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Did you notice that, when ISIS reached a certain level of power they turned from using small time terrorist tactics like car bombs and suicide bombers to standard military tactics with a conventional army?

Now I am seeing ISIS returning from using standard military tactics with a conventional army to increasing the use of car bombs and suicide bombers.

What should that tell you?

Their conventional army is being destroyed by Russia in spite of Obama's efforts to save ISIS and they are being forced to change back to their previous terrorist tactics AND they are shifting their military or terrorist efforts to other countries, especially the West.

This is very critical!

In Missouri two people purchased more than 60 cell phones plus at least 60 to 70 propane tanks have been stolen in the area all within the last week. They are not sure yet whether it is the same people or group of people doing these things. The FBI is very concerned about this being preparations for one or more terrorist attacks.

In the Middle East, ISIS uses propane tanks for artillery shells and IEDs with cell phones being used for remote detonation devices for IEDs. So you can see why the FBI is concerned about both of these things taking place at the same time in one area, especially with similar quantities. This is just too much of a coincidence.

If this is ISIS it could be preparations for either a very large and complex attack using the propane tanks as bombs or a long sustained series of attacks.

WE.ARE.UNDER.ATTACK!!! THIS.IS.CRITICAL because you can bet things like this are going on everywhere in the US at this time so pay very close attention to such news items in your area.

We may not be waging war against Islam but Islam is definitely waging war against us. I have been warning you for years that what you are seeing going on in other countries under attack by Muslims is coming here and it is here RIGHT NOW! You can thank the liberals for that.

I have been warning you to learn to fight. Forget the cells phones and texting, pay attention to your surroundings.


Title 9 was designed and intended to destroy all college sports because the lefty intellectuals hate sports, especially US sports. It did destroy some men's sports, mostly minor sports, but back fired on women's sports causing them to grow a lot. This frustrated the lefties.

This transgender thing is being pushed by the lefties to destroy women's sports and open the door for the intellectuals to destroy all sports. There is now a move by the lefties to permit men pretending to be women, you know, transies, to participate in women's sports.

Remember that the transies still have a Y chromosome and will still be stronger and faster than women making it impossible for most women to compete against most transies. This is meant to frustrate the women to cause them to leave sports and the intellectuals know that very few people will want to watch a bunch of poser women playing "women's" sports so that this will kill off women's sports. When women's college sports die, Title 9 will force the universities to shut down all male sports killing college and even some pro sports.


Remember that I told you that Obama and his Muslim pals are trying to do away with all law enforcement and military so they can replace them with Muslims?

A protester has called for the defunding of police. Expect this demand to spread throughout the nation by the lefties, especially the black Muslims, because they are trying to disarm you, disarm the cops, and replace the cops with their Muslims so you will be completely at the mercy of the Muslims. The lefty war against cops is a war against you. Get the picture yet?

Rahm Emanuel

The Black Lives Matter Muslim activists shut down Chicago streets calling for the removal of liberal traitor white cracker, Rahm Emanuel, and then the city council passed an ordinance so that voters could remove him from office.

Gee, this wouldn't be the black Muslims purging more liberal white cracker commie traitors like I told you they would, would it?

Me thinks I hear a black Muslim bus starting up to purge whitey.

The lefties created a monster that is now getting rid of them.

The crazies just keep getting crazier.


One reason why Putin has backed off on his military attacks against Ukraine is because Ukraine is completely bankrupt and can't make the payments on their loans or for any government activities, including their military. Their economy is crashing and the Western upper class trash will be wanting their money back. The Ukraine current pro Western government is on the verge of collapsing.

Putin is going to let Ukraine and their Western government simmer for a while before he makes his next move. It won't be long before Ukraine will be so broke they won't be able to put up a sustained military defense against Russian forces and Putin will be able to just walk into Ukraine.

There are two possibilities for Russia coming out of this mess. The first is that a pro Russian government will regain power ending Putin's problems. The second is that the Ukraine military will collapse due to a lack of funds and either capitulate to Russia or stage a coup. Keep an eye on this.

John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

You better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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