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For years I have been wondering how God was going to get rid of all of these paganized churches we have today and create a new church to build His new Christian theocracy.

God is already doing it. A reader told me he was considering leaving his church and doing something else because he was tired of "churching". I suggested that he do like the very first Christians did and start a home church with just his family and friends. He liked the idea.

Then I did some research and found out that increasing numbers of true Christians are also starting home churches because they are also tired of all of this pagan churching.

Satan's pagan liberals have taken over almost all of our churches and, to increase their revenues and wealth and destroy the church from within, you know, like they are doing with our government, these liberals are paganizing our churches to the point that the true Christians are leaving in droves. These true Christians are forming home churches because it is increasingly difficult to find good Biblical churches. Besides, you don't need an expensive cathedral to learn about and worship God, just a good Bible.

You know that, when Obama seizes control of our nation and imposes Sharia Law on us, those pagan churches will quickly "convert" to Islam and turn their churches into mosques because pretending to be Christians won't benefit them anymore and being Muslims will benefit them. These poser Christians will choose which side of God's line to be on and almost all will choose Satan's side.

With the increasing persecution of Christians and the soon coming massive increase in persecution of Christians by the Muslims, after the Muslims take over, these home churches will quickly become the underground churches our ancestors used hundreds to thousands of years ago to avoid Muslim persecution before they freed themselves from Muslim persecution with the Christian Crusades.

To form a home or underground church, all you need is a King James Bible, some true Christians, prayer, some of God's wisdom or common sense, and dedication. We are going to need these very soon, in some cases, right now, so God is already building them.

That is right, we are going to have to fight another Christian Crusade to free ourselves from the Muslim persecution AGAIN because we forgot the lessons our ancestors learned the first time. This time, do the job right and finish the fight by purging all Muslims and pagans out of your nations so they can't destroy your church and nations AGAIN. Zero tolerance because tolerance of sin is a sin!!!

This offers us another really great opportunity to finally purge ALL of the paganism from our churches. God is going to build a new church by purging out the pagan poser Christians so we can build a truly Biblical church for the first time in thousands of years.

3,600 years ago, Satan began corrupting God's new church by causing the Jews to replace Biblical Law with their Jewish customs and traditions and this continues until today, which is why I warn you to not do what the Jews do but what the Bible tells you to do. It should only be common sense that the Jews have not spent the last 2,000 years being punished in exile because they got it all right.

Do you want to spend the next 2,000 years being punished in exile? We are already being punished for our sins, why also be punished for their sins?

After the Gentiles, especially the Church of Rome took over Christianity, they just corrupted it even more with pagan customs and traditions, which is why our nations are being destroyed and we are being punished right now. Therefore, you don't want to do it the way the pagans are running our churches today either. It is clearly time to wipe the slate clean and start over, doing it right.

We need a new pagan free church to finally get it all right. We need to purge out all paganism from our church and this includes our calendar and holidays.

As true Christians, why do you want to celebrate the birthday of a pagan fertility goddess with Easter, eggs, and rabbits? Why do you want to worship witchcraft and demons on Halloween? Why do you want to continue Constantine's celebration of the Roman sun god's birthday on Christmas, which is really why it was place on December 25, the day after Sol's birthday on December 24 so Constantine could pretend to be worshiping Jesus when he was really celebrating the birthday of Sol, the Roman sun god. He was the first major poser Christian and many have followed, often committing horrible crimes in the name of Jesus.

Why not celebrate the birth of Jesus on Passover which was the original celebration of His life, death, and resurrection, until the pagan Church of Rome took over and changed the celebration of His death and resurrection to Easter and His birth on Sol's birthday.

Do you see the sleight of hand they pulled off on you to paganize the church?

Why not celebrate the five Biblical holidays God gave us keeping in mind that we don't want to do the same paganized rituals the Jews practice, with all of their customs and traditions, but change them to Christian practices celebrating Jesus and the fulfillment of those prophesies the holidays represent.

These Biblical holidays are:

That will give us five great Biblical holidays to celebrate and to worship God, not false pagan gods. It would be very appropriate to celebrate the birth, life, teachings, death, and resurrection of Jesus on Passover instead on Easter and Sol's birthday in December.

The basic Christian celebration could be built around having a nice family gathering with a really nice meal, reading scriptures, teaching about Jesus, the New Testament, and the Old Testament, and family prayer.

You could also add in a few non pagan holidays such as our new independence day to thank God for freeing us from the persecution of the liberal pagans and Muslims again, a veteran's day to honor those who fought and fight to protect us and our freedoms, and Thanksgiving, which was a post harvest Christian celebration to thank God for our blessings that year.

Instead or recognizing and honoring false pagan gods with our calendar, why not recognize and honor God with a true Christian calendar?

Many religions and nations have their own calendar, why does Christianity continue to use a pagan calendar?

The Chinese, with 1.3 billion people, have their own calendar. The Japanese, with just a few million people, have their own calendar. The Jews, with just a few million people have their own calendar. The Muslims, with 1.6 billion people, have their own calendar.

Why does the largest group of people in the world, 2 billion Christians, not have their own calendar that recognizes and honors their God? Doesn't make sense, does it?

Please note that even the Jewish calendar recognizes and honors several false pagan gods from Babylon proving they still don't have it right.

I would like to SUGGEST the following calendar as a starting point for the first truly Christian calendar to purge paganism completely out of our churches and our new Christian theocracy.

For months of the year, I suggest the following calendar for the following reasons:

12 Months after the 12 Apostles

Month of












James Ben Zebedee
























James Ben Alphaeus
















Odd numbered months have odd number of days at 31, even number months have even number of days at 28 and 30 except for leap year when second month has 29 days. Easy to learn, easy to remember, especially for children and great tool for teaching the Bible. Within a few years, everyone will know all of the apostles. Note: In Hebrew, Ben means "the son of", so it will be James, the son of Zebedee and James, the son of Alphaeus.

This is a really great Christian calendar because it recognizes the 12 Apostles Jesus chose and glorifies God and not some false pagan god. It is great for teaching the New Testament and even the Old Testament and you don't have to keep the Apostles in this order.

BTW, as a footnote, God showed me this is the most efficient and easiest calendar to learn and use because it is more organized and better structured. Everyone of you had trouble as children learning how many days are in each month because there is no structure or purpose to our current pagan calendar, which proves the wisdom of the world isn't so hot. With this calendar God showed me, the odd numbered months all have an odd number of days, 31 days. The even numbered months all have an even number of days with 30 days except for the leap month, which has 28 days except for the leap year when it has 29 days. This is what you would call a perfect solar calendar because it is organized, easy to learn, easy to remember, easy to use, and teaches about God.

Now, why didn't the pagans design a calendar that good in thousands of years?

Then, for our weekly calendar, we are still worshiping false pagans gods like Thor on Thursday or Thor's day.

Why do you want to recognize and honor false pagan gods when you can recognize and honor the one true God with a Christian calendar?

For a Christian weekly calendar, I suggest something like the following.

Seven Days after seven prophets

Day of
























Within a few months, everyone will know all of these prophets. I separated Elijah and Elisha to prevent confusion.

This weekly calendar will be really great for recognizing great prophets God chose and honoring God. It will be great for teaching about the Old Testament, Biblical Law, prophesies, especially end time prophesies, the first and second comings of Jesus, and God.

Instead of saying, We will meet Thursday at 6 pm (Thor's day), you will say we will meet Elisha at 6 pm and any pagan listening will think you will be meeting a person named Elisha today at 6 pm instead of meeting on a different day at 6 pm. This will help the underground church survive the current and increasing hard times.

If you true Christians can't find a true Christian church, start your own Biblical home or underground church with your family and Christian friends, then purge out ALL paganism so we can start completely over again and do it right this time.

I suggest you start networking with other home or underground churches because you will probably need it soon. Learn from our ancestors to survive this war being waged against you and use it to build a better church to build a better nation after the war is over. And you can even start building that new nation by networking your home or underground churches starting right now.

John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

You better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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