Most people don't know it but there are professional monitors who make sure that anyone using government money, especially college professors, teachers, and scientists, tell the lies necessary to support the liberal agenda. I had one college biology professor, who obviously didn't like the monitors, introduce such a monitor to the class and told what the monitor's job was. A few years ago I knew a young man who had almost finished his Ph.D. in astrophysics and changed to molecular biology because he couldn't stand telling the lies about our cosmos required to support what the lliberals want you to believe about the cosmos, not knowing that, in molecular biology, he will also have to tell lies to keep getting those valuable government grants to pay his salary. Know that the liberals own our government bureaucracy.

The racket is that, if a professor, scientist, or other expert doesn't tell the lies required by the liberals running our government bureaucracies to promote the liberal agenda, those expertsts don't get government grants the following year to pay their six digit salaries, perks, benefits, and bonuses and,in effect, are fired and have to get a job working at McDonald's turning burgers. If they dare tell the truth, they will never get another government grant. It is called extortion and the liberals are getting away with it.

These monitors either work for our bloated government or bloated non profit corporations, both controlled by the liberal organization, so they can take off any time necessary, all expenses paid, of course, to monitor the people they need to monitor to keep all of the government whores in line and make sure you don't learn the truth. The monitors work in class rooms, court rooms (requiring the experts to purger themselves), monitor all of the media, including the Internet, and attend any speeches or other events where the experts could possibly tell the truth.

The way the liberals did this was to start providing government grants to universities and research projects to "promote science, education and the arts". All of these individuals and groups, including your schools, saw this as a great opportunity to expand their programs and increase their salaries. As soon as all of the universities and others became dependent on the government grants, the bureaucrats started requiring the experts to tell the liberal lies or the experts would not continue to get the grants required to pay the experts' salaries. Any time you become dependent on government money, the government enslaves you, owns you and you become their whore.

The churches did this when they stopped telling the truth about our government to keep their non profit status so members could get a tax deduction for their tithes and other donations to the churches in order to get members to give more money to the churches. If the churches tell the people what the government doesn't want churches to tell the people, the churches lose their non profit status and lose money and you can bet that monitors regularly visit at least the larger churches. Those churches which refuse to tell you the truth to keep their non profit status to increase their wealth are government whores and you will see them convert to Islam when Obama sets up his Muslim dictatorship in the US.

God said it best when He said, "The love of money is the root of all evil."

Guess what? All of the media, including Hollywood, PBS, Disney, and the rest of the warm fuzzy media, use large amounts of government grants and tax deductions, therefore, they are owned by the liberal run government bureaucracies. The last I heard, PBS gets 25% of its revenues in government grants and will not show any kind of "documentary" or show which does not promote the liberal agenda. In other words, if it doesn't promote the liberal lies, you won't see it on PBS or Disney.

"But", you say, "have seen those videos on PBS with my eyes and they look so real."

What you saw were visual lies. All action shots, such as cats catching birds or bats catching bugs, are staged in a studio in front of a green screen by the production company to get the shots they want, then the production company edits a variety of shots together to make it look like what happened is what happens in life. For example, they will release a hungry cat and bird together only about three to five feet apart in front of a green screen to get shots of a cat catching or just missing a bird. They may have to go through half a dozen or more birds to get the shots they want and then they place an outdoor shot in the background to make it "look like" the event took place outside, but it is just an illusion. The Hollywood science fiction industry calls these types of productions special effects and use them to trick your eyes and minds into believing whatever they want you to believe but does not really happen.

It is like I have told you, if you believe 10% of what you see on TV or out of Hollywood, you are grossly misinformed. It isn't that your eyes are lying to you but that the pictures are lying to your eyes. I mean it when I say that PBS stands for Propaganda and Bull S**t. For example, PBS "documentaries" show house cats running from 10 to 20+ feet and still catching birds before the poor wittle birdies can get off the ground. My research and observations are showing that cats must get within 3 to 5 feet of a bird without the bird knowing it before the cat can attack and still catch the bird before the bird gets off the ground.

BTW, as a side note, I have realized that all of the bird kills by cats on my property during my current field research, except for the one night time nest kill because the birds built their nest on too strong of a branch, were because of a cat feeder I built. I built a cat feeding station about three feet above the ground to keep the ants out of the cat food with the food inside of a small compartment to protect the food from rain. I had noticed that the birds would also eat at that cat feeding station to get the dry cat food and they had to feed in such a way that they could not see the cats until the cats were within three feet of the birds.

I later moved the cat food to another station, which birds can't access, to keep dogs out of the cat food. It was after I moved the cat food that the bird kills stopped on my property. There has not been evidence of one bird kill on my property since I moved the cat food, in spite of the fact that I seeded my backyard to increase bird visits to my property. I am currently testing this hypothesis.

In contrast to what PBS and others tell you, cats are not very good birders unless there is a lot of cover for the cats to use to get within three to five feet of birds on a regular basis. I am learning that feral cats live almost entirely off of bugs and rodents and prefer live kill to our processed cat food, which should tell you a thing or two about processed cat food.

The main point here is that, because of the system set up by the liberals, it is almost impossible for you to learn the truth out side of the Internet and they are working to take over the Internet. Mean while, I have noticed that the liberals are saturating the Internet with as much bogus information, liberal trolls, and other confusion to keep the people confused and from learning the truth.

If you believe ANY of the crap the liberals put out, you have been brainwashed at least a little. If you become dependant on government money, the liberals use that money to control you. Their system is all about control, power, and wealth.

Today, you really have to dig and fight to find the truth, which is why I maintain this site to help you in that fight. I studied science before the liberals had control of our science classes and they still taught the truth, so I freely share that science with you. You cannot believe any government owned experts though I have seen an increasing rebellion by such experts to lying for the liberal government, especially by retired government experts. There is hope.

You better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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