Monarchy 2

It was recently reported that Obama considers John McCain as his "go-to man" in Congress proving what I have been saying for years, that both political parties have been infiltrated and taken over by the corrupt liberal commie traitors. Neither party is for or represents the people. Both parties represent the wishes of the corrupt upper class trash puppet masters who own the politicians. Therefore, we no longer live in a republic, we live in a dictatorship run by corrupt, power mad, rich, evil, upper class trash monsters who want to murder off more than 7 billion people globally so they don't have to share their world with the rest of us.

Whether you like it or not, from this point forward, you will live in either a civilian dictatorship, military dictatorship, or monarchy backed by the military. The ugly truth is that it will take even a very good man making all the tough decisions as a dictator more than four years to clean up the mess the upper class trash Luciferians have created in this country. As an elected official who has to make compromises and get reelected, it will be completely impossible to clean up the mess, ever. A democracy or republic CANNOT clean up this mess, ever.

I believe it has gone past the point to where even a third party run by non criminals can clean up this mess in less than 100 years even if they had majority control of Congress, the Presidency, and the Supreme Court for that entire time. Besides, it would only be a matter of time before the traitors would infiltrate and seize control of the third party. In case you have not noticed, the traitors have become masters at infiltration and will even begin their infiltration efforts when the new third party first forms. They have already infiltrated the Tea Party and are working to take it over. The traitors will have control of any new political party by the time it reaches the national level.

Besides, the traitors will still have control of the educational system, the media, and every other tool they have used to gain control of the US government. Just starting a new third party won't even begin to clean up this mess because you will have to simultaneously seize control of all those entities which the traitors are using to control the US now. Only the military is large enough, organized enough, and powerful enough to achieve this quickly enough for it to work, even then, only if our military leaders are still good people. And we know that the traitors have infiltrated their people into the military, NSA, the CIA, and other such organizations. Our only hope is God.

Interestingly, I have been reading about the remaining European royalty who seem to be less corrupt than the elected officials. Go figure, that wouldn't be hard to do. It seems that, when the elected officials get their European countries in such a mess that their governments become completely dysfunctional, the Euro monarchs step in, fire civilian leaders, clean up the mess to the point to where the government can function again, and return their countries back to being democracies. In other words, the only reason some of the Euro countries still exist as a nation is because of their monarchies.

At this point, every democracy or republic in the history of this planet has failed, you know, just like Marxism has failed every time. It is those false pagan gods the pagan liberals keep teaching you to believe in and worship, like democracy, education, free press, and such instead of believing in and worshipping the one true God of the Bible. Fortunately, the US republic has lasted longer than any other democracy or republic and may be the only one to last more than 200 years. If this is the case, it has been the most successful form of democracy in the history of the world but has also failed. It just took our republic longer to fail than the rest. And they have all failed for the same reason, the corrupt upper class trash.

At this time, I see only two good possible human solutions for the mess our corrupt politicians and their puppet masters have made of our country. The first would be a military dictatorship where the US military will stage a military coup, arrest and execute ALL of the traitors for treason to prevent the traitors from staging a counter coup, seize control of all the media, including Hollywood, seize control of the educational system, and then setting up a military run government dictatorship to clean up the mess. Even that will probably take at least a few decades to get things back to some level of sanity. The second option would be for the US military to stage the above coup and set up a civilian monarchy supported and watched very closely by the military because I believe that more of the US people would be more acceptable to a civilian monarchy backed by the military than a military dictatorship. Hey, we would finally get a king and a queen. Well, OK, the Obamas do act like and think that they are king and queen, very corrupt, lazy, and spoiled ones.

BTW, I just cannot see some one as arrogant, narcissistic, egotistical, spoiled, lazy, and power mad as Obama just walking away from all the power and luxury he has as president in the next 3.5 years. He loves being the center of attention, the power, the life of luxury, and all the other abuses he and his wife are enjoying right now. There is no way Obama is going to give that up voluntarily. If they do get Obama out of power, it will be after the fight. I believe he will stage a red flag event in the next 3 years to declare martial law and finalize his already existing dictatorship.

God gave me some dreams about this. In those dreams, God made it known to me that our civilian militias and military will quickly start winning this coming civil war. They will almost have this war won when the Luciferians will turn their witches loose with their supernatural powers. You are about to find out that the witches really do have supernatural powers and they will use those powers to kill good people. You will also learn that there is no such thing as a good witch because they will all fight to kill you good people and none of them will come to your aid to fight the bad witches like you have been taught by TV, books, and Hollywood. In the dreams, the witches started severely defeating our militias and military when God sent in His army of Christian prophets to destroy the witches and set up a new Christian nation and I believe that will be a monarchy, you know, like God will have in paradise.

It isn't the type of government which counts, it is the people who are managing that government. If you have bad leaders, every type of government will be a bad government and, if you have good leaders, every type of government will be a good government.

Things have gotten so bad that most of you know it is time to....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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