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China just purchased 24 SU-35 fighter jets from Russia. That is enough for a wing of fighter jets.

Why would they do that? What happened to those superior Chinese J planes you keep hearing about?

It seems that China's weapons technology really isn't that great and she needs newer planes to reverse engineer to build better aircraft. Apparently, most of China's weapons technology is pretty marginal so they have to buy weapons systems from other countries, reverse engineer those weapons systems, and their new weapons systems still tend to be pretty marginal.

It is also possible that China bought a fighter wing of planes from Russia so she will have a fighter wing worth sending into combat in Syria. It will be interesting to see where they end up.

I find it interesting that all most people know about China is that she has 1.3 billion people and that big number terrifies them. I keep pointing out why it really doesn't mean that much but people just keep being afraid because and only because she has so many people.

So what?

Most of them are too old or too young for military service. Most of the rest wouldn't make good soldiers and we have nukes that can kill lots of people quickly.


Understand that Obama is not just bringing in Muslim immigrants to stage terror attacks against us but to also take over the government and major corporations by infiltration. They are already replacing people in high tech jobs in Silicon Valley.

This is purging the lefties and other Americans out of the government and major corporations to prevent a counter coup by the left after Obama and his Muslim pals stage their coup.

In Poland, 70,000 people marched against immigration. They are standing up and their numbers are growing.


Someone needs to tell these GIs to quit committing suicide. We are going to need them again soon here in the US. It could also help save a few GI lives.


Russia had an SU-24 attack aircraft (not a fighter aircraft like the news is saying) shot down inside Syria by Turkey F-16s using US air-to-air missiles, a clear violation of international law. Then the Muslim terrorists used a US TOW missile to shoot down a rescue helicopter. I guess those 20,000 missiles Obama and Hilarious gave to the terrorists finally showed up and it seems they have been using them all along against Iraq and Syria.

You have to understand that Turkey was making a lot of money selling the ISIS oil, which Putin is now bombing and Turkey is using ISIS to fight the Kurds.

I am expecting Putin to start helping the Kurds against Turkey. That will probably be Putin's offensive move, you know, give the Kurds some shoulder fired SAMs to shoot down Turkey attack aircraft attacking the Kurds along with some better ground weapons for fighting Turkey.

Then Israel attacked Hezbollah in Syria. But now Russia is talking about not doing business with Turkey and taking their business to Israel. Interesting, I am watching this one.

You have to understand that NATO is not just messing with Russia. Russia is in alliance with Syria, Hezbollah, and Iran. Also, Britain (a NATO member) left the ineffective US alliance against ISIS more than a week ago and joined the Russian alliance after the Paris attacks. France (a NATO member) left the ineffective US alliance after the Paris attacks, started their own alliance to destroy ISIS, asked the US to join, Obama turned them down, and France joined the Russian Alliance. China signed a mutual defense treaty with Russia a few years ago so that attacking Russia or China is attacking both and China also joined the Russian alliance to destroy the terrorists.

This Russian alliance has four of the top five military powers in the world and that is who Obama is messing with.

Also, what will happen if French or British planes get too close to the Turkey border while destroying ISIS oil?

Russian forces launched more than a dozen airstrikes against the Turkmen rebels, who shot and killed their Sukhoi SU-24 pilot while he was parachuting down to the ground.

Turkey claims to have released an audio of the warning the Turks were alleged to have given the aircraft before the shooting but that could have easily been forged after the fact. The surviving co-pilot said no warning was given and I saw a military analysis which said that the SU-24 was flying as if there was no threat, meaning that, most likely, no warning was given. It was a swept wing plane with the wings swept forward showing it was flying along looking for ground targets at a slow speed and 18,000 feet altitude instead of being swept back to fly faster and avoid trouble. In other words, it looks like the SU-24 didn't perceive any threat to itself.

The Russian military reaction was primarily a defensive action to prevent any further such shooting downs by Turkey. Russia is bringing in its S-400 SAM system, which is significantly better than the S-300 system already in Syria, Russian fighters will escort all bombers and attack aircraft, and she has deployed a missile ship just off the coast and just south of the Turkey border, which has S-300 SAMs and maybe S-400 SAMs onboard. The message being sent is, "if you pose a threat to our planes, we will destroy you."

Then Putin also bombed the Turkmen with TU-160 bombers (their largest and best bomber) and other aircraft and the missile ship attacked the Turkmen with cruise missiles.

Interestingly, even though the aircraft attacking the Turkmen were in the same location where the SU-24 was shot down, there were no attempts to warn or shoot down these aircraft by Turkey, which tells me that the shooting down of the SU-24 was illegal because the plane was in Syrian airspace and Turkey probably didn't give them a warning.

It will be interesting to see what other actions Putin takes against Turkey.

BTW, you should know that the US has most of its electronic warfare (EW) intelligence personnel in the Middle East watching every electronic move Russia and China make. Constantly monitoring each other's electronic systems to learn what they can about their weapons systems, is pretty much standard practice for all major military powers.


The French ambassador said that it is only in the movies that people use guns to protect themselves because...the upper class trash in their country has disarmed their people so the people can't use guns to defend themselves. In the US, every year, thousands of people use guns to stop or prevent crimes, you know, defend themselves.

I told you the French upper class trash wouldn't arm and train their people. So a few hundred French people get killed in terrorist attacks, big deal. The upper class trash doesn't care about the people and they are afraid of the people because the upper class trash are criminals. It is going to take another French revolution for the people to get their guns back. That is why you never give up your guns to the upper class trash.

The Left

At Framingham University, a student had a Confederate flag sticker on his laptop computer and the students who saw that sticker are being "comforted" with counseling.

Really? Counseling over a flag sticker?

Can't you just see a liberal counselor holding their widdle hands and further brainwashing these imbecilic twits saying, "Now, now, poor widdle sing, a thousand hours of counseling to increase my salary and you will still be crazy so you will have to continue getting my services to keep the checks going to my bank? The shrinks in this country have set up a really great money making racket, haven't they?

Why, you just can't function without them brainwashing you and dropping you up for control, or at least that is what the liberals teach you.

The students?

GROW UP!!!! You are being played for fools and acting like fools.

Have these kids been driven crazy by their liberalism or what? These are our university students who are going to be running our nation in 20? Are there any adults left on this planet?

We're screwed.

Clock Kid

The media are losing interest in the Clock Kid so he won't be getting all of that extreme attention he has been getting since he took his fake bomb to school. It is only normal human behavior for disappointment and frustration to set in followed by depression, especially for such a young person to go from extreme attention to no attention.

So, what do you think he will do next to get more attention, build a real bomb?

Hey, a fake bomb got him global attention and it would only be normal for him to reason that a real bomb will get him even more attention for longer. Keep an eye on this. Don't be surprised if he turns up dead as a suicide bomber. All he will have to do is add an explosive to the fake bomb he already created.


Obama is now requiring our military to warn ISIS 45 minutes before the military attacks "to prevent collateral damage" or dead civilians.

Gee, what do you think will happen? What would you do, if you were ISIS?

Uh, my first guess is that the terrorists we are trying to kill will hide and they will force civilians, probably non Muslims, to be where the bombs are going to be dropped to cause civilian deaths?

Yep, sounds probable to me.

And you think Caliph Obama is not protecting his Muslim terrorist army from the US military?


The Jebberwocky is now defending Muslims against Trumps statements.

You still think he is not an ultra liberal traitor?

Jebberwocky is just a white Obama.

John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

You better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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