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First, Snowden is still in the news and, like I told you before, Obama, the Russians, Chinese, and other top liberals don't want Snowden to leave Russia to keep the CIA and US military intelligence from getting their hands on him, so Snowden now has sanctuary in Russia. He will stay there under the protection of Russia because, they need to protect Snowden so other liberal traitors infiltrated into our system will feel free to betray America and the CIA and military intelligence can't find out exactly what info Snowden gave to Russia and China along with who the other traitors are who helped Snowden.


Next, the FBI has stated that they couldn't have stopped the Marathon Bombers. Why not? Because the liberal criminals and traitors have passed so many laws tying the hands of law enforcement to prevent law enforcement from being able to investigate those liberal criminals and traitors that the FBI simply couldn't investigate the bombers any more than they already did. With the FBI's hands so well tied, don't be surprised to see more successful terrorist acts in the US. You can thank the corrupt attorneys, politicians, college professors, puppet masters, and judges for that.


Then we have the economy. They are still claiming the economy is recovering and using all sorts of meaningless statistics or smoke and mirrors to cover up the fact that the economy is actually still crashing.

Remember what I taught you before, the only real statistics which matter concerning the state of our economy in dealing with a recession or depression is the number of people losing their jobs in relation to the number of people finding new jobs. If the number of people finding jobs is less than the number of people losing jobs, the economy is declining. If the two numbers are equal, the economy has flattened out and is probably about to change direction. If the number of people finding jobs is greater than the number of people losing jobs, then the economy is growing.

There still has not been one month since this mess started in which the number of people finding jobs has equaled the number of people losing jobs. Fact!!! Therefore, the economy could not possibly have bottomed out and definitely couldn't be growing. The economy has to bottom out before it can start growing and, for the economy to bottom out, the number of people finding jobs must at least equal the number of people losing jobs for at least 3 to 6 consecutive months. For the economy to BEGIN growing, the number of people finding jobs must surpass the number of people losing jobs for at least 3 to 6 consecutive months. Everything else is smoke and mirrors designed to confuse you.

Since there has not been even just one month in which the number of people finding jobs has equaled the number of people losing jobs, then we are still in the worst depression in the history of the US and the economy is still crashing with about 1.5 to 2.5 times as many people losing jobs every month than those finding jobs.

Also, increasing numbers of the new jobs are part time along with increasing numbers of the formerly full time jobs being turned into part time jobs because of Obamacare. This and other things mean that the national average income is declining. In other words, more working people have less money. And the economy is recovering? How can it be that fewer people are working and the working people are making less money and the economy is recovering?

At the same time, inflation is increasing because they keep printing more money to keep paying for all the stolen loot they are stuffing in their pockets. (AKA commie redistribution of wealth from your empty pocket to their full pockets.) Please note that, with all the money the criminals are printing and spending (AKA stuffing in their pockets), if it were not for the constantly decreasing spending by people losing their jobs, the inflation would be much worse.

OK, let me do the liberal math on this. We have fewer people working, more people who are working are making less money, the money is becoming worth less every day, and the economy is recovering? Liberals don't use logic, they use lies.

Remember that I told you not to pay attention to the phony or fake unemployment rate because they have rigged that number so that it is meaningless crap. It just went down again because of the number of frustrated people who gave up looking for work last month. Those people are still out of work, whether they are looking or not. The real unemployment number is probably at least 20% to 25%, maybe higher, especially with so many jobs becoming part time jobs.

Also, some of the idiot politicians have begun to finally realize the economic disaster legalizing the illegal immigrants will cause, you know, just like I told you it would. Are they slow or what? :-) If they legalize illegal immigrants, what economy? There won't be one.

Also, if Obamacare is so great, why are Obama, all the politicians, the unions, and all of the government agencies trying to exclude themselves from it? Wouldn't you think everyone would want to be part of a really great government program? Maybe it isn't so great? Maybe it is really terrible but they won't repeal it? Yep, it didn't take much to figure that one out, did it?

While we are talking about Obama, he just finished a really long vacation to Africa which cost from 60 to over 100 million dollars (your money, not his) and he is getting ready to take another vacation within weeks of finishing the last vacation? What does this guy think he is, a professional vacationer? Obama is either vacationing, golfing, doing money raising events (read expensive parties), or campaigning (read other expensive parties). When does he ever work?

Obama is living like a very corrupt king on your dime always partying, playing, and vacationing. Do you really think this immature lunatic will ever willingly walk away from all of this attention, luxury, and power? Yeah, right, long after pigs fly. It is going to take a war to get his butt out of office.

Military Intelligence

After I posted the essay, "Military Intelligence", a friend (retired Air Force) reminded me that the F-111 was a stealthy aircraft (just look at the shape in comparison to the F-22). As a matter of fact, it was our first stealthy fighter and, after they began using it as a medium size bomber as the FB-111 to replace the B-66E medium size bomber, it also became our first stealthy medium sized bomber. It was also the first plane in which we used terrain following radar so it could fly in under the enemy radar which made it even more difficult to see on enemy radar.

When they first started using the F-111 in Nam, the plane had a big problem which was caused by a combination of the terrain following radar and the chaff rockets which were fired ahead of the plane and exploded creating a chaff cloud for the plane to fly through and hide in from enemy radar. The terrain following radar saw the chaff cloud as a mountain which just suddenly appeared in front of the plane causing the plane to go 100% vertical and pulling enough G forces to knock out the two man crew. After the plane got above the chaff cloud, it would completely reverse direction 180 degrees and fly into the ground before the crew could recover, killing the crew.

The military finally figured out what was happening (after losing quite a few of our F-111s and crew) and replaced the chaff rockets with chaff pods which created the chaff cloud behind the aircraft instead of in front of it. After they did that, they didn't lose any more F-111s in Nam and it turned out to be one of the best planes we have had.

But very few journalists paid enough attention to know what happened and, to this day, they wrongly think the F-111 was a bad plane, again showing that most journalists don't know what they are talking about.

BTW, guess what the first large stealthy bomber was?

Most journalists will tell you it was the B-2. Wrong!

If you compare the shape of the B-1 bomber with the shape of the F-22, you realize that the B-1 was the first large stealthy bomber. It was just that no one said the word stealth because the concept was classified until Jimmuh Carhtuh used the term to get reelected. The B-1 also had terrain following radar and was supersonic. The stealth of the plane in conjunction with flying below radar made it more difficult to find just like the F-111 Aardvark. As a matter of fact, close examination of both planes tells you that the B-1 was basically a much larger FB-111.


Then we have the mess in Syria. As I said before, there isn't a group fighting in Syria for which any of our troops should have to die helping put those monsters in power. The best of the terrorist groups, the FSA (Free Syrian Army), has been murdering groups of non Muslims, especially Christians and Jews. At least the monster, Assad, protected the non Muslims, which I believe makes him the best option which should tell you that there are no good options. No matter who wins this fight, there will be a huge slaughter of civilians after the fight is over, probably at least 100 thousand but could easily be more than a million.

Our power mad, crazed Western leaders have realized that there isn't a win situation in Syria and have actually become hesitant to send in troops but you can bet they will try to create one or make it look like there is one. The upper class trash Euro-Americans just can't keep their stupid little hands out of this mess in spite of the fact they blatantly ignore at least 100 conflicts every year and have messed up almost all of the rest. As a matter of fact, it is pretty well known they are already involved in this mess by providing weapons and training for the FSA terrorists.

If you don't believe me, just go to YouTube and watch the videos FSA is posting on the Internet for PR and to get more terrorists to join them. In espionage, you learn to look at the details in a picture and not just glance at the picture. Most people don't notice more than very few of the details. For example, in the more recent FSA videos, you will notice that their terrorists are showing up to the fight with brand new body armor and brand new weapons. Almost all of the new weapons are brand new Russian or Chinese made weapons such as T-72 tanks.

"Hold it," you ask, "how and why is the US providing Russian or Chinese made weapons to the FSA terrorists?"

They are probably buying the weapons from Russian or China to help the Russian and Chinese economies and so it won't be so obvious that the West (US, Britain, and others, but primarily the US) are providing arms to terrorists, AKA smoke and mirrors.

You will also notice that the FSA terrorists are using slightly better tactics than they were before. It seems that, because the FSA had started getting their butts killed by Al Quaeda (Al Nusra is the Syrian branch of Al Quaeda), the West has started arming and training FSA just well enough to kill a few more other terrorists before they get their butts killed. They still fight really lousy compared to US and British troops but their tactics are definitely better.

The infighting between the terrorist groups is getting worse by the day with Al Quaeda being the main culprit trying to seize power over and assimilate all the rest of the terrorist organizations. Al Quaeda recently starting fighting the Kurds along with fighting the FSA and about everyone else. The terrorist organization, Hezballah, is fighting on the side of Assad and the different terrorist organizations are also aligning Sunis against Shiites but this is while the different factions within those two groups and other sects of Islam are also fighting each other. It is pretty much a free-for-all between all of the different terrorist groups.

This infighting is drawing in terrorists from all over the world at an increasing rate so new terrorist organizations are showing up all of the time. I also see that increasing numbers of terrorists are showing up from more countries, especially from Europe and the US. It is party time for Muslims in Syria, it is the great Jihadi Party for Muslims only.

Most of the fighting is in the north along with some terrorists trying to draw both Turkey and Israel into the fight by firing shots and shooting artillery and mortars across the borders at them. Keep an eye on this.

The Cloud

Then we have the Internet Cloud which was created so you don't have to keep your personal information on a hard drive in your own computer so that, if your computer HD crashes, you don't lose your information. How long do you think it will be before the people running the Cloud will start secretly selling your personal information to businesses? How long do you think it will be before the government secretly starts mining your personal information from the Cloud without you knowing about it? How long do you think it will take hackers (criminals, China, or who ever) to start secretly selling your information from the Cloud to other criminals? Also, what happens if a "glitch" "accidentally" causes the cloud to fail losing all of your personal information? Gee, could it be the Cloud was designed to get you to put your personal information on the Internet so businesses and the government could more easily access the personal information for more people at the same time? Hey, why build a huge data base on everyone when you can get them to do it for you? Blink, blink, blink (light bulbs turning on.)

Think about this, when it reaches a point to where most people keep their personal information in the Cloud, hackers will stop attacking personal computers for information because it won't be worth it. They will be able to get much, much more information about many more people from the Cloud in less time than from your personal computer. When that happens, why would they waste their time hacking one personal computer? They won't and the safest place for your personal information will be on your own computer. Just back it up on a flash drive.


Obama and the rest of the criminals keep hoping all of these distractions will cause people to forget about Benghazi but the military people and their families keep digging this one up and shoving it in the criminals' faces. The latest intel is that there were dozens of CIA operatives on the ground involved in this mess and they are ALL being forced to sign nondisclosure statements.

First, don't be surprised to find out that they have actually killed some people to silence them. Second, them trying to keep this information from Congress is both unconstitutional and criminal so what are they committing blatant crimes to hide? It should be very obvious there is much more to this than people think. Obviously, crimes were committed and this is a huge cover up. Also remember that I told you that no contract is legally binding if you are forced to sign that contract so all of these agents being forced to sign nondisclosure statements is illegal and those statements are non binding. In other words, even after the agents have been forced to sign the nondisclosure statements, they can legally sing their little butts off to Congress.

Therefore, the criminals at the top of the CIA who are committing these additional crimes by trying to cover up their former crimes (which is a federal felony, you know, like Nixon did) are only making it worse for themselves just as soon as the agents realize those nondisclosure statements they were forced to sign are legally not binding. This is going to get interesting.

With so much insanity in the world, it is always a good time to....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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