State of the US Military

I realized that it is time to do a state of the US military. You can bet our enemies do this on a daily basis to understand what is going on and why and you also need to know this information. I will keep this so that none of it will be classified. As a matter of fact, our enemies will know more than I will tell you but you do need to know enough to know what kind of trouble we are in and why.

Several years ago the US Pentagon told us that the US military had been degraded down from a two front army to a one front army after only a few years of Obama and the liberals tearing down our military. A one front military means our military can engage in one and only one land war against another nation at one time. Since then, Obama and the liberals have continued to degrade the US military meaning that it had dropped below a one front military.

Just last year Hagel made a public announcement that, with our forces only engaged in Afghanistan, we did not have enough forces to invade little Syria, which meant we clearly did not have a two front military.

Early this year our liberal leaders told us they were going to make significant reductions in our military and that would mean they were going to down grade our military from a two front military to a one front military and large special operations force. They lied to appease us because there is no way our military was a two front military and they didn't want us to know that they were actually downgrading our military from less than a one front military to a military barely large enough to defend the US, if that.

They also lied to us telling us that we would never be engaged in a sustained land war again in spite of the fact that we were just recently engaged in a sustained land war with Iraq and they had just tried and not been able to engage Syria in a sustained land war because we didn't have enough troops. We just watched Russia play us like a fiddle because we do not have enough of a military to engage in a sustained land war right now.

I guess you could say they were actually telling the truth about us not ever being engaged in a sustained land war again because we don't have a large enough military to engage in a sustained land war and could easily be invaded before we could rebuild our military to fight a sustained land war.

What should this tell you?

This should tell you that we don't have a large enough military to fight against either Russia or China in a sustained war like Iraq and definitely don't have a large enough military to fight both Russia and China together and Russia and China know this, especially after Snowden met with them over lunch. We are in trouble and Russia, China, Iran, and other countries have just started grabbing for power. It will get much worse very quickly and you can thank our liberal commie traitors for that.

By 474 AD the Roman upper class had bankrupted their country by stealing from its government coffers so that Rome had been cutting back on its military for over 100 years so the rich could keep putting more government money in their greedy pockets. Their country was so broke, their economy so weak, and their military was so small that they had to withdraw forces from all of their surrounding territories to protect Rome itself in 474 AD.

This withdrawal of forces created a huge power vacuum in all of those territories and caused the Germanic tribes to start raiding, conquering, and pillaging in those territories. The Saxons, Goths, Vandals, Huns, and others conquered and pillaged from the Isle of Britain to North Africa and then sacked Rome.

Not only are we militarily in the same position Rome was in 474 AD, but we are also financially and economically in the same position. We are 17 trillion dollars in debt and soon other nations will stop buying our bonds or IOUs and then start demanding we pay for those IOUs we don't have the money to pay for before they will loan us any more money. At that point, our nation will be broke and we won't be able to sustain our current military, much less rebuild it to a high enough level where we can defend ourselves against all of these evil forces heading our way.

Add to that that our economy is in the worst depression in our history with a rapidly declining work force and our industries have been spread around the world by our liberal commie traitors so we can't use those industries to rebuild our economy, pay our debts and rebuild our military to protect our country.

This was intentionally done by our liberal commie traitors so they could tear down our military so our military could not oppose their communist dictatorship and we wouldn't be able to rebuild our military so it could oppose their communist dictatorship.

The liberal commie traitor upper class trash Euro-Americans spent more than 100 years trying to get all of the other countries on board for their global dictatorship and thought they had gotten all the other countries on board to achieve their goals about a decade after the Cold War ended. Basically, these lying traitors believed other lying traitors when they all agreed to join forces, help our traitors destroy the US military and set up their global dictatorship, sharing power. It is becoming increasingly obvious that the other world leaders lied to our lying leaders and never intended to share power but to grab power after the US military was destroyed. They played our upper class trash commie traitor geniuses for fools.

These liberal commie traitors destroyed the European militaries more than a decade ago and have just finished destroying the US military to the point that these other countries are now testing the waters for grabbing power. When the US was too weak to invade little Syria, it sent a huge message to the world that the US and Europe couldn't field enough forces between us to fight Syria, much less them.

Because of that, Russia just tested the waters and found the waters to be fine. The Euro-American upper class trash traitors are amazed and stunned that Russia broke ranks and their deal and dared lie to them, you know, the way the upper class trash has been lying to everyone else. Russia will test the waters one or two more times and, if she likes what she sees, she will go on a rampage taking back all of her former soviet states and then invade Europe.

China is watching and will test the waters one or two times and then start taking surrounding countries quickly expanding their territory throughout the Pacific and Asia.

The Muslims are already taking everything they can in Africa and the Middle East as fast as they can.

For more than a decade now, I have been watching China, then the Muslims, and now Russia making in roads in Central and South America for expansion.

The Russians, Chinese, and Muslims are our Vandals, Goths, and Huns and are already grabbing up land as quick as they can just like the Germanic tribes did after the fall of Rome. Without God, it is only a matter of time before they sack Rome II. Right now you are watching the fall of the greatest civilization in the history of the world for the same reason that every other civilization has fallen, upper class and government corruption. The greatest threat to national security and, therefore, greatest act of treason is upper class and government corruption.

That is why we must turn back to God, acknowledge our crimes against God's Laws, repent of those crimes, and accept salvation through our Lord, Jesus Christ before we can ask God to save our butts. Without God, our goose is cooked.

It is an absolute must to....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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