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It was about a year ago that I told you the global Muslim population had dropped from 1.6 billion to only 1.2 billion in just about one decade mostly because of them killing themselves off. Remember that better than 90% of the Muslims killed each year in hostile acts are being killed by other Muslims and not the West. I just read that they have brought the Muslim population back up to 1.6 billion and that it is once again the fastest growing religion in the world expected by the "experts" to reach 2 billion by about 2012 or 2013. They stated that this growth of 400 million had happened in the last year and was almost entirely do to missionary work or conversions to Islam.

The first analytical question here should be, "Does this mean the Muslims have stopped killing each other off with their wars against each other and the rest of the planet, honor killings, and other excuses to just kill each other off?" If you watch the news at all, it should be very clear that, not only have they not stopped or even decreased their self imposed genocide, but they have actually been working even harder at killing themselves off. This should tell you that they had to convert more than 400 million people to Islam to increase their global population by 400 million in only one year.

The next logical question is, "Where did they get over 400 million converts to Islam in just the last year?"

Let's do a little analysis to determine where these converts have come from and what it means. For example, do you think that even a fair number of these converts were from conservative, orthodox Christians and Jews? I seriously doubt it. They probably got very few people from that population.

The most probable answer would be that they have been converting hundreds of millions of liberal commie's to Islam because the liberal commie's are the only people who have been on the Muslim side at all. Out of that 400+ million, maybe the Muslims converted one hundred million moderates but that still leaves a very large population of 300+ million liberals converting to Islam in just one year. Where did they get these converts to Islam?

The US has a population of about 300 million people and only about 20% or 60 million people are considered liberals. Europe has a population of not much more than the US and, if we assume their liberal population is better than twice our liberal population so that 50% of them are liberal commie's, then they would have about 150+ million liberal commie's who would convert to Islam.

If all the liberal commie's in both the US and Europe converted to Islam in the last year (which could happen if it was ordered by the commie puppet masters), that would only give us a little over 200 million commie converts to Islam. Some place they had to come up with another 100+ million liberal commie converts and 100+ million moderate converts and that would just about deplete the global commie population with maybe a few hundred million liberal commie's out there who have not yet converted.

That should tell you that, for the Muslims to get more than just a few hundred million more converts to Islam in the next few years, they would have to start converting a lot more moderates which would mean their global conversion rate should drop off considerably.

So, what does this mean politically?

First, it means that, if you are a power mad liberal commie politician or puppet master and you don't convert to Islam, your power base is being stolen out from under you by your Muslim buddies and you don't have even half the commie activists and voters you will need to get reelected in a few years. Oops, should have read that Koran.

Have you noticed that the increasing numbers of Muslims getting elected to office are not replacing conservative politicians but are replacing liberal commie politicians? Think about it. The Muslims are quietly stealing control away from their commie bed partners while those stupid commie bed partners are thinking they will be sharing the power with the Muslims after they have finished setting up their commie dictatorship. Guess what, it isn't going to be a commie dictatorship, it is going to be a Muslim dictatorship. The stupid commie's are getting screwed by their partners in crime while they are still committing the crime. The Muslims are not even waiting until after the dictatorship has been firmly established. Maybe the stupid commie's should have read the Koran before they crawled in bed with the Muslims, or at least read my web site about the Koran.

Have you also noticed an increasing number of politicians passing laws to set up Islamic Sharia Law? That should tell you that those politicians are the ones who have quietly and secretly converted to Islam in the last year. Oops, you better keep track of those people because that is the only way you will know they are Muslims because they will not admit it publically. They have become your enemy without telling you about it. I think we call that treason and subversion.

This also explains why so many liberal media, college professors, judges, and others are increasingly taking the side of the Muslims and not telling the truth about what the Muslims are really doing in the Islamic war against the world. Many of these people are the 400+ million Muslim converts they are telling us about.

Also, have you noticed that more and more of the Muslims who are being arrested for acts of terror are Western converts to Islam? (read liberal commie converts)

What did I tell you about this a long time ago when the Muslims had begun converting commie's to Islam? I warned you that the Arab and Persian Muslims would start using these Western commie converts as their cannon fodder to save on Arab and Persian lives. After all, why would they keep killing their own people off when they can start killing off Americans, Europeans, Canadians, and others? That would be stupid and these people are not stupid. The commie's are stupid, very stupid.

Well, the Muslims are doing it!

How long do you think it will be before the Arab and Persian Muslims realize they have a new and very stupid resource for waging war against each other and these stupid commie converts start showing up dead on battlefields with wars between the different Muslim groups? I think we could safely and conservatively say that it is probably already starting to happen, we just have not heard about it yet.

Just think about it, here you are a power mad Muslim leader involved in a war with other Muslim factions and you are getting increasing numbers of Western commie converts into your terrorist training camps. If you start using these commie converts to wage war against your Muslim enemies, it will give you a significant advantage over your enemy very quickly. Now, how long do you think it will take you to start sending these Western commie converts out into battle against your Muslim enemies so the idiot commie converts can get "battlefield experience" to make them better soldiers for the jihad against the Western Christians and Jews?

Why would you wait at all? Do it now and gain the strategic advantage over your enemy right now. That is a no-brainer.

What do you want to bet that, if the Muslims kill off another 400+ million Muslims in the next decade, at least half of those Muslims killed off will be Western converts? BTW, We do know that the Muslims have already sent at least a few of the liberal commie converts against American and NATO soldiers. Think about it.

Could it be that the Muslims are going to solve our commie problem for us and replace it with a Muslim problem? They are working on it right now. Of course, with a lot of help from the liberal commie converts. By converting to Islam, the stupid liberal commie converts have become Muslim target practice. :-) Aren't you just so impressed how the brilliant commie plans keep working out?

Another very funny thing I have been waiting for the stupid commie liberals to figure out is the hypocrisy of them hating conservative orthodox Christians and Jews and crawling in bed with Muslims. LOL I have given up on the stupid liberal commie's realizing this before it is too late because they are just too stupid to get this, besides a bunch of them have already just converted to Islam. The reason why stupid liberal commie's hate conservative orthodox Christians, Jews, and the Bible is because the Christians, Jews, and Bible are against the things the liberal commie's love so much like adultery, homosexuality, and drugs. I have been quietly waiting for the stupid liberal commie's to figure out that, in Islam, if you get caught committing adultery, you get the death penalty, if you get caught being a homosexual, you get the death penalty, and, if you get caught using any drugs other than hash, you get the death penalty!

Now get this picture, you have all these stupid liberal commie's who are converting to Islam to wage war against those horrible Christians and Jews because those horrible Christians and Jews are against adultery, homosexuality, and drugs only to soon find out that the Muslims are even more strict about enforcing laws against those same sins. (ROFL in tears with both sides hurting.) Can you imagine their surprise when they are suddenly being trained to know that they must stop doing those sins they love so much and have been waging war against the Christians and Jews for or they will be killed as punishment for those sins by their Muslim buddies? LOL And then when they find out that, once you convert to Islam, if you convert back to not being a Muslim, it is the death penalty! Whahahahahahahahaha!!!! Have these fools screwed themselves or what?

Have I told you how indescribably stupid liberal commie's are? I don't think I have to any more. :-) Now do you believe that my fart's are smarter than liberal commie's?

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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