Putin 2

I want to make sure that you understand that I am note loyal to or a fan of Vladimir Putin. I do not consider him a hero. I respect the man as my enemy.

You also need to understand that the Euro-American upper class trash commies are not our friends or allies. They definitely are our most dangerous enemies, the enemies of our nations, and the enemies of the world, it just so happens they have gained control of the West and other parts of the world in their scheme to set up their one world global dictatorship and murder off more than seven billion people. These monsters were well on their way to finishing up their global dictatorship and murdering most of us off when they ran into a few speed bumps called Putin and China.

Man plans, God laughs.

I also do not believe that simple minded idiom, "the enemy of my enemy is my friend", because I know that your enemy's enemy can also be your enemy and, in this case, it appears to be the situation. But I do relish seeing some one, any one who is powerful enough to slow and delay the actions of my enemy against me and I see that as a good thing. Putin is that enemy and I am so glad God has given us such an enemy to slow and interfere with the actions of our most dangerous enemy, the Euro-American upper class trash. As a matter of fact, it thrills me to see such an enemy spoil and delay the plans of our most dreaded enemy, the enemy from within. The longer that enemy can delay the plans of our most dreaded enemy, the better the chance we will have against both enemies and I see God using our enemies against our enemies to help us win against our enemies. That is a good thing.

One thing we need to do is understand Putin because we, the people, may find ourselves fighting him as soon as we can get rid of our most dreaded enemy, the upper class trash.

Just like I told you, the stock market has rebounded plus quite a bit so no big loss for Russia there and actually a gain. The one billion dollar gift to Ukraine actually turned out to be a lone by the US which will have to be paid back plus interest. Gee, nothing like taking advantage of a bad situation to take advantage of some one else, while pretending to be helping them. The EU is also wanting to "give" Ukraine a $15 billion loan as soon as they can get approval from the IMF. Yeah, let's all put our ally in serious debt to us and make them a slave state so we can control them.

So far, the rest of what the US and Europe are talking about doing to Russia and Putin is just hot air, political theater, distractions from Obama's many crimes, and such. Though the upper class trash has been openly showing their true plans by talking about isolating Russia and getting rid of Putin, which has been their plans all along. Putin's actions are built around preventing the evil plans of the upper class trash and protecting Russia and Russians and, remember, he is taking advantage of the NDN (see last essay).

Interestingly, Putin was just nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize and you better bet that was meant as a slap in Obama's face, probably the biggest insult and put down the upper class trash could give Obama. Obama is definitely taking it on the chin and in the guts with this one. Knowing what Obama is up to, that one is funny.

To understand what will be most likely for Putin to do next, we must first study what he has done and why.

After the fall of the Soviet Union, the Soviet Union broke up into a number of smaller countries, some of which have large Russian populations in certain areas or states of those countries. As basic human nature, the parts of those countries which had a majority of non Russians began persecuting the parts with large Russian populations and those countries decided they want to join NATO and Putin only recently finished chasing all of the evil upper class trash globalists out of Russia to protect his people and nation, which greatly angered the upper class trash. You know, what we are about to do with our coming civil war.

The strategy the upper class trash has been trying to use against Russia is to isolate Russia and strangle it to force the Russian people to get rid of Putin so the upper class trash can get Russian globalists in power and finish setting up their global dictatorship to murder off almost everyone including most Russians. To achieve this, while preaching the wonderfulness and greatness of pagan democracy, the upper class trash have been trying to get former Soviet countries surrounding Russia to join NATO, creating a NATO wall around Russia.

This would also prevent Russia from using military force to protect Russian people being persecuted by those NATO countries. Therefore, before those countries can become NATO countries, Putin must get those states in those countries with large Russian populations freed from those nations so Russia can protect those Russians with military force.

There is a little rule in NATO Putin is using to prevent those countries from becoming NATO countries and that rule states that, before a country can become a NATO country, it must have political and military control of all of its territories. For example, Georgia was about to become a NATO country but had two states with ethnic populations (non Russians) which did not get along with the population of the rest of the Georgian states and were being oppressed. Now that Putin invaded Georgia and freed those states as sperate nations, Georgia cannot become a NATO nation. Ukraine was about to become a NATO nation this summer but, now that Putin has freed Crimea, which has a Russian population of 60%, Ukraine cannot become a NATO nation, Putin has control of Crimea and guaranteed access to Black Sea ports.

Putin 2; upper class trash 0

Understanding all of this, what might Putin do next?

There are still two or three states in Eastern Ukraine which have majority Russian populations and were begging Putin to free them but that would have started a shooting war, which Putin obviously doesn't want just yet. But Putin can free them with a military attack any time he wants within 48 to 72 hours.

There is also a tiny strip of land locked estate between Moldova and Ukraine which is majority Russian called Transnitria and is in the valley which runs along the Dniester river. This tiny region is considered to be part of Moldova by almost everyone in the UN (all but two nations), and the Russian people tend to be persecuted by the Moldovans, who are mostly Romanian, plus Moldova wants to return to being part of Romania. Moldova is about to become a NATO nation and, if it does with Transnitria still considered to be part of it, Russia won't be able to militarily protect the Russians living there. Russia currently has 1,200 troops stationed in Transnitria and some one at the Wall Street Journal seems to think this will be Russia's next target.

BTW, if China "just happens" to invade the Senkaku Islands in Japan at the same time Putin goes into Transnitria, you can bet Putin will welcome that diversion and I would also expect China would appreciate the timing. Then, if Iran sent troops into Iraq to help stop the Al Quaeda terrorist fighting in Iraq, Putin and China wouldn't mind that action taking place at the same time either. Who knows, it might cause such confusion among the upper class trash that Putin will also be able to liberate the remaining Russian states in Ukraine or anywhere else.

Putin isn't finished, especially as long as the upper class trash are not finished causing trouble for Putin and you know the upper class trash are not going to stop until they have their global dictatorship and have murdered off more than seven billion people. Like all power mad bad guys, the upper class trash are extremely obsessive compulsive.

BTW, did you know that there are quite a few US and European assets in Russia Putin can seize?

BTW, did you know that there are large numbers of Russians wanting Putin to annex Alaska? I doubt Putin will go that far....yet. Putin will wait until the US is even weaker and can't defend itself. Remember, the liberal commie traitors are tearing down the US military while Putin is building his military. How long can that continue until we won't be able to stop an invasion by Putin?

One thing I strongly suggest is that we learn to play all of our enemies against each other to save our butts. It just might work.

It is always a good time to....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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