With the war against terror now moving to the US because our liberals didn't let our military win the war, you better learn to survive terrorist attacks, which can be individual or group attacks. I want to make some suggestions to get you started in the right direction.

Know that real street fighting is not nice, pretty, or pleasant. Quite the opposite, it is ugly and vicious and the only rule is survive. You do what you have to do to stay alive. Street fighting is not like anything you have seen on TV or in the movies. You can't quit fighting until the other person can no longer fight and know that it is quite common for the person who was mortally wounded to kill the person who killed them, especially if the person who killed them quit fighting because they thought that mortally wounding someone ended the fight. Military history is repleat with stories about mortally wounded people killing one or more other people before they finished dying.

If you put the barrel of a 38 caliber pistol against the sternum and shoot them through the heart, it will take them 50 to 60 seconds to finish dying, which is plenty of time to kill a few people. If you gut someone, it can take them four hours to die.

There are only three places in the human body which provide an instant kill without doing massive damage like blowing their brains out; the spinal cord at the base of the skull (the most common target for killing in all martial arts and by snipers), the hypothalamus which is inside the brain directly behind and at the bottom of the ear, and the pituitary gland which is directly behind the bridge of the nose between the eyes and behind one inch of bone. If you destroy any of those three targets, they will drop like a rock and the only one you can destroy with your hands is the spinal cord at the base of the skull. The rest require something like a knife or bullet.

If a group of terrorists attack with guns like they recently did in Paris, unless you have a gun and know how to use it, run away. Put distance and solid objects between you and them as quickly as possible. Also, don't scream, yell, or cry like the idiots do in the movies because it will attract their attention and get you dead. Also know that most terrorists are amateurs with very little training and are really lousy shots and fighters.

If you can't run away, especially if caught alone with just one terrorist, do the following.

A whistle is a good idea but don't just blow on a whistle while waiting for someone to come save your butt. Almost certainly, the bad guy has checked out the area and knows no one will come to save you so fight while blowing the whistle or stick the whistle up their butt.

Don't expect anyone else to save your butt. The only person who is with you all of the time and can save your butt is you, so learn how to save your own butt and the butts of others.

First, learn to fight with and without weapons such as guns, knives, and clubs. know that there are only a few, maybe 35 to 40, good moves for hand-to-hand street fighting (left jab and right cross are still the best in most fights) and more moves are required for fighting with weapons. Most of the moves in most martial arts are what we used to call tojo ballet and are only good for martial arts exhibition or tournament fighting. They can get you killed on the street.

For example, Gracie Jujitsu insists that their stuff is great for street fighting in spite of the fact that almost all they teach for street fighting is grappling and going to the ground. The problem with that is that very few bad guys run around looking for trouble alone and most have at least two or more friends with them. While you are tied up on the ground trying to choke out that person, their friends will be stopping your head in. Guess who will win that fight.

Don't get me wrong, there are some good Jujitsu moves for street fighting like the full tomanagi (sp) and the hip throw but you don't want to be on the ground in a street fight unless you have to and then you better know how to fight on the ground against a group and how to fight your way up off of the ground as quickly as possible. These are critical skills for street fighting because it is too easy to find yourself on the ground in a fight.

When on the ground, NEVER EVER curl up in a ball and let them kick you. Your body will only take so many kicks before you die. ALWAYS go on the attack by rolling into one of their legs, taking them down, causing injury to them, and getting up quickly to fight on your feet.

When fighting two or more people, you need to 1) stop them from getting behind you to take you down with a cheap shot and 2) find or create a choke point so you don't have to fight more than one at a time.

To keep them from getting behind you, you can fight moving backwards to keep them in front of you, put your back against a wall or in a corner, or move backwards through or between something like a door or parked cars or backing it up with a friend so you will fight back-to-back.

To keep from having to fight more than one at a time, you can use tactical positioning like constantly moving backwards and sideways to keep one person between you and the rest (I saw a video of a man who did this to hold off at least 20 to 30 bad guys until the cops got there), move backwards through a choke point like a door, between parked cars, or create a choke point through which only one person can attack you at a time by positioning something like a shopping cart to close off most of the aisle.

Fight with your brain to save your body. THINK!!!

A basic rule for street fighting is that, if they are a better wrestler than you, box them. If they are a better boxer than you, wrestle them. If they are better at both than you, grab a club.

Check with the local cops to see what you can legally carry concealed. In my state, I can legally carry a knife with up to a six inch blade concealed and I carry in my hip pocket an old fashioned stiletto or pig sticker that was used for street fighting before the switchblade knife replaced it. It has a four inch, narrow blade and is designed mostly for cutting but, if you know how to use it, the knife was also designed for thrusting without a guard. With most knives, if it doesn't have a guard, don't try to thrust with it.

A gun and a dagger would be two very good weapons to have on you. Get both and learn to use them both along with fighting with your hands and feet. Don't pull weapons unless you are willing to use them.

If you get a handgun, make sure the first number is a 4, like in 40 or 45 caliber. You will need it to stop really big, mean men on drugs and most trained terrorists use drugs to make them feel brave. Nothing smaller than that will put down that person before they can kill you. You only get a lady's gun if you plan on being attacked by ladies or you want to make that big, mean doper very angry before they kill you. A handgun is good up to about 30 feet for most people, a shotgun using buck shot is good from about 10 feet to 80 feet, and then you use a rifle from 60 feet on out. Get professional instruction and practice, practice, practice.

If you get a dagger, get one with a slightly oval handle and not completely round so you can feel the orientation of the cutting edges in the dark, though you can also tell by the position of the guard. A nice 4 to 6 inch sharp dagger and knowing how to use it will do much more good than keys. I can't understand the strategy of using makeshift weapons like keys or some of these silly toys they are selling, that are at best marginal, if you can arm yourself with real weapons. Most cities and states will let you carry some kind of knife.

If you are right handed, carry the dagger by the scabbard in your left hand with other things you are carrying so you can quickly draw it with your right hand. Forget the keys, drop them and grab the knife. Most likely, all you will do with the keys is made the person mad, hurt your hand, and get you killed.

Primary targets for knife fighting on the street are the palms of the hands and inside of the forearms because, if you cut through those tendons passing through those parts, the person can't make a fist to grab or hit you or hold a weapon. It disarms them. All they will have to fight with is a floppy club.

Attacking the face, neck, and body puts you inside their reach so you only do that when they are already grappling with you or closing on you. Then you go for the eyes, neck, biceps, abs, thighs, and the shoulders above the armpits (tendons from your pecs to your humorous). These attacks are meant to quickly kill or disable.

Slice tendons, muscles, and arteries. If you stab them, your knife can get stuck in them leaving you vulnerable. If it does get stuck, twist the knife while cutting out with the knife. That should break the knife free.

If they pull a knife on you and you are right handed, block with the BACK of your left hand and not the front or palm of your hand so they can't cut the tendons disarming you. You always defend against a knife with the backs of your arms and hands and not the fronts. You hold your arm vertically in front of you with the back of your arm and hand facing them so you can see through your fingers to protect your eyes and throat and can sweep the arm down to protect your abs.

If you are in a knife fight, you are going to get cut so focus on doing the killing and not on not getting hurt. You can't worry about being hurt until the fight is over or it will get you killed.

Killing with cold steel (a knife) is a messy business. When you puncture or cut a human body open, body fluids and other things will jump out at you and get all over you. You need to know that you will get sprayed by 98.2 degree F or hot feeling blood and you cannot let it cause you to hesitate or blink or they can kill you before you get your mind back in the fight. You need to know that, if you slice someone's abs horizontally or gut them, their intestines will jump out at you and you can't let it cause you to hesitate. You have to know it is coming and fight through it.

If they pull a gun and you are close enough, just outside of arm's reach, fall/dive for their knees and feet to knock them down so you can climb them while they are falling and use your body weight to force the barrel into them then discharge the weapon into them.

Most people won't be able to track you with the gun when you are falling/diving towards their feet and knees and will shoot over you.

Find an experienced combat infantry soldier and have him teach you what he knows for all aspects of fighting (with and without weapons) but don't stop there.

You might be able to get a few ideas on how to learn from how I learned to fight. I started out fighting in really bad transient trailer parks in second grade and spent three years in East LA as a teenager fighting as much as four times in a week and twice in a day. I wasn't born with this broken nose, it was handed to me...several times.

To get ideas on how to improve my fighting, I watched boxing (you study why the winner wins and the loser loses, you learn what not to do as well as what to do), free style wrestling (don't waste your time watching the pro stuff, that is all show), all of the contact martial arts I could, spent half a semester studying under a retired SEAL instructor in a self defense class, studied human anatomy and kinesiology, read and watched a lot about different fighting techniques and martial arts, especially the basics.

The kinesiology will teach you the structure, function, and weaknesses of the human body along with some physics. Sports medicine will teach you the most common ways the human body gets damaged in sports and you can most easily destroy it.

I even studied a little European Medieval and Renaissance martial arts to pick up tricks to improve my knife fighting.

Then I used all of that street experience, studying, and the sports sciences to develop my own fighting style. I learned a little here and a little there for decades using what I knew would work on the street and ignoring the rest. I can take care of myself.

I learned that attitude is the most important thing about fighting. If you don't have the right attitude, you are going to lose and possibly die. My first rule is "make sure you are the meanest one there when the fight starts." You try to break everything you touch and touch everything you can as fast as you can. You attack the joints because they are easier to destroy than the bones. You have to focus 100% on destroying the other person as quickly as possible and 0% on whether you get hurt. If you get hurt, you patch it up later, if you survive.

Praying helps too. The best prayer I have seen or heard for fighting comes right out of the Bible: "Lord, deliver me out of the hands of my enemy and deliver my enemy into my hand." It is short and to the point and can be quickly said before or while moving into a fight.

I hope that gave you some ideas on what to study. Learn as much as you can from other people but know that no one knows everything about street fighting. Some know more, some know less, and most know nothing about real street fighting. Most of what most people think they know is useless in a real street fight.

You can get some solace from knowing that there are some really good street fighters but most are pretty lousy. The terrorists will have at least some training with a few being good and the rest being amateurs. Learn to beat the best and you will beat the rest.

Let me close with some basic rules for street fighting.

Try to talk your way out of the fight, if that fails, try to walk away from the fight BUT NEVER TURN YOUR BACK ON BAD GUYS, they will jump you 100% of the time, and, if all of that fails, try to end the fight with every blow you throw. End the fight as quickly as possible and the best way to do that is to break everything you touch. Grab something and hit them with it. Any weapon is better than no weapon.

Know when you are just going to have to fight and hit them first.

There are ways to do a sucker punch to create the element of surprise and you need to know how to use them and see them coming. The most common sucker punch is for the person you are about to fight to glance over a shoulder like they are going to talk to someone and suddenly come around with a cross punch. Any time the other guy glances over their shoulder, get ready to block the sucker punch and deck they with a good right or left cross. Their face will be moving right into your fist.

Another way to sucker punch someone is to use psychological warfare. It takes about one to three seconds for a person's mind to switch between fighting and talking. If you ask them a question and attack them with the first word out of their mouth, it will buy you one to three seconds before they or their friends can react. (Their friends will shift their minds from fighting to listening to the answer.) If you ask them a really stupid question that has nothing to do with the fight, like "do you like Mickey Mouse?", it can confuse them long enough to buy you at least two to three more seconds of free fighting time before their minds can switch to fighting. I knew a guy who decked six bad guys before one of them could throw a punch.

Napoleon said that war is chaos and the one who best controls the chaos wins the war. Own the chaos.

Don't go looking for trouble because, if you look long enough, you will find it but, if they come to you looking for trouble, be more trouble than they were looking for.

Find someone to teach you these things and more and then practice, practice, practice. These are just some basics to help you get started in the right direct or be able to tell whether your instructor knows about real street fighting.

John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

You better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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