New Government

I have been saying for years that our new government, after the liberals have finished destroying this government, must be either a monarchy or dictatorship because a democracy or republic will no longer work and history proves this to be true. When the democracy of Greece and Republic of Rome fell, they were replaced with dictatorships. The reason being for this is that, once a democracy or republic has fallen, the people who corrupted that government have so perfected the infiltration and ability to seize control of that government type so that they can too easily regain control of that government type so that the government type simply cannot be used again for at least a few centuries.

Therefore, the only logical thing to do is set up a dictatorship or monarchy which cannot very easily be infiltrated and taken control of by these evil people in order to best protect the good people of that new nation from the evil people who destroyed their former nation.

It should also be logical that, when the new nation is set up, that new nation should arrest those who destroyed the old nation, execute them for treason and nationalize the wealth of those people because that wealth was stolen from the old nation or people of that nation. That wealth should be used to help to financially start up the new nation until a fair tax system can begin to work in order to provide the revenues required to run the new nation. It is only just and fair that the people who destroyed the old nation, causing great harm and suffering to the people, especially if they murdered anyone, should be held accountable for their actions and pay for their crimes and for all damages. Why should good people pay for the mischief of evil people?

God has made it known to me that the new government which will replace the destroyed US republic shall be a conservative, Biblical Christian theocracy and the economy shall be a conservative, Biblical Christian, non-crony, capitalist economy. God shall set up for us Gentiles the same government, church, and economy that He set up for the Jews 3,600 years ago. As He did with the Jews, God has selected a group of prophets who will manage that government. It will be up to us Gentiles to see if we can do a better job with that government than the Jews did. That shall be our challenge and our test.

Yes, I know that the liberal traitors have brainwashed you to believe that a theocracy is evil and oppressive while they have been forcing on you a government which is very evil and oppressive. Could it be the liberal traitors also lied to you about that? Let's see, let's do the math. I love math.

Under the current system of our Republic, the liberals have been increasing the taxes on you by increasing not just the amount of taxes but also the things they tax. They now tax everything so that you can't own anything unless you keep paying commie rent or taxes on it. If you stop paying their commie rent or tax on that property, they take that property from you. You can no longer purchase anything, all you really do is purchase the right to rent that property from the government. This is true for everything of significant value you own especially your home, your car, boats, planes, and everything else. You must pay taxes or commie rent on that property for as long as you "own" it or lose the right to use that property.

The taxation has gotten so out of hand that even the poorest people spend at least 50% of their income paying taxes or commie rent with most of you paying much more and with some of you paying more than 80% of your income in taxes so the corrupt members of the upper class or upper class trash can stick more of your wealth in their pockets. They tax you on your incomes from at least 15% to more than 40% and then tax you for everything you buy and continue to own. Not only that, but they tax those things repeatedly before you get to purchase those things so that you are paying taxes on taxes. This runaway taxation is liberal Marxist insanity.

Add to this that the traitors have new forms of taxation in the works heading your way which will increase the taxes on you even more (not on them) so they can stick even more of your earnings in their pockets. These self professed "guardians" of ours keep dreaming up new ways to tax you more and more so they can keep more and more of what you earn and you get to keep less and less of what you earn. I think we call that stealing but remember that they promised you they would redistribute wealth. They just didn't admit to you that they would redistribute that wealth from you to them. Well, now you know the truth.

Then they keep writing these insane laws which keep taking away your rights to free speech while protecting their rights to lie to you, steal from you, and oppress you. If you dare defend yourself from an attack by a criminal, you are branded the criminal and prosecuted. They won't protect you, you can't protect your family, and you can't protect yourself. You are at the mercy of any criminals which desire to prey on you. These evil traitors oppress you at every opportunity.

Did you know that one of the reasons why these corrupt traitors increase the amount of taxes you pay as your income increases is to keep you from becoming wealthy and powerful like them? Think about it.

Gee, what a fair and wonderful government they are forcing on you, NOT!

Could it be that they brainwashed you into hating a theocracy so that you would not have a better choice to turn to when they forced their wickedness on you?

Under God's theocracy, the government AND church are limited to a total of a 10% flat tax on you to run both the government AND church. The government cannot add any other taxes to steal money from you such as taxing your home, your car, what you buy, what you inherit, or anything else. The government only gets to charge you a 10% flat tax on what you earn, period! No acceptions. Of course, if you fail to pay your taxes, there will be interest, fines, penalties, and possibly even prison time, as it should be.

Wow, you get to keep 90% of what you earn!!! No wonder the greedy traitors taught you to hate a Christian theocracy. They wouldn't be able to keep stealing more and more from you, how oppressive....for them. It sounds to me that God's theocracy was designed to protect you from these thieves which is why those thieves hate God's theocracy and call it oppressive.

Currently, if you are poor and living in the 50% tax bracket, you only get to keep less than 50% of what you earn under the system being run by the liberal traitors. But, under God's theocracy, you get to keep 90% of what you earn or almost twice as much. You will be able to purchase almost twice as much of the things you want. Gee, how oppressive...for them.

If you are currently in the 60% tax bracket where you spend at least 60% of your income on taxes and only get to keep and spend 40% of what you earn, then you will get to keep 90% of what you earn under God's Christian theocracy or better than twice what you are now keeping. That nice, new thing you have been wanting to purchase but can't afford it now, you will be able to afford it under God's Christian theocracy. Gee, how oppressive....for them.

If you are in the 80+% tax bracket where you get to keep less than 20% of what you earn, you will get to keep 90% of what you earn or 4.5 times as much of your earnings under God's Christian theocracy. Think of all the things you can buy, the businesses you can start, and the jobs you can create. Gee, how oppressive....for them.

Now let's look as some of the other laws in God's Christian theocracy. How about the law which says that you cannot lie? Gee, does this mean that your government can't lie to you? You bet it does or they will be committing a crime called fraud. Gee, now you really know why the liberal traitors hate God, the Bible, and a Christian theocracy. Do they even speak any more without lying to you? Under God's Theocracy, they better not or they will go to prison. Your government has to be honest with you. No wonder they have brainwashed you to hate God's Christian theocracy.

"But," you ask, "what about if our government is asked about something which concerns our national security and must be kept secret?"

That is easy, all they have to do is honestly say that is classified and we can't tell you about it BUT they cannot lie to you. Gee, how oppressive....for them.

How about God's Law which says, "thou shalt not steal"? I think that one makes it pretty obvious why they hate God's Christian theocracy. The vast majority of them got into government because they could not make more than a fraction as much honestly as they do stealing in government. Under God's theocracy, these liberal traitors would have everything they have stolen from you taken away from them, leaving them in poverty, and they would be either executed or spend the rest of their lives in prison at hard labor to pay for their mischief. Under God's Christian theocracy, your government can't steal from you and can only take a MAXIMUM of 10% of your income in taxes to run the government AND church. Gee, how oppressive....for them.

Then there is the Law which says, "thou shalt not murder". Under God's Christian theocracy, your government can't murder you, you know, by sending a drone over your house and blowing you and your family up. Under God's Christian theocracy, if the government managers intentionally execute anyone knowing they have not committed a crime, those government managers are to be executed for murder. Your government managers can kill people to punish criminals or to protect good people from those evil people they kill but they cannot murder innocent people. It is like I told you, God gave us His Laws to protect us not oppress us. Gee, how oppressive....for them.

Then we have the Law which says, "thou shalt not commit adultery." You need to understand that, before God set up the US as a Christian nation, all leaders around the world, including the European Royalty, had given themselves the right to rape any woman they wanted including your mother, your sister, your wife, and your daughter any time they wanted and, if they were above you in political position, you couldn't do anything about it. It was their right and God's Law about not committing adultery took that right from them. One of the most important reasons why the corrupt upper class trash has been pushing "free sex" is because they want to be able to rape any woman they want any time they want just like their predecessors or ancestors. Because of this alone, the upper class trash traitors hate God's Law which says they cannot commit adultery. Blink, blink, blink, light bulbs turning on.

Under God's Christian theocracy, these evil liberal traitors can't rape your women or they will be executed for adultery. Your women are protected from the evil members of the upper class or what I call the upper class trash. Gee, how oppressive....for them.

One last thing which the upper class trash liberal traitors hate about God's Christian theocracy is that, under God's Christian theocracy, absolutely no one is above the Law because God is the Law and no one can be above God. Therefore, for anyone to believe they are above the Law is an act of blasphemy and punishable by death.

Under the system being forced on you by these liberal traitors, they get to live by a completely different set of extremely liberal, permissive laws, the middle class lives by another set of much more oppressive laws, and the lower class has to live by another set of much more brutally oppressive laws. Under God's Christian theocracy, EVERYONE is required to live by exactly the same set of laws with the same set of punishments, no exceptions!

For example, God set Moses up as the supreme leader over the children of Israel. Moses broke one simple law or command from God and was punished by not being permitted to go into the Promised Land with the children of Israel showing that even Moses was not above the Law. If Moses cannot be above God's Law, then no one can be above God's Law. Under God's Christian theocracy, absolutely everyone, regardless of fame or wealth, must live by the same Laws and face the same punishments. Gee, how oppressive....for them.

Gee, I wonder why the liberal traitors have brainwashed you into believing that a Christian theocracy would be so terrible and evil, NOT! It is pretty obvious why the liberal traitors hate God's Christian theocracy, it would oppress them from oppressing you. That is why these evil monsters consider God's Laws to be oppressive, because, for them, they really are.

Knowing that, after the coming war, God will set up His Christian theocracy to protect you from the liberal criminals, you have something really great to pray for. So, you should want to....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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