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We need to start thinking about our new Christian nation. After all, the Republic of the US is dead, has been all but replaced by a pagan communist dictatorship, which will soon be replaced by a Muslim dictatorship and then our new Christian nation. Therefore, we need to start thinking about designing and building that new nation in advance and not wait until we don't have a nation to protect us.

We need to purge all paganism from our new nation to prevent the pagans from also destroying our new nation. We tolerated their paganism and they thanked us by destroying our Christian nation. You fool me once, shame on you, you fool me twice, shame on me. We also made the mistake of not purging liberal paganism from our Christianity and we are now being punished for that. I don't know about you, but I am tired of ticking God off by honoring Satan and his false pagan gods and being punished for it. I would much rather God be proud of us for giving Him the credit due Him and blessing us for it. As long as we continue to honor Satan and his false pagan gods, God will not protect us from Satan. God has let me know that we must choose which side we are going to stand on, God's side or Satan's side. We can't have it both ways.

There are plenty of Christians who are experts in different things like economics, military, law enforcement, finance, history, education, science, banking, law, and other things which will all need fixed. The pagans have messed up everything to destroy our nation. We will need to quickly change to a Christian capitalist free market economy and purge out all of the crony capitalism, Marxism, Libertarianism, and everything else. We will have to quickly do away with all of the laws pushed through by the major corporations to eliminate competition from the little guy while keeping the laws which protect everyone equally and fairly. We need to start up a Biblical 10% flat tax for government revenues to fight the war and recover from it.

I believe the people who are Christians and experts in these different fields will be the people I saw in the dream about Obama taking his Muslims and the liberal white cracker commie traitors to invade Israel, me moving forward to take a seat at the front of our new nation, and then many other Christians following me to take other seats and build our new nation. God knows who we all are.

I have noticed a pretty common tendency among some Gentiles to try get consulting from Jews and copy what the Jews are doing because the Jews are "the chosen people" and those Christians want to be like the "Chosen People". But I feel this is not a good thing. The Jews have been in exile and being punished for more than 2,000 of the last 3,000 years and not because they got it all right. Very few of them have even figured out what they were chosen for. They arrogantly like to think they were chosen because they are in some way superior to the rest of us and they should be our overlords. Wrong!

The Jews were chosen by God to be the keepers of the Bible, spread the Law and teachings of that book around the world (which they have failed at, God finally gave that job to us Gentiles and we got that job done), and give birth to our messiah, Jesus, whom they killed with our help. One out of three is not a good track record. Why would anyone want to be like the "Chosen People", they are terrible failures.

Note that we do not want to hate the Jews because some are our brothers and sisters in God. We are to pray for them, bless them, and learn from their mistakes but not blindly copy everything they do.

Speaking of their track record, let's first look at their track record to learn from their mistakes and consider just what we can use from their current practices.

For example, I have been considering which calendar we should use as a nation because our current Roman calendar gives honor to false pagan gods and leaders instead of our God. I really don't think we should continue to honor Satan and his pagan gods, especially after the pagans have destroyed our nation. Plus, there are a number of nations which use their own calendar and shouldn't a Christian nation use a Christian calendar honor our God?

I thought about using the Hebrew calendar but it is a pagan calendar. I got this from Wikipedia.

"At some point during the Babylonian exile or diaspora, which started in 597 BCE, Babylonian Jews began to use Babylonian month names, which continue to be used today.[15] The Syrian calendar used in the Levant region shares many of the names for months as the Hebrew calendar, such as Nisan, Iyyar, Tammuz, Ab, Elul, Tishri, and Adar, indicating a common Babylonian origin." It was also noted that Tammuz was named after a Babylonian god and, since Syria also uses 7 of the 12 month names, it is certain that all of them honor some Babylonian god or leader and I really don't think it is a good idea for God to give us a second chance with a new Christian nation and for us to thank Him by using our calendar to honor pagan gods.

It is like I have said, the Jews perverted what they are selling as Judaism with paganism before the exile of the first ten tribes, which is why they were exiled, and have continued perverting Judaism since. They practice what I call Judeo-paganism, which is why so many of them hate Christianity. God said that we are not to add to or take away from the Law, which is blasphemy because it elevates man above God, but the Jews have replaced much of the Law with their pagan traditions and even have an annual meeting by their religious leaders to consider what they will add to or take from the Law. This means that every year, they premeditate committing blasphemy by elevating themselves above God.

Gee, I wonder why they are being persecuted?

Therefore, if we are going to build a Christian nation to honor God, we shouldn't copy anything they say or do but take everything straight out of the Bible. We should try for a better track record than they have to thank God for giving us another chance, not to prove we are better than them but to avoid the punishments they have had to endure.

I even thought about using the names the Israelis use for their days of the week in order to get away from paganism.

Hebrew Meaning Pagan
Yom Rishon first day Sunday
Yom Sheni second day Monday
Yom Shlishi third day Tuesday
Yom Revi fourth day Wednesday
Yom Chamishi fifth day Thursday
Yom Shishi sixth day Friday
Yom Shabbat Sabbath day Saturday

Did you know that they don't even use the same Hebrew from when the Torah was first written?

They used a different Hebrew before they went to Babylon than after they returned. Among the Dead Sea Scrolls they found the scriptures written in both the old and new Hebrew so that they know the scriptures were accurately translated from old to new Hebrew. Even their language has been paganized and is not some saintly language from Heaven we should use. New Hebrew is almost as much Babylonian as it is Hebrew. I am not too hot on the idea of speaking some kind of half breed Hebrew/Babylonian to show honor to God. I think we can honor God even better with our own language, American (wrongly called English). After all, when God created our new nation, He also gave us a new language and I think we should use that language to honor God and thank Him for that language. My feeling is, if we are going to break from paganism and start clean, then we should also break from everything Israeli except for the Bible and start completely clean. Besides, we are going to have enough to do in building a new nation without everyone having to learn a new language.

What the Jews do is between them and God and what we do is between us and God and we need to get our house in order. It is obvious that God isn't too pleased with what the Jews have done so we should do our own things in relation to what the Bible says, something the Jews have not done for thousands of years, but we should pray for them that God will cause them to pull their heads out of their butts and stop causing so much trouble for themselves and Christians. We should walk our own walk with God, let them walk their walk with their false pagan god, Hashem, and we should not try to imitate their failed pagan walk. We should learn from their many mistakes and then do what God wants us to do, which means we should seek God's guidance in such things.

We are now being punished for our paganism. Why would we want to also be punished for the Jews' paganism by copying the Jews? I want God to be proud of us and bless us, not be angry at us and punish us. I have been thinking and praying about this and other such things for years because I want to honor God and get rid of all paganism honoring Satan. We are either on the side of Jesus or on the side of Satan and I don't want ANYTHING to do with being on the side of Satan.

If the pagans can create calendars to honor their pagan gods and leaders, then, as a Christian nation, we should have a Christian calendar to honor our God, especially since the pagans have destroyed our once great Christian nation. Why should we continue to honor their pagan gods? Keep in mind that a number of nations have their own calendars such as Israel, China, Japan, and the Muslims.

Suggested Christian Calendar

Below is what I suggest for us to have a truly Christian calendar to honor Jesus. First, we use a solar calendar instead of a lunar calendar because the solar calendar is much easier and cleaner. Instead of naming the twelve months of the year after pagan gods and leaders, we name the 12 months after the 12 Apostles Jesus chose Himself. We can start with Peter for the first month because Peter is one of the best known and a favorite of Jesus. We end the year with Paul because he was the last chosen by Jesus to replace Judas.

Among the Apostles, two are named James, James, son of Zebedee and James, son of Alphaeus. In Hebrew, Ben means "son of" so we would call those two months James Ben Zebedee and James Ben Alphaeus to differentiate and we need to have at least a few months between the two to prevent confusion.

I also designed some improvements into the calendar which I am surprised no one else thought of to make it easier to learn and use. For example, odd numbered months have an odd number of days at 31, even numbered months have an even number of days at 28 for the second month and 30 for the rest of the months except for leap year when the second month has 29 days. It is very easy to learn, easy to remember, especially for children, and a great tool for teaching the Bible. Within a few years, everyone will know all of the apostles, which very few Christians know today. This is what our Christian calendar may look like.

12 Months After The 12 Apostles

Month of












James Ben Zebedee
























James Ben Alphaeus
















For the days of the week, I suggest using seven prophets from the Old Testament. It would look something like this.

Seven Days After Seven Prophets

Day of
























Within a few months, everyone will know all of these prophets.

For our holidays, we need to get rid of all pagan celebrations including April Fools, May Day, Cinco De Mayo, Easter, Halloween, Christmas, and Labor Day. The reason we need to get rid of Christmas is because 1) we don't know when Jesus was born, 2) it was set up so people couldn't tell that Constantine was actually worshiping the birthday of his favorite god, Sol, the Roman sun god, 3) the celebrations are almost all pagan including the Germanic pagan Yule tree (Christmas tree), and 4) it has been so commercialized it doesn't do Jesus service. It would be better for us to worship the death, burial, and resurrection of Jesus, which bought our salvation and is the reason He came. We need to work up Biblical Christian celebrations for the religious days that are not like the Jewish celebrations because the Jews have incorporated pagan "traditions" into most of their celebrations.

We can't copy anything from the Jews, which isn't purely Biblical, because they have corrupted Judaism with a lot of paganism the way the gentiles have corrupted Christianity with a lot of paganism. We have to focus on creating a purely Biblical Judeo-Christian culture, government, nation, and religion. Below are some of the holidays I think we should observe.





New Years

Jan 1

Peter 1



James Z




Independence Day



Veterans Day



Rosh Hashanah


James A

Yom Kippur


James A-Simon




Thanksgiving Day



Note that I kept Thanksgiving because it was a purely Christian holiday to give thanks to God. I think we should have a holiday towards the end of the year for giving thanks to God.

These are some of my ideas and suggestions for honoring God for giving us a second chance by permitting us to build a new Christian nation. We all need to think about these and other things concerning setting up a new Christian nation after the dust has settle in the coming war.

You better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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