Modern Medicine

It is time for me to share some very important stuff with you concerning modern medicine.

I got this e-mail from Mark and it is very true:

"Doctors are killing more because they have joined the pill culture of the pharmaceutical industry. That is what the Big Pharma commercials are about."

This is more true than you want to believe but it is worse than this.

It is a crime, I believe a federal felony, for medical personnel writing prescriptions to get kickbacks from chemical companies for writing those prescriptions but it is not being enforced, has not been enforced since at least the 1960s, and should be heavily enforced. It is causing many of our medical problems and even deaths from bad medicine. It is malpractice and is criminal.

I noticed that by the late 1960s and early 1970s, psychiatrists were getting kickbacks from writing prescriptions. This was even made common knowledge back then and NONE of the DAs even tried to stop it, telling me that the DAs may have already been on "Big Pharma" payrolls. These shrinks and big pharma should have been going to prison but they didn't.

But it gets worse, much worse.

First, concerning psychiatrists, this is beyond super bad.

Did you know that psychiatrists don't have to study any biology or chemistry to get a Ph.D. in psychiatry?

That is right, most of them know nothing about the function of the human brain (neurology) or chemistry and they are considered experts on the human mind. We are talking voodoo medicine and witchcraft here. This is like Medieval Dark Ages medicine and worse.

I know because my second ew-wife had a master's degree in psychiatry, when she couldn't even pass Biology 101, and got me into parties in Los Angeles with some of the best psychiatrists in the world, where I regularly got to listen to and even ask them questions and I NEVER met one of them who had studied any biology or chemistry, not one.

Every time one of them, especially my ex-wife, would tell me about their psychiatric "theories" and I would try to explain to them that their theory couldn't possibly be true because of the way brain cells function, they would ALWAYS, 100% of the time, cut me off and say, "The function of the human brain has NOTHING to do with molecular biology and chemistry", and refuse to listen to me, 100% of the time.

We are talking biologically and chemically very ignorant people who are considered to be x-spurts on the function of the human brain. I know much more about neurology than they do and it should scare the living crap out of you that they can write prescriptions for drugs, when they couldn't possibly know what those drugs do in the human body.

It is psychologists, not psychiatrists, who have to study biology, neurology, and chemistry to get their degrees. Most people go into psychiatry because they are too stupid to pass biology 101 and 102 and then they are considered to be x-spurts on the function of the human brain and can write prescriptions for drugs.

You put that together with the fact that a bunch of psychiatrists and Big Pharma bribed a bunch of corrupt politicians to pass laws permitting these biologically and chemically ignorant people to write prescriptions for drugs to put in your body so those shrinks could get kickbacks from Big Pharma and that is insanity and absolutely a form of witchcraft and Medieval medicine.

They know NOTHING about the function of the cells and chemistry and they can write prescriptions for you to put drugs in your body and they are the ones making your kids take drugs because they say your kids need those drugs while they are getting kickbacks from Big Pharam for giving your kids those drugs.

Does that make your brain hurt?

It should tick you off that these morons are allowed to write prescriptions at all, much less for your kids.

But, hey, it gets worse.

In biology, we were trained to do field research concerning animal behavior and the methods psychiatrists use for studying the animal behavior for humans violates ALL of the most fundamental principles for studying animal behavior in biology, ALL biologists know this, and we were trained to just quietly look the other way and let them practice their voodoo medicine. If I were to do research on animal behavior as a biologist the way psychiatrists do their research on human behavior, it would be considered 100% invalid research and completely worthless.

What is really funny is that I did animal behavior research, as a biologist, on psychiatrists for years the way I am trained to do animal behavior research as a biologist with the shrinks being my lab rats without them ever realizing it and they are nuts. They are some of the craziest people on the planet so it is even worse than voodoo medicine. We are talking rubber room voodoo medicine, people.

Think I am wrong?

For example, if you publically ask them why they went into psychiatry, they will give you the noble sounding answer, "To help other people", but, if you get to know them and listen to them behind closed doors, everyone of them I ever met admitted that they went into psychiatry because they were having head problems and they believed the myth that, if they got a degree, especially a Ph.D., in psychiatry, so that "they would become x-spurts on the human mind", they would be magically healed and no longer be nuts. That is what they really believe in mass.

It is just a myth and they are a bunch of poorly educated crazy people practicing voodoo medicine trying to heal others so they can get rich without actually having to work.

You think I am wrong? Did you know that psychiatrists have the second highest suicide rate in the US? And you want them to try to heal your screwed up head with their voodoo medicine? Really?

They can't even heal their own screwed up heads with their own voodoo medicine.

Do you know the truth why they have the second highest suicide rate in the US?

Because they spend decades studying psychiatry to only find out that their voodoo medicine doesn't work, they are still nuts, and the only way they can deal with it is to snuff themselves.

And you let them tell you what is normal and write prescriptions for your kids, while getting kickbacks from Big Pharma? Really? Have you noticed that they NEVER "cure" anyone, not even themselves?

But it gets worse.

Well, the shrinks kept getting away with taking kickbacks from Big Pharma for writing prescriptions and were making the big bucks all of the way up into the 1980s so chiropractors decided to get in on that racket in the 1980s and get some of that Big Pharma money.

Did you know that chiropractors are also not required to go to college and study biology or chemistry but are now permitted to write prescriptions for drugs just like psychiatrists?

That is right, they don't know crap about cell physiology and chemistry but can write prescriptions for drugs, just like the psychiatrists. Gee, they and Big Pharma must have bribed those same corrupt political whores we call politicians.

Hey, why don't we just let the janitor write prescriptions?

Well, the psychiatrists and chiropractors were getting away with that criminal activity so, in the 1990s, some of the MDs decided to get in on that racket and get some of that Big Pharma money, which is why your prescriptions cost so much in the US. Hey, with such high demand for their drugs, Big Pharma can charge whatever they want.

And God said, "The love of money is the root of all evil."

But, hey, it gets worse. (I bet your are tired of me saying that.)

Did you know that half of the US doctors finished in the lower half of their class and are not very good doctors? Did you know that the AMA won't get rid of bad doctors because ALL doctors pay the AMA annual fees and, if the AMA got rid of the bad doctors, they would lose a lot of money? Did you also know that none of the college professors who train doctors and almost all of the doctors themselves never study the sports sciences or sports medicine and know NOTHING about dealing with the bodies of athletes, especially marathon athletes?

I have learned that almost all of what doctors and nurses believe about athletes and the function of their bodies, especially marathon athletes, is WRONG.

We marathon athletes make permanent changes in our bodies that cause our bodies to never again function the same way normal human bodies function and the doctors and nurses are completely clueless about this. We marathon athletes and former marathon athletes turn ourselves into biological freaks because of the permanent changes we make to our bodies and the doctors and nurses are clueless about this.

I have often wondered how many athletes, especially marathon athletes they kill every year because of their ignorance.

You think I am wrong?

In 1982, I was hit by a car while riding my bicycle in Albuquerque, New Mexico and suffered a concussion. I collapsed a few days later and was taken to Lovelace Hospital, which is one of the best hospitals in the US and the hospital they sent the first NASA astronauts to for medical examinations. They put my butt on a gurney, rolled me into an examination room, a nurse came in, took my pulse, and was out of there like a shot.

I was trained to know what had just started happening and was about to happen, I was conscious, aware of my surroundings, and could still communicate or they would have killed me because of their ignorance.

Just seconds later, that nurse came rushing back into my examination room with another nurse and a doctor. The two nurses started frantically going through the drawers on two mobile instrument and supplies cabinets in the room, grabbing instruments and ripping open medical supply packages while the doctor took my pulse. After taking my pulse, the doctor looked up at the first nurse and said, "Call the cardiologist."

Knowing why, I asked, "Why?"

The doctor said, "Your heart rate is too low."

I asked, "How low is it?"

The doctor said, "It is 42 beats per minute."

I said, "That is normal for me because I am a marathon athletes."

They all froze and started glancing at each other with a stunned look on their faces because they were about to kill me and suddenly realized it. You see, because of their ignorance, they were about to scream "Code Blue", stick big needles in my heart, pump my heart full of toxic chemicals, and use electric shock to FORCE my resting heart rate above 60 beats per minute because they are trained to believe that 60 to 80 beats per minute is normal for EVERYONE. They would have fried my heart and killed me because of their ignorance.

You have to understand that, before sports got into universities, the academe prided themselves on "being of the mind and not of the body" or doing manual labor. They had sold everyone on believing that because they didn't do any lowly manual labor and only concentrated on mental work, that made them intellectually superior to everyone else, you know, all of you peasants. That is where the upper class trash got the natural elite bull crap from. "Why, anyone who did any physical work was inferior to them."

About 200 years ago, the students started informal school sports between the different universities for fun. The arrogant elitist academe saw this as a threat to their prestige because now universities would be associated with physical work. Therefore, they began to hunt down and expel students involved in informal sports that were only loosely related to the universities to protect the academe pathetic egos.

It only took a generation or two for those sports loving students to become the rich upper class who made big donations to those universities to force the universities to accept sports into those universities. After they got the sports involved in the universities, they needed coaches so they started coaching programs to train up coaches for the sports teams, which really ticked off the elitist academe. "Why, how dare they?"

To fight back, the elitist academe went underground, organized, and started working to destroy sports, especially schools sports and are still doing it. As part of their effort to destroy sports, they started the lie that the coaching students were the stupidest students on campus in spite of the fact that it didn't take long for those coaching programs to start requiring their students to study biology courses that even most of the academe couldn't pass themselves, making coaching and PE programs the fourth hard science on every college campus more than 100 years ago.

These coaching and PE students were often some of the best and smartest students in biology, making As and Bs in upper level biology courses, but, when they walked across the street to the coaching/PE program, they were suddenly considered to be stupid and ignorant just because they dared to walk across the street.

Think I am wrong?

When I transferred from mechanical engineering to coaching/PE so I could work with kids, we started our first semester with 60 students per class, by the start of the second semester, we only had about 50 students per class, by the third semester we were down to about 40 students per class, even after combining classes, and, by the fourth semester, we were down to about 30 students per class. I knew some of the students who flunked out of coaching/PE and went across campus to get degrees in the soft sciences, some of them got Ph.D.s.

Because of these lies about coaching/PE, the people in the biology and medical departments considered our scientific research in the sports sciences and sports medicine to be invalid because we is are be stupid and they wouldn't even read our findings and this continues to this day.

What they don't know is that our research is better than their research because they use normal people as their test subjects so they can't push their test subjects to the point of fatigue because it could cause their test subjects to have heart attacks but, because we use athletes as our test subjects, we can push them to the point of fatigue again and again, which means we can get more information out of our research than they can so we learn more from the same research. We have known things for more than half a century that their research is just starting to prove. I regularly see them reporting new startling revelations in the news that we already knew more than half a century ago.

For example, they are still taught in their schools that athletes who have developed low heart rates will quickly atrophy down to where their heart rates are back to the normal 60 to 80 beats per minute but we have known for more than half a century that such athletes will only atrophy their cardiovascular and cardiorespiratory systems down by a maximum of 10% to 20% if they stop exercising young and live to be 150 years old.

For example, my resting heart rate when I was competing in bicycle road racing was 37.5 beats per minute because I got to world class fitness level and it should NEVER go over 45 beats per minute for the rest of my life, even with me being as sick as I have been and now being almost 70 years old. I found out a few years ago that it should still be 42 beats per minute.

Because of their ignorance, this causes all kinds of problems for me with doctors. They think my resting heart rate is normal when it is near the 60 to 80 beat per minute range, when it is actually high and that, when my resting heart rate is normal for me, I am having cardiac arrest.

You have to understand that my cardiovascular system is still so well developed that your heart will be about the size of your fist but my heart is larger than both of my fists put together and my aorta, arteries, arterials, and veins are much larger with me having at least 20 to 30 times as many capillaries so my heart can move more blood in less time with less effort, therefore, there is no need to for my heart to beat as fast as your heart. If my resting heart rate goes over 50 beats per minute, that is like your resting heart rate going over 100 beats per minute and you are sick, if my resting heart rate goes over 60 beats per minute, it is like your resting heart rate going over 120 beats per minute and you are very sick, and, if my resting heart rate goes over 80 beats per minute, it is like your resting heart rate going over 160 beats per minute and you are dying.

For 15 years (starting about 30 years ago), I kept trying to get doctors in Los Angeles, Albuquerque, and Alamogordo to run tests on me because my health was failing but, because my resting hear rate was 88 beats per minute, they figured it was a little high but nothing to worry about so they refused to run tests on me, always telling me, "You're not sick, you're just getting old."

When I tried to explain that was high for me, they would ignore me, you know, not listen to their patient because I couldn't possible know nuttin' because I ain't gots me no M.D. By the time I finally got someone to run some tests on me, I was almost dead. All I could do was sleep 15 to 20 hours a day, fix one of two TV diners, and spend the rest of the time sitting in a chair staring at four walls. It was real fun! I was fighting for my life and no one would listen to my pleas for help.

After they finally ran the tests, they began telling me, to their absolute surprise and amazement, things like, "You should have died at lest 2.5 to 3 years ago" (that is an actual quote), you know, like they had to tell me. It took a few years of running tests to find out what was wrong with me so I could start working on trying to recover, even after the doctors just gave up on me because I was so sick and that was about 5 or 6 years ago.

To this day, most doctors and nurses still treat me the same way and refuse to listen to me because "I couldn't possibly know nuttin' because I ain't get me no M.D." It scares the crap out of me and is very frustrating. They think that, when my heart rate is high for me, that it is normal and, when it drops below 60 beats per minute, they want to scream code blue, stick big needles in my heart, pump my heart full of toxic chemicals, and use electric shock to force my heart rate back up over 60 beats per minute because of their continuing ignorance.

I have had to deal with their terrifying ignorance about athletes from doctors and nurses for more than 40 years and they have almost killed me a number of times. It terrifies me to see doctors and nurse because they are more likely to kill me with their ignorance than anything else and this is more than half a century since we knew about these things in the sports sciences and sports medicine and they still don't know about it.

I very recently had to deal with this ignorance from doctors and nurses in the emergency room and, if I ever get taken into an emergency room unconscious, they will kill me.

Whenever I have to deal with doctors and nurses about this, I try to teach them about exercise physiology and sports medicine but they arrogantly won't listen to me because "I can't know nuttin' because I ain't gots me no M.D."

When I see how today's doctors and nurses deal with athletes or former athletes like me, I feel the same way they would feel if they went back a few hundred years and watched George Washington's doctor bleed him to death because of their primitive medicine.

I regularly see doctors doing amputations on athletes, especially retired professional football players, that should not be done because the doctors don't know what they are doing and the only way they know how to deal with the problem is to just cut stuff off. "There, that solves that problem." Besides, they make big bucks doing it.

That is how bad modern medicine is in the US and the US has the best medicine in the world.

The ugly truth is that, if the college professors training our doctors and our doctors would study the sports sciences and sports medicine, medicine in the US would jump ahead by at least half a century, more than 50 years, and there are a lot of medical, AMA, political whores, and Big Pharma people who need to go to prison.

"But, hey, what is a little corrupt Medieval medicine amount friends?"

Then we have just really bad medicine I have seen doctors, nurses, and medical technicians practicing that they got from watching TV, health food books, or diet fads and not from having studied biology in college.

For example I recently had a nurse tell me in an emergency room that I am supposed to drink eight 12 ounce bottles of water per day. I just ignored her because she told me she gets some of her medical information from TV and health food fads.

Do you know how much water you are supposed to drink per day?

In exercise physiology, we have to deal with dehydration of athletes on a regular basis and we better not get our intel from health food books or TV. It could kill athletes.

How much you should drink depends on a number of factors including body mass, workload, temperature, humidity, wind, and other things. You can't just tell someone they should drink so much water per day. If they don't drink enough water, they can die, and, if they drink too much water, causing hypervolemia, they can die.

What? You can die from drinking too much water?

Yep, we have known since the 1970s that it causes high water blood level, which force defuses water into your cells, which distends your cell membranes so the cell membranes can't keep the molecules inside your cells in close enough contact with each other (they call it the molecules "floating apart") so they can react to each other, which causes cell functions to stop, which kills cells and, if enough of the right cells die, you die.

Or how about the technician who thought she is an expert on diet because she spent a few weeks being trained to run a radiation therapy machine and was preaching to me about how I should be on this new health food fad of using an alkaline diet.

My first thought was, "Wait until you get kidney stones and then tell me about it", without actually saying anything about it because I knew I needed to come back for more radiation therapy because of my malignant cancer. A few days later she told me she just found out that she was going to have to have surgery to remove her kidney stones. Surprise, surprise.

We learned in the 1950s that, if you make your blood too alkaline, it will cause kidney stones. Therefore, you don't want to take ascorbic acid vitamin C because it is alkaline and will cause kidney stones, especially if you are a marathon athlete who regularly subjects your body to dehydration. We also learned something the doctors still don't know, which is that, if you want to decrease kidney stones, you take citric acid vitamin C because it will dissolve kidney stones. That is right, a regular diet of eating citrus fruit or drinking citrus juice will help prevent kidney stones and help disolve them.

I didn't say anything about the citric acid vitamin C because I knew she was too full of knowledge from her health food fads to listen and I didn't want to start a war with her because I still needed more radiation therapy. Besides, if you ain't got no M.D., none of those medical people will listen to you.

I have even heard doctors using "medicine" I know they got from TV and isn't reliable or has been disproved and how about these holistic doctors who have M.D.s and practice "alternative medicine" that was developed by our ancestors who didn't know one tenth of what I know about how the human body functions? I have not known one M.D. in more than half a century who knows anything about exercise physiology and sports medicine.

I used to be repulsed by greedy, slimy litigation attorneys but I have come to the realization that greedy, slimy litigation attorneys are a necessary evil because of human behavior because the only time a lot of these arrogant elites will listen to you is when you have a greedy, slimy litigation attorney raiding their bank accounts. That ALWAYS gets their attention.

Don't get me wrong, there are a lot of good doctors in the US but it is not getting better and is getting worse because of the corruption and ignorant arrogance.

John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

You better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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