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Microsoft Cloud

Remember that I warned you about putting your information in one of those "clouds" everyone was using because they are prime targets for hacking because they can get so much more information with one successful hack?

I got this from Newsmax by Jeffrey Rodack:

"Microsoft cloud customers have been compromised by Russian government hackers who have stolen emails from at least one private-sector company."

Yeah, remember that I said, "Why would a hacker waste their time hacking my puter for just my files when they can get a lot of people's information by hacking a cloud?"

Yeah, your stuff is safer on your own puter than in a cloud because your puter has become a nothing target compared to a cloud. I was right again.


Remember that I have been telling you that COVID 19 started in a US lab and was sold to the Wuhan lab just before it was released and that the government has a number of professors, an MD, and a student under lock and key?

I got this from Newsmax by Charlie McCarthy:

Headlines: "Dept. of Education Probes Ties Between University of Alabama and Wuhan Lab"


"The Department of Education has asked the University of Alabama to provide records of certain transactions with some China-funded companies and institutions, including one where COVID-19 allegedly started."

Pay attention to details and the small things because they tell you a lot. The Wuhan lab in China was just a front for our lefties staging their coup and this entire COVID 19 thing is just their instrument for staging that coup by destroying our economy, gaining control over you, and rigging the election.

You also need to come to grips with the very obvious fact that these lockdowns and other things like masks and social distancing are just the upper class trash grabbing more and more power and control over the people so they can finish staging their global coup to set up their global dictatorship.

If you keep voting these evil human demons into power and let them stay in power, they will just keep grabbing more and more power and control over you until you stop them.

They have infiltrated every part of your governments so that your governments won't stop them. YOU must stop them so quit waiting for someone else to do it and they definitely will not stop of their own. They are right now in the early stages of setting up their dictatorship and only you can stop them from finishing the job and murdering you.

If you are going to die, die fighting and not cowering. It is time to grow a pair.

Remember that I told you that you can't believe a thing Fauci says?

He bragged about being a liar on TV and I asked, "How do you know he isn't still lying to you?" He just admitted that he is still lying to you by moving the goal posts for stopping the lockdowns. Guess what, people, that isn't the only lie he is still telling. If you still believe ANYTHING Fauci says, you are an idiot. The man has admitted that he has ZERO credibility.

People, if I were your king, these masks, social distancing, and lockdowns would stop RIGHT NOW and anyone who tried to force them on you would get hung for staging a coup by grabbing for power. They clearly don't work and the only reason for them is to grab more power and control over the people. If you submit, you are submitting to slavery.

Remember that I told you that their inflated numbers of infected people being up to over 100 million and that was going to come back to haunt them because we should be approaching herd immunity so they would have to stop their lockdowns or admit they were lying about the number of infected people and the people would still insist they stop the lockdowns?

Well, that didn't take long because Fauci just came out with another one of his many lies saying that herd immunity will require a much greater percentage of the people to be infected and people are ticked. They are starting to see that Fauci can't tell the truth and his lies are just worse and worse to cover for the previous lies.

Listen, if their inflated numbers they are using to scare people reach 100% of the population, Fauci will just announce that they now have a new, more deadly strain and we will have to start over on the herd immunity thing to keep playing this out as long as they can get away with it. They are not going to quit this until you make them stop.

If you still believe ANYTHING Fauci says, you are an idiot.


Remember that I told you that only a fraction of the 70+ million gun owners in the US will actually fight in this war?

The US Military only has a current standing force of 1.3 million or less than half of one percent of the US population, which the left has been doing its best to keep as low as possible so it will be easier for them and their allies to defeat our military. You also have to keep in mind that at least 10% to 20% of those are lefty commie traitors, who will be fighting against you with many of them at the top.

Then there were only about 18 million US veterans in 2018 and it had declined from 26 million in 2000. This is another reason why the lefties have been tearing down the US Military since Jimmy Carter with only Reagan building it up until Trump started rebuilding the US Military. The fewer people you have in the military, the fewer veterans you will have to fight against, with many of them being old and unable to fight or being lefty commie traitors.

All total, we probably only have about 10 to 15 million active personnel and veterans to fight for this nation against an even larger force of traitors and their allies.

This is all why the US Military began putting good fighters out of the military with military support to recruit, train, and organize citizen militias to fight for us. I conservatively estimate that there may be another 5 to 10 million militia out of those 70+ million gun owners who will fight for this nation, which gives us conservatively only about 15 to 25 million potential fighters. I'm praying it will be more but, with God, we won't even need that many.

Remember how God had Gideon decrease the size of his army so people would know it was God who gave them the victory and not of their own numbers or might?

You also need to understand that the Pentagon has been largely but not completely infiltrated by lefty commie traitors. This is why the Pentagon is refusing to help Trump stage a counter coup with martial law to stop this coup. Basically, too many at the top are in on the lefty coup or they are using deception to take the left by surprise.

What may have to happen is that some lower level officers may be forced to take control of their units and unite together to stage the counter coup to save your butts, their butts, and their families, you know, the way Napoleon took control when he was only a captain in the French Army. I am watching for this and you better bet that some of them are already talking about this, organizing, and waiting for the right or last moment to make their move, which will take most of the military with them but split the military overall.

If we repent of our sins and turn back to God, He will be our strong right arm in this fight and we can't lose.

You just need to know that our enemies are not going to be facing all 70+ million gun owners because, when it comes to fighting, most people talk the talk but will cower instead of walking the walk. Maybe 10% to 20% of the people who talk tough street fighting have ever had a tough street fight. The rest probably couldn't fight their way out of a wet paper sack with a chain saw.

You better learn to fight and pray long, pray hard, pray often, repent of your sins, turn back to God, and lock and load. This is going to get worse before it gets better. I will let you know when it is going to get better.

Boat Cruising

I am seeing increasing numbers of well to do young people starting cruising channels where they buy a used boat or get a free one, rebuild it, and go cruising to make a living off of YouTube. I am wondering just how long it will be before the viewers and their money will be spread thin enough that few of them will be able to make a living, much less living the life of luxury you see the first cruisers living.

There are only so many viewers for the boat cruising to watch all of those videos for advertising dollars to go into those cruisers' pockets and their money only goes so far on things like Patreon. That should be common sense and, with so many new channels popping up, I expect to see some of them to start going broke in the next few years and then there will be a lot of free cruising boats as they try to unload them to save on storage fees, insurance, and maintenance. That will drive boat prices down.

I am already seeing something similar with bicycle racing because they artificially drove the prices of bikes high because of too many people with too much money and not enough brains being willing to pay more for racing equipment so they can show off how rich they were before they wasted that money on over priced bikes and equipment.

The bike industry has been making money hand-over-fist but they are beginning to learn that the over inflated prices have been chasing off people with increasing numbers of the rich guys leaving the sport for other things or just dying off with not enough replacements entering the sport. It won't be long before the decreasing demand will drive the inflated prices down, forcing the different businesses to lower prices to compete to survive the decline.

Rich people really screw stuff up all of the time because most of them have more money than brains. They have dollars and not sense.

Election and Corruption

This video shows the corruption of the last election in detail. He goes over five states and what to keep an eye on concerning corruption in each state.

He also shows the corruption of the courts I have been warning you about because they are refusing to do their jobs.

The Commierats are determined that the only way we will get our nation, liberties, and freedoms back this time will be by war. They are not leaving us any other choice.


The left is rejecting science.


Because Science has disproved what they want to believe and has proved that the God of the Bible MUST exist. They don't want to believe God exists because then they would have to live by God's Laws and they hate God's Laws because God's Laws don't let them do the evil things they want to do. Therefore, they are rejecting science and are calling math and science racist. Hey, if science proves what you want to believe to be wrong, then science must be wrong and what you want to believe must be right. That is how stupid they are.

They are willfully plunging themselves back into pagan ignorance so they can believe the ignorant stuff they want to believe so they do the evil pagan things they want to do.

Christian Sites

Be careful what you believe from so-called Christian sites. There is a YouTube channel, "Paul Begley", that gives a lot of bad information in the name of being a Christian site. When he first started out, he was much more accurate in his reporting and, after he gave me bad information a couple of times, I quit using him but have continued to watch his headlines to see what crap he is pushing.

He recently posted several videos about the "Earth spinning out of control", meaning the planet's rotational rate is accelerating. If you know anything about science, you should know that is pure bull crap. Listen, unless there is an external force acting on the planet to cause it to spin faster, it ain't going to spin faster.

One of Newton's laws says that an object in motion will continue in motion until some force acts on it. Therefore, unless there is a force acting on Earth to speed up its rate of rotation, it ain't going to speed up.

So I did a quick search and came up with the following item from by Sean Martin:

Headline: "NASA bombshell: Earth's rotation is slowing - and it could cause major earthquakes"


"EARTH'S rotation is slowing down as the Moon moves farther away from the planet - and scientists believe it could cause major earthquakes.

Earth's rotation is slowing as our planet uses energy to keep the tidal bulge ahead of the Moon's orbit. The Moon's gravity keeps Earth's rotation in check, and to do this the lunar satellite's orbit must be slightly ahead of Earth's. As the Moon attempts to regulate Earth's rotation and slow it down, the Moon moves slowly away.

According to Matthew Funke, solar system ambassador for NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory, who wrote on Q+A website Quora: "The Moon's gravity creates a tidal bulge on the Earth. This bulge attempts to rotate at the same speed as the rest of the planet.

'As it moves 'ahead' of the Moon, the Moon attempts to pull it back. This slows the Earth's rotation down.

'One of the rules of the Universe is that 'angular momentum' can't go anywhere - even if individual pieces speed up, slow down, or change direction, the sum total of angular momentum cannot change.

'The Earth loses angular momentum when the Moon slows it down, so the Moon has to gain it - and it does, by moving further away in its orbit.

'The Moon is currently receding from the Earth by about one and a half inches per year.'

This could lead to major earthquakes down the line."

Now, why is the Earth's rotation slowing down going to cause Earthquakes?

Because the Earth is not a perfect sphere. The rotational forces of the Earth cause the equator to extend out further away from the core of the planet and North and South poles to flatten closer to the core. As the Earth's rotation decreases, gravity will cause the equator to move closer to the core and the poles to move further from the core towards the Earth becoming a sphere. This will cause the Earth's entire crust to shift of flex, which will cause cracks in the crust to form so it will increase Earthquakes and volcanic eruptions, both of which we are seeing.

I have been watching this for half a century since I studied geology and became aware of the Earth's rotation slowing down. They tell you there has not been an increase in Earthquakes on Earth because Christians felt that the increase in Earthquakes meant the Tribulation was getting closer and they didn't want to confirm anything of a Christian or Biblical nature. The x-spirts lied.

Half a century ago, the worst Earthquakes were in the range of 5.0 to 6.0+ with only a few Earthquakes of 6.0+ a year. I don't remember any Earthquakes during that period of time that were 7+. Today, the 5.0 to 6.0+ are very common and we are increasingly having Earthquakes in the range of 7 to 9+ on the Richter scale. This will only get worse as the Earth's rotation slows and the crust changes shape.

I can easily see the two Earthquakes mentioned in Revelation. The first one will "move all of the islands out of their places" but not destroy them. This could simply be something like the Earth tilting on its axis or the crust slipping over its core, which could happen as the core flexes.

The second quake of the Tribulation destroys all of the islands and shows that the planet is about to blow itself apart.

Remember that I told you about the massive pools of supper heated water at 1,200+ degrees F under the Earth's crust?

If enough cracks form reaching down to those pools to permit enough of that water to turn to gas by decreasing the pressure on that water enough, it could literally increase the pressure enough to blow huge chunks of the crust into space and possibly even blow the planet into pieces.

Without Jesus returning and healing this planet, this planet doesn't have long to survive. By 2033, this rock ain't going to be the same, if Jesus doesn't intervene.

Commie Bus

Right now the left is shoving Pelosi's butt under ye ole commie bus. She has told so many obvious lies that fewer and fewer people are believing anything she says so she is not useful to the upper class trash any more.

If they will shove her butt under ye ole commie bus, they will shove the rest of your butts under ye ole commie bus because the lefties don't care about anyone but themselves and their bank accounts.


More and more of the YouTube video channels are now going to 1 and 2+ hour videos and there is just no way I have the time to watch videos that long and a big part of the problem is that most of those longer videos is just idle chatter to make their videos long. I get the feeling they get paid by the minute.

In order to have the time to gather the information I need, I have to stop watching those channels that have videos longer than 30 minutes with my preferred times being about 10 to 15 minutes, which is getting tougher and tougher to find.

The thing these idiots don't think about is that, if everyone goes to 1 or 2 hour videos, people will have time to watch fewer videos so they will have to choose which of their favorite videos to watch and drop the others so that total viewership has to eventually decrease for all of them.

Then what are the clowns going to do?

This is just getting insane. They can all tell me what I need to know in just 10 to 15 minutes, which tells me that they are doing just like the MSM and getting greedy. It is only a matter of time and their greed will lead them to lying for dollars just like the MSM and then they will also be worthless crap.

When you sell your soul to the Devil, he will eventually come looking for his property.

Note that I try to keep my essays down to about 4 to 6 Word pages and have only had a few that have gone to 8 to 10 Word pages in order to get you the information you need in as little time as possible. Sometimes, when something is really important, I will post an essay that is only 1 to 2 Word pages long. I don't expect you so sit there and read a book every day.


Remember that I told you that God showed me in a dream that 20% of the people in law enforcement and the military are lefty commie traitors and the rest are loyal patriots? Remember that I told you that there are secret plans for dealing with this coup?

This means that, when push comes to shove, there will be a division within the military with about 20% going to Biden and 80% supporting Trump similar to when the Democrats divided the US military for the US Civil War. Deja vu, baby. The lefties never stop.

This video shows that is happening with secret meetings taking place by the different factions for another civil war but, this time, the Democrats are not going to get as much of the military as they did last time.

Most of the military will not permit this coup to succeed but some of it is willing to commit treason and aid with the coup. This means, with the given time table, something has to happen soon.

Keep in mind that Newsweek is making a biased report on this to make it look even more like Trump will be staging a coup when he will actually be stopping a coup and the lefties are the ones staging the coup. The left will use this lie and propaganda to get the stupid people to support the left's next coup disguised as a "counter coup" to seize control of the US Government and set up their dictatorship. You know, like all of the other attempted coups the lefties have failed out in the last 4 years.

Now, let's dissect this biased story to get accurate intel. First, these traitors had to come to Newsweek with this story because there is no way some idiot journalists would have gotten this story on their own.

Why did the traitors come to Newsweek with this story claiming that, if they get found out, they will get fired?

First, if they had not already been found out, this story would cause them to be found out and the military wouldn't take long to find out who they are so they would be found out because of the story.

Therefore, they have been found out, the military is watching them, the military has almost certainly had a talk with them and probably threatened to fire them. So the traitors taking this story to the media was to get enough people behind these traitors to keep them from being fired.

Then you have to realize that them being fired instead of them doing the firing should tell you that the traitors are in the minority and the loyal patriots are in the majority AND in control, which is a good thing.

You see how you can get the truth out of a highly biased story?

Good old SAC espionage training at work. I thank God for it all of the time. This story is all good news for the American people, our nation, and our Constitution. This is definitely a silver lining on our looming cloud.

Note that this is one very important thing I have been watching for. God is taking care of us.

Keep an eye on this.

Watch this video and you should see that, if the military were to take over with martial law, they couldn't do much worse than our corrupt politicians are already doing. The ugly truth is that we are going to have to put our constitution and republic aside long enough for the military to clean up the corrupt mess our politicians and judges have made of this nation along with the military putting at least the worst of them in prison or hang them.

Right now, I trust most of our military more than I trust most politicians, judges, upper level bureaucrats, and definitely more than the MSM.


Remember that I have been telling you the lefties will never quit and you have to attack them from the top down?

This video tells you they will never quit and that you have to destroy them from the top down without saying that you have to kill the highest level people controlling everything, which he can't say on TV. He gives you some good ideas on what to go after.

John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

You better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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