Modern US Military History

I recently had an encounter with a lefty troll on FB that caused me to realize that I needed to write this essay because very few of you know this very important information, especially if you only get your information from the lefty commie traitors. They will never tell you this. As a matter of fact, they teach you the exact opposite of this truth so hang on because this is going to be a real eye opener.

Keep in mind that this is just the nutshell version and it would take a book or two to cover the details and all of the wars the leaders started.

Our current military mess began with socialist FDR and socialist Truman because they kept feeding the Soviet Union weapons and munitions too late into the war, which helped the Soviet Union build into a super power. What they should have done is keep a closer eye on the war and, when the Soviet Union was close to winning their part of the war, stop sending them supplies so they would have had a little more than just enough to finish the job but not enough to make them a super power.

Then Truman did a really big screw up by permitting Mao to conquer our ally, the Republic of China, to set up a communist dictatorship, which is still causing problems on a global basis and currently helping our lefty commie traitors stage a coup of our government.

Truman's next big screw up was to agree with the Soviet Union to divide Korea into two nations with the northern part being set up as a communist dictatorship that is still causing us problems today.

Truman's next big screw up was after North Korea invaded and almost conquered South Korea, with the backing of Communist China. He didn't permit MacArthur to finish the job against North Korea and to invade and conquer Communist China and even fired MacArthur for insisting on putting an end to this commie mess but Truman just couldn't let MacArthur finish cleaning up the mess caused by Truman's commie pals. Truman should have let MacArthur free China when she was still much weaker and we would not now be facing China working with our commie traitors to destroy the US. Truman was one of the biggest screw ups in history.

Truman then made the US troops just sit on their hands while China staged 400,000 commie forces just inside China, which permitted China to stage a massive offensive against the relatively small US forces, costing the lives of thousands of US soldiers.

The Chicom drove the US forces down into South Korea again before the US was able to bring in adequate forces and stage a counter attack, driving the remaining 300,000 Chicom forces back into North Korea and into what became known as the "Iron Triangle", which was a strong position in the mountains of North Korea. The US staged an offensive against the Iron Triangle, pushing less than 300,000 remaining Chicom forces out and had them on the run back to China when Truman called off the US forces and signed a lousy truce with China and North Korea that has kept the peninsula under threat and tension since 1953.

Then China helped the commies in North Vietnam drive the French out of Vietnam and take control of the northern part of the country. The US entered this war to protect our ally, the Republic of South Vietnam, putting the commie Commierats in charge of the war. Democrat president Johnston sabotaged that war by doing a number of things that haunt our military to this day. The first thing he did was come up with the stupid idea that the US shouldn't use any more force against North Vietnam than North Vietnam was using against us, tying the hands of our military in combat. Then he and McNamara create a bunch of other "rules of engagement" that tied our troop's hands even more.

Why did he do this?

Because he was dragging the war out and escalating it to maximize his profits from the war. You see, Johnston owned a company called "Johnston Transportation Corporation" which sold jeeps and trucks to the US Military and the more troops Johnston committed to the war and the longer the war lasted, the more money he would make selling jeeps and trucks to the Military, which is why he escalated the size of the US troops in South Vietnam to 500,000, more than should have been required to quickly win the war. Just a wee bit of a conflict of interest.

My brother was in the Marines in Nam and told me that every time he got into a truck or jeep, he knew where to find the metal tag that said, "Johnston Transportation Corporation".

But Johnston wasn't the only Commierat making a bundle of blood money off of the war. All of the top Commierats were and the one who was the straw that broke my camel's back and caused me to leave the Democrat Party in the early 1970s was glorious Ted Kennedy.

I remember looking over a list of businesses Teddy boy held shares in that were making money from the war while he ran around preaching that, "we should stay in there and win this war", even though he knew that Johnston was holding the military back to keep it from winning the war so the Commierats could make lots of blood money. I came to an item that was hospital goods or supplies and the description of the products that company was selling to the US Military was sickening. What Teddy boy was making blood money from was that his company was selling the items you use in an emergency room to treat injured people so that, every US soldier who was wounded and treated made him blood money regardless of whether they survived.

I remember thinking, "Does that include body bags so that Teddy boy is making money every time one of our soldiers is killed?" Hey, if you want to make more money, just get more young men murdered, especially with the draft forcing them to serve. I stopped being a Democrat right then and there.

Over the years I have often wondered, "Who was making money selling the Military body bags?"

Mean while, the Soviet Union and Communist China, thanks to Truman and FDR, were supporting North Vietnam in this war with weapons, munitions, and training. They both secretly had forces fighting with the North Vietnamese as "military advisors", especially with their more advanced weapons like SAMs and fighter planes.

By the time he left office, we found out that Johnston had used the war to increase his wealth by more than 10 times what it had been when he took office and control of the war. That is a lot of blood money.

Did you know that, during the Johnston administration, in spite of the US Military having their hands so severely tied to prevent them from winning the war, the US Military beat the North Vietnamese Army to within 2 weeks of being forced to capitulate or surrender FIVE TIMES? Gee, why didn't they just finish them off and end the war?

Because if the war ended, Johnston and McNamara along with the rest of the Commierats would stop making all that blood money.

So, how did Johnston save the North Vietnamese Army from defeat at the hands of the US Military?

He offered the North an opportunity to negotiate a peace agreement in Paris, France each time and, "to show good intensions", he had the US military to cease hostile actions against the North during those negotiations, which made it possible for the North to REPEATEDLY give the US sucker punches FIVE TIMES, that increased Johnston's wealth even more while killing thousands more US soldiers.

The way it worked was like this, the US ceased hostilities "to show good intensions" while negotiating a peace treaty allowing the North to rebuild and reposition their military, then, when the North had their military rebuilt and repositioned to stage an offensive, the North Vietnamese negotiators would use some lame excuse to feign being insulted, walk away from the negotiations, and, within a few days, sometimes hours, the North would stage an offensive against the US troops, killing thousands of them and destroying lots of trucks and Jeeps for Johnston to make more money selling more trucks and jeeps to the US Military.

Keep in mind that Johnston permitted the North to do this to the US FIVE TIMES in about 8 years. It isn't that Johnston was too stupid to learn, it was that it always prolonged the war and made him more money. Note that this was also done with the help of our lefty commie traitor media.

And God said, "The love of money is the root of all evil."

When I went into the service in 1972, Nixon had just taken office, untied the US Military hands, we beat them to within two weeks of being forced to capitulate, and then Nixon held negotiations with the North in Paris WHILE Nixon continued to bomb the living crap out of the North so they couldn't rebuild and reposition for another offensive to kill more of our troops. They signed the Paris Peace Accords in February of 1973, just a little over one year after Nixon took office.

Gee, why didn't Johnston do that?

The lefties are right now telling the lie that the US Military lost the Vietnam War but that ain't true. What happened was that, in that peace treaty, the US guaranteed South Vietnam that, if the North attacked or invaded the South again, the US would 1) provide weapons and munitions on a replacement basis and 2) would come to their aid.

2 years later, in 1975, the Commierat controlled Congress (both houses) passed a bill doing way with the protection part of that treaty so that the US Military would not be allowed to assist the South and, when that bill became law, within days, the North invaded and took the South with the few remaining US troops having to flee for their lives.

Gee, you don't think the US commies coordinated that with the North Vietnamese commies, do you?

Now you have to understand international and military relationships. You have to maintain a powerful military as a deterrent to discourage bad guys from attacking you. Being a weak nation encourages bad guys to attack you.

Also, in a great big and complex world like this, you have to have allies because you don't want to end up fighting the entire planet by yourself. To prevent that from happening, whenever any of your allies are attacked or threatened, you MUST come to their aid because you don't want your enemy to conquer your allies and use their people and resources to attack you. That is an absolute must, which WWII had proved to be true.

After the Commierats just gave our ally, the Republic of South Vietnam to commie North Vietnam, it encourage power mad bad guys to begin attacking our allies for increased wealth and power because the message they got was that the US would not stand by our allies and, if you persisted, we would just give our allies to you.

6 times the US Military defeated the North Vietnamese Army and forced them to the peace table but today's Commierats tell you that the US Military lost the war to North Vietnam to make the US Military look bad and cover up that the Commierats betrayed a US ally, the US nation, the US soldiers, and the US citizens.

After the Vietnam betrayal, the Soviet Union and China started supporting wars on every continent. It was a mess. You better come to the aid of your allies and do it fast or things will get very nasty very quickly but the Libertarians are too simple minded and stupid to understand this.

"Let's all go hide in a bush and maybe the bad guys will leave us along," or "protecting my allies is none of my business."

For example, it was at the end of Vietnam that Russia funded and equipped Egypt and Syria to stage a two front war against the US ally, Israel, called "The Yom Kippur War", to take away one of our allies. With a little weapons and electronics warfare help from the US, Israel pretty quickly prevailed.

History proves that the bad guys will just come hunting for you, after you are too weak to defend yourselves and they are too strong for you to beat. You have to have allies in this world because every little bit helps.

Then the great Commierat president, Jimmuh Cartuh, added his 2 cents to the Commierat created mess by tearing down the US Military to save money, making us weaker and encouraging our enemies more. His next big mistake was to give one of our allies, Iran, to the control of radical Muslims who thanked Jimmuh by taking control of the US embassy and holding our people in it hostages until Reagan got them released.

Jimmuh even tried to stage a rescue effort with his downsized military using helicopters that had never done anything close to what he tried to do and it turned into a massive mess with people getting killed and the mission having to be aborted.

Just like Truman did with the Soviet Union, China, and North Korea, Jimmuh did with Iran, turning Iran into a terrorist sponsoring nation up until today. Almost all terrorist attacks since Jimmuh were either directly or indirectly caused by Iran, thanks to Jimmuh. Jimmuh left the world in a much worse mess than he found it.

Do you see how this stupid crap just keeps building, if you don't finish the job?

Then Reagan started rebuilding the US forces as a deterrent to aggressors but little Cuba realized that, either Reagan would not stop them or that, if they wanted to seize other nations, they better do it before Reagan finished rebuilding the US military, so Cuba invaded and conquered our ally and island nation, Grenada. But Ronnie would have nothing of it and quickly took back Grenada, which today's lefties teach he did to start a war instead of freeing an ally and to prevent Cuba from starting more wars.

Ronnie was smart and built the US military up to the most powerful military in history, with a "6 front" military that was capable of successfully fighting 6 different wars or fronts at the same time, finally defeating the Soviet Union in the Cold War and causing it to fall to the chagrin of our lefty commie traitors.

That is why our Commierats absolutely despise Reagan. How dare he destroy their example of a great commie nation they used to convert stupid people to communism. They had to change from using the failed Soviet Union to convert stupid people to communism to using China to convert stupid people to communism, which is why we are now in the same mess with China today that we used to be with the Soviet Union.

After Reagan, Bush I decided to "downsize" the US Military and that encouraged Saddam to invade Kuwait, which resulted in the Desert Storm War, which Bush really screwed up and we ended up with another peace treaty with another power mad whacko that would come back to haunt us. These idiot lefties never finish their wars and always wait until our enemies are stronger and can kill more of our troops.

It was during the Bush I administration that I stopped being a Republican and became a registered Independent because there was no political party that represented me.

Then Billy Boy Clinton decided he could do a worse job than Jimmuh, said, "Hold my joint", and he really tried. He tore the US military down to less than a one front military so that we could not have successfully fought a force like China on just one front. That encouraged Russia to invade Afghanistan, which Billy Boy really messed up by using the CIA to create and finance the Al Quaeda terrorist organization to drive Russia out of Afghanistan.

That is right, friends, Billy Boy founded Al Quaeda and they gladly paid him back by staging several attacks against US forces, after they had chased Russia out of Afghanistan. Now the lefty commie traitors won't tell you about that one because they have swept that one way under ye ole rug and done everything they could to cause most people to forget about it.

And, in retaliation to the Al Quaeda attacks, being sure to use appropriate force, Billy Boy launched a cruise missile into Afghanistan, killing a 12 year old goat herding boy and not one terrorist, which you just know ticked off a few family and friends and created more terrorists.

Very shortly after Bush II took control, Billy Boy's Al Quaeda staged a group of attacks on the US called 9/11 that murdered almost 3,000 people, mostly US citizens and the US Military was not able to prevent this attack because Billy Boy had devastated the US Military to where it could not even protect the US from a terrorist attack on our own shores.

Then Bush II took over but he was heavily intimidated by the traitorous, lying lefty media. To interfere with his military efforts, the media kept hammering Bush about increasing national debt to rebuild the military Billy Boy destroyed and then squandered the money for. This bullying by the commie traitor media caused Bush to cave and only ramp up the US Military to a 2 front military to fight five nations, which I knew wouldn't end well because there was just too many opportunities in his plans for the lefties to torpedo him.

Nothing like a little commie sabotage to aid our enemy.

Bush's extremely flawed and stupid plan was to only build a 2 front military and take on each enemy nation one at a time and only declaring war against each nation just before he invaded it, which gave the commies 5 chances to torpedo Congress declaring war against those nations, which quickly worked. Plus he tied the US troops' hands even worse than Johnston did during Nam, preventing him from quickly winning the wars. Hey, he had to appease the lefty commie traitor media.

Plus, Bush's plan was to almost conquer each nation and leave a small force behind to finish that conquest while starting the next war, you know, because you just know that all of your plans will workout perfectly, which meant that his military would get smaller with each nation he conquered. After he conquered Afghanistan, he left half of a front there to finish that job while taking his remaining 1.5 fronts to conquer Iraq and, after he conquered Iraq, he only had a one front military to invade and conquer Syria, Iran, and North Korea so I knew that would never happen and it didn't.

Before Bush could invade a third country, the media bullied him to stop using the military to destroy and conquer nations and start using it for "nation building", which should never be the military's job. That is why we have government bureaucrats, not soldiers.

Then, once Bush was stopped dead in his tracks, the Sunni Muslim nations began funding and rebuilding the terrorist organizations that were left in Afghanistan and the Shiite Muslims began funding and rebuilding the terrorist organizations still left in Iraq, giving us most of what we have today but not all of it.

Bush didn't even manage to conquer 3 of the 5 nations that were supposed to have been involved in staging the terrorist attacks in the US on 9/11. Bush had only managed to barely clean up most of the one mess his father had left before him but none of the messes left by the others. Our world was getting worse fast and much more dangerous thanks to our lefty commie traitors.

Then Obama decided to prove he was the absolutely worst president in history and try to finish destroying our planet. He quickly started by destroying our military so he could replace them with his Citizen National Security Force or CNSF, further weakening the US military.

Then he illegally used the CIA to stage a coup to replace the leader of Ukraine, which caused that war of the people trying to get their nation back and is still going on.

Then he illegally used the CIA to stage a coup to overthrow the government of Tunisia and start that still continuing war.

Then he illegally used the CIA to stage a coup to overthrow the government of Libya and start that still continuing war.

Then he illegally used the CIA to stage a coup to overthrow the government of Egypt but the Egyptian military quickly took control and ended that by replacing Obama's puppet and putting one of their own in office.

Then he illegally used the CIA to stage a coup to overthrow the government of Syria and start that war that is still going on with him having failed to overthrow that leader. When that coup didn't succeed, Obama worked with Al Quaeda in Syria to fund and organize ISIS, which devastated the area into Iraq, which forced Obama to return US soldiers to the area to contain ISIS. That is right, Obama founded ISIS.

Do you realize that most of our presidents have caused all of our current messes with their brilliant plans? Remember that I have been telling you that the corrupt upper class trash cause better than 90% of our problems? Do you believe me yet? Have you noticed that the left always takes the side of the people who hate us and want to destroy the US while helping our enemies destroy our allies?

Then he gave Iran more than $150 billion in cash so they could continue to fund terrorist organizations while backstabbing our former Saudi and other Sunni Muslim allies who had been backstabbing us in Afghanistan. Iran quickly began to fund ISIS and other terrorist organizations fighting us in the Middle East.

Then he gave our enemies China and North Korea sweet deals to increase their wealth and power, while permitting China to take control of the South China Sea.

Obama succeeded in proving he is the worst president in US history by starting more wars than any other president in history and selling us out to more of our enemies.

And the stupid lefties think Obama is the greatest president in history? Really?

Then we have Trump who has not started one war and has been trying to clean up everyone else's messes while the lefties have been trying to remove him from office for trumped up charges in a perpetual coup and rebuilding the US economy until the left turned COVID 19 loose on us. Trump managed to destroy ISIS, slowed Iran's sponsorship of terrorism, has pulled troops back to the US without major problems, has had to untie the hands of the US troops to clean up those messes enough he can bring more troops home, partly by bombing terrorists to the chagrin of lefties, while the lefty commie traitors are trying desperately to finish their coup to setup a commie dictatorship in the US. He is easily the best president in history and it can only be by the grace of God that Trump is still alive.

To top this all off, the lefties are lying and blaming Trump for all of these wars the other presidents before him started because "they are on his watch", ignoring that it takes time to clean up such messes. Of course, their simple minds just want him to abandon our allies and bring our troops home stupidly thinking we will all be safe after the bad guys have conquered our allies and can use their people and resources to wage war against us. Lefties are simple minded idiots.

How many times have bad guys attacked us and our allies in just the last 80 years? Hundreds of times, proving they won't leave us alone if they think they can get away with it?

Suffice it to say that we have had a lot of stupid and corrupt leaders that just keep making things worse for all of us.

Now, do you understand why I get the feeling that I want my own planet?

The spawn of Satan just can't leave other people alone because dey just gots to steal more from more people faster and gots to habs more power. I will not miss them in Paradise.

John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

You better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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