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For those of you who don't know what is going on and have been believing the media hype about WWIII about to happen (nothing like a little scare sensationalism to get you to watch their media), the primary reason NATO is posting so many troops and weapons systems along the Russian western border with Europe is to tie down Russian troops to prevent Putin using those troops elsewhere, you know, like invading Ukraine.

This is a very old tactic but Putin has to respond in kind just in case it is planned as an attack. What the Euro-Americans are doing is tying down troops so they can't be used to take Ukraine, which is why it suddenly got very quiet in Ukraine. It is just like I have told you, Putin is just a wee bit short on military age and quality men.

If you watch, you will notice that NATO keeps moving those troops around which requires Russia to post or tie down as many troops as possible along that border.

The West knows that Putin has a national population of less than 200 million that is aging and has a relatively small military age population so she can't afford to do too much at once with those troops.

I figure this is also why Putin has not sent any troops into Libya to clean up that mess yet.

There are a couple of problems with the way they are working this strategy. First, this is just another Obama bluff. Second, such a tactic, if done right can't continue forever because it is too expensive and will wear down the troops plus it will eventually become too obvious it is a bluff. Third, they are bouncing too many troops around without establishing any points of power from which to base an attack proving it is just a bluff. Fourth, they keep sending troops back and forth between the US and Europe which is too expensive and proves it is a bluff and not a troop buildup for an invasion. Fifth, this has already been going on for too long because it should only take from 6 to 9 months to stage troops for an invasion and this has been going on for about year. It just simply can't continue to work much longer and the US will be financially forced to withdraw most of those troops cutting Putin loose to do as he pleases. Plus, once Putin is certain it is just another Obama bluff, he will feel free to do as he pleases.


France is shutting down all mosques, Austria has passed a new law that Muslims cannot speak Arabic and must speak German, and other countries are starting to fight back against the insanity of the upper class trash.


Jordan has joined the Russian alliance. It is now Russia, China, Iran, Jordan, Syria, France, Britain, and Hezbollah.

A serious possibility is that, if Putin keeps destroying the ISIS oil Turkey is making a lot of money selling, Turkey may close the Bosphorus Straits and the Dardenelles, boxing Russia into the Black Sea. I can't see Putin accepting that, besides, he still has other ports he can use to get weapons to Syria.

Here is something I am watching. It is very likely that Soros is buying the ISIS oil from Turkey and making a really nice profit on the market with it by laundering it through his oil companies and Obama getting a nice, fat kickback into an offshore account. This would easily explain the anger at Putin for destroying ISIS oil, Obama protecting the ISIS oil from the US military (out right treason), and would be enough for Obama to plunge the US and Russia into WWIII. Remember that God said, "The love of money is the root of all evil." Keep an eye on this.

Spy Game

Let me teach you something about how the electronics warfare spy game is played. I can teach you this because all major military nations do this. Note that this is just the nutshell version and only covers the basics.

Every time any major nation gets involved in a conflict, all of the other major nations send in their top spy equipment and people to gather electronic intelligence on that nation's weapons systems in order to find out what those weapons systems can and cannot do. This is very important for new weapons systems but they also want to know about any modifications to older systems which cause the weapons systems to function better or differently.

For example, with Russia taking certain weapons systems like planes, tanks, missiles, and ships into Syria for the fighting, everyone else will send in electronics warfare planes, trucks, satellites, and ships to record every electronic signal they can to learn as much as they can about those weapons systems. They take those signals home, draw schematics for those weapons systems and run the electronic signals through those weapons systems to find out what those systems and can and cannot do.

Now you have to keep in mind that no one sends their very best weapons systems out of country into combat unless they absolutely have to and they all keep those weapons systems at home.

So, how do you get the intel on those weapons systems?

You have ships, planes, and other vehicles come very close to and even inside of the territorial area of that nation to cause that nation to "bring up" their best stuff to monitor and target the intruder while having those vehicles monitor the signals for those weapons systems. This is how you find out about a nation's newest and best weapons systems.

For example, those Russian bombers flying close to British airspace the idiot media keep screaming about are just trying to force Britain to bring up or turn on their latest and best radars and missile systems while special spy equipment on the bombers record the signals from those new weapons systems. They also look for such things as the communications for getting interceptor aircraft to respond and the time it takes for those planes to intercept the bombers. They try to stimulate the use of all of Britain's defenses, record the signals required by those defenses to learn which systems are where and even looking for holes in their defense.

The Russians flying bombers close to Britain is not Russia about to start WWIII. That WWIII crap is all scare tactics used by the media to scare you into wanting to watch their medium more often to find out whether you will soon die so that medium can make more money. Those scare tactics are all about the love of money and lying to get more.

EVERYONE spies on EVERYONE else, including allies, if for no other reason than to keep allies honest. History has too many examples of allies stabbing each other in the back. When Merkel had a cow about the US spying on Germany, she went back to her office and was briefed on intel from Germany spying on the US.

Get it straight, Germany spies on the US, Britain, and France. Britain spies on Germany, France, and the US. France spies on the US, Britain, and Germany. The US spies on Germany, Britain, and France. Russia spies on China, China spies on Russia, The US spies on Israel, Israel spies on the US, and on and on and on.

All of this spying is not going to start WWIII. If anything, it will prevent WWIII by keeping everyone honest with everyone knowing everyone else is watching them.

Gun Control

This new smart weapons technology is to make it easier to disarm you by preventing you from using your weapons to keep your weapons. You have to use a special ring or you gun won't work, meaning the ring sends a signal to your gun to enable the gun. All they have to do is jam the signal to prevent you from using your guns before they raid your house.

If you want your weapons to work when you need them to work, don't buy any smart weapons. They can be disabled with electronics warfare.


Just like I told you would happen, Marine Le Pen and her Front National (FN) party are quickly gaining in popularity following the Paris terrorist attacks. Latest polling shows they could govern two or three French regions for the first time and is currently tied for a fourth region. The party could win as many votes as its conservative and centrist rivals combined. The FN has never won a regional government before.

Remember that Le Pen and her party are against Muslim immigration.

Remember that I told you that Europe was sliding back into the feudal system?

A recent report in France by a think tank reported that Muslim suburbs are quickly becoming "separate Islamic societies" run under Sharia Law, you know, Islamic feudal states.

Gee, who would have guessed?

This is where democracy will fail the worst because corrupt politicians will always sell their souls to the majority to win elections. In this case and especially in these areas, the majority is rapidly becoming Islam. These evil, corrupt politicians are selling out Christianity to get the Muslim votes not realizing that, as soon as Muslims start running for those offices, the current politicians will lose their jobs anyway and have to get real jobs.

So, how is that false pagan Greek god, democracy, working out for you? Screwing your butts to the wall, is it? Maybe it is time for a good Christian theocracy to protect you from the advances of Islam?

Mean while, throughout Germany, there are rapidly increasing attacks by immigrants against Germans. It is like I told you, they are setting up feudal states but won't be satisfied with just having their own feudal states and will want to take over the rest of Europe. That is happening RIGHT NOW!!! Not next week, not next month, not next year, but RIGHT NOW!!!

Europe has already sunk back into a state of feudal warfare, especially Germany and Sweden with others quickly following.

Will the people of those countries rebel against their leaders and the immigrants in time or too late?


This is a really big and strategic deal for Israel. They just signed a deal with Pratt & Whitney, for the maintenance of the engines of the IAF's F-15I "Ra'am" and F-16I "Sufa" jet fighters.

This deal requires them to have on hand a minimum number of engines at all times along with the tools, parts, and personnel for rebuilding those engines. Suddenly, when Israel goes to war, she won't be as dependent on the US for jet engines and can fix or build her own.

DOD agreed to this deal because it gives the US military a friendly facility in the Middle East where they can get their engines fixed more quickly and less expensively.

There are a number of US weapons research and development projects taking place in Israel and working with Israel on classified US weapons.

Israel keeps signing these deals with US weapons manufactures decreasing her dependence on the US in time of war. She is smart.


Obama's magnificent coalition of 65 nations to fight ISIS is falling apart. The US military says that barely a dozen of these countries are currently contributing anything to the effort and none of the Arab Gulf States has done any bombing in months.

University of Chicago

The University of Chicago was just shut down because of a threat to kill WHITE students and staff, who are mostly liberal. The liberal white cracker college professors are reaping the hatred for whites they have sown. Now it is their lives on the line.

It is just like I told you that the Muslims will purge the liberal white cracker commie traitors. Today, it is the students and college staff, tomorrow it will be the politicians, bureaucrats, puppet masters, and activists.

It is no longer that this will happen some time in the future but that it is happening RIGHT NOW!!! These evil hate mongers and liars deserve everything they are right now getting and it will continue to get much worse.


The Muslims are trying to push through a mosque in Virginia and the locals are fighting back, telling the truth in public meetings. Eyes are opening and the race card is working less and less. People are not being intimidated by the lefty name calling and more people are standing up to the lefties and their Muslim pals.

It is becoming more difficult for the people with their heads up their butts to not notice the increasing violence of the left and their Muslim pals. It is also becoming tougher for those in denial about Islam being a warrior cult and not a religion of peace to ignore the blatant truth. This is why Obama called the Paris attacks a "set back", he knew he had lost ground to the truth and it would be tougher for him to sell his lies about Islam.

As more people are being forced to acknowledge the truth about Islam, more are choosing to stand up to the lefties and the Muslims. Eyes are opening and people are choosing just like God told me and I told you.

BTW, I hope you realize that some Muslims publically speaking out against the terrorist attacks in Paris is just more smoke and mirrors.

If not, why have they not been speaking out against the other tens of thousands of atrocities that have been committed by Muslims in the last 15 years? Oh, suddenly they care?


I have been pointing out that there is no magic or guarantee to a democracy or republic. It really doesn't matter what type of government we have, what really matters is who is running our government.

Remember the thing we have been brainwashed to believe that says it is better for civilians to run our government than military leaders? Who do you think dreamed that one up to keep the others out of office?

You can bet it wasn't the military leaders who dreamed it up and brainwashed us with it.

If you study history, you will find that the civilian leaders have done at least as bad a job of managing governments as the military leaders and some times worse. The civilian leaders definitely didn't do the Greek or Roman empires any favors. While we are at it, let's just mention a few other civilians who did a great job devastating and oppressing their nations and people like Linen, Stalin, Chavez, and others.

It was the military leaders of Chile and Venezuela that tried to overthrow their corrupt liberal commie traitor governments and were forced to relent by the US and the people of those nations are now rioting against those commie governments. It was two consecutive military leaders who gave Egypt decades of peace with Israel and a third who overthrew the recent civilian leader devastating Egypt.

The single greatest mess in history is the current situation in the US and Europe which has been caused and is being made worse by civilians and, unless their militaries save their butts, the people will continue living in tyranny under those wonderful civilians.

Gee, you mean some military leaders are better than some civilian leaders in spite of what our civilian leaders have brainwashed us to believe?

Yep, a tyrant is a tyrant regardless of the clothes they wear.

Have you noticed how we keep coming up with simple solutions to protect or save our butts from corrupt leaders and they don't work?

We believe term limits will solve our problems but our president has term limits and we still have the worst US leader in history. Gee, I guess that didn't work so well. We believe all of our leaders should have served in the military but now be civilians, you know, like those traitors John Kerry and John McCain. Gee, I guess that didn't work so well. We believe that our government has to be some form of democracy, preferably a republic, but every democracy and republic in history has been destroyed from within by corruption, mostly by civilians. Gee, I guess that didn't work so well. We believe that our leaders should be civilians but the greatest government mess and destruction in history has been caused by civilian leaders. Gee, I guess that didn't work so well.

People are not realizing that our problems are not intellectual problems, which can be solved by philosophy. Our problems are spiritual problems caused by man's paganism, sins, and corruption. What we need is for everyone to repent of our sins, turn back to God, and let God provide good Christian leaders for us regardless of the type of government or any of that other stuff. God knows the heart of man and knows who will be our best leaders. The best we humans can do on our own is to guess based on the lies we are told by the corrupt leaders.

We don't need democracy, we don't need term limits, we don't need veterans; we need Godly men and women who put God first, their nation second, and then themselves and not the other way around.

John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

You better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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