When you think about what I have been sharing with you, you should realize that, no matter which scenario is the end result, at least one billion people will be killed around the world before the dust settles. I believe that is the best we can hope for based on the evil plans of the different groups and where things are right now.

That will be the most horrible slaughter and crime in the history of mankind. The people who have caused this horrible crime must be held responsible or accountable for their actions, neither they nor their descendants must be permitted to benefit from this crime in any way. These criminals must all be hunted down, prosecuted for their criminal actions, found guilty, and executed for treason against their nations and mankind. All of their wealth must be confiscated and returned to the nations they stole that wealth from so those nations can rebuild their countries and strong enough militaries to defend themselves against the advances of evil men and women.

BTW, if we are in debt, who are we in debt to? We are in debt to the same upper class people who are causing this mess. These people have abused the power of government and their political puppets to launder that money into the pockets of those corrupt upper class trash. If we take that money back out of their greedy pockets and return that money to our nations, we won't be in debt any longer.

If their descendants were not complicit, they should be required to get a real job and work for a living just like everyone else. Everyone complicit in this crime must be held responsible for their actions, a message and warning must be sent to future generations that, if you commit treason against mankind, you will pay with your lives and all of your wealth, and business, academic, media, government, and other forms of corruption must be considered a capital crime punishable by death. The activities or concepts of Marxism, Libertarianism, Luciferianism, all forms of paganism, and crony capitalism must be considered acts of treason against mankind and punishable by death. You know, just like in the Bible.

It is a historic fact that the fall of all great nations has been caused by the corruption of the people, especially the government and upper class but also middle and lower class accomplices. Therefore, the single greatest threat to any nation's security and the greatest act of treason should be considered corruption, especially of the government and upper class. These crimes should no longer be tolerated because they have already resulted in the slaughter of hundreds of millions of people throughout time. It is time to say, "Enough!"

Since lies have been the most used weapon by these traitors, all lying must be considered fraud and prosecuted. It should never be alright to lie because one justification will lead to others and eventually to the fall of your nation.

If you think about it, if we had lived by just the Ten Commandments in the Bible, none of this would have been possible, which is why these criminals hate the Bible, God, Christians, and Jews. These criminals can only commit such crimes by doing away with the Bible and God's Laws. The first three commandments would have prevented Luciferianism and the other pagan cults which have contributed to turning us away from God and the committing of these crimes. The remaining commandments of you shall honor your father and your mother, you shall not lie, you shall not steal, you shall not commit murder, you shall not bear false witness against your neighbor, you shall not commit adultery, and you shall not covet what your neighbor has would have stopped these evil plans dead in their tracks. The upper class trash, their academe, their media, their activists, and everyone else involved in this horrible crime simply would not have been able to commit these crimes if the Ten Commandments were enforced against everyone.

That is a fact and why these evil people have fought so hard for so long to get God and the Bible out of our lives. God and His Laws stand between us and the criminals as a shield to protect us from their criminal mischief. All of these crimes were only made possible by pagan common law, concepts, and democracy.

God taught me a long time ago that better than 90% of the problems we humans have in life are caused by us humans. He later proved to me that better than 95% of those problems caused by humans are caused by the upper class trash via government and business corruption. If it were not for these crimes committed by the upper class, their academe, their media, and others complicit, we humans would have very few problems in life with most of those still caused by ourselves. We humans must learn to stop making life worse for ourselves and learn to make it better for ourselves.

Aren't such problems as disease, tornados, hurricanes, volcanos, earthquakes, and tsunamis bad enough without us making things worse? What are we, a bunch of stupid masochist?

We must also enforce teaching TRUE history to our children because you cannot learn the lessons from history if you teach revisionist history or lies to our children. If some one gets offended by true history, then tell them not to repeat it.

We must make sure that our children are well enough educated that they can figure out when they are being lied to. This means that education CANNOT be used for brainwashing and anyone teaching anything which is known to not be true will be prosecuted for fraud and, in some cases, for treason. If they are teaching anything which may or may not be true, they must state that it is not a fact. Freedom of speech is not a license to commit crimes such as fraud or treason.

The media must not be permitted to continue to use "poetic License" as a lame excuse to lie and deceive. They should not be permitted to tell things with even a slant that is not true or to omit things which need to be included to prevent providing a false perspective. The media must not be permitted to use false subliminal messages in any way. Freedom of the press is not a license to commit crimes. Jesus said it best when He said, "the truth will set you free" and the opposite is also true, that lies will enslave you. For true freedom, the people must know the truth.

Now, you ask, what do we do about military information we must keep from our enemies and telling it to the people would provide that information to the enemy? Simple, we just say that is classified and let it go at that with a citizen over view board to make sure the military is not up to mischief itself.

All government persons should be required to swear an oath to God, the people, and the nation to protect and serve the people and the nation and to live by and up hold the Laws of God, as good Christians.

BTW, how are those pagan gods democracy and common law working out? Ready for a Christian theocracy yet? Let God know when you are.

It is always time to....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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