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Terrorist Attack

I have been wondering about the 15 pipe bombs the feds found in Farook U's home.

Why didn't they take the bombs with them?

It is beginning to look like Farook U blew the timing on his terrorist attack. They obviously didn't plan on being killed shortly after they left the medical facility. I think the cops got there sooner than Farook U thought they would and that blew the rest of their plans for the day.

I just read that the feds found quite a few pictures of 11 high schools on Farook U's phone which make it look like he has been scoping out the schools for attacks. Farook U was a county health inspector and would have visited the schools' cafeterias on a regular basis, you know, where there would be a large number of kids in one area.

Did Farook U plan to hit the party and then beat it home to get the pipe bombs to use on the schools but was killed by the cops before he could get home?

If so, then those cops saved hundreds of kids' lives. We will see.

They keep learning more about this case every day. They are now saying there were 15 pipe bombs and thousands of rounds of ammunition and Farook U made 3 transfers of $5,000 each to his mother, his mother was living with them, is under investigation, had contacts with numerous terrorist organizations including Mohamed Abdullahi Hassan, aka "Mujahid Miski," an ISIS recruiter who has also been linked to the attack on the Mohammed Art Contest in Garland, Texas, and Farook U was radicalized "some time ago" and not recently. The FBI is also investigating Farook U's father and considering arresting him.


They are saying a new e-mail released by Obama should disqualify Hilarious for president but that would mean she had been qualified and she never was qualified for anything but prison.

The new e-mail shows that the Pentagon was demanding Hilarious permit the Pentagon to send troops to aid in the Benghazi attack and shows that Hilarious was lying (as usual) when she said no troops were available.

Also note that Obama has been slowly and systematically releasing evidence destroying Hilarious while trying to make it look like he supports her. I have told you before that there is a huge power struggle between Obama and Hilarious.

Also note that the liberal media keep subtly turning on Obama to destroy him.


I just read a headline which stated that, to the surprise of the x-spurts, the average life expectancy in the US has stalled at just below 79 years.

I have been waiting for this to happen for decades. With enough knowledge in true science and not the bogus science you are constantly fed, especially by the media, this was an easy prediction. Since the start of this site, I have written essays about parts of the bigger picture on this. Get ready because the average life expectancy in this country will stall for a little while and then start to decline rapidly.

What they are seeing right now is the end of the generations who lived life better than increasing numbers of younger people are today, especially those who belong to social liberal groups like liberals, liberal-tarians, and other pagans. I have told you before that they found a few years ago that the average life expectancy for health food nuts is about 11.6 years below that of the average person in this country because their health food fads are actually destroying their health and I told you that was really bad when you realize the increasingly poor health of most people in this nation with 2/3 of them being overweight.

What you will see is that, in order to solve this "mysterious riddle" of why the average life expectancy has stalled and then starts declining, they will begin to break people out into different groups based on life styles.

What they will find is that people who live the wild life of going to wild parties where people regularly get shot and stabbed, using recreational drugs, including drinking and smoking, committing adultery and getting STDs, use performance enhancing drugs, don't eat right (either junk food diets or health food diets), and not exercising right (either not exercising or overtraining) will show up with the shortest life expectancies which are about to start rapidly declining, you know, the pagan and bogus science life lived by both extremes. The best health is somewhere in the middle, you know, moderation.

Science will show that the people with the longest average life expectancies are people who live a true Christian/science oriented life and exercise right will continue to have increasing life expectancies but, since those people are in rapid decline, their numbers will be falling off.

In other words, our sins are about to find us out, you know, just like God said they would.

One of the problems with true Christians, is that increasing numbers of them believed the liberal Christian lies that exercise is not important because we should focus only on the spiritual matters and not be good managers or stewards of God's world, which includes our bodies, you know, like God commanded us in the Old Testament.

Gee, you don't think Satan was trying to decrease true Christian life expectancies to decrease the time we have here on earth to do God's work do you?

Many others have fallen for the pagan trap of living the wild life because of another Satanic lie that you can sin all you want because Jesus has paid for your sins, which is like saying you can abuse your car like an idiot and bad driving won't affect your car because you go to church.

Then there are those who didn't study enough true science and have been believing the bogus health science you keep seeing in the media, especially in magazines and on TV.

You are about to find out that abusing and/or not properly maintaining the vehicle (your body) God loaned you to use here on earth for your brief visit does damage your vehicle, significantly. Yes, that vehicle does belong to God, you are just borrowing it for your brief visit here on earth, and you are responsible for how you care for it.

If you loaned me your car while I was briefly visiting in your town, would I not be responsible for how I drove it and cared for it and have to pay for unnecessary damages?

The people with the best life expectancies will be people (both Christians and non Christians) who live a true Christian life AND properly maintain their bodies the way God told us to be good stewards of the earth, including our bodies.

You do know that your body is a part of the earth because every molecule and atom which has been or will be a part of your body comes from the molecules of the land, sea, and air of this planet, you know, the old Biblical ashes to ashes and dust to dust thing, right? Remember that I also told you that your body replaces better than 90% of its molecules every 7 years? Where do you think your body gets those replacement molecules from, the soil, water, and air of this planet, right?

The rest of the people are about to find out that there is not just a spiritual price for sin or living wrong but also a physical price so you won't live as long or be as healthy and can't do as much of God's work as God wanted you to do. You are about to find out that the Bible is God's drivers manual on how to live a longer and healthier life so you can do more of God's work by taking better care of your body here on earth and you are supposed to teach that to your children, you know, raising your children up in the way of the Lord thing. Yes, it is ALSO about living a better spiritual life and eternal salvation but much of it is for you to learn how to be a better steward of this planet and everything on it, including your body.

Just like God said, "The truth will be made known" because all of man's lies are about to be found out the hard way and I mean ALL of them are being found out right now.

Female Jihadis

I thought I had told you what Islam promises women if they go on Jihad but then I found out from one of my four confirmed site readers that I didn't.

What women are promised, if they go on Jihad, is that they become one of some Jihadi's 72 virgins and every time they have sex, their virginity is restored by Allah. Women are also told that without going on Jihad, they will just naturally go to hell.

Now you have to understand that women can go Jihad in any number of ways. They can donate money to a Muslim "charity" which launders money to terrorists, they can give food and shelter to terrorists, they can be suicide bombers, they can send their children off to die as terrorists such as a child being a suicide bomber, the women can murder non Muslims, or in any way help terrorist murder non Muslims. Just lying for terrorists, protesting in the streets, or pretending to be a mourner is helping with a Jihad.

And you say, "But just being one of 72 virgins for some Jihadi isn't much of a promise."

It is much better than going to hell and is much, much better than the hell most of them live here on earth.

Besides, maybe they are also told that their eternal husbands won't beat them as often or as badly. Believe me, Muslim women have plenty of motivation for helping murder non Muslims, if nothing else than to escape their hell on earth.

Something I have not been able to understand is how Muslim men can believe that women are so inferior and disgusting and still want to spend eternity with 72 of them. They believe that women are dogs and call all women, including their women, dogs and they believe that dogs, monkeys, and pigs are the 3 lowest life forms on the planet. Therefore, they believe that women are lower life forms than everything else except dogs, monkeys, and pigs.

Why would a man want 72 of anything he has been taught to hate? Do they also want 72 pigs, dogs, and monkeys?

No, of course not.

Then why do they want 72 women? Why not 72 virgin goats?

The Muslims literally screw goats all of the time and are not taught to hate them.

Ah, but goats can't cook, wash clothes, clean house, and such. I get it, the Muslims want 72 virgin SLAVES and goats don't make good slaves.

So just imagine growing up being taught that the best you can get is to be an eternal sex slave for some terrorist butt hole who hates you and will beat you forever and ever and ever...

Wow, and our liberal women are supporting and converting to Islam? Just how stupid are liberals?

Oh yeah, they invented infinite stupidity because their stupidity is never ending.

I pray that all Muslims, especially the women and children, will find Jesus as their savior knowing that those who reject Jesus will deserve everything they get. Our paradise beats the crap out of their paradise, especially for women and children.

Arutz Sheva

I just saw two headlines at Arutz Sheva that are so obvious.

The first one asked, "Why are the Arabs not fighting ISIS?"

Uh...because they ARE ISIS and don't want to have to kill themselves?

The second said, "Vatican: Jews don't need Christ to be saved."


Jesus said to spread the gospel, you know, the good news about salvation through Jesus, TO THE JEW FIRST and then to the Gentile. So the Vatican and, therefore, the Catholic Church, just committed blasphemy by calling Jesus a liar.

So, who are you going to follow, Jesus to Heaven or the Vatican and Catholic Church to hell?


I got this at Breitbart by Dan Riehl

"'Sharia-ism, the political movement of radical Islam, is like Communism. It's like Nazism. It's a system of total control and they are justifying their total control on some archaic religious rules called Sharia,' says longtime women's rights champion Joy Brighton, author of "Sharia-ism Is Here: The Battle To Control Women; And Everyone Else."

Today on Breitbart News Daily, Brighton made the case that Sharia is already here in America thanks to Muslim immigration and the political correctness that's allowing it to take hold and spread.

Later in the interview, Brighton warned about several things that the United States should be doing-but isn't-to protect this country from radical Islamic terrorism. One thing she noted is that America should deport all family members of anyone who engages in terrorism.

'There's a few things we should be doing to protect our country,' Brighton said. 'When a terrorist kills someone in this country or terrorizes someone in this country, the entire extended family must be deported. That way it is very humane-you just get everybody and you put them on a plane. It's only the family members, and extended family members, who want to stay in this country who can police their own family members.'

Brighton specifically noted, too, that the United States has yet to designate the Muslim Brotherhood as a terrorist organization.

'The Muslim Brotherhood-you talk about a ban-the Muslim Brotherhood needs to be shut down in this country. We look at our coalition leaders-Saudi Arabia, the [United Arab] Emirates, Egypt, et cetera-what did they do when ISIS first popped its head up? They banned the Muslim Brotherhood. And yet we are not willing to do that.'

After discussing how the Council on American Islamic Relations (CAIR) has terror ties-it has been designated by the United Arab Emirates as a terrorist organization while weak leaders in the United States and the mainstream media refuse to discuss CAIR's true ties to terror-Brighton also made the case that Mosques and Imams are a problem nationwide in America.

'Eighty percent of the Mosques in this country are owned and operated by Saudi Arabia,' Brighton said."

Suddenly, the feminists are fighting back? Getting a little worried about being killed by Muslims the way I said they will? Are eyes opening the way God said they will? Remember that I told you that some homosexuals are also getting a wee bit scared?

I also got this at Breitbart by Charlie Spiering

"A majority of Americans have a negative view of Islam after the terrorist attacks in Paris and California, including a majority of Democrats.

Fifty-eight percent of Americans now have an unfavorable opinion of Islam, according to the latest YouGov/Huffpost poll of Americans. That number includes 45 percent of Democrats, 58 percent of Independents and 75 percent of Republicans.

Only 27 percent of Democrats have a favorable opinion of Islam while 45 percent, nearly twice as many have an unfavorable view. Only 11 percent of Republicans and 15 percent of Independents have a favorable view of the religion. Only 23 percent of Americans in the poll said they had friends who were Muslim while 67 percent said that they didn't. Ten percent were unsure.

The survey included 1,000 Americans and has a 4.1 percent margin of error."

Eyes are opening just like God told me and I told you and increasing numbers of liberals are getting scared. They are not believing the lies about Islam being a religion of peace because it has gotten just too obvious Islam is a ruthless warrior cult.


I got this at Breitbart by Tony Lee

"The middle class in America is declining and no longer constitutes a majority under President Barack Obama, according to a Pew Research study, which found that 'after more than four decades of serving as the nation's economic majority, the American middle class is now matched in number by those in the economic tiers above and below it.'

Pew found that the 'share of American adults living in middle-income households has fallen from 61% in 1971 to 50% in 2015. The share living in the upper-income tier rose from 14% to 21% over the same period. Meanwhile, the share in the lower-income tier increased from 25% to 29%.'"

I told you that we have been in a super depression since just before Obama was elected.

What, the middle class has been steadily declining and we are in a recovering economy?

You drink that Kool-Aid, I won't.

This could easily have been an "I Told You So" essay because God warns me, I warn you, and it happens. This is where you get tomorrow's news today.


Liberals from both parties are attacking Trump for wanting to stop Muslims from traveling to the US to protect the American people.

I would stop ANYONE from traveling to the US to protect the American people and anyone who doesn't do what they have to in order to protect their own people shouldn't be the leader of a nation.

They are attacking Putin for saying he would consider using nukes against ISIS and forget to tell you that he said he hoped it didn't come to that.

I would use nukes to protect my people but only as a last resort. If I use nukes, you know we are in deep trouble.

What, am I supposed to let my people die to be politically correct and not use nukes?

Forget that, the bad guys will fry first.

John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

You better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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