Natural Elites

There is an upsurge in the old family ruling class of royalty, college professors, and others to sell themselves and their ancestors as "natural elites" meaning that they are mentally superior to the rest of you. I wish to do an analysis of this group to expose the truth about them and, since they refer to themselves and their ancestors as natural elites, I will also. (Before reading this page, please read the page about Capitalism.)

The natural elites are using what they call revisionist history to sell the idea that they are intellectually superior and, therefore, should rule for the benefit of the rest of us. If you study true history, you will find that their revisionist history is really nothing more than white wash to cover over the ugly truth about their ancestors because their families have a horrible track record for running this planet. It is really nothing more than lies, misinformation, and propaganda to sell themselves back into absolute power. These people have such an insane lust for power, they will do and say anything to get their power back.

The natural elites (NE's) are telling the lie that they came into power, not because of warring and murdering each other but because they are just intellectually superior and "rose to the top" like cream in milk. They are also saying that, since they have been in power for thousands of years, that they have proved they are superior and should, therefore, rule for the good of mankind. Bull crap!

True history teaches that the NE's did kill their way into power by waging war against each other and their predecessors. As a matter of fact, the only reason they are still in a position of power and wealth today is because, at some point, their ancestors were the last to get away with murder. If you don't believe me, just get one of those history time line books that show the history of the world Chronologically and by the continents in parallel and you will actually be able to see how often their ancestors murdered each other. In Europe, during the Dark Ages, rulers were murdered and replaced so frequently that it was not unusual for many of them to only rule for from a few hours to a few months before they were also murdered by their family members. You have to understand that the European "royal families" are really only one royal family because they are all directly related to each other inbreeding for thousands of years under what the NE's refer to as "selective breading." Basically, they were marrying and screwing cousins.

The NE concept first developed thousands of years ago at different times in different kingdoms after those kingdoms first became civilized. Knowledge quickly advanced to the point that the ruling classes had to be formally educated in order to know enough to effectively rule. They used this education and their obtaining degrees of education as proof to the poor class (everyone below the NE's except the trades and merchants were impoverished) that they were intellectually superior. "After all," was their reasoning, "we know much more than you do so we should rule for you."

The NE's used this argument effectively for thousands of years to intimidate and suppress the lower classes. At some point in each culture science, engineering, and math advanced enough that increasing numbers of the NE children couldn't pass the science, engineering, and math classes; the hard sciences. This caused a crisis for the NE's because, if not all of the NE children could get a degree of education, then it would become obvious that the NE's were not intellectually superior to the lower classes. Because of this, the NE's began to develop what are currently called the "soft sciences" so their less intelligent children could get degrees of education without having to pass the hard science courses of science, engineering, and math. This way they were able to continue the myth that the NE's are superior to the rest of you by hiding behind their degrees of education.

An important side note here is that the colleges and universities were actually run by NE family members who decided to avoid the risks of being murdered in power struggles by staying in the colleges and universities and out of family politics. They are all part of the same family and the colleges and universities quickly became the think tanks for their NE families. In the last two hundred years, these NE college professors, deans, and presidents have become the most dangerous people on the planet and have dreamed up really terrible control systems for the ruling family members which have murdered hundreds of millions of people. Remember that these are the people who have taught and teach their ruling class family members how to rule. Almost every atrocity committed by their ruling family members can be credited to these people's teachings.

The NE superiority brow beating of the lower classes kept the NE's in power for thousands of years. But then the US colonies set into motion the concept of capitalistic democracy which dethroned the NE's from their position of absolute power. In doing so, the people of the US unwittingly set an experiment into motion which has proved the NE intellectual superiority to be nothing more than a lie. You have to understand that their claim was that since they had been in power so long, they had proved beyond any doubt that they were superior to the rest of you and that, even if you had the opportunity, you and your ancestors couldn't rise out of poverty much less up to their level financially and intellectually.

Over the last 200 years in the US, the vast majority of the impoverished class has rising out of poverty and almost eliminated true poverty in this country, as I showed in my essay about Capitalism. This alone proved the NE lie to not be true. But you, the people, did even more than that. Many of you have not only caught, but have also passed many of the NE's financially proving again that they are not at the top because they are significantly superior to you and your ancestors.

Then, in the 1960's and 1970's more and more of you began getting college educations catching and passing many of the NE's intellectually proving even more that they are liars. Many of you, the people, and your ancestors who rose up out of poverty have even passed the hard science courses that most NE's can't pass and have obtained degrees in the hard sciences proving that many of you are actually smarter than most of them.

To try and stop losing what power was left and in trying to regain their original power through control systems like Communism, Socialism, and Libertarianism, they have 1) been reselling the lie that they are superior to you and 2) to keep this lie alive, they have admitted that you have done what they said you couldn't do intellectually but that they have proven they are still superior because they are "getting the right degree's from the right universities" meaning that your degrees don't mean as much as their degrees from the "better" universities in spite of the fact that increasing numbers of you are doing things with your degrees most NE's can't do with their superior degrees. They say that getting degrees at these superior universities shows they really are smarter than you.

Is this true?

First, you have to understand that you don't gain intelligence by going to any college or university. Your maximum potential intelligence is determined upon conception by mommy and daddy and has nothing to do with your education. What you get from any and all educations is knowledge and not intelligence. There are very intelligent people on this planet who have not spent a day in school and there are some surprisingly stupid people who are getting college degrees from "the right universities."

So what is the difference in going to their schools and going to state colleges? They claim they get the better education and gain more knowledge. But if you check it out, you will find that the state colleges are almost all using the same books the more prestigious universities are using and also, often, have college professors who either taught at or graduated from these same universities. This means that you have access to the same knowledge they have access to, so how can they be getting the better education? Just because they say so? Guess who ranks the colleges and Universities? Think about it.

I have found that the single most significant difference between their schools and yours is who you meet in college and get to know. In their schools, you meet them, the richest and most powerful 300 families that have been running the world for centuries. This is definitely an advantage because their mommies and daddies have more money and influence which makes it easier for them to succeed with their business ventures.

But, because of our rapidly increasing technology, even this is changing because more and more of you are becoming whealthier meaning that you can also succeed to higher and higher levels by knowing the people you meet in your universities. This poses a serious threat to the NE's because you no longer have to know them and depend on their money to get to the very top. Increasingly, you, the people, are encroaching on what they perceive as their wealth and power. They don't like that and are fighting back with more lies and dirty tricks.

They also tell you that having more money means that you are more intelligent, which is another lie to keep you believing they are more intelligent than you. Another lie they like to tell is that people staying in their economic class proves how intelligent they are. But that was proved in a 1936 study to not be true. As a matter of fact, it has been proved again and again that very brilliant people are in poverty when some rise up from poverty to the top.

So, why do brilliant people stay in poverty and stupid people stay rich and powerful. I have found it is because of their home education by their parents during the first 18 years of their lives. Basically, our parents teach us how to function socially and economically at their socio-economic level to survive and, therefore, to stay at that level. It has nothing to do with intelligence or public education.

If you study the social behaviors for the different classes, you will find that the classes function very differently. At the lower class, most people work construction or the really lowest of jobs like cleaning. In the middle class, the three most common ways for people to make a living are by having a trade or skill, owning a small business, or getting a college degree and working for the government or mid to upper level corporations. The upper class functions by getting very high paying jobs in upper management, just owning major corporations, or being in politics.

When a child is born, it begins learning by listening to its parents about their daily lives and spends the next 18 years learning to function at that socio-economic level but can't learn how to function at the other levels because they have no exposure to that knowledge. In lower class, the child quickly learns to either go to other people's businesses asking for menial work or to take their tools to construction sites looking for labor work. These children will know at least some of what their parents know about their jobs by the time they are in their teens.

In middle class, the children will either learn quite a bit of the trade or skill from the parent and get a job as an apprentice to finish their training in skilled labor, learn by helping their parents run a "mom & pop" business, or learn to go to college and get mid level work at government agencies or mid to upper level businesses. The rich literally train their children to take over the businesses they own or how to function in politics. It is also important to note that stupid people stay rich and powerful because of the smart people they hire for their entourage. These people do the research and most of the thinking for the stupid rich and powerful people and the stupid rich and powerful people will either make the final decision or just sign off on what their entourage put together for them. This is becoming increasingly obvious in modern US politics as you see the decision making for election strategies being made by more intelligent people than the politicians. In effect, any more, you are all too often voting for the entourage than for the politicians themselves because too many of the politicians are too stupid to do that thinking for themselves.

I have found that it almost always takes members of a family at least several generations to "learn their ways to the next higher socio-economic level." As more and more people are getting closer to the top class, more and more people are breaking into the top class sharing in the wealth and power. The NE's hate this and are trying to stop it and have been getting increasingly desperate and ruthless in their efforts.

You will also find that the NE's in other countries have been using their control of their countries' media to teach their people to hate Americans so their people won't learn from the Americans and demand their system be changed to Capitalistic Democracy so they can also earn their way out of poverty and slavery just like you and your ancestors have.

Another nasty trick the NE's have started in relatively recent times is saying that we need to eliminate the inferior lower class genes by sterilizing the lower class people in spite of the fact that it has been proved they are not inferior. The real question is, should we eliminate anyone's genes and, if so, whose genes should we eliminate?

As a biologist, if God came to me and told me to eliminate the worst gene pool on the planet from a global perspective, who's gene pool would I eliminate? To answer this question, I would look at the smallest population which has been doing the most inbreeding for the longest period of time and, therefore, done the greatest damage to their gene pool. In looking back through history, I clearly see that the smallest population which has been doing the most inbreeding has been the very tiny population of NE's who comprise less than 3% of the population and have been inbreeding for from hundreds to thousands of years with their "natural selection." It was only 150 years ago that better than 95% of the American people were impoverished and had a larger and healthier gene pool.

Modern historians have documented that the European royal's began having serious problems with their inbreeding hundreds of years ago. The historians noted that King George was insane during the US Revolution. Many of them believe it was because of the royal's inbreeding but the royal's like to tell the story that it was because of syphilis.

It is surprisingly easy to tell. If his insanity was obvious at a young age, it was because of the inbreeding. If his insanity developed in his late 20's or 30's, he died shortly after, and he became incoherent in the last 3 to 5 years of his life, it was almost certainly syphilis. But, if he was insane young, it accelerated quickly in his late 20's to 30's, he died young, and he became incoherent in the last 3 to 5 years of his life, it was probably both.

I had a teacher who specialized in studying medieval history who told us that the myths about castles being haunted was caused by the NE children who had serious mental and physical birth defects caused by the NE inbreeding. The NE's kept these children hidden away in their castles during the day with care takers to keep the general population from finding out the NE's were not superior but these kids got to roam through parts of the castles at night. If the kids, who often looked like and were regarded as monsters, were seen by the castle guards and staff at night, the guards and staff were told the kids were actually the ghosts of ancestors to discourage the guards and staff from approaching the kids to find out they were the children of the NE's proving the NE's were not superior. Later, the NE's began to sneak these children off to institutions for the physically and mentally handicapped to prevent the NE's lack of superiority from being found out.

So, as a biologist, the first gene pool I would wipe out by sterilization would be the gene pool for the NE's and not for the poor or middle classes. So, if the NE's are in a major hurry to wipe out the worst gene pool on the planet by sterilization, we should line them up first. The rest of you have a much healthier gene pool because you are the larger population and have done less damage through inbreeding. Does that mean that genetically you are superior to them? Think about it.

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