Note: Before reading this essay, it is best to read the essays on Capitalism and Natural Elites in that order.

If you listen to the propaganda put out by the natural elite (NE) controlled media, schools, and book publishing companies, you have a tendency to believe that slavery began in the US some time prior to the US Civil War. The truth is that slavery has been around for thousands of years and got its start in the days when our ancestors were still hunter/gathers. At some point, our ancestors realized they could increase their wealth and quality of life by gaining control over others, forcing those other people to work for them, and taking all of the fruits of the other person's labors except what was necessary for minimal survival or subsistence. We call this greed and it is one of the reasons the NE's were able to rise to the top.

At the time that Christopher Columbus sailed west on his first trip to find the Indies, every group of people on this planet was practicing some form of slavery. The most common form of slavery was ownership slavery where you owned another person just like you would own a horse or cow.

The European NE college professors realized that there was a price to pay for ownership slavery. You see, under their culture, when one of your slaves became incapacitated and couldn't earn you more than it cost to support them, you still had to take care of them even though it was only at the subsistence level and that cost you, the slave owner, money. You have to remember that slavery is all about greed and power and greedy people are always looking for ways to increase their wealth.

So the challenge the NE college professors were faced with was how can you get out from under the burden of caring for your slaves after you have worked and beat them until they become incapacitated? The answer was simple. Don't own the slaves and then you don't have to care for them after they become incapacitated. So they developed a number of forms of non-ownership slavery or what you might call throw away slavery. These were the surf, peasantry, and peonage systems.

The Surf System

The British surf system of non-ownership slavery was based entirely on land ownership. If you owned the land, you made the laws, collected the taxes, and did pretty much as you please to or with anyone within your domain. You had absolute power over the surfs in your domain to the point that you could freely torture or kill them. The NE's using this system abused their power to the maximum.

It was very common under this system for the NE's to have the absolute right to screw any surf female any time they wanted. Some of these NE's had laws that when one of their surfs got married, the NE got the first night's screw with the surf's new wife. Surfs who tried to get by this were often sent to dungeons where they were tortured for daring to screw their own wife first.

The NE's kept the surfs in poverty by permitting them to truck farm parcels of the NE's personal land and taking all but just enough of the produce or wealth for the surf families to barely survive. Since the NE's didn't own their slave right out, when the surf became incapacitated, he became the responsibility of his family to take care of saving the NE's considerable wealth.

The only way the commoners could escape even some of the abuses of this system was to earn their freedom and the right to live in a "free village." They usually earned this freedom by doing things like fighting very fiercely and bravely for their rulers, sometimes to the death.

You will see parts of this slave system in later forms of slavery.

The Peasantry System

Under the peasantry system, the NE's permitted the peasants to own land, businesses and such but used taxation to take away all but enough money for the peasants to survive and work. In a nut shell, they used taxation to control how much money the peasants got to keep. Here again, since the NE's didn't own the peasant slaves out right, when the peasant became incapacitated, his care became the responsibility of his family.

Under the peasantry system, the NE's had the same absolute power of life and death. They also abused their power regularly abusing, killing, torturing, and other such kind and humane behaviors. It was the abuse of this power by the NE's that lead to revolts like the French Bastille Revolution. Note that the people didn't revolt because they were being so well taken care of by the NE's the way today's NE's claim they were taking care of your ancestors.

You will see parts of this system in later forms of slavery.

The Peonage System

The peonage system was the slickest of them all because of the way the NE's fooled the people into believing the NE's were caring for the people when the NE's were really screwing their butts to the wall. This system was developed by the Italian NE's and spread through Southern France and through out all of Spain and Portugal and then spread by the Spanish and Portuguese NE's throughout Northern, Central, and Southern America.

The way the NE's were trained in using this form of non-ownership slavery was that the first and most important thing was to keep the people completely ignorant by denying them any form of education. This was because, if the peons learned to just add and subtract, they would quickly figure out they were being screwed because they could put a budget together.

For example on how the system worked, let's say I am Don Carlos and you are my peon. The first thing I was trained in college to do was study the local economy to see how much it cost for your family to live at the subsistent or survival level. For simplicity's sake, let's say I found that you would have to make $250 per week in today's US currency.

When you came to me looking for work, I would hire you on at $200 a week knowing you couldn't live on that little money. You would get your first pay and run out of food and money before your next payday. Since you had grown up in the system, you knew what to do when this happened. You go see the Don you were working for and "I would take care of you."

You gain an audience with me and tell me your delima. I would use your running out of money to tell you that you need to learn to manage your money better (it was your fault, not mine) and prove to you that you were inferior in intelligence because you couldn't manage your money and I could manage mine to develop and maintain an inferiority complex in you to keep you submissive to me. (Slick, huh? It gets better.)

Then I would advance you the $50 I knew you needed to survive the rest of the week. When Your next payday came, I would take out the $50 you owed me and you would end up with only $150 to last you the next week. Notice that I would be paying you the $250 per week that I know you need for survival it is just that I would be doing it in a way so that you would work into a position of complete debt to me and that debt would continue to increase as long as you work for me. This debt is critical to the system and the peon can't figure out what I am doing to him because he can't even add or subtract. It is much easier to control ignorant people than educated people.

Now here is the real hook to the system. As the Don, I wrote the laws and I was trained in college to write a law saying that, if you owe ME money, you must work for ME at the wages I set until the debt is paid off. You can't work for some one else making a higher wage to pay off your debt to me. Since I had the wages set to keep getting you further into debt, it means you would work for me until I decided other wise. The system requires you to work for me making you my financial slave but I don't own you so that I don't have to care for you after you become incapacitated and does it in such a way as to make you think I am taking care of you. Slick, huh? But it gets even better.

Other little tricks they built into this system would be something like the village where my peons lived had its well run dry. I would voluntarily dig you a new well at my expense to show that I am carrying for you when, in fact, if I had paid you what I should have paid you, you would have been able to build the well yourselves and still had money left.

The way I would dump you, the peon, when you become incapacitated to where you were not making me money any more was the slickest part and worked so well at convincing the peons that I was really ruling for your good and taking care of you that, to this day, many of the descendants of those peons still believe their NE's were actually caring for them.

I would call you in to my study and tell you that you had been a very hard working and faithful peon. I would make it look like I really appreciated all those years of you making me wealthy while you were living in abject poverty. Then I would say, "To show my gratitude for your faithful service, I am going to write off your debt to me so you no longer have to work for me" and I would write of the equivalent of tens of thousands of US dollars of debt in today's currency that my system had manufactured. I would make it look like I was making this great financial sacrifice for you because of your loyalty to me and your dumped. Now you are the responsibility of your family saving me a fortune.

These NE's spent hundreds of years refining this system to make it work so well. Remnants of this system still persist throughout Central and South America and you will see it again or parts of it in future slave systems.

US Industrialist Peonage System

The US Industrialist Peonage System of the mid to late 1800's went a step further to make their slave masters even more wealthy but left out the really slick psychology. They just openly screwed the people which was this system's down fall.

The basic strategy used by the wealthy industrialist of Northeastern US before, during, and after the US Civil War was to get the work of an entire family for the wages the original peonage system would pay for one man's work. The way they did this was to pay the husband only enough money to support him and whatever children he had who were not considered old enough to work. This meant that the rest of the family also had to work for them to have enough to survive on. Then they would pay the wife just enough money to cover her existence. Next, they would pay each child of 6 years or older just enough money to provide a subsistence for that child. Note that they would still be paying the $250 a week pay but they would get the labor for an entire family for that pay. The NE's didn't just screw the working males; they screwed the entire family.

This system also had the throw back to the surf and peasantry systems in that the company the people worked for could beat the employees for slowing down or falling asleep and often beat small children to death without the companies facing charges for murder or man slaughter.

The extreme abuses of this system resulted in open revolt and rebellion forcing the Federal Government to begin enacting legislation to protect the people from abuses by the NE's. It also resulted in the founding of worker's unions which helped get more legislation passed at the Federal level to protect the people from the abuses by the NE's. Unfortunately, most of the unions eventually became corrupted and became part of the problem in today's system.

This is the reason the Libertarian NE's keep portraying our Federal Government as controlling and bad. They want you to believe that it will be better for you to almost completely do away with a reasonably powerful Federal Government to protect you from the abuses of the NE's. You know, the NE's selling you their crap. On the other hand, the Communist and Socialist NE's want you to believe that you should have too big of a government to micro manage your lives and they want to be in control of that overly powerful government. Gee, I wonder why. Not really, I have these jerks figured out. They are easy to read.

Communism & Socialism

This non-ownership slavery system was derived by the Euro NE's from the peasantry and peonage systems. They developed a system with a really attractive bait covering a very nasty hook. They used the peonage system to develop a bait that was built around convincing the people that the NE's are trying to take care of the people by making all kinds of great sounding promises while using a system which will freeze the people in slavery and keep the people from earning their way into the middle and upper classes.

With this system and the next system, the first thing you have to do is to study the bait to understand the psychology being used and then remove the bait to see how the hook works. The basic bait for socialism and communism is legal adultery (fee sex), legal drugs, other such crap and the really great sounding promise that they, the NE's will use their socialist government to take the money from the rich and spread it around equally among all of you. Their dogma here is that it is not fair for some people to be rich and others not to be rich. If you read my essay on Capitalism, you already know this last promise is pure bull crap because they are the rich guys they are promising to take the money away from and share it with you. They obviously don't need an abusive and controlling socialist or commie government to share their money with you. All they need to do is start writing checks to you for millions of dollars.

Just like with the peonage system, the psychology was designed to convince you that they, the NE's, really care about you and are going to use the system to make your lives better. That is the bait with this system and is meant to get you to sell yourselves back into slavery to them.

The hook is that their socialists/communist government will have absolute control over you and use a new form of "taxation" to control just how much money you get to keep. They also, because of their superior brilliance, get to decide for you and your descendants which jobs you will have and how much money you will get to make for the rest of your lives. This is to keep you from earning your way out of poverty and slavery up to their level to get your share of the 95% of the wealth and power the way you are increasingly doing with capitalism.

Under a dictatorship, that was all the slavery system the NE's needed to get everything from you. But, under a democratic system, they developed a number of other forms of slavery, some of which I call voter slaves to keep themselves in power. Below, I want to discuss these new forms of slavery today's socialists and communist NE's have learned to use so effectively.

Unemployment: This is a form of voter slavery where they can keep control of you by using terrorist tactics and propaganda and keep you as voter slaves to keep them in power. What the NE's do is to write the labor laws to where it is almost impossible for businesses to fire you causing businesses to be very afraid to hire any more than just the bare number of people. Using the peonage system of psychology, they tell you they are writing the labor laws to protect you but they are really writing the laws to get unemployment as high as possible.

Why is this a form of slavery? Because they are keeping you at a poverty level on unemployment benefits. Think about it. You can't work and earn your way out of poverty if you can't get a job. Then they use the scare or terrorist tactic of telling you that, if you vote for the capitalists, they will take your unemployment benefits away from you and you will starve. The truth is the capitalists will make it easier to get jobs by doing away with the socialist laws burdening the businesses and causing them to not hire you.

This is why Bill Clinton began running up unemployment while telling everyone that we would just have to get used to a higher level of unemployment and acting like his increasing benefits for the unemployed were for their good. Notice that the capitalists have brought unemployment back down? Yeah, go figure. They freed a lot of voter slaves.

In the European socialist countries, unemployment is as high as over 50%. That is a lot of impoverished voter slaves and is keeping half their people from any hope of ever working their ways out of poverty and slavery.

Welfare: Welfare is another form of voter slavery where the NE's pass themselves off as taking care of you when they are really freezing you in poverty and slavery as voter slaves while scaring you with their lies about the terrible capitalists wanting to take your meager benefits away from you. You should notice that the welfare rolls in the European socialist countries are very large.

Under the Reagan administration, the capitalists turned an abusive voter slavery system called welfare into work-fare. They made it easier for families who had been frozen in poverty and slavery for from 2 to over 4 generations to get free from the terrorists scare tactics of the liberal socialists in the US and get jobs so they could earn their ways out of poverty and slavery.

Drugs: Drugs are a really great slave system dreamed up by the liberals. You pay them for the chains that bind you in slavery and gladly wear those chains for your slave masters. I found out in California that 1/3 of the homeless people are people who are so mentally incapacitated that they can't care for themselves and end up on the street. I also found out that at least 1/2 of the homeless people are not lazy the way the capitalists think but are dopers who just don't care about trying to make anything of themselves.

As I watched and talked to these people, I found that the lies the liberal media were telling us about these homeless people were also wrong. The liberal media want you to feel sorry for these homeless dopers because they became dopers because of the hopelessness of their impoverished situations. I found out that the truth was that the vast majority of these people were not on drugs because they were poor, they were poor because they got on drugs.

I found out that drugs have two basic effects on humans that mentally debilitates people. The people either become addicted to the drugs and spend all of their time and money on the drugs to feed the addiction ending up in poverty or the drugs just make people so apathetic that they stop caring about their lives. These people all became involved in drugs the way most people do, through dope parties where they start doing the drugs out of peer pressure and end up impoverished and on the streets. Drugs like marijuana are particularly bad for making people so apathetic they stop trying to work their way to a better quality of life because all they want to do is sit around getting stoned.

I found that some where between 1/2 and 2/3 of the homeless people are dopers who just don't care about earning a better quality of life. They find a base of operation where they can sleep and, if possible, eat and then they will spend the rest of their day bumming for money for drugs and laying around getting stoned. Most of these people are regularly in and out of prison.

This is a form of slavery in two ways. First, it locks a lot of people into poverty so they will never work their ways up to getting their share of the wealth and power. The NE's like that a lot. Second, it gives the NE's bait to get people to vote for the NE's by the NE's promising to legalize drugs for the dopers. I find it very interesting that, after decades of the NE liberals having control of the House, Senate, and Presidency at the same time, they have not yet legalized drugs for their doper slave voters. I guess that, if the NE's do legalize drugs, they won't have this bait to keep getting young dopers to vote for them and their socialism. Gee, more unkept promises by the socialists and commie's.

Illegal immigration: This last form of slavery is really nasty. The NE's hire illegal immigrants at subsistence wages with the immigrants working in terrible conditions to increase the NE profits. The way the NE's keep these people in line is another terrorist or fear tactic. You see, the illegal's don't dare report the NE's for their slavery abuses or they will be deported back to the countries they came from where other even worse forms of slavery are being used against them by their NE's. The chains the NE's use to keep control over these slaves is the fear of being deported.

Have you noticed that this form of slavery is very common in socialist Europe and the fight against illegal immigrants in this country is being opposed by the liberal socialists? Gee, who would have guessed that the socialist NE's just love their slaves so much?


Libertarianism was dreamed up by a Euro NE named Mises and is being pushed to the capitalists by the Mises Institute in Europe. That should tell you a lot right there. This form of slavery is designed to make a major train wreck out of your life and future.

Again, we need to look at the bait and then look at how the hook works. Again, using the peonage system, the NE's have developed a bait to sell to the economic conservatives who are social liberals. Just like communism and socialism it is still just a sucker punch to get you to sell yourselves back into slavery to them.

The bait with this system includes the legal adultery, drugs, and other crap promises of socialism and communism but includes two extra layers of bait designed specifically to appeal to the taste buds of the economic conservatives. The first is to have a very small and limited government which can't protect you from the abuses of the NE's and do away with your protective US Constitution. This was designed to get the economic conservatives who have been fighting against the very huge, abusive, and controlling socialist/commie government. They are trying to get you economic conservatives to over react and open the door for them to gain absolute control over you by doing away with the Federal government and US Constitution that have so effectively protected you, your freedoms, and your rights for over 200 years.

The last bait used for this slave system was designed to appeal to the people living in the southern US states who lost the US Civil War and to the Southwestern Hispanics who want to return to the peonage system of Old Mexico. They make the promise that your state will be able to secede any time it wants. This is nothing more than a sucker punch for southerners who are too stupid to stop and look for a hook.

Now let's take a look at the really nasty hook they have buried under all that great sounding bait. First, it should be obvious that the basis for this form of slavery is the British surf system because the "right to vote" or all power is controlled exclusively by the land owners. They make it sound like it will involve all of you middle and lower class land owners but don't buy it because they married this child of Satan to another nasty system called the feudal system. They did this by making the US Federal Government nothing but a symbolic government, stating that each state would enact all of its own laws, the states would not have to answer to the Federal Government, the people would not pay any taxes to the Federal Government, that Federal Government would not have much more than a token army, and each state would have its own army and the right to secede any time it wanted. This effectively does away with your protective Federal Government making each state completely autonomous.

Now let's take a look at the obvious strategy behind this system. As soon as the Federal Government is done away with, each state has its own autonomy, and it is determined that all power and law making is controlled by the land owners, the very wealthy will go on a land buying spree that will quickly drive the price of land in their feudal state so high that, even if you wanted to keep your land, all but the richest would have to either sell or give the land up for land taxes. They would be able to use the already in place financing system that only they know about to buy your land with money they don't have, yet. Remember, they don't have to buy up all of your land at once. All they have to do is collectively buy up enough of your land to permanently OWN the MAJORITY voting rights putting them in absolute power and, without your protective Federal Government and the US Constitution, they can write any laws they want.

Now that they have forced you to sell your land to them, where are you going to live? You are going to rent from them and they can run the rent up so high that they will quickly get all the money they paid you for your land back. This will mean that they will get your land for free and all the power that goes with it. These extremely high land prices and taxes will drive all but the richest businesses out of business and force almost all of you to work for them. Slick and sick trick, huh? It gets better.

Remember that, without your protective Federal Government and US Constitution and the protective laws your ancestors spent over 200 years getting put into place like RICO, they will be able to write ANY laws they want and do anything they want to do to you. Your butt is screwed to the wall and you don't even know it yet.

Without your protective government, the only rich people left who will have all of the power and absolute power so they can do nasty little things like collude (which is currently illegal under Federal law) to agree that none of them will pay any of you more than subsistence or slave wages. This in conjunction to the increased rental prices they will charge for your home they stole from you will quickly drive all but the very wealthiest of them into abject poverty and slavery working for them at the wages they set.

If they want, they can also levy special taxes against the non land owners to get what little wealth they have left making sure that all of you former poor slaves belong completely to them. You may not have to pay taxes directly to the Federal Government but the feudal states will be able to levy any taxes they want against you slaves. They are already using the vestiges of the peonage system to pillage your retirement plans so you will have to come out of retirement and work for them while increasing their wealth. The NE's have learned to use the best of ALL of the slave systems combined.

At this point, the extremely wealthy will own all the land, have all the power, have absolute and permanent power, and you will be their surf slaves.....again! But it gets better.

Under the Euro Feudal System, the NE's didn't have to answer to a higher and protecting central government or armies. If they had control over a parcel of land, they had absolute power over the land and everyone on it. This nasty system resulted in the NE feudal lords taxing the crap out of their slaves to pay for armies so they could wage war against neighboring feudal states in hopes of seizing that estate and the increased wealth and power that came with it. Without controlling central governments to answer to, these NE's waged war relentlessly for hundreds of years murdering off millions of your ancestors and their relatives in silly family feuds until larger, centralized governments were finally established.

Under this new feudal system, the Federal Government will have only a token army so they can't intervene to bring you back out of the feudal system and back into the protective federal system. The states will have the majority of the military power built around the armies and weapons of the former Federal Government military. If you think about it, this will cost at least 10 times as much to you slaves in taxes because the current federal military which you all share in the cost will have to be much larger for each state to, not only protect themselves individually from outside attack, but also from attack by other states since the states will now have full autonomy and be able to do anything they want including waging war against other states to gain control of them, settle arguments over things like water rights which are currently settled in Federal courts, and the states won't have to come to the aid of any other state that is under attack from outside or inside.

Instead of having a military of less than three million military personnel, the combined military for all the states will have to exceed 30 million personnel and will cost each state at least ten times as much in taxes. So you bought the NE lie that your taxes would go down, did you? Yeah, right. Every aspect of the current Federal Government that the NE's will want to maintain will have to become redundant within each state increasing your taxes and poverty. But it gets better.

Now comes the really big screw over. With the US divided into smaller fuedal states, the very wealthy won't have to buy up enough land in every state to have controlling vote and absolute power over every state. With the complete autonomy and ability to secede from the defunct union and the localized armies with the really great weapons the US military used to have, including WMD's, the NE's can draft your butts into their armies and wage war against their weaker neighbors to conquer them, get their land, and divy that land up among themselves to eventually conquer the entire US by using the old divide and conquer routine Abe Lincoln warned you about when he said, "United we stand and divided we fall."

You see, the NE's will only have to gain control of certain strategic states to eventually conquer the entire US and get the entire country under the surf system. They only need to gain control of the states with the largest populations, strongest economies, and largest amount of natural resources like oil, and they will be able to quickly conquer the entire divided US.

If I were the NE's my top three target states would be California which has better than 10% of the US population and 35% of the US economy with very large natural resources, New York with the second strongest economy in the US, the second largest population in the US, and strong natural resources, and Texas which has a very large population, very strong economy, and one of the largest supplies of oil in the US. You will also notice that these three states are strategically placed between west coast, east coast, and south central US. You might only need about one to three other states also strategically placed to quickly conquer the rest of the states in a feudal system where you only have to conquer one state at a time.

This form of slavery just keeps getting nastier, doesn't it? But it also keeps getting better. Now you get the first crouch kick. :-)

Remember that under Libertarianism, you only need to own land to be able to vote and have power. You will notice several seeminly innocent little clauses that are very nasty and you will get the idea of what this entire system was designed by the Euro NE's to accomplish. You see, those all so carrying Euro slavers have gotten oh, so lonely without their little American slaves. They just are not getting rich enough fast enough with just their Euro slaves under socialism/communism. They really want your butts back in their slaveries bad and fast.

Note: since I consider Texas to be one of the top three targets in the US and it is centrally located, I will use it for my examples from now on. Besides, most of those Texas boys are good old boys. :-)

Under Libertarianism, you don't even have to be a resident in the state to be able to vote and have control of that state. All you have to do is own land. In other words, the richest can buy land in other states like Texas and gain control over that state. This can include liberals from California, New York, Boston, and such and you won't have any control over who writes your laws.

This means that the richest can safely live in other states and use the Texas people, economy, natural resources, and weapons to conquer almost all of the south one feudal state at a time. This is true with every state in the US. Slick, isn't it. But it gets better. Now comes the second crouch kick.

There is also a little clause in Libertarianism that you don't even have to be a citizen to vote; you know, like US citizen. All you need is to own land. Gee, I wonder why those so caring Euro NE's put that clause in there. Could it be so they could use their rich bank accounts and banks to easily and quickly conquer a divided US without the risk of military invasion and retaliation but with the safety of just buying land? Duh, hello. No brainer!!!

This nasty little clause means those slick Euro NE's can safely use their wealth to get their little slavies back. They just miss their slavies so bad. They can gain control of militarily strategic states and then sit back in the safety and comfort of their little Euro palaces using you, your economy, your resources, and your US weapons they will now have control over to wage feudal wars against your fellow Americans to conquer your now divided US from within. Yeah, you can secede; right into their surf slavery system. Are you puking in disgust yet?

But it gets better; much better. Just think about this because these people obviously already have. What about these very wealthy Muslim individuals and countries who are currently pouring hundreds of billions of their petro dollars into weapons and terrorist armies to risk waging open war against the US and the rest of the West? With the Libertarian Feudal system, they will be able to "declare peace" and pour all of those hundreds of billions of petro dollars into buys land in militarily strategic states like Texas to seize absolute control of those states.

Even the richest of you better pay attention to this. You won't sleep tonight.

Remember that the land owners with MAJORITY control of the votes get to write all of the law and guess what law the Muslim war lords will impose on any and every US state they gain control of. Gee, could it be Islamic Law? Of course it would be Islamic Law. So we need to evaluate what this will mean to ALL Americans, even the wealthiest.

Under Islamic Law:

ALL non-Muslims lose all rights to vote and all power, even the richest of you.

ALL non-Muslims lose the right to have any reasonable piece of land or even any land. They can quickly change the laws and immigrate anywhere from 50 to over 100 million Muslims into your state and give them all of your land before you can revolt making it impossible for you to revolt against a vastly superior population. With about 1.6 billion Muslims in the world, it would be very easy for the Muslims to quickly immigrate 50 to over 100 million Muslims into any three to six states.

ALL non-Muslims loose all rights.

ALL non-Muslims have to pay very high taxes, fines, and penalties which will drive even the richest of you Americans back into poverty and slavery.

Any Muslim can beat, rape, and kill any non-Muslim any time they want for anything they want and you can't defend yourself against them or they will kill you and your family.

Muslims can only have four wives but they can have as many sex slaves as they want and can take ALL of your women as their sex slaves any time they want.

Muslims can enslave any and all of you men any time they want.

So let's see, the Muslims can take all your land, power, freedoms, rights, family, wealth, and life away from you regardless of your current wealth and power. Then they can force you into their new Islamic Texas Feudal Army to wage war against your fellow Americans to conquer the now divided feudal US from within.

What, you say, if they put you in their military with weapons, you will use those weapons to revolt? They will put you in the front lines with rifles to fight your fellow Americans while they will put their Islamic soldiers behind you with the best US weapons they will now own and, if you either don't fight or turn your weapons on them, they will kill you. But what the heck, you are going to die killing your fellow Americans anyway. Those of you who survive will either spend the rest of you lives as their slaves or be butchered just to get rid of you.

Gee, I wonder why the Muslims and their organizations have just jumped in behind and dumped millions of their petro dollars into the campaign fund of the US Libertarian presidential candidate, Ron Paul. Could it be they see an easier and safer way to conquer American from within? Bet on it.

Isn't that just the nastiest train wreck you have ever imagined in your life? It is really slick and sick, isn't it. This has to be the most evil and wicked slave system every dreamed up by the NE's. If you vote for this, you deserve what you get but please leave the rest of us out of your insanity. I have a better suggestion, just go to the Middle East and sell yourself into slavery to the first Muslim NE you can find and permit the rest of us to keep our good old, faithful, tried and true, US Capitalistic Democracy with our Federal protection.

It is my opinion that Libertarianism is the single greatest threat to US national security and it should be obvious that it was designed to destroy this great country from within.

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