spanish moved north and set up the first European settlement north of Mexico, El Paso on the southern edge of the Territory of Nuevo Mexico. This small community was established on the Rio Grande (the Great River) as a supply relay station and staging area for explorers and settlers moving into and exploring the Territory of Nuevo Mexico. The first expedition moved north along the Rio Grande until it reached an area more than 300 miles north of El Paso where they founded the small farm and ranch town of Santa Fe, Nuevo Mexico as the capitol city for the Territory of Nuevo Mexico. Santa Fe would be used for centuries as the principle staging area for exploring and governing the Territory of Nuevo Mexico and trying to locate Cibola, the Seven Cities of Gold.

Most people don't know it but Santa Fe, New Mexico is the oldest capitol city in the US and Canada, founded in the early 1500s, more than 100 years before anyone else even reached North America. It was the point from which all major and many minor expeditions were staged and almost all of the land west of the Mississippi was surveyed and mapped out which is why all of that land was designated by Spain as the Territory of Nuevo Mexico. Spain would NOT have designated land to Alta California or the Territory of Texas which had been surveyed and mapped out in relation to the geographical position of Santa Fe, Nuevo Mexico. It should be common sense that all maps showing other wise are bogus maps designed to justify land grabbing by those entities. This can be proved by the ancient maps in Spanish archives.

The Spanish expeditions first explored the areas currently occupied by New Mexico, Arizona, and southern Colorado but they couldn't find Cibola and their greed drove them on to explore more of the country, especially since most of those Indians also knew the legend of Cibola. We know, based on Spanish documents, that the conquistadors explored from Santa Fe, by conservative estimates, as far to the northeast as Kansas, as far to the north as northern Colorado, and as far to the west as the Mohave Desert in current eastern California. They probably explored further because greed is a huge motivater, especially since the North American Indians as far away as Kansas, Colorado, and eastern California said they had also heard of Cibola. Everyone had heard of Cibola but no one knew where it was.

Now you have to understand that, by European (international) law, Spain had a right to lay claim to all of North America because she had explored much of it and there were still no other European colonies in North America. As a matter of fact, not one other European had even set foot in North America and Spain already had colonies in Florida, Texas, Nuevo Mexico, and Alta California with an established capitol city of Santa Fe, Nuevo Mexico from which Spain was obsessed with finding the legendary Seven Cities of Cibola. The current greedy and power mad upper class trash in both Mexico and New Mexico KNOW THIS and you should know by now that greedy and power mad people can never be satiated. They think that ALL of North America should belong to them.

When the Dutch, British, and French founded and began fighting over New England in the early 1600s, Spain gladly ceded that land to them without a fight because she was still obsessing over Cibola and trying to find it and all of its gold. Later, when the British took Canada from France and explored Canada all the way to the Pacific Ocean, Spain peacefully ceded that land to them because she was still looking for Cibola. When the Russians explored and settled the current state of Washington State, Spain ceded that land to Russia because Spain was still looking for Cibola. But, in the minds of the descendants of those Spanish rulers, all of North America belongs to them and they are still obsessing over it because greedy and power mad people can never be satiated. Got the picture?

Under Spanish and, later, Mexican rule, the Nuevo Mexico Spanish Dons (Don is a Spanish title for royalty and means "sir" or knight) wrote and enforced the law throughout Nuevo Mexico, with the approval of Spain or Mexico. They were the power and, after the US purchased all of that land from Mexico in 1848, those Dons lost all that power to the US government. Oops, power mad people never like to lose their power.

Since 1848, these Spanish Dons and their descendants have remained in contact with the upper class trash of Mexico with both obsessing with how they could get the Territory of Nuevo Mexico along with Alta California and the Territory of Texas back under Mexican rule so these descendants of the Spanish Dons could get their power back. Because of this, very important things have happened, especially recently.

The New Mexico upper class trash got involved with the Mexican drug lords in Mexico and were helping them smuggle drugs and illegal aliens into the US and move them around the US. To do this, they formed a very violent criminal organization here in New Mexico which is commonly referred to by all locals as the "Brown Mafia". These corrupt members of the Latino population also became involved with the liberals which is why northern and central New Mexico have so many liberals and so many New Mexico Latinos are Democrats. Please note that many of the Latinos are not involved in these criminal activities, only the corrupt trash are involved in them.

A little over a decade ago, a large number of officers from the Mexican Army left the Mexican Army and formed the extremely violent Zeta criminal organization which has all but taken over drug smuggling into the US. The Zeta organization has been more aggressive and has infiltrated its criminals into and throughout the US working with the liberal commie and Latino upper class trash. They literally have an infiltrated army of tens of thousands of heavily armed criminals, many former Mexican soldiers. These are the people who have also been helping Muslim terrorists infiltrate into the US from Mexico.

Then you add to this that, some time ago, the Mexican government and Army started infiltrating active Mexican soldiers into the US to hide in among the 10 million illegal immigrants currently in the US. The purpose for this infiltration is to help the liberals and others over throw the US government so that Mexico can get "its land" back. This is a covert act of war by the government of Mexico against the US and justifies an invasion of Mexico by the US military. You can bet that, when our fecal matter hits our fan, these Mexican soldiers will gladly fight along side the Zappata criminals, commie traitors, and others. We have no idea how many Mexican soldiers are strategically scattered throughout the US and hiding among the other illegal aliens. Are you getting the picture yet? WE...ARE...IN...SERIOUS...TROUBLE.

You add to this the infiltration and sabotage of the US government by our liberal commie traitors which, in of itself, is a very serious threat to US national security and can destroy the US. Add to all of this the Muslim terrorists who have been infiltrated into the US by the commie traitors, US Muslims, and Mexicans along with known WMDs. Then many have forgotten about the Russian sleeper cells our commie traitors have been smuggling into the US for more than half a century. With the increase in Asian illegal immigrants since Vietnam, we have no idea how many agents China has successfully infiltrated into the US. Then there are those UN forces you keep hearing about being in the US for "military training" purposes which have been freely familiarizing themselves with our cities, streets, and highways with their training practices. Imagine being able to train in the cities and on the streets of a country you intend to invade AND getting to start that invasion from within that country. That is what is going on with the UN forces being in the US. Then remember that our commie traitors have been trying their best to disarm all the good citizens in the US so we can't even try to resist these forces. Talk about stacking the deck before a fight!!!!

I have known about most of this for years. Do you now understand why I have been telling you for years that the US is dead and just has not finished kicking yet? There is no way, the good people of this country can defeat such an attack from within the US, especially if the commies manage to disarm the US people. Only God can save our butts now.

Concerning the situation in the Southwest, the power mad whacko upper class trash of both Texas and California have no idea that they won't be staging any military campaigns to steal land from neighboring states and justifying their stealing with their fake maps because they both have very large populations of illegal aliens with a large number of infiltrated Mexican criminals and army soldiers along with terrorists, liberal commie traitors, and everyone else. These corrupt leaders need to pull their heads out of their butts and start planning to save their own land instead of planning to steal other people's land.

The worst fighting will be in the medium to large cities throughout the US with some being worse than others. Most of the fighting for this civil war will be in our cities and not in wheat fields and corn fields. This means it is all going to be very bloody and you will all get to participate in this fighting whether you want to or not and will see plenty of friends and family get killed. You can thank our wonderful liberal commie traitors for that.

Some states will be worse than other states and I expect the four southern border states of California, Arizona, New Mexico, and Texas to be among the bloodiest because of our huge liberal/illegal alien/terrorist/other hostile group populations. The fighting in New Mexico and Arizona will be at least as bad as it will be in California and Texas because we have something few other states have. New Mexico has more than a dozen American Indian reservations, the largest number in the US followed closely by Arizona and Colorado. In case you don't know, the American Indians believe North America belongs to them. Get the picture? Everyone wants all of North America and no one wants to share it with anyone else.

I have been told by members of different Indians tribes and other people that the Indian upper class trash have been working with our commie traitors and intend to "go on the war path" when the fighting starts. We all know that the American Indians hate the whites but most don't know, that in New Mexico and Arizona, they hate the Spanish even worse than they hate the whites because it was the Spanish who invaded, conquered, and oppressed the Indians and the whites who conquered the Spanish freeing the Indians from Spanish oppression. But they still hate the whites, especially the tribes which the Spanish didn't conquer and the whites did, such as the Navajos, Apaches, and Comanches.

What the stupid liberal commie traitors don't understand is that these Indian tribes plan to also kill off all the liberal commie traitors (whites) and the Spanish. They plan to purge "their nation" of everyone except American Indians and will quickly turn on everyone else. When you realize that most of the Indian tribes, Spanish, illegal aliens, and liberal commie traitors in New Mexico live in the north to central half of New Mexico, guess who they will be fighting most. The fighting in northern New Mexico and eastern Arizona is going to be really vicious. It could easily decrease our states populations by more than half in just the first few months.

The stupid liberal commie traitors still have not figured out that none of the US enemies they are in bed with plan on sharing power with them and they all plan on killing of the stupid liberal commie traitors because no one can trust a traitor. No matter who wins this fight, the liberal commie traitors are going to die.

If you have been paying attention to all the hate, tensions, words, and actions of all these elements, you KNOW that the Muslims will turn on everyone, you KNOW the Mexicans will turn on everyone, you KNOW the Russians will turn on everyone, you KNOW the Chinese will turn on everyone, you KNOW the Indians will turn on everyone, you KNOW the criminal organizations will turn on everyone, you KNOW the UN forces will turn on everyone, you KNOW the stupid liberal commie traitor whites will be killed by everyone. Absolutely NONE of these groups intend to share power with any of the others.

The only thing you have left is a prayer.


Man plans, God laughs.

NOW you KNOW it is time to....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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