Natural Elites 2

The natural elites like to say they should rule for the rest of us because they are superior, can do a better job, and will take care of the rest of us. Is this true?

The truth is that the upper class natural elites have caused almost all of the problems humans have caused on this planet throughout history. As a matter of fact, it is almost impossible for the middle and lower classes to cause more than a few of the problems and, even then, you at best only contribute to the problems caused by the natural elites AFTER they persuaded you to behave in a certain manner.

Just think about it. How is it possible for you to cause problems for things over which you have no control and the natural elites have all the control? How can the lower classes cause political problems when the natural elites are the only ones in control of the political matters? Basically, they run things; everything. Therefore, it is only the natural elites which COULD have caused any of our political problems for thousands of years.

How is it possible for you, the lower classes to cause any economic problems when it is the natural elites which control better than 95% of the wealth in every country on this planet for thousands of years and you only control less than 5% of the wealth? They have better than 19 times the wealth you do and, if you didn't buy anything for an entire year, they could easily buy everything required to keep the economy running for that year. Therefore, it is only common sense that they have caused every recession, depression, inflation, and stagnation that has been caused throughout history. It is not possible for the middle and lower classes to have caused even one economic problem.

How many times in history have the lower classes formed into an army, run over to the natural elites, and begged the natural elites to lead the lower and middle class army to die fighting to make the natural elites more powerful and wealthy? Not once in thousands of years. It is always the natural elites which cause the wars, talk you into fighting those wars, organize the armies, and send you off to die in their wars to make them more powerful and wealthy.

I hope you have also noticed that the natural elites like to tax the crap out of you, the lower and middle classes, to pay for fixing the problems they cause and the wars they start. They cause the problems and make you pay to fix them. That sounds fair, doesn't it? Basically, they're the butt holes of the planet and the planet would be better off without most of them. There are a lot of good rich people, it is just the natural elites we can do without.

The natural elites love the story about how they are so wonderful because "cream rises to the top." The next time they tell you that they are wonderful because cream rises to the top, remind them that crap floats too!

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