The Sex Trap

I have been watching and thinking about this for almost half a century, gathering information here and there and trying to figure out exactly what is going on, doing what I call watching shadows moving in the background. Today, I read a very powerful article about this on a European news blog. It was very upsetting so I thought about it for most of the day, even took a nap and slept on it, and, when I woke up, thought about it some more and then I realized that it is time to write this essay. I feel it is very safe to say there is better than a 90% probability that at least most of what I am going to write is true and it is not pleasant.

The article I read today was about Snowden from a very slightly different perspective which I know could too easily be true. The summary of the article is that Snowden went full rogue, even against Obama and the upper class trash. It is alleged that he went to China on his own, gave up the intel you heard about on the media plus the intel I told you he provided China and Russia to encourage China and Russia to go to war against the West and US (they are preparing for war against us right now), and has also been giving up other very dark intel which has been getting people killed, especially journalists and writers. It is alleged that Russia extricated Snowden from China just hours before a planned CIA hit on Snowden and Russia is providing protection for Snowden under the condition Snowden stops releasing the really dark intel.

The dark intel is that there is a very powerful rogue group inside the CIA which is setting up orgies with children for all the rich and powerful people, including regularly in the US White House for at least the last 25 years, and using this intel to blackmail those powerful people involved in these child rape orgies into doing what the bosses of these members of the CIA want everyone to do. Basically, if the powerful people won't sell out for the bribes offered by the puppet master Luciferians, then they will sell out to keep from spending the rest of their lives in prison as child rapists. It is alleged that this CIA organization keeps these kids in warehouses and treats them worse than animals in zoos. If this is true, then this inner CIA organization is answering to the very top ultra rich and powerful people who are currently running everything, the top Luciferians. In other words, these criminals own almost everyone in a position of power one way or another. If this is true, then you can bet that, when they are finished with these children, they murder the children to keep the children from talking about it later. If this is true, it is the worst crime in the history of the US.

The story also tells us that the FBI, other law enforcement agencies, and most of the CIA can't stop this inner CIA organization because of laws restricting their investigations, them being told to shut down investigations into this mess, and the power of the CIA organization within the CIA and the upper class trash who are in charge of this CIA group.

This story creates some interesting questions. We know that Snowden was obviously infiltrated into the CIA by the business which does background checks for the CIA by providing the CIA with false information for Snowden's background check and the business which provided that false information is now under investigation. So, did Snowden turn on his handlers while still providing China and Russia the intel required to help destroy the US in order to get protection from China or Russia? Or did the puppet masters instruct Snowden to go through with the plan to provide China and Russia with the intel to destroy the US and West along with also providing the dark intel so the puppet masters could 1) get rid of certain of their puppets and consolidate power or 2) gain even more control over the puppets while starting a third world war to kill off most of the people on the planet? It is possible that the puppets just got screwed by the puppet masters, you know, like I told you they would. No one can trust a traitor, not even the puppet masters.

Shadows Moving in the Background

For almost half a century, I have been watching, listening, and gathering intel on this human slavery issue going on in the US, quietly watching the shadows moving in the background. I have listened to police detectives, sheriff's deputies, feds, and other law enforcement agents say almost the same thing again and again for decades and all from different places in the US.

The basic story they keep telling is that there is a US black market for human slaves controlled by the most powerful people at the very top of our society who shut down all investigations into this slave market. Almost all of these slaves are children grabbed off the streets who are used for child rape, human sacrifices for pagan religious rituals, and to be tortured to death by sadists. Some of these children are kept as sex slaves by the upper class trash in their expensive penthouses until the rich monsters get tired of them and then they are murdered or sold to pimps for street prostitutes.

Everyone of the law officers has stated that the end for almost every child who is kidnapped into this US slavery black market is they are murdered when the pagan monsters are finished with them. A few of the children are sold as slaves to be street prostitutes. They have said that better than half the children and young adults, especially pretty women, who go missing, are kidnapped into this US slavery black market and will be killed within from a few days to at most a few months.

I have also been hearing reformed pagans, especially pagan priests turned Christians, telling about this same US slavery black market for decades and how the kids the pagan cultists purchase are used for child gang rape rituals and human sacrifices for their pagan religious rituals. They keep saying just about the same things as the law officers have been saying. Not only do the children always die but they are often disposed of by being cremated in someone's kitchen oven at 400 degrees and the bones being ground up or cut up into very small pieces being used for cult symbols such as jewelry.

With so many different people from so many different groups, especially professional law agents, from so many different parts of the US saying the same things for so long, it is extremely likely that this is true. Then to read that Snowden has exposed an inside group within the CIA using this child slave market and child rape orgies to black mail and control powerful people such our presidents and other top politicians for the upper class trash puppet master Luciferians, it is extremely likely it is also true. This also explains some relatively good politicians suddenly changing sides, you know, going over to the dark side.

Back in either the 1970s or 1980s two men started a publication to find and rescue runaway children. They were putting pictures and information about missing people, especially children, in a regular publication and it was being paid for via advertising and unit sales. This idea was doing extremely well and was making a lot of money for the two guys while returning thousands of kids to their homes per year. It was saving thousands of young lives. Then ABC used 60 Minutes to do a character assassination on these two guys for "making too much money" doing something good like saving the children which caused these two guys to lose enough revenues from advertising that they went out of business and no children have been saved since.

Now why would 60 Minutes kill a program which was rescuing thousands of lost kids every year? Were these guys getting too close to uncovering and putting this US slavery black market out of business and getting some of the upper class trash, especially the puppet masters, sent to prison? Were they making it too difficult for the upper class trash slavery black market to operate? That is what I keep coming up with as the most probably reasons. I have wondered how many children have been murdered over the decades because of that 60 Minutes story.

Satan's Sex Trap

I have come to understand why God is so insistent about us not committing adultery. Sex is one of man's two greatest weaknesses (greed is the other one) and Satan knows it and knows how to use it to trap us into doing other things most of us would never do without the sex trap.

I have been reading and listening for decades to pagans telling how they use adultery to seduce people into their pagan cults and gradually work those people into doing increasing worse things, including drugs and human sacrifices. The way the pagans work it is that they invite people to regular parties where those people get all the sex and alcohol they want. At these parties, the pagans watch to see how open people are to perversions. When they feel a person is ready, they invite that person to the next level parties where they get drugs and even more perverse sex.

The pagans gradually keep moving people through this system to doing increasingly worse and worse things with the parties always including adultery until the pagans feel the person is ready to attend their first very mild pagan religious rituals which, of course, include adultery. Then the pagans keep moving people up through different levels of religious rituals until they get the person doing child rape and human sacrifices. By that time, they have complete control of these converts and the converts will do anything the pagans want including stealing and murder, after all, the converts are already involved in murdering children as human sacrifices.

Knowing that the Luciferians are pagan Satanists, it should only be obvious they would work the same way and would do something very similar as using a government agency to kidnap children and use those children to stage child rape orgies to entrap rich and powerful people into doing whatever the Luciferians want these people to do.

Without adultery as one of their main weapons, Satan's pagans couldn't coerce or black mail nearly quite as many people into doing the evil things the pagans get those people to do. Adultery is an extremely powerful weapon against humans and Satan's most frequently used weapon against humans. So, if we obey God's Law and don't commit adultery, then it makes it much more difficult for Satan to gain control over us and cause the problems he causes. If we also live by God's other Laws such as not coveting, not stealing, not murdering, and not lying, then Satan can't get you to do a thing and has no control over you. By rejecting God and His Laws, you are making yourself extremely vulnerable to entrapment, being controlled, and being enslaved by Satan and his pagans. Adultery is a Satanic trap.

Therefore, it is only logical that we humans should want to live by God's Laws which were designed to guide and protect us and our families from Satan and his pagans. God is our best protector and we should all turn from our crimes against God's Laws, accept the amnesty provided for our crimes by Jesus on the cross, and follow God's Laws to protect us from the wiles of Satan and his pagans.

Without the knowledge and wisdom God provides for those who follow Him and His Laws, there is no way any human can outsmart a being like Satan who is much more intelligent than any human and has had thousands of years practice to develop his methods when we humans only have decades to live. Therefore, it is only common sense that, in order to prevent becoming Satan's slaves and victims, we must have God's Laws to guide us safely through life. God is our keeper, Satan is our slave master and killer.

Always remember that man plans, God laughs.

Knowing that Satan and his pagans are in control of the planet at this time, it is a very good time to....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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