Trees, Trees, and More Trees

This is a real heads up article. I just read that Ocommie's head of the US Agricultural Department is planning on having 59 million acres of US farm land planted with trees to "clean green house gases out of the air." This is at a time when it has been proved that their evidences supporting humans causing global warming with green house gases is fraudulent but they keep pushing for their commie agenda to stop green house gases.

These liberals are so simple minded and stupid in is brain numbing. This is just another one of their brilliant sounding simple minded solutions for complex problems (which, in this case doesn't even exist) which will turn into another disaster. This will be a really big one. The one thing the liberals have done is invent infinite stupidity because their stupidity is never ending. It just keeps coming at us like a huge tsunami destroying everything in its path. They refuse to even acknowledge their past disasters much less learn from them and stop creating more disasters. The stupid people have taken over the planet and are destroying it with their "brilliance". My farts are smarter than liberals.

This stupidity is also coming at a time when the fool liberals have gotten their way with promoting bio-fuel and have caused an increasing shortage of food and increasing food prices just like I predicted a long time ago. Most of you won't be able to afford to eat by the time these idiots have finished with this stupid idea.

Second, I am sure I also told you about the problem we have in our forests with the over forestation caused by the liberals getting their way with not cutting trees in our forests in the name of conservation but let me briefly remind you of the problem so you will have a better idea of just what this next stupid idea will cause. It has been reported for years that our forests have become so over grown with trees that the trees are drying up our forest aquifers, streams, and rivers to the point that the trees are dying off, turning into kindling, and being the primary cause of all the huge forest fires we have had over the last 15 years or so. This is because trees are huge water pumps that suck much more water out of the ground than grasses and bushes. This problem has become so severe in our forests that the trees have dried up hundreds of thousands of miles of riparian or water areas such as rivers and streams killing of all the vegetation and animals dependent on those riparian areas. Our forests have become so over forested that we need to log out at least 80% of the trees to save our forests. The real truth is that the vast majority of the land on this planet should be covered with grasses and bushes and not trees.

The over forestation has been contributing to our national shortage of water, drying up large rivers like the Rio Grande, causing huge draughts, and killing off entire species of plants and animals in the name of conservation. But you won't hear about his from our lying liberal commie media. They just keep ignorantly promoting planting trees all over the entire planet as if eradicating all other life and, eventually, even the trees will create a perfect paradise. For what, rocks?

Now the fools want to cover 59 million acres of farm land with trees that will dry up those aquifers also creating massive draughts, forest fires, and increase the shortage of water along with a massive famine. I have flushed more intelligent things down the toilet than liberals. What we need to get rid of are the liberals before they kill off all life on the planet.

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