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ISIS has announced that it has downed two Russian drones.

My question is how?

I keep waiting for those 20,000 missiles Obama and Hilarious gave to ISIS to show up in the fighting by knocking down planes.

Maybe they have been and we just have not been hearing about it?

Assad said he will help France destroy ISIS if France changes its attitude, you know, they quit helping Obama try to depose Assad. France is trying to put together a 42 nation coalition to destroy ISIS.

Will Russia, Syria, Iran, and China be part of that coalition?

Yep, I was right. I just read that Russia and France have "sealed" their new alliance. Russia is now part of France's coalition and if Obama attacks Russia, he will also be fighting France and China. (Remember China's mutual defense treaty with Russia?) This afternoon, Russia and France made it official.

France is sending its army into the no-go zone Muslim feudal states in France to arrest Muslim terrorists, resulting in some serious fighting. The European feudal wars are ramping up. Today, France killed two Muslim terrorists and arrested seven more.

Mean while, France is continuing to import more Muslim terrorists...uh...immigrants. Does that make sense to anyone other than the loony toons?

Poland's new right wing government is suggesting sending Syrian refugees back to liberate their own countries. Poland has also just defied the EU by refusing to take in more Muslim immigrants. The EU crumbles a little bit more.

Trump says he will build a big beautiful safe zone in Syria for refugees.

Better idea: stop arming terrorist organizations to destroy Syria, topple Assad, and murder the people. Then the people won't have any reason to flee Syria buuuuut that would require the upper class trash to stop their insanity and you know that won't happen.


Spanish Judge Jose de la Mata has issued an arrest warrant for Netanyahu and other Israeli government officials who were involved in the the case of the 2010 Mavi Marmara raid. The lefties and Muslims keep trying to find an excuse to justify invading Israel, you know, to arrest these people. Yeah, right.

Israel just asked France, "Do you still want us to show restraint in face of terror?"

This is really big concerning Bible prophesy. Russia stated that Hezbollah and Hamas are democratic entities and not terrorists. This means that Putin could use Israel attacking one or both as an excuse to invade Israel, you know, just like it says in Ezekiel 38 & 39.

We are getting close, very close. Russia, Gog, is there and the rest are going there. As soon as Putin declares an excuse for invading Israel, all of the Muslim nations will come running in mass, as prophesied in Ezekiel.

Now, if Putin sets up the coalition to invade Israel, Obama must make a deal with Putin because in Obama's mind, he is the Mahdi and he MUST (we are talking obsessive, compulsive here) be the one to stand on the Temple Mount and give the order for Muslims to kill all remaining non Muslims to prove he is the Mahdi. Keep an eye on this.

Remember that I told you that the Orthodox Church (Putin's church which has blessed his war in Syria as a crusade) hates Israel?

The Orthodox Church is now blaming Israel for the Paris attack.

Now, let me get this straight, Russia has troops in Syria on a religious crusade, its main church hates Israel, the Orthodox Church wants to retake Jerusalem, and its main church is blaming Israel for the Paris attacks?

Just how easy do you think they will believe that Israel nuked Chicago, after Obama nukes Chicago and blames Israel? Will those things combined bring Obama and Putin together to invade Israel?

You know the Orthodox Church will jump on that bandwagon for invading Israel. The Orthodox Church used to have control of the Holy City, Jerusalem, before the Muslims took it away from them and they want it back big time.

Get the picture yet?


Obama is doing everything he can to shame the GOP into not stopping Obama's Muslim terrorists...uh...refugees from coming into the US.

Interestingly, some conservatives are now saying that we should allow refugees who are proven Christians but not the Muslims.

Are eyes opening? Gee, who would have figured that the Christians aren't the real terrorists and the Muslims are?

I hope you realize that, if Obama really did create ISIS, which is now a certainty, then Obama is at least partly responsible for the Paris attacks and he probably even celebrated the attacks. That also means that Obama is responsible for creating these refugees with his Muslim terrorists. Gee, what a coincidence that Obama is creating these Muslim immigrants to invade and conquer the West while he is demanding all Western nations take in those immigrants. Obama and his Muslim pals are not just trying to take over the US but the entire world, especially the US and Europe.

Obama just praised Putin's efforts in the Syrian talks. Is Obama about to make some kind of deal with Putin that will stab his buds, ISIS, in the back?

Mean while, Ex-CIA Director, Woolsey, said that Obama is just "piddling around" with his weak ISIS air strikes. Obama is still trying to protect his beloved ISIS.

You think Obama is not betraying us for his beloved ISIS? You think Obama is not a Muslim plant and traitor?

One of the things Obama is doing to protect ISIS while making it look like he is trying to destroy ISIS is he has our planes dropping leaflets on oil tanker trucks warning them they will be bombed in 45 minutes, which in of itself is really stupid in that 1) they are warning the enemy and 2) that the truck drivers might actually stop and read the fliers, and then has his Navy pilots do low altitude buzzes over the trucks to scare them without ever bombing the trucks. That is right, they are not even bombing the ISIS trucks. I guess they are trying to scare the truck drivers to death.

What Obama is doing is using the lame excuse that he doesn't want to cause any collateral damage, you know, killing civilians like the truck drivers who know they are transporting oil for ISIS, to prevent the US military from actually taking out ISIS. You know, it is much, much more important for the US to not kill a few civilians to take out ISIS than to stop ISIS from butchering and torturing to death tens of thousands of civilians.

Believe me, Obama is protecting ISIS from the might of the US military.

I love it when God throws Obama's lies back in his face, especially this fast. Obama said, "Apparently they are scared of widows and orphans coming into the United States of America," to discourage people from refusing immigrants. Within a few hours a Muslim woman detonated a suicide belt in Paris and, over the last few days, 2 female suicide bombers have killed in Nigeria. Yep, you better be afraid of those Muslim women and children because both women and children are regularly used by Muslims as suicide bombers.

Remember that Obama stated in one of his books that, if he has to choose between communism and Islam, he will choose Islam?

The socialist president of France asked Obama to join the coalition to destroy ISIS in the Middle East and Obama flat refused. Obama just chose between communism and Islam with Islam being the winner. The commies have just been sold out.

How long do you think it will take those stupid commies to figure that one out?

More and more I am seeing others saying what I have been telling you for years, Obama is a devout Muslim terrorist. They are all figuring it out and publically stating it. Eyes are opening.

There is an old saying that actions speak louder than words. Obama's actions are 100% pro Muslim and 0% pro Christian. Guess which Obama is.


2,098 Muslim refugees were admitted into the US and only 53 Christians. It sounds to me like they are vetting refugees and not allowing Christians.

Why can't they vet Muslims too? Because they don't want to?


Before you let tens of thousands of immigrants into this country, I hope you remember that ISIS has chemical weapons and is known to have used mustard gas on its enemies.

What are they planning to use on you, mustard gas, sarin gas?

Paul Traitor Ryan is saying he will not support any cuts to Muslim immigration. That is from the head RINO.

Some people are ignorantly saying we should just let the women and children into the US in spite of the fact that ISIS uses women suicide bombers and trains up children as young as three years old to be terrorists, usually suicide bombers.

Mean while, while fighting ISIS in Syria, France is continuing to let ISIS immigrants into France. The upper class trash have all been inbreeding too long and gone completely nuts.


Certain evangelicals are breaking away from the GOP in support of bringing immigrants to the US in spite of the fact that there are tens of thousands of Muslim terrorists among those immigrants who are coming to the US to kill Christians. They blaspheme Jesus by saying they are supporting the immigration of Muslim terrorists "because Jesus was an immigrant when his family fled to Egypt."

That sounds really great BUT Jesus wasn't a Muslim terrorist traveling to Egypt to destroy Egypt and he wasn't traveling to Egypt with Muslim terrorists who were planning on destroying Egypt. Their blasphemy is that they are using the name of Jesus to make a lot of money betraying the American people, including their own Christian church members.

The real reason why these churches are supporting immigration is because the government will pay them tens of thousands of dollars to relocate those Muslim immigrants in their Christian neighborhoods. They are selling out the American people to fill their greedy pockets and you can bet that these churches are lead by poser Christians because true Christians would not take bribes to sell out their own people to Muslim terrorists.

These poser Christians are selling their souls to the Devil. Don't be surprised to see these churches convert to Islam after Obama imposes Sharia Law. God said, "The love of money is the root of all evil."


Mean while, 90% of Britons are demanding that Britain leave the EU.

Gee, who would have figured? It isn't if but when is the EU going to destroy itself?

Climate Change

Climate change appears to be a diversion to distract you from the Muslim invasion. It is all smoke and mirrors.


The Pope's security detail has nearly doubled while he is saying that you cannot be a Christian if you have guns.

Does this mean that the Pope isn't Christian and is now twice as evil?

Nothing like a little Papal hypocrisy, you know, do as I say and not as I do.

Isn't a Sheppard supposed to care for his sheep and not just leave them to the wolves to feast on while the Sheppard takes care of himself?

STD Epidemic

I just saw an article about the rapidly growing STD epidemic in the US. It is all being caused by our "free sex", A.K.A. adultery.

So, how is that adultery thingy going?

Charlie Sheen just disclosed that he has HIV and said he never told his girl friend. Nice guy. Think major law suit coming to Charlie Sheen.

God said, "Be not deceived, your sins will find you out."


44 Congressmen have told AG, Loretta Lynch, to appoint a special counsel to investigate Hilarious' e-mails. Here cum duh bus.

Obama's Black Lives Matter prevented access to a speech by Billy Boy Clintstone so that it had to be cancelled.

Get the picture yet?

This is a massive power struggle between Obama and the Clintstones.

Isn't it fun to watch the upper class trash eat their own?

John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

You better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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