The One Sided War

Back in the 1960s the hippies would ask, "What would happen if someone gave a war and nobody showed up?" The liberals thought it sounded really brilliant but it was a stupid idea. The rest of us used to say, the people giving the war would win by default. We are right now finding out that is true because the liberal commie traitors are giving a war and no one has showed up. The liberal commie traitors have almost won their war by default because the rest of us were asleep and didn't show up until too late. The liberal hippies realized that we were right and decided to wage a war against but to do so in a way in which we would not show up to defend and protect ourselves.

The liberal commie traitors used our media, other forms of entertainment, fads they created, getting us obsessed about accumulating lots of stuff, and other things to lull us to sleep and distract us while they were actively waging a one sided war against us because the liberals knew they couldn't win an obvious and out right war against us. The liberals commie traitors convinced many people that the liberals were working to take care us and were concerned about us to give us a false sense of security while plotting to murder and enslave us. The liberals lost their first war against us in the 1960s when the hippie movement failed and lost their second war against us when the Soviet Union surrendered in the Cold War. But each time the liberals just regrouped, reorganized, changed their strategy, and kept fighting while we kept sleeping until they finally wore us down and distracted enough of us to be able to out flank us. The liberal commie traitors are evil, devious, and dishonest enough to succeed with their evil desires and plans and are about to right now.

These devouring brute beasts are relentless, persistent, obsessive-compulsive monsters who insist on forcing their liberal insanity on us, setting up their dictatorship, and murdering off or enslaving all of us. The liberals are cold hearted monsters determined to rule us as their slaves. Right now, the liberals are succeeding and, if we manage to stop them this time, the liberals will just regroup, reorganize, alter their strategy, and continue until they finally succeed or we kill them all off. These human monsters persist in forcing their liberal commie traitor dictatorship on us so they can enslave us to work for them so they can live lives of luxury at our expense and they won't have to work for a living.

The liberal commie traitors stole enough money from us via their government corruption to finance their war against us, have organized, and are winning the war against us. The liberals are very clearly in the process of the final steps for winning this war against us and, if we don't show up to this war right now, it will soon be over and we will have lost or freedoms, our rights, everything we have, and even our lives. We don't have any other choice than to fight because the liberals refuse to leave us any other choice. These are cruel, inhumane animals which will not quit their efforts to destroy their prey, us.

We must wake up, we must turn back to God, and we must show up at the fight or the liberal commie traitors will win by default and there is no second place in this contest for our lives and freedoms. We either win everything or we lose everything, they simply will not permit us another choice.

I pray for you all numerous times every day that you will wake up and join the fight for your lives and your freedoms because we must fight together to defeat this evil beasts.

It is definitely time to....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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