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I just want to comment on a number of things I have been seeing in the news or on TV lately. The first has to do with global warming effecting our weather and the media and Hollywood using fear tactics to turn us against what they think is causing all of this, which is us humans burning fossil fuels. These dummies will stick to their idea based on evolution and force us to at least diminish our use of fossil fuels getting energy from who knows where. I guess they think quality of life will continue without energy. The dummies just don't stop to think of what life will be like without the current energy consumption. If they get what they think they want, we will be forced back to the cave and at least 90% of us will have to die off. Not smart, huh?

What will happen is that they will come up with some screw ball solution that won't work and the planet will continue to rapidly warm increasing in warming at a non-linear rate with the weather getting rapidly worse. Then they will be forced to reconcider and MIGHT find out what I have already taught you is causing global warming. But first, they will have to consider creation and drop evolution.

As I pointed out before, if you study history, you will see that our continents have been drying out for thousands of years because the water is draining and evaporating faster than our weather can replenish it. The best proof for this are the many ruins of great agrarian cities and societies which are now in the middle of great desserts that couldn't support one tenth of the people who used to live in those great cities just a few thousand years ago. A great example is the recent discovery of cities and mummies in the Egyptian dessert.

As our continents drain, they can support less and less vegetation. More and more sun light is hitting the ground instead of plants so that more and more of the sun's energy reaching earth is turned into heat instead of sugar, water, and oxygen. This means that the deserts are growing in size and heating our planet faster and faster. This is having a much greater effect on heating the planet than man could possibly have and must be reversed to stop the heating and increasing weather problems. In a nut shell, we must strategically begin irrigating our deserts with desalinated ocean water.

Until we do this, the waters around the world will continue to warm causing the stormy seasons to increase in length, the storm areas will increase in size, and the storms will increase in intensity. For example, hurricanes will increase in intensity as they are now and the hurricane season will get longer. But the hurricanes will start doing more damage further up the Atlantic coast because the cooler northern waters which have traditionally taken the energy from these storms will warm causing the hurricanes to continue further north until the entire Atlantic coast becomes uninhibitedly.

You will also begin to see hurricanes and tornados spread to areas where they usually are not found until weather becomes unbearable globally. But the global warming goes beyond the weather because as the oceans warm, so will the earth's crust. As the earth's crust warms, it will expand and increase seismic activity globally. We will begin to see earthquakes where there have not been any and the earthquakes will increase in intensity globally until there is regular global devastation. These increasing earthquakes will cause our coast lines to become uninhabitable because of increasing tsunami's.

I keep seeing an increasing concern about the coming avian flu and have realized what God is about to do. He has grown tired of the wickedness of not only liberals but also all of the pagan cults which are returning in a massive way and us conservative Christians and orthodox Jews being tolerant of their evil dead's. Because we won't take a stand for God and His Laws, then He will take that stand and clean up our mess for us.

Remember what I taught you about liberals have weaker immune systems. Research has shown that people who go to church on a regular basis have stronger immune systems but they keep trying to sell this as being caused by the increased faith instead of life styles because they don't want to have to admit that their life styles are what is causing them to have weaker immune systems and be more susceptible to death from a disease.

If you read the Law as a biologist, you will see that at least 80% of the Law is written to improve our physical health here on earth. The rest of the Laws are written to improve our peaceful coexistence and financial gain. If they do the research on it, they will find that the healthiest people on earth are orthodox Jews who exercise regularly or at least get plenty of physical exercise from work. Next will be the conservative Christians who exercise regularly.

Many of you have already noticed that the Jews and even conservative Christians have less poverty and tend to be better off than the overage pagan. That is because they tend to do business and live the the Laws of God. His Laws work and were written for our benefit.

On the other hand, it is not only the liberals but also the pagans, including Satanist's, witches, and even Muslims, which have weaker immune systems because of their life styles. Almost all of them (except Muslims) practice adultery especially as part of their religious rituals sharing their sexually transmitted diseases and weakening their immune systems. They all (including most Muslims) use recreational drugs weakening their immune systems. Most of them drink the blood of the animals and even humans they sacrifice to their false gods ingesting the diseases and parasites from the animals' blood into their own bodies weakening their immune systems. The Muslims and many other pagans practice bestiality or having sex with animals which is where we get all of our sexually transmitted diseases weakening their immune systems. Therefore, all of these people are more likely to die from the Avian Flu than either orthodox Jews or conservative Christians.

God is going to cull out a lot, but not all, of these wicked pagans. He isn't just going to decrease the number of voters, but will also decrease the number of these people who are politicians, judges, journalists, government officials, and others who have managed to work their ways into key jobs which either strongly effect or control our lives. The Avian Flu will cause their numbers in these positions to greatly decrease depending on how bad God causes the flu the strike us. It will cull them out enough to permit the conservatives to increase the rate of turning our countries around and back to God.

The flu season in the northern hemisphere is only about one month away and we should start seeing things moving in this direction soon. It will get nasty because we all at least partly turned our backs on God and His Laws. I strongly suggest you turn back before it is too late. Note in the scriptures that God always gives a more than fair amount of warning and time before He punishes a people so severely but note that the punishments are getting worse with this recent tornado that struck out of season and at night taking everyone by surprise. I believe that was one of the last bow shots before the Avain Flu begins. Get a clue.

Then we have the mess in France where the Muslims are just about to tear the country apart. France has been one of the worst countries for opposing Israel and supporting the Arab Muslims so they can keep having cheaper oil. It is ironic that, as the violence being caused by the Muslims in Israel continues to escalate, the Muslims in France have been escalating their violence to the point of having a civil war a Muslim attempt to overthrow the French government in progress. France hasn't figured it out yet, but that is what is going on.

The irony continues as this violence is threatening to spread to other European countries like Germany and Italy which have also supported the Muslims against Israel. I guess what goes around comes around. The big question here is, "will the Muslims succeed at using their exported immigrants to overthrow these countries from within?" We may soon find out.

Also remember what I told you about the progression of God's punishment? The very last level of punishment is that God will cause your country to be conquered and the people to be spread into other countries either hiding in fear or as slaves and prisoners. Have the European countries, which have worked so long against Israel, committed their last sin and will the Muslims conquer their countries scattering most of the Europeans into Muslim countries the Euro's have supported as slaves? That is a scary but interesting thought but Muslims still practice slavery throughout most of the world. You know that the prized slaves will be the better educated and more productive slaves such as engineers, scientists, college professors, and skilled laborers. They will probably kill off the idiot politicians, judges, and journalists unless the Muslims decide to use them as puppets.

Remember that I taught you that the feet of iron mixed with clay for Nebuchadnezzar's golden image are a Muslim conquered Europe. How much of the world will the Muslims conquer before the rest of the world wakes up and gets a clue? According to the scriptures, the Muslims will eventually conquer the world, they will eventually rule the world from Babylon, and they will rule more ruthlessly with a fist of steel than any ruler since Nebuchadnezzar. The only question is how much of it will they rule before the rapture because the western world slept? Think about it.

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