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Stupid Idea

This shows that even intelligent people can come up with stupid ideas. Trump and his people are talking about starting another political party to be called "The Patriot Party".

Normally I might agree with that and I can see their logic in that they were betrayed by the members of the GOP but did they not figure out that the reason Trump lost this election was because the Commierats managed to rig the election enough to keep him from being reelected and that all of those corrupt politicians, judges, DAs, law enforcement, military, and media supported the Commierat coup? Do they think the elections in the next 2 to 4 years won't be even more rigged and the same judges, politicians, military and other traitors won't support that rigging of the elections so Trump and his party can't win? Really?

Everyone seems to be forgetting that the reason Trump lost was because of extreme corruption taking the win from Trump in a staged coup. I just can't believe they are talking like, "Hey, we will win the next rigged election" or "The judicial and military traitors won't support the Commierat coup next time."

Do they think the next election won't be rigged even worse than this election? Do they think the same traitors won't commit treason again next time? Really?

It seems that a lot of the people on the right have even gone stupid or are just ignoring that there will never be another valid election. Listen, if there is even any kind of election again, it will be about as meaningful as spitting into the wind in a class 5 hurricane. All it is going to do is hit you in the face.

DEAL WITH IT, there will NOT be another valid election in this nation until they get rid of all of the criminals who rigged this last election AND supported the coup and you ain't getting rid of them with one of their rigged elections. The Republic is dead because, without valid elections, the politicians cannot be held accountable to the people, which is required by a republic.

People, the left just got away with the worst case of treason for power and control in modern history and you think they will not commit even worse treason next time for even more power and control? Really? What Constitution?

I listen to these geniuses talk about coming elections and I am forced to wonder what planet have these people been living on the last few months? Did they completely miss or already forget about the blatantly obviously rigged election and all of the treasons committed by everyone who supported that coup?

My brain hurts! I used to think these people were intelligent but they are now proving otherwise.

What are these people smoking?


Remember that I told you the left is waging war against the conservatives and is trying to get rid of them? Remember that I said that there are traitors in the military who are on the left's side in this coup and war?

This video shows both of those statements are true. The left has started a PR program to turn everyone against conservatives and justify those conservatives being sent to concentration reeducation death camps to get rid of them. It also shows one of those lefty commie traitor generals helping with that PR program by comparing conservatives with Al Quaeda terrorists. Then Andy McCabe compares conservatives to ISIS terrorists. How about the "new 9/11 commission" meant to make people believe that conservatives are terrorists. They are "branding you" as the enemy and waging war against you.

Get the picture? And you think there will be another valid election?

They convince the stupid people that conservatives are terrorists so they can justify rounding up and imprisoning conservatives, which would mean they would be felons so they could not own guns to protect themselves from the left. This is all meant to justify murdering conservatives so no one will vote against the left again. It is also meant to terrorize people into not being conservatives or being too intimidated to even listen to conservatives. It is another act of terror against the people being carried out by the left. This is open warfare.

You still think this is not an accelerating war against the people by the left? Do you conservatives believe me yet that they are coming for you to disarm and murder you?

You just might want to listen to them. They are doing what Hitler's Nazis did to get rid of the Hebrews, you know, murdered more than 6 million of them in their "work" death camps under the motto of "Work Makes Free", you know, for the "common good". You don't have long. I hear the war drums beating now.

I love the way Tucker said, "You know they are all on the same e-mail address" showing what I have told you that these criminals get their orders on what to say from the same upper class trash propagandists, which is why they always use the same phrases and words for the same story. They are just paid mouth pieces and political whores for the upper class trash.

I also like the way Tucker points out that the consistent message for the left is that the real problem in this country is white people and that message is meant to intimidate whites into being subservient and obedient, you know, just like God showed me years ago in one of my dreams.

Gee, what a coincidence that so much in those dreams from years and even more than a decade ago are coming true today.

Remember that I told you that the military academies have probably been taken over by Satan's lefty spawn and turned too many of our top officers in the Pentagon into Satan's spawn and traitors?

This is just more proof of what I have been teaching you. The media and educational system have become two of Satan's most powerful tools because, contrary to what you have been taught, it does matter what you believe and think because what you believe determines what your actions will be. Therefore, Satan uses such things as the media and educational system to cause many to believe what he wants you to believe to control your actions. That is why tolerance doesn't work, people.

I have learned that people believing and thinking conservative ideas, especially Christian ideas, causes nations to growth strong and prosper but people believing and thinking liberal ideas, especially lefty and pagan ideas, causes nations to grow weak, die, and become vulnerable to invasion by other nations.

Therefore, the educational system and media must be at least under the influence of Christianity so Satan will have a tougher time controlling people and we need to be more concerned about what people believe. That is why two of Satan's best moves in our nation has been to restrict the effect of Christianity on our government and educational systems so Satan could establish complete control.

You also need to understand that, if you place your faith in any entity that has been taken over by Satan's spawn, you are putting your faith in Satan to take care of you, which never works well. If your government and/or military have been taken over by Satan's spawn and you put your faith in them to do what is right for you or protect you, you are putting your faith in Satan.

How did that just workout? Not too well?

Keep your faith in God and not in man and you won't error.

Do you believe me yet about the things I have spent years and even decades warning you about? Do you believe me yet that it ain't going to be purdy? Hey, now that the entire government, the military, the media and educational system have all betrayed you, are you ready for a Christian theocracy yet? Hey, everything else has failed, why not give God's government a try?

And what just happened tells me that it will get considerably worse.

How bad?

Remember that I told you that too many people have too much focus on their expensive toys and, therefore, have too much to risk losing to be willing to fight?

It is going to have to get bad enough that at least many of those people will lose those expensive toys, their expensive cars, and expensive homes to force them to decide between good and evil or whether to fight for their freedom.

That is pretty bad because, in spite of the lies the lefty media are telling you, this economic crisis they have been creating to destroy our economy has only impoverished about 20% to 25% of the people and probably somewhere between 25% and 50% will have to become at least close to poverty, which will mean that the economy will probably have to get a lot worse, almost twice as bad as it is now.

Think not?

In his first day in office, Biden signed executive orders that put at least 50,000 people out of work. Hey, that is a good start to building the US economy. (/sarc

And you think God is not punishing this nation because it turned its back on God for their sins and toys?

Plus you better pay attention to the lefty words.

Biden is saying that he is going to use Commiefornia as his model for building America back from the destruction the commies have caused with their lockdowns, which should scare the crap out of the rich because Commiefornia has been increasing taxes on the rich because the leaders have absolute control and don't need campaign donations from the rich to win elections any more.

Hey, with their super rigged elections, now they don't need your bribes as "campaign donations" to win the election. Think about that one.

Believe me yet that the upper class trash and their puppets can't steal enough from enough people fast enough?

One lesson I have learned with God and want to share with you so you don't have to learn it the hard way, is that, if you put ANYTHING, even other people, between you and God and God's will in your life, you will lose that something. These people are putting their expensive toys, cars, and homes between them and God and God's will in their lives. That means they are going to lose that stuff and probably soon.

That is how bad it is going to get. But, hey, the commies you just let steal the election from Trump and you told you, though many of you didn't listen, that you will end up owning NOTHING and you WILL be happy or else so they are planning on stealing everything you own from you and not just the election. Think about that.

Believe me yet that they can't steal enough from enough people fast enough? And you think God is not punishing this nation by letting the left destroy it because we turned our backs on God for our sins and those expensive toys?

You're going to lose those expensive toys because you put them between you and God. Hey, we will get to see just how fast the lefty upper class trash can steal everything you have and you will be happy about it or else. They stole the election by rigging it but they have not finished stealing yet because you still have stuff left to steal and they can't stand to see anyone else who has anything.

Oh, BTW, did you notice that just as soon as Biden was sworn in, the COVID 19 "pandemic" started getting better. Why, suddenly, the new cases they are finding are decreasing. Gee, what a coincidence.

And you think the masks, social distancing, and lockdowns had anything to do with science or the virus? Really?

Civil War

BTW, I am already seeing reports that the far left is accelerating their civil war within the Commierat Party even after Biden was sworn in. This is going to get interesting and should drive even more conservatives out of the blue zones. This video has a lot of fun telling us about the left's continuing and accelerating civil war.

Note that he left out the black Muslims involved in the Commierat civil war. They didn't just go home.

BTW, where are the black Muslims? Why did they suddenly get so quite in this civil war? What are they planning?

Hey, they have established absolute power against the GOP so they can feel free to turn on each other with a vengeance, you know, just like I told you years ago they would.


Because power mad people can't share power with any more people than they absolutely have to so they are now grabbing more power from each other because they now have all of the power so there isn't anyone else to steal more power from. They are now like starving cannibalistic piranha. This is getting interesting.

BTW, did you know there will be no inauguration ball this year? Hey, maybe they will decide to have it later in Chicago, right? Maybe Obama will throw one for them?

So, it should be obvious they only planned for Biden to remain in office for about a year or less before finding some reason to replace him with Kamala, whom I call Kruella because she has already proven she is very evil.

The big question at this time is when and how do they plan to get rid of him?

The man has openly committed any number of crimes they could use to impeach him, you know, so the lefties can "show they are not partisan". That would move Kruella into being president and, because the speaker of the house is third in line to be president, move Pelosi into being vice president, which you know, both of them will gladly stuff Biden's butt under ye ole commie bus to increase their power and ability to steal more from more people faster.

What would most likely happen is that the Republicans will start an impeachment with Pelosi and Kruella supporting it because his crimes are so obvious and to prove they are not partisan to cause Joe to negotiate a deal for resigning. I think the deal for him to resign will include a pardon by Kruella.

You should know that, however they plan to get rid of Joe, it has already been planned out. They probably know that the GOP will file for impeachment, like they already have, so the left plans to use that to get rid of Joe, put Kruella in office, and for the Commierats to do virtue signaling, which they are very good at and they know the stupid people will fall for it.

Besides, their programs and changes are going to screw everything up, for which they can blame Joe, and dump Joe to save their own butts, while leaving Joe's changes in place.

Or, with this increasing civil war, Obama could just throw a formal ball in the Sears Tower to win that civil war and solve our Biden problems.


I just saw a religious leader video talking about whether or not you should stay in a church. He talked on for a while, being very intellectual and philosophical, and missed the most important thing to determine whether you should be in any church.

The question you should answer about being in any church is, "Does God want you there?" If God wants you there, you should be there. If He does not want you there, you should not be there. End of discussion, so ask God where you should go to church.

What? You think the academe and upper class trash know what is best for you but you don't think God does?

John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

You better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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