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Obama threw a Hanukkah party at the White House with a bunch of liberal Jews (you know, the crazy ones) and praised Allah during the party.

Yep, Obama is a Christian. (/sarc)

Mean while, Saudi Arabia has started a 34 Muslim nation coalition similar to NATO "to fight ISIS" but, hold it, Saudi Arabia is supporting ISIS.

Why do I think this coalition isn't to fight ISIS? Why do I think the Muslim coalition is set up to fight Iran and conquer the world, as required by the Koran?


You have to understand that most of the Jews in Israel came from very liberal socialist Europe and Marxist Soviet Union. They have brought what they know to Israel with them, which is liberalism and Marxism. You also have to understand that many Jews think Marxism/communism/socialism/liberalism is absolutely wonder and magnificent because the "Communist Manifesto" was written by Karl Marx, who was a Jew, therefore it cannot be flawed, must be the way to do things, and must work. These liberal Jews worship Karl Marx as their liberal Jewish god and for them to even think that Marxism cannot work is blasphemy. That is the biggest problem for Israel right now because it stands between them and God.


Just before His death, Jesus went through the Temple turning over the money changer tables because the Temple or church had turned from serving God and leading the people in the way of the Lord to becoming a profit making enterprise. The church leaders had become more concerned about making more and more money instead of guiding the people.

When I look at today's church, I see the same thing. We Gentiles have done no better than the Jews. The church is focused on increasing the wealth of the church and its leaders by increasing membership as much as possible, asking for much more money than the 10% tithe God ordered, selling products like books, videos, and other things, making money from TV, guilt tripping people to give more and more money when the leaders are living lives of luxury, and any other thing they can dream up to increase their wealth while many churches do as little as possible to help the poor.

Our churches and leaders are right where the Jewish Temple and their leaders were when Jesus stormed the Temple. If Jesus were here today, he would ransack many of our churches because they are using His name to increase their wealth (blasphemy) instead of leading the people to salvation and Godly lives. As the Jewish Temple and their people's time ended with the beginning of the time of the Gentiles, so is the Gentile time ending for the same reasons of sin.

We Gentiles have very little time left to get back right with God and win souls before our time is up. God is about to destroy the corrupted church to build a new, second church the same way He destroyed the second Temple to build the first church.

I am seeing increasing numbers of Christians turning back to God.

The Purge

It amazes me that they caught Obama with a "secret racist data base" and none of the upper class trash geniuses seem to get it. They go around acting like Obama is just another one of them only dumber. They just don't seem to get it that this list is a hit list or purge list.

What should Obama having this data base tell you?

First, it is secret so he didn't want anyone to know about it because it is a purge list just like I told you years ago Obama and his Muslim pals would have. It is the list of people Obama and his Muslim pals plan to kill off after they set up their Muslim dictatorship and you can bet that smaller parts of that list have been passed down to the local level for when it is time to purge the non blacks, just like I told you years ago.

This list will include everyone who has enough power that they pose a threat to Obama in any way, especially for a counter coup. It will include all of the upper class trash puppet masters, all politicians, all top level Bureaucrats, all liberal judges, every liberal journalist, every liberal college professor, and every other liberal activist involved in destroying America. And the Muslims must quickly purge these people, within weeks, to make sure there won't be a counter coup.

Second, it is a racist list of non blacks, Obama didn't even deny that part of it. Therefore, you know it will include all white liberals but will also include all non Black liberals such as Latinos, Asians, and others. In other words, it includes all the white liberals like Soros, Buffet, Gates, Zuckerberg, Turner, Reid, Pelosi, Boxer, Ryan, McCain, Graham, Kerry, Gore, the Clintons, and all of the other upper class trash white crackers.

Third, when Muslims take over any government, from a tiny village to a nation, the first thing they do is round up all of the leaders of that government AND their families and then publically execute them all, every man, woman, and child. If you don't believe me, just look at what has already recently happened and is currently happening in Syria, Iraq, Libya, and Yemen.

Now, do you think the Muslims will suddenly change their behavior when they take over Europe and the US?

Of course not, the Muslims will round up and publically kill all of the leaders, which will include but not be limited to the puppet masters, political leaders, judges, and bureaucrats, the Muslims will do it as quickly as possible, and they will kill every man, woman, and child in all of those families, you know, just like they are doing right now everywhere else in the world.

Have you noticed that black Muslims keep openly calling for all out war against whites, including liberals, and the liberal commie traitor white crackers don't get it?

They are not saying white conservatives but whites, meaning all whites including liberals. The Muslims are already purging the liberal white crackers RIGHT NOW!

My hope is that the Muslims will expose these criminals for the crimes they are committing and them as having destroyed our nations so even the stupid people will get it.

Also, when the Muslims impose Sharia Law, you need to know that Sharia Law FOREBIDS any non Muslim to have any authority, power, or control over any Muslim. Therefore, Sharia Laws requires that everyone working in any job for the government, who is not a Muslim, must be fired and replaced by a Muslim.

And, if you think the Muslims won't purge liberals, Saudi Arabia just passed new laws stating that atheists are terrorists and you should already know they kill other liberals like homosexuals and feminists. I told you that, when the Muslims take over the US the Muslims will force atheists to convert to Islam or die, you know, just like they will do to all liberals. The Muslims are showing us that, even if the liberals convert to Islam, it won't mean the Muslim won't kill the liberals because the Muslims still kill liberals who convert to Islam in places like Syria, Iraq, and Libya.

Robot Armies

The media keep scaring people with stories about super deadly robot armies, you know, they will be almost indestructible and take over the planet like the robots in the Terminator movies.

Yeah, right. This is just more sensationalism and scare hype to get you to watch or read their media more to increase their advertising dollars and wealth AND it is also more smoke and mirrors to distract you from important issues.

Get it straight, we already have plenty of robots or near robots being used for weapons systems in the military and they can all be destroyed using EMP weapons, conventional weapons, nukes, and, oh yeah, ECM. They are just as vulnerable to the same weapons we use against humans plus some weapons. Robots will not take over the world and rule the world. It is our heavily inbred, insane, power mad, greedy upper class trash that is trying to take over the world, not robots. You need to be concerned about our corrupt upper class trash and not robots.

See the sleight of hand?

They get you worrying about and watching the wrong thing while they take over the planet and kill you off. Robots are not even a serious threat to you. The greatest threat to us is the same threat which has been the greatest threat to man for thousands of years, which is the power mad, greedy upper class trash.

Mexican Standoff

In the dreams I had which showed a Mexican standoff between Obama and the conservatives following Obama seizing control of the US with marshal law, it wasn't made known to me what caused that Mexican standoff. I speculated that it could be Obama and his Muslim pals may have additional WMDs hidden away to use in the event of a rebellion and that is still a possibility.

I am increasingly believing that standoff will be caused by Obama's infiltrated terrorists and the standoff will last until sometime after Obama leaves the US to invade Israel. It is increasingly looking like Obama's terrorist army inside the US will cause that standoff.

Terrorists Winning

I have been watching the school closings because of bomb threats being called into the schools. A person calls in a bomb threat to the school and they close the school because they are TERRIFIED there MIGHT be a bomb. Therefore, the terrorist efforts to terrify or scare the people are succeeding and the terrorists are winning in that regard.

This is one of the main reasons I believe the Mexican standoff between Obama and the good people of this nation shown by my dreams will be caused by Obama's infiltrated terrorists threatening to attack or bomb us. Right now, they have just about frozen some of our schools into not being able to function.

Do you realize that all they will now have to do is to have a person calling bomb threats into each school district and there won't be any school?

Right now, the terrorists are winning. The only way to stop this is to find and kill the terrorists because dead terrorists can't terrify anyone.

Think I am wrong? Who is afraid of Osama Bin Laden?

Eyes Opening

I keep seeing that increasing numbers of liberals are realizing and admitting that their beloved liberalism has failed, is screwing them, and will only get worse. Even some liberal journalists are starting to write stories about why liberalism is wrong.

The walking dead are resurrecting and coming to life, slowly but surely. Eyes are opening and people are choosing.


At the request of Armenia, Putin has stationed 7,000 Russian troops on the border between Turkey and Armenia because Armenia "fears an attack by Turkey", which is a possibility with power mad, Erdogan of Turkey.

Please note that now Russia has Turkey almost completely surrounded and with troops in both Syria and Armenia, you can bet Putin will begin helping the Kurds fight against Turkey, especially if Iraq kicks the US out and asks Putin in to help fight ISIS.

With Turkey escalating its war against the Kurds, the US not helping the Kurds, and Putin being so mad at Turkey, it is only a matter of time until Putin starts supporting the Kurds.

I am also seeing reports of both sides stopping each other's commercial ships in their ports and not permitting those ships to leave for a while.

But it is even worse than that. Putin is now boycotting all fruits and vegetables from Turkey, which account for 20% of Russia's fruits and vegetables and are a large part of Turkey's economy. He has canceled all tourism to Turkey, which was 3.3 million tourists just last year, which will cost Turkey tens of millions of dollars. He has already stopped work on the underwater pipeline for natural gas to Turkey and will completely shut down the natural gas going to Turkey, which will cause Turkey to run out of natural gas.

Erdogan is having trouble getting replacement resources and sales with other nations because he has alienated most other countries. For example, Saudi Arabia won't sell him natural gas because he ticked them off so Erdogan joined the Saudi Muslim military alliance in hopes of getting natural gas from Saudi Arabia.

Putin is economically destroying Turkey and isolating her. I think he is just a wee bit ticked off at Turkey for shooting down his plane.

Christian Women

There is a growing Christian female militia unit fighting in Syria against ISIS while millions of young Muslim males "flee" ISIS to the West, which we all know is actually an invasion of the West. These women are just now getting into combat against ISIS.


They are saying that Paul Ryan "caved" or "surrendered" to Obama in the recently passed bill. No, he is a coconspirator in the same bed with Obama. The RINOs are all liberals in bed with the Commiecrat liberals. The RINOs are not giving into, surrendering to, or compromising with the Commiecrats; the RINOs are in collusion with them. The RINOs are the same criminals committing the same crimes under a different name. They are all traitors.

Oil Pirates

Remember that I told you that Obama and his pals are using the Muslim terrorists to steal oil from other nations to increase their own wealth?

A US official just stated that Obama's ISIS controls 70% of Syria's oil and is working to seize control of the oil in Libya and Egypt.

Yep, it is just like I told you, they are using terrorist organizations like ISIS as a front for international oil piracy.


The Swedish people are desperate and scared. They are arming themselves and forming into militias because they know their traitorous government won't protect them. Few Swedes even bother to call the police, who usually don't respond anyway. The Swedish people are on their own and scared as crime by the Muslims against the Swedes sky rockets.

Where is the Swedish government?

The Swedish leaders foolishly think they are above the chaos and need not fear. They are being protected by the military and police that the government refuses to let protect the people.

Where are the Swedish military and police?

Protecting their jobs at the expense of the people, you know, obeying orders they should not be obeying. They may also be waiting until the people rise up in revolt before they act against the government.

Don't worry, this is coming to the rest of the West. It will be in your country soon. Watch and prepare because you have also been betrayed by your governments.

BTW, in Sweden, the Muslims just beat a homosexual to death and wrapped a snake around his neck. I have been warning that the Muslims will do this to the liberals for years.

John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

You better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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