The Middle East

I was just discussing the current problems in the Middle East with a Christian friend and realized that what is happening in the Middle East is that God is causing the Muslim terrorist nations and organizations to seize control of the rest of the Muslim nations which are afraid to wage war against Israel in order to use the combined armies of all the Muslim nations plus their allies to attack Israel just as is predicted in Ezekiel 38 & 39. Before God can stage that battle, the prophesy must be ready to be fulfilled in every little detail, especially in all of those countries being involved in that war. Every country God has predetermined to be a part of that war must be involved in the war because God can't be wrong or a liar.

God is also using these same devout Muslims to either gain control of or influence non Muslim nations to join in the Battle of Ezekiel 38 & 39 in order to fulfill that prophesy. I wondered for years about how God would cause the US to be involved in that battle and the answer is that He has caused our liberal traitors and the Muslims to gain control of our country to send an army of liberals and Muslims to that battle. Every country God said will be there WILL be there, bet on it. That is what is currently going on in other countries such as in Europe. God will have every army on that battle field He said will be on that battle field before that battle begins.

Therefore, God is "prepping the battle field" by preparing all of those countries to go to war against Israel. He said those countries will be there so they MUST be there and He is getting them ready to be there. Plus, God getting all of those countries ready to stage that war should tell you that He is about to stage that war.

Another note here is that Israel has been working very hard to prevent this war, as if thinking they can prevent the Word of God from being true. As they have continued to try to prevent or delay this coming war, they have just been making things worse for themselves because things just keep building. If they had gotten this war over with, things would not have gotten as bad as they have gotten and will get. But them trying to prevent this war will continue to make things worse until it will be so bad that Israel will not have anything but a prayer left for winning this war so that they will be forced to turn to God in prayer to save their butts. Then and only then will God intervene as He said He will in Ezekiel 38 & 39 to save Israel's butt. Please note that God doesn't save anyone who doesn't need saving AND want saving. You must meet both conditions before God will save you. Why would He save anyone who doesn't need or want to be saved? Think about it.

Keep an eye on this as it develops.

On another note, I realized that God has been trying to get the people of this and other countries attention but we have been ignoring Him blaming or giving credit to the pagan goddess, Mother Nature, for the things God has been causing to happen around the world. I realized that God will continue to make things worse until He does get our attention, so, nations and world, wake up and pay attention or things will get much worse. The warning will continue to intensify until we start paying attention to God. Also, until we do have national revivals within all of our countries, things will get worse.

It is to our benefit to start paying attention to God and work towards national and global revivals in order to stay the hand of God and receive His mercy instead of His punishment. He is warning us louder and louder but we have become deaf to the Word of God because we prefer to listen to the words of paganism. Until we shut off the words of paganism and start listening to the Word of God, his warnings and punishments will continue to get louder. We must start having revival and prayer meetings to pray for our people, our countries, and our planet or it will continue to get worse.

I cannot over state that we must....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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