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The reason why Obama has released Jonathan Pollard at this time is to make it look like he is trying to be nice with Israel.

If Pollard did what I read he did and I were in charge, he would have been shot for treason and I don't care what race or ethnicity he is. He would not have been around to release today.

He committed one of the worst acts of treason in US history and he still knows a lot of classified stuff he can share with Israel. You can bet that he will be interrogated quite heavily by Israeli intelligence very soon after he reaches Israel. That is why we used to shoot traitors, to prevent this kind of breach of national security.

For these reasons, the US military did not want Pollard to be released. Obviously, Obama doesn't care about US national security, just politics.

I recently saw a video of Putin attending a regular military briefing that was very detailed and kept thinking that Obama wouldn't last 10 minutes in such a briefing before leaving to go golfing. Putin cares about his nation's security, Obama doesn't. Obama is destroying this nation.

It is amazing how many people on this planet, especially well educated people, are out of touch with reality. They approach everything based purely on emotions with no logic or understanding at all. You need a balance of emotions, knowledge, understanding, and logic.

In spite of everything Obama has done and said, many people naively believe that Obama really does care about the US and is trying to take care of us but that Obama is really stupid and incompetent. They ignorantly think, "Why, Obama is the president, he wouldn't betray us and be working to destroy America." Wrong, he is a devout Muslim who is working to destroy the entire West, seize control of the entire planet for Islam, and murder all non Muslims.

More and more Commiecrats are standing against Obama for more and more things.

Have some Commiecrats figured out that Caliph Obama has betrayed them?

It is amazing what you can see in life, if you just pull your head out of your butt once in a while.

Obama said that there will be no end to ISIS as long as Assad remains in power.

No, there will be no end to ISIS as long as Obama remains in power. Assad did not create and is not protecting ISIS, Obama created and is protecting ISIS.

Get a clue, Obama is the ISIS caliph, he founded them, he trained them, he arms them, and he protects them. He is also a devout Muslim and our special ops people can't find the ISIS caliph because he is living in the White House.

Obama said we are going to welcome millions from around the world. He neglected to tell you they will all be Muslim terrorists and the "we" who will be welcoming them are Obama and the Muslim Brotherhood pals.

I have read from several sources and from one very dependable military source that Obama is refusing to even listen to intel about certain terrorist organizations. My military source said this has caused such a rift between Obama and the Pentagon that the Pentagon is not even talking to the White House right now.

I asked , "Does this mean the Pentagon is acting on its own concerning terrorism or are they just sitting on their hands". I am waiting for a response on that and may not get one. Some things are just classified.


Thursday, Sweden's Prime Minister, Stefan Lofven, admitted his country has been "naive" about the possibility of an Islamic State (ISIS) terror attack. He said they would be increasing security measures.

Just a wee bit late, don't you think?

Nothing like closing the gate after all of the horses are out. Their government members who caused this mess should resign and let someone more intelligent clean it up but you know those inbred whackos will continue to hold onto their power and just cause things to get worse.


Hilarious said that Muslims are kind and peaceful and have nothing to do with terrorism as she rode over the rainbow on her unicorn.

She couldn't be on the take from Muslim countries, could she?

Yep, very much so. She sounds more like Obama every day.

Mini EU

Germany and four other countries are forming a mini EU within the EU for tighter border controls for their own borders because the open border system of the EU has failed. As the idealistic open border system fails, the fundamental existence for the EU fails because much of the reason for forming the EU was so everyone could travel freely between the different European nations with open borders.

Yep, the EU crumbles just a little bit more.

Terrorist Attacks

A poll shows that 83% of Americans expect a deadly terrorist attack in the US. The other 17% are the terrorists planning those attacks.

French jets strike ISIS from Charles de Gaulle aircraft carrier, which required the French planes to fly over Syria.

Which should tell you what?

France has made a deal with Syria to not try to overthrow Assad so France's planes can fly over Syria to attack ISIS.

Oops, Obama's dysfunctional coalition just got smaller by one major power. Now, if France puts together a large enough coalition with Russia and Syria, then the Obama coalition will cease to exist.

Mean while, France is finally taking a stand against terrorism with Israel. This could help save France from God's wrath and, oops, adds one more nation to her coalition.

France is also making buds with Britain to stop ISIS and remember that Britain has also pulled out of Obama's coalition.

Oops, is Obama's ineffective coalition getting smaller and smaller and smaller?

Even ultra liberal Commiecrat Feinstein is turning on Obama concerning ISIS.

Man plans, God laughs. You can bet Obama isn't laughing right now.

There is a video on the Internet of a Greek coast guard ship trying to sink an immigrant boat.

Trying to stop the Muslim invasion, are they?

Britain has implemented an internal counter terrorist plan of making 10,000 British troops available on standby for acting against the terrorists.

Why not just arm and train all law abiding British citizens to protect themselves and each other?

Even the DC police chief said that the best option against terrorism is for citizens to take out Paris style terrorists.

Oh, but that would put guns in the hands of the people, whom the upper class trash are afraid of because of the upper class trash corruption and oppression. The upper class trash wouldn't want that, they could end up dead, you know, with guillotine-itis.

Obama is now blaming the media for empowering ISIS.

Oh no, it couldn't possibly be Obama, who created, trained, armed, and funded ISIS, who empowered ISIS, could it?

Mean while, Americans keep standing up to Obama and his Muslim terrorists. A group of armed citizens in Irving, Florida surrounded a mosque to protest bringing in Muslim immigrants.

BTW, do you still believe that Obama is a Christian and not a Muslim terrorist?


The liberals like to try to intimidate those against Muslim immigration by saying we are cold hearted and don't care about women and children.

Wrong, we are very warm hearted and care about women and children in this country being killed by the Muslim terrorists coming in with the migrants. The liberals are the ones who are cold heart and don't care about US women and children being murdered and raped by Muslim immigrants.

Michael Moore

Michael Moore is offering his home in Michigan for Muslim terrorists...uh...refugees. What a phony. He has at least 8 mansions, maybe 9, and he should have to move Muslim terrorists into all of them AND Moore should have to live with them. Let's see how long the fat boy lives.

EVERYONE who is for importing these Muslim terrorists should be required to take in as many of the Muslims as all of their dwellings combined can house and they should have to live with those people.

Get Worse

I keep reminding myself that things have to get much worse before they can get better. I wonder how much worse? It seems that things get a lot worse every day and, amazingly, they still get worse the next day.

Just how nuts are pagans?

Remember that we are a cursed nation because we have murdered more than 50 million innocent unborn babies. Innocent blood flows through our streets. Our nation must be destroyed and all of the people causing this insanity must die.

That is required by God.


A Christian militia in the Central African Republic has destroyed almost all of the mosques in their nation. Some Christians are fighting back.

Even Argentina has elected a more conservative government for the first time in more than a decade.

Gun control

There is the saying that guns don't kill people, people kill people. Think about this, people were killing people for thousands of years before the gun was invented. As a matter of fact, murder was worse before the gun was invented than it is now.

John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

You better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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