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The government shouldn't be in charge of brainwashing...uh...educating your children. If the government controls their education, it controls their minds.

You should be responsible for educating your children. If you home school your children, you can put God back in their school.


Remember that I told you that I didn't like or trust Trump and thought he was a phony?

Now that he is the GOP candidate and no one else is in the race he said that, concerning banning Muslim entry into the US, it "was just a suggestion" and that he would "back off on it", in other words, he isn't going to do the things he said he would do that got you to vote for him. And now Trump is saying, "Anything I say right now is a suggestion", meaning he is lying his butt off and won't do any of it.

Why am I not surprised?

Gee, that is what we need right now, some suggestions, not someone taking action and getting things done. (/sarc)

I have told you again and again and again that I can't find anyone I want to vote for and that they are all criminals sleeping in the same bed. Trump just proved that and more.

So, how is that democracy thingy going for you? Not too well, is it?

Did you know, under Biblical Law, that is lying or fraud and you would go to jail for lying to people like that?

Yep, under Biblical Law, Trump, Hillary, Ryan, Pelosi, Reid, McCain, Obama, and all of the rest of the corrupt upper class trash would be in jail and not in power.

Does that sound great or what?

Under common law, they are free to lie to you and do as they please because they can and have rigged common law so they are above the law.

Gee, I wonder why the upper class trash have worked so hard to convince you to hate Biblical Law and a Christian theocracy and they believe Biblical Law is so them? You don't think it is because they are all criminals and all of their lying, thieving, murdering butts would be thrown in prison or executed, do you?

Ready for a Christian theocracy yet?

We won't have any lying, murdering, thieving politicians and bureaucrats left after the first year.

You know who would make a much better president than anyone running?

Sheriff David Clarke. I would vote for him at the drop of a hat but they would kill him before he could actually get anything done.

BTW, Trump has rented a theater to show the "Benghazi Movie" and is giving out free tickets. He knows Hillary is severely damaged goods, just like I told you, and how to beat her.

Will the Clintons now be forced to run Chelsea?

"But," you say, "it can only be either Bernie or Hillary."

Not true. If the Commiecrat convention goes to the second or third round, they can appoint anyone they want, including Chelsea.


Remember that I told you the Muslims would turn Europe into a feudal state with feudal warfare?

In Sweden, the Muslims are traveling around in gangs setting up "Sharia zones" or Muslim feudal states where Sharia law is imposed on everyone in the Muslim Sharia zones. They are also demanding protection money from all businesses.

I expect this to quickly spread all over Europe and the US. Keep an eye on this.

I got this from an article titled "POLL: Across Political Spectrum Massive Majority Reject Islam After Migrant Crisis" by Liam Decon:

"The number of Germans who say Islam does not belong in their country has risen from just over half to more than 60 per cent in two years, as over a million mostly young Muslim men arrived last year.

Only 34 per cent of respondents to a poll for Infratest Dimap on Thursday said that Islam belonged in their culture, with 60 per cent rejecting it in Germany.

The mass sex attacks in Cologne by Muslim migrants on New Year's Eve, and the terror attacks in Paris and Brussels, no doubt effected the German people. The poll revealed that 72 per cent worry about a terror attack in Germany, while only a quarter do not believe it will happen."

Eyes are opening just like God told me they would. If you let the bad guys, you know, the liberals and Muslims, have what they want, it will turn the good people against the bad guys.

I keep seeing increasing anger toward Muslims because of their increasingly obvious hatred for us. Eyes are opening just like God told me they would.

Just like I told you would happen, the Soldiers of Odin has grown all over Europe and they are fighting back against the Muslim invasion. I have to admit that the Soldiers of Odin spread across Europe faster than even I thought they would.

Now a "major German official" is saying there will be a civil war between Muslims and non Muslims.

You can thank all of your liberal family and friends for that. Millions are going to die because of another one of the liberal upper class trash great sounding idiot ideas failing.

But, hey, we already know Europe is ALREADY in a feudal war with the Muslims here on this site. No big surprise here.

A severed pig's head was left at the entrance to Merkel's office.

You think that, just maybe, the German people have had enough? So, how long will Merkel keep her head?

I bet now you believe me that Merkel is on the verge of losing her head. First the pig and then her.


Everyone seems to be as afraid of Russia as they were the Soviet Union.

Let me share a little piece of common sense with you. Russia has a fraction of the troops she had as the Soviet Union because she no longer controls and drafts soldiers from the countries she used to control. She has a quickly aging population of less than 200 million, which is significantly smaller than Europe and most of the countries the Soviet Union used to control and draft soldiers from will now be sending soldiers against her.

What happened to Russia when the Soviet Union fell is like most of the US states succeeding from the US and standing against what is left of the US along with Europe and the rest of the world including the old Soviet Union. Russia's greatest threat to us is her nukes and our corrupt governments with our corrupt governments doing far more damage to us than Russia could.

The single greatest threat to the West is the corrupt leaders running the West. I am not concerned about Russia, I am concerned about our corrupt leaders.

Putin has vowed to destroy the New World Order, A.K.A. the Euro-American upper class trash. If this is his only agenda, I support him and pray for him but I don't think he will get a chance because Obama will beat him to it.


President Nicolas Maduros has declared a state of emergency because the nation is imploding and is blaming the US for his problems caused by his glorious socialism.

Oh no, it could not possibly be his fault or the fault of his glorious socialism for destroying Venezuela, it has to be...uh...I know, the fault of the US, yeah, that's the ticket.

I think he is expecting a military coup to overthrow him to stop the socialist insanity and he is trying to stop the coup by declaring martial law and blaming the US. Don't be surprised to see him end up dead in the near future along with his liberal commie traitor pals who caused this mess.

Events in the last few years prove that, if they don't kill him and his pals when they overthrow him, Obama will work to force the military to return the criminals back to power.


Surprise of surprises!!! (Not really)

Remember that I told you that Obama and his Muslim pals would use their "truce" with Russia to set up for taking ground back against Syria and Russia?

Well, they are still taking ground in places like Aleppo and Damascus, reversing the momentum Russia had given to Syria.

Gee, who would have figured?

Lesson: If you are kicking butt against the Muslims or the commies and they want a truce or treaty, just keep kicking butt until it is over. Don't ever give them a chance to do a restart.


Remember that what I have been telling you about Islam and that the stuff the liberals are telling you is pure crap?

I read an article, "7 Things I Learned Reading Every Issue Of ISIS's Magazine" by Robert Spence, which pretty much told you what I have been telling you about Islam and terrorism. He came to these conclusions after reading more than 700 pages of a magazine ISIS puts out to recruit new terrorists.

He said they not only have no qualms about admitting they are terrorists, murder other people and even other Muslims, and are waging war against the rest of the world, but they brag about it and are proud of it. All Muslims know this but lie about it to non Muslims, you know, the Al-taqiyya thingy. It seems that the ISIS magazine is in a number of different languages. The article is over at 7 Facts About ISIS ( I don't know how long this link will remain active.)

Upper Class Trash

I just saw an article over at American Thinker that said the US is in decline because of the arrogance and incompetence of the ruling class.

This shows the thinking and propaganda being put out to cover up for the upper class trash corruption.

Oh no, it isn't possible that our nation has been destroyed because of upper class trash corruption and treason, it has to be because of the arrogance and incompetence of the ruling class, you know, using the corrupt politicians and bureaucrats as fall guys for when we hit bottom, the people revolt and start taking off heads. Besides, people will get less angry at incompetence than they will at treason.

Add to that that the journalists are refusing to acknowledge that the US has already been destroyed and has just not finished kicking yet.

If you put those two together, the truth just jumps out at you. The corrupt upper class trash and all of their liberal commie traitor puppets have mortally wounded the US because of their insane lusts for power and wealth and the nation is bleeding out right now.

You do know that the current mess within the two political parties at this time is the start of the power struggle I warned you about, when the upper class trash seized control of the US?

The fact this power struggle is already going on should tell you that they believe they have seized control well enough to start fighting for that control.

I have been telling you that things will get worse and they are getting worse but they must get much worse. History teaches that the corrupt members of the upper class, the upper class trash, ALWAYS keep making things worse until there is a war to remove them from power and then it starts all over again with the remaining upper class trash regrouping, reorganizing, and making things worse until there is another war.

How often do they cause things to get that bad? How many wars have we had?

We have NEVER had a war because the upper class trash made things better. We always have wars because the upper class trash make things worse.

This is why I keep telling you that history teaches that, if you don't want another war in the near future after this coming war, you must purge ALL of the current upper class trash and their puppets who caused the mess or they will just regroup, reorganize, and start over again with their insanity because they are obsessive, compulsive evil. They love their sins too much to ever give them up. History teaches that the only way to stop them is to kill them.

Until then, it is going to get worse.


Obama's advisor, Susan Rice, said that America's national security agencies are too white.

Gee, you don't think they are starting the excuses for replacing the FBI, CIA, NSA, and military with Obama's black Muslim CNSF, you know, just like I have been telling you he will, do you?

Keep an eye on this.

Obama is letting the wind farms get away with killing thousands of eagles and other birds.

Where are the conservationists? What, you mean they really don't care about nature and it is all about promoting their evil liberal agenda like I have been telling you? Conservationism is just a front and cover for their evil plans? Who would have figured? Oh yeah, I did, didn't I?

The truth is coming out and eyes are opening.

BTW, Obama's executive order to permit men dressed as women into bathrooms with little girls is called child endangerment, is a federal felony, and requires he be arrested, booked, prosecuted, impeached, and removed from office as quickly as possible, but don't hold your breath on it. Which proves once again that the upper class trash are above the law because of common law.

Ready for a Christian theocracy and Biblical Law yet?


Hillary said, "I am putting Bill back in charge."

My first thought, "Are we electing Hillary or re-electing Billy Boy?"

My second thought, "Why, is she so incompetent she can't do the job she is running for? Then why should we vote for her?"

Gee, you don't think she is such damaged goods that she is trying to shift the focus from her to Billy Boy? Is their next step Chelsea for president and Billy Boy for vice president?

Gee, you don't think this election is just more smoke and mirrors, do you, you know, you're going to get what you're going to get regardless of who gets elected?


The idiots with the right degrees from the right universities are sitting around debating why stores like Macy's are losing business.

Let me get this straight, every month there are fewer people working because fewer people are finding jobs than are losing jobs so that fewer people have enough disposable income to shop at Macy's and these geniuses can't figure out why Macy's and other such stores are losing business?

Remember that I have been telling you that you don't need any more than a low average intelligence and have lots of money to get a degree in the soft sciences at any university? Do you believe me now?

Then, when you take into consideration that the heavily inbred upper class trash have to make huge donations to the "top" universities to get there spoiled, rich, inbred brats in those universities, then have to make more huge donations for those spoiled, rich, inbred brats to get top grades, and then they have to hire professional tutors to help their spoiled, rich, inbred brats get those top grades their parents paid for, do you understand just how stupid the upper class trash are? And then you believe they are smarter than you because they got the right degrees from the right universities? Doesn't make sense, does it?

Federal Money

I remember back in the 1960s and 1970s when the liberals were saying that the federal government should finance just about everything for the good of humanity. If the feds financed science with government grants, it would advance science more quickly, if the feds would give the states more money it took from the states, the states would be able to do more for their people, if the feds gave more money to education, our students would be better off, and on and on and on.

Now that everyone is dependent on that fed money, the fed uses it to blackmail or extort the people and states into doing what the feds want or they lose the money. The liberals sucker punched us into letting them gain control over our lives and them being able to blackmail or extort us into obeying their every wish. It was all about control and is financial slavery. They take your money from you and give some of it back to you if and only if you do what they say.


I keep seeing Christians trying to explain the miracles of God via natural phenomena instead of accepting the fact and teachings of the Bible that God caused those miracles with super natural powers or abilities and not with natural phenomena.

This is an act of blasphemy because it is denying God as being super natural and having the super natural powers God says in the Bible He has. Then we wonder why fewer and fewer people believe in God.

If we don't believe God, how can we expect non Christians to believe God?

Either God did those miracles with super natural powers and not natural phenomena or He isn't God, plain and simple. God is not controlled or limited by natural powers; He controls the natural powers with His super natural powers. I point this out in my e-book, "Yahweh", I made it very obvious that God is a vastly superior being with super natural powers. Not some wimpy little pagan god who has to depend on nature to do things. HE.IS.GOD!!!! Deal with it.

Trying to explain God's miracles via natural phenomena is a Satanic sucker punch meant to lower God down to Satan's and humans' levels so they can believe they can also be gods. That is like trying to bring the sun down to earth so you can pretend your flashlight is also a sun.

Remember that I have been telling you that we are right now being punished by God because we love our sins so much we turned from God?

There is a very good read on this over at the Bible Church Online by Mark Oaks at this site. Mark is an excellent read on a variety of topics and knows the Bible and God well.

If you think God will punish the Jews for turning away from Him and not punish you for the same crimes, you are sorely mistaken. God is a fair and responsible judge who will hold everyone equally accountable for the same crimes regardless of race or sex. Today, as a nation, we are committing the same crimes against God's Laws that the Jews committed thousands of years ago and persist in committing today which got them exiled and punished for the last 2,000 years.

If we want God to shorten this punishment for us and bless us again, we must turn from our sins and back to God. Until then, enjoy the ride because it is going to get rough.


They are debating what a transgender is and it, like most things intellectuals debate, really isn't that difficult to figure out with just a little information.

First, remember that I told you years ago that, if homosexuals were heterosexuals they would be classified as nymphomaniacs because they are so obsessed with sex?

Their entire lives are defined by sex. This is not true for any other group of people. Homosexuality really is nothing more than an obsessive, compulsive sexually orient illness similar to greed and an obsession with power and, therefore, is sin.

Second, remember that I told you years ago that better than 90% of homosexual males are bisexual and better than 50% of homosexual females are bisexual and this was according to what I was told by psychiatrists who work with homosexuals, many of whom are homosexuals?

Yes, homosexuality really is a choice and, most of the time, one of a number of choices. It has nothing to do with genetics. That is all a lie to cover for the fact that homosexuality is a form of chosen perversion.

Third, remember that I told you that the homosexual males who play the part of the female are called queens and often dress and act the part of women to attract homosexual males who play the part of the male with many even having surgery to look even more like women, you know, like Brucy boy, who is now dating homosexual males as Caitlyn?

Gee, what a coincidence.

Remember that I also told you that the homosexual women who play the part of the males are called butches and dikes and dress the part to look more masculine, including with more masculine haircuts?

Gee, does this mean that their culture is really based on heterosexual role playing while ranting against heterosexuality? Yep, pretty hypocritical, aren't they?

BTW, homosexuality is a very dysfunctional form of heterosexuality where their relationships are anywhere from two to more than 100 times less stable and from two to more than 20 times more violent than the average heterosexual relationship. We are talking grossly dysfunctional to the point of being a severe mental condition.

So, what is a transgender?

Obviously, a transgender is really nothing more than a homosexual queen and they dreamed up the term transgender to confuse you and the issue. That is all a transgender really is, you know, like Brucy boy dating homosexual males and transgender is just a cover for being a queen.

Many are also pedophiles, commit bestiality, and other aberrant forms of sex. Homosexuality is really nothing more than a perverted obsession with sex.

As with all things coming from liberals, you are being lied to in order to cover up for what is really going on. Liberals don't want you to know the truth.

Now, why do you want to let sexually obsessed bisexual males in the bathrooms with women and little girls just because they dress up like women?

They shouldn't even be allowed into restrooms with little boys.

For decades I have been reading about these jerks sexually attacking and molesting, even raping, little boys in men's restrooms and now that they are being allowed in women's restrooms, I am seeing an increase in sexual attacks and rapes of women by them.

These animals shouldn't be allowed on the street with a dog.

As the liberal pagans are getting their way, eyes are opening and increasing numbers of people are turning against the sick liberal pagan ideas and behaviors, just like God told me would happen. The truth will set you free and the liberals are doing their best to show you their ugly truths.

Now do you understand why God said these people should be killed along with all other adulterers?

It was to protect good people from bad people, you know, sexually obsessed predators. Homosexuals have been preying on, attacking, and seducing heterosexuals for thousands of years, you know, like in the story of Sodom and Gomorrah. This sexual predation isn't anything new.

Gee, you think that just maybe God wasn't wrong and we are?

The news media are confirming what God told us 3,600 years ago.

Do you see why I say that it is not possible for man to have written God's Laws even today, much less thousands of years ago?

And today's news confirms this to be true. The very fact those laws exist is proof God lives, He exists, He is real, and He is not a myth or old wives' tale because He is the only one who could have written those laws.

We stupid humans sure couldn't, not even today. We love our sins too much and that is what all of the pain and suffering in this world is really about, loving those sins, baby. If you really want to stop the pain and suffering, you have to divorce the sins and turn back to God.

Your choice, choose wisely or keep causing the pain and suffering.

John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

You better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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