I saw a picture of the Portland Antifa standing in front of a very large red Soviet flag with the yellow hammer and sickle on it.

The lefties, especially Antifa, love to sit on their high horse and claim the high moral ground over the conservatives and falsely calling the conservatives Nazis while idol worshipping Linen, Stalin, and Mao.


I know, let's do some moral math.

The lefties deceive you about Hitler and his socialist Nazis by telling you about the 6 million Hebrews the Nazis murdered in their socialist Nazi work camps and not telling you about the 5 to 7 million others, mostly Christians, who were also murdered in those socialist Nazi work camps. Hitler actually murdered about 12 to 13 million people in his socialist Nazi work camps and is twice as bad as the lefties tell you but it gets better.

You see, the lefties put Hitler down as a butcher, which he was, but the lefties idol worship much worse butchers than Hitler, even if you know the truth about just how bad of a butcher Hitler really was.

Linen was the first Marxist who started murdering millions of people in his Marxist "work camps" shortly after seizing control of Russia in 1917, while Hitler was a corporal hiding in German trenches during WWI and about 5 years before Hitler helped found the Nazi Party. It is conservatively estimated that Linen butchered at least 20 to more than 30 million people, approximately twice as many people as Hitler would later butcher, before Linen died and Stalin took over butchering at least 30 to 40 million people in his Marxist work camps, at least 3 times as many people as Hitler butchered in his Socialist Nazi work camps and Linen and Stalin both did their butchering under the Soviet red hammer and sickle flag, which should be considered at least as bad, if not worse, of a symbol or flag as the Nazi swastika flag.

As a matter of fact, Hitler got the idea of butchering millions of people in Marxist "work camps" from Linen and Stalin.

Then, in the 1950s, after Hitler was dead and while Stalin was still butchering millions in his Marxist work camps, Mao seized control of China, thanks to Marxist Truman not stopping him from toppling a US ally, and started butchering tens of millions of his people in his Marxist Chinese "Reeducation camps". It is conservatively estimated that Mao butchered at least 40 to 50 million people in his Marxist reeducation camps and today's Marxists continue to butcher millions of people in their Marxist Chinese reeducation camps.

It is conservatively estimated that all of the Marxist during the 20th Century butchered more than 100 million people but it was probably more like 250+ million because the Marxists didn't exactly keep very accurate records on the people they were butchering, they just butchered them as fast as they could. Hey, when you are murdering people that fast, it is hard to keep count.

The ugly truth is that the lefties' idols of Linen, Stalin, and Mao were the three worst butchers since Amir Timur or Tamerlane (1336 - 1405 AD) or in more than 600 years and Hitler was only the fourth worst butcher since Tamerlane. The 5 worst butchers in history are Tamerlane (Muslim), Mao (atheist/Marxist), Stalin (atheist/Marxist), Linen (atheist/Marxist), and Hitler (Luciferian/Marxist), in that order and the self righteous Marxist lefties are idol worshipping the 3 worst butchers (all 3 atheists and Marxists) in the last 600 years while putting down the fourth worst butcher, Hitler. (I guess Hitler didn't butcher enough people for the Marxists?)

But it gets better.

Remember that I told you that none of these evil Marxists called their death camps death camps and only we call them death camps?

Yeah, you know, hiding the ugly truth behind empty words and lies. Hey, baby, change the name to something acceptable and it ain't so bad or so goes the lefty logic.

Remember that I told you that today's Marxists already have their death camps but are hiding them?

First, they decentralized their death camps so they aren't really camps but are just the killing machine part of death camps. They spread their killing apparatuses around in things like clinics, doctors' offices, and hospitals so no one would realize they are actually death camps. Today's Marxist death camps are very well hidden and disguised.

Then they gave their killing machines more socially acceptable names, you know, just like Hitler, Mao, Linen, and Stalin called their death camps "work camps" and "reeducation camps" and didn't call them death camps. Today's Marxist butchers call their killing machines things like "abortion clinics" and "death panels" but they still murder tens of millions of people every year.

Third, today's Marxist butchers made up really great sounding excuses for their genocide, you know, the way their Marxist butchering idols did. Today's Marxist butchers justify their slaughter with things like "women's right to chose", the "Marxist government shouldn't waste money treating terminally ill patients" and should just murder them (even if they were falsely "diagnosed" with a terminal illness by the government run medical system to get rid of them), and to "depopulate the planet because of global warming/climate change to save the planet from us evil humans". Hey, if you have a great sounding lame excuse, it is a good thing to commit any crime you want.

I do hope you now realize that those are just lame justifications for murder. Hey, if you can make it sound good, it is a good thing to murder innocent people while protecting criminals like them. You can murder all of the innocent men, women, children, and even babies you want but you better not even try to execute evil murdering criminals like them, you know, just in case they get found out. They gotta cover their own evil butts, baby.

Fourth, today's Marxist butchers have been committing their genocide since at least the 1960s and have already butchered more people than even Tamerlane, forget about those evil butchers Mao, Stalin, and Linen, who are rank amateurs compared to today's Marxist butchers. Hey, today's Marxist butchers learned well from Mao, Stalin, Linen, and Hitler and improved on what those Marxist butchers did.

Today's Marxist butchers have ALREADY butchered more than 50 million unborn babies in just the US and hundreds of millions more around the world and who knows how many millions more with their death panels and other forms of murder machines. Today's Marxist butchers could have easily murdered more than 200 to 300+ million people globally putting them far ahead of even that horrid Muslim butcher, Tamerlane, making today's Marxists the worst and most evil butchers in history.

But, hey, it gets better.

Today's evil Marxist butchers are not just planning but are RIGHT NOW in the process of butchering more than 7 billion people globally to "depopulate the planet", you know, "to save the planet"...well, OK, it is really so they don't have to share "their planet" with you.

This easily classifies today's Marxist butchers as the very worst and most evil people in history. Hey, baby, Hitler was an amateur butcher compared to today's evil Marxist butchers. These Marxist butchers are the very worst of the worst while falsely calling conservatives Nazis to distract the people from the ugly truth. Hey, they don't want to get caught doing what they are doing until it is too late to stop them.

Now, know that, if Hillary had won the 2016 election, she would have finished seizing control of the US and then worked with the lefty upper class trash in the EU and the top leaders in the Muslim nations to set up their global dictatorship so they could finalize their "final solution" to "save the planet" by butchering more than 7 billion people globally. That is how close we came to being part of the greatest genocide in history.

But, hey, don't worry, the monsters have not given up on being monsters. They just regrouped, reorganized, and started over trying to get rid of Trump so they can finish the job and, since that has also failed, only by the grace of God, the lefty Marxist butchers are RIGHT NOW working to rig the 2020 election to finish their evil agenda.

I do hope that you realize that the upper class trash lefties offering you free stuff is just to buy your votes and distract you from the real issue here because there will be no free stuff, well, not what you want, anyway.

What you are really voting for is your life or your death, the free stuff is just a distraction. If you take the sucker punch for free stuff and vote for the evil, vile lefties, you will be giving them the ability to finish slaughtering you, your family, your friends, and everyone else or, basically, you will be voting for your death. If you vote for Trump and his people, who are trying to stop this genocide, you will be voting for your life.

If you vote for the lefties, the free stuff you will really get will be a free false medical diagnosis by the Marxist government run medical system requiring you to report for a free trip to the nearest Marxist government run death panel, where you will get murdered by your Marxist government for free to "save the planet". Oh, how noble your death will be and free.

People, this is easily the most critical election in history and, if you blow this election for free stuff, you deserve what the lefties will give you, which ain't going to be nice.

In the 1960s I found out that the allies didn't wipe out the Nazis with the Nuremberg Trials like the media made it look like they did. The richest and most powerful of the Nazis, you know, the upper class trash, went underground, regrouped, reorganized, and started over with a strategy of infiltration because their strategy of confrontation failed. These Nazis changed their identity to "globalists", started working to conquer the world peacefully by taking over other governments, the media, the educational system, Hollywood, and other key elements of their globalist coup and were just one election from success when Trump upset their apple cart by winning the 2016 election, which is why the globalist Nazis are so angry at Trump and so desperate to get him out of power so the globalist Nazis can finish their globalist coup.

You do remember that George Soros confessed during a TV interview to being a Nazi SS member during WWII a few years ago, right? BTW, did you know that most of the upper class trash globalists are Luciferians just like Hitler was?

Gee, what a coincidence.

Yeah, the globalists are the true Nazis staging the Fourth Reich to conquer the world.

You think the lefties are not evil tyrants?

I got this from Breitbart by Kyle Morris:

"Democrat Florida Rep. Frederica Wilson stated Tuesday that those who mock members of Congress online should be prosecuted."

Yeah, if you dare speak out against the criminal behavior of our corrupt politicians, you should go to jail. Oh yeah, you know, just like with their glorious idols, Linen, Stalin, and Mao...and that guy, Hitler.

Then Mini AOC just stopped making videos because the lefty Marxist thugs are making death threats against an 8 year old girl for making fun of one of their leaders. Think about that. Just how evil and deranged do you have to be to make death threats to an 8 year old girl for making fun of one of your corrupt leaders?

What does all of this say about the lefty politicians, media, upper class trash, and others who in any way endorse, compliment, or condone thugs like Antifa?

It should tell you that those people are the evil people who need Antifa to intimidate, bully, scare, and beat you into submission of their rule. They are the evil tyrants who need thugs like Antifa so they think that Antifa is good and wonderful. When people call evil good, they can't be good people and must be evil people.

Nah, the lefties are not evil, they are very evil, the most evil people in history. The lefties are so evil they are even giving Satan a run for his money. Satan is going to have to step up his game to keep his job as the most evil being in creation. These lefties are doing their best to earn their eternal damnation and they are doing a great job of it.

We dodged the last bullet when Hillary lost. Will we also dodge this bullet or will we be stupid and die, you know, for free stuff?

It is life or death, baby. The "free stuff" is just to buy stupid people's votes and serve as a distraction from the real issue, which is the lefties setting up their commie dictatorship.

BTW, remember that I have been warning you stupid lefties that, when you are no longer useful to the upper class trash, they will purge you and stuff your criminal butts under ye ole commie bus?

Biden and Sanders are both getting their evil butts stuffed under ye ole commie bus by the lefty commie traitor media because they ain't useful any more, baby. If they are going to end up under ye ole commie bus, the rest of you will eventually get purged too.

BTW, the next time an atheist starts one of their beloved rants about how evil all religions, especially Christianity, are to make themselves look and feel better than you, just remind them that the three worst butchers in the last 600 years were all fanatical atheists, you know, Mao, Stalin, and Linen, making atheism one of the two worst butchering religions in history, right behind the Muslims. Then also be sure to remind them that atheism has NO inherent morals, values, or ethics and tends to live by the same one law or commandment of Satanists, "Do as you will." After all, if evolution is true and we is just animals, then we should be allowed to do as we will just like animals.

Just shoot their high horse unicorn right out from under them because atheists have NO moral ground to stand on and atheism is easily one of the two worst, most butchering, raping, robbing, oppressing, enslaving fanatical religions in history, especially with them right now working to butcher more than 7 billion men, women, and children globally to "depopulate the planet", you know, so they don't have to share their planet with the rest of us.

And Antifa?

They are no different or better than Hitler's Brown Shirts, Gestapo, or SS or Linen's, Stalin's, and Mao's Red Shirts. They are just a bunch of immoral bully thugs hired to enforce the will of their Marxist tyrannical leaders by intimidating or beating you into obeying their evil Marxist leaders. They are the fecal matter that floated to the top, baby.

What morals, what values, what ethics? Who needs morals, values, and ethics when you can do as you will and since when do psychopaths care about morals, values, and ethics?

The lefty moral ground is soaked in innocent blood, baby.

BTW, when you attack anyone with ANYTHING, it is battery, which is a crime. Just throwing water on someone in malice is battery, a crime. Why are these "milk shakers" not being prosecuted for battery?

John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

You better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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