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It took only one month for most of the French to forget the lessons they were taught by the Paris attacks. Le Pen and her FN party lost in the second round of elections only one month after the attacks with the currently ruling socialist party taking the lead. I guess the commies remembered to whom they had sold their souls for free stuff, the commie devil of Karl Marx.

It is obviously going to take at least a few more major terrorist attacks for the French commies to realize that the free stuff they sold their souls for isn't free, there is a price they have to pay for that stuff.

It is important to note that, in order for the ruling liberal commie party to defeat the conservative party, one big liberal party pulled out of the election so their votes would go to the currently ruling liberal commie party. There is still a little hope for France.


Egypt has finished its investigation of the airliner that was blown out of the sky with a bomb and said there is no evidence of terrorism.

Yeah, right, I am sure those people just accidentally put that bomb on that plane.

Saudi Arabia

People, especially women are going nuts over the recent election where the Saudis permitted women to vote. Why, 20 women were even elected in that election.

People, Saudi Arabia is a monarchy and dictatorship.

What election? What were the women elected to, the Saudi Royal Family?

It was just more smoke and mirrors to make Islam look better (A.K.A. PR) and you know the lefties will swallow it hook, line, and sinker. W.C. Fields said it best, "There is a sucker (read liberal) born every minute."

Women in Combat

Is Obama getting women in fighting units in the US military so he can draft liberal women into his CNSF to clear minefields going into Israel and no one will question him?

After all, if women were already in combat positions in the US military before Obama declared martial law to set up his Muslim theocracy, then who would question him putting women on the front line to clear minefields for invading Israel?

I sure hope Obama takes all of the liberal journalists with him but the problem is that they are so full of hot air, they may not be able to cause enough downward pressure to activate the mines.


Don't you just love the idiot liberals attacking Trump for saying we should have a moratorium on Muslim immigration until we can tell whether Muslim immigrants are terrorists?

Their idiot justification for being against what Trump has said is that it will tick off the Muslims causing the Muslims, who are planning to murder us all anyway, to continue murdering us. You know that they know what they are saying is insanity but they also know there are plenty of stupid liberals dumb enough to believe it.


This is very interesting. While still supporting Assad and the Syrian Army, Russia is now working with and supporting the FSA (Free Syrian Army) which started that mess AND was being financed, trained, armed, and supported by the US. It is also important to note that the FSA is fighting alongside of the Syrian Army against terrorist organizations, especially Obama's ISIS. It was stated by Russia that Russia is flying up to 40 missions per day in support of the FSA.

Oops, Obama just lost another key player to Russia.

Mean while, Turkey is still threatening to barricade Russian commercial and naval ships from traveling between the Black Sea and the Mediterranean Sea. Turkey has also been causing "confrontations" between her ships and Russian ships with one Russian ship firing warning shots at a Turkish vessel.

Just how long do you think Putin will put up with that?

Keep in mind that Putin is right now ramping up for both conventional and nuclear war. He just added two more missile ships to the Black Sea Fleet and, if you look at a map, Putin has Turkey surrounded.

Food for thought: Is Obama using Turkey to start a nuke war with Russia as an excuse to declare martial law and set up his Muslim dictatorship?


Merkel has suddenly decided that she should limit the flow of immigrants to Germany. Her political career is over and I wouldn't be surprised if she ends up being investigated and tried for some kind of crimes, you know, like treason.

Missouri Update

A hunter in Polasky County, Missouri found a large cache of explosives in the woods and they are trying to find the "owners". They are a type of explosives that could not be purchased for recreational use. The explosives were destroyed on site because they were considered too volatile to move.

Yeah, the cell phones, propane tanks, and explosives are all just one big hairy coincidence.

John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

You better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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