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"On December 14, 2005 the Commander of Air Combat Command (COMACC), General Ronald Keys declared the F-22A Raptor had reached Initial Operational Capability (IOC)." They were celebrating the F-22A being in service for 10 years.

In other words, it took them 10 years to work out all of the bugs so the plane is now fully combat operational. We are just now starting to work out all of the bugs in the F35 so that it probably won't achieve operational capability for at least another 8 to 10 years and we could end up in a war with Russia and/or China any day. Think about that.

But, if we start buying and Lockheed starts building more F-22s today, all of the bugs have been worked out and the new F-22Bs, which are now less expensive and better planes than the F-35, would be combat operational and the best combat plane in the world as they start rolling off of the line in a few months. Think about that.

Remember that Lockheed kept the tooling for the F-22 because they knew we would be back for more.

Also, I am pleased to find out that the Pentagon is developing new fifth generation air-to-air missiles because they realize that fourth generation missiles won't work on fifth generation planes, just like I told you. Remember that Russia and China are both working on developing their own fifth generation fighter planes.


S-400 SAM (SA-21 Growler)

This is to give you an idea of the complexity of the problem we have in dealing with Russia's S-400 Surface-to-Air Missile or SAM.

In Vietnam the two most deadly Russian SAMs were the SAM-3 and SAM-6. The SAM-3 was their most deadly long range/high altitude SAM just like the S-400 and the SAM-6 was a mid range, tracked (it was a radar and 6 missiles mounted on a tracked tank body) SAM that was extremely mobile just like today's Russian SA-22.

In Nam, the SAM-3 defenses were varied and layered with each part protecting the others within their range of operation. This defense consisted of the SAM-3 for defending all of them for high altitude and long range (up to about 25 to 30 miles in range), the triple A (Anti Aircraft Artillery) for medium range and altitude defense for all three, and quad 50s (four 50 caliber machine guns mounted in a square firing pattern) for low altitude defense for all three. If you were at high altitude, the SAMs would get you. If you dropped down below the effective altitude for the SAMs, the triple A would get you. If you dropped below the effective altitude for the triple A, the quad 50s would get you.

We chose to attack the SAM-3 from high altitude and out of the range of the triple A using radar homing missiles called HARM missiles. The SAM-3 system consisted of an 8 ft x 15 ft control trailer with the radar on top and a number of SAM-3 missiles on towed trailers which the bed was raised for firing the missiles that were strategically placed around the site. If you took out the control trailer, everything else became target practice. Once we took out the SAMs, we could then also take out the triple A and quad 50s.

The SAM-6 was a tracked control/radar unit with 6 missiles on it and its radar was a triple frequency auto rotation radar so that, if you jammed frequency 1, it automatically changed over to frequency 2 WITHOUT losing any information, if you jammed frequency 2, it automatically changed over to frequency 3 WITHOUT losing any information, if you jammed frequency 3, it automatically changed to frequency 1 WITHOUT losing any information, and etc. The SAM-6 could change frequencies faster than you could by hand but we beat that with our own triple frequency jammer.

The Russians learned a lot in Nam and the S-400 is much, much more complex. Everything for the S-400 is on trucks, which can easily and quickly be moved, within seconds, and are strategically located around the site. The long range radar for target detection has its own truck, the control trailer has its own truck, the short range radar for aiming and lock on has its own truck and each group of four S-400 missiles has their own truck. All of these trucks communicate, back and forth, electronically.

This means that, if you take out the early detection radar, the control unit and aiming radar and missiles are still functional and can still shoot you down. If you take out the aiming radar, the control unit can use the early detection radar, the missiles, and shotgun effect to get enough missiles close enough to you for one to be detonated by its proximity detonation devise and still kill you. If you take out the control unit, 1) the missile trucks will probably have enough info to do a reasonable shotgun shot or 2) they can automatically tie in with another control unit within range of their communications as an extension of that control trailer's own SAM site, which can use the missiles to shoot you down while also shooting down planes in their area.

The early detection range of the S-400 is about 350 miles and the lock on and firing range is about 250 miles or just a wee bit further than the old SAM-3, almost 10 times further. It is not only capable of shooting down planes but is also capable of shooting down missiles shot at it like the HARM missile.

So you can see that this is just a wee bit of a mess which requires you to first take out both of their radars and their communications FREQUENCIES (plural) at the same time. We are talking really good ECM for multiple frequencies here.

But it gets better because the Ruskies often set up the S-400 on the same site with a number of 2S6M1 SAMs (SA-22 Greyhound) in place of the triple A and quad 50s. These nasty little buggers are the modern equivalent of the old SAM-6 plus. It is a tracked vehicle with 8 radar controlled medium range SAMs AND a pair of radar controlled 30 mm canons all of which are capable of taking out both planes and approaching missiles. This is a very quick detection and firing system designed to hit attack choppers which hide just over a hill, pop up to make a quick kill, and then drop back down to prevent being shot before the chopper can drop back down behind the hill. It is a rapid response SAM.

With these two SAM systems working together, you have to take out three radar frequencies plus at least two communication frequencies to get close enough to destroy the sight with missiles or bombs.

I recently found out that the US has an air deployed ECM cruise missile designed to do this and you know the Ruskies are working to beat that. In the industry it is called measures and counter measures and it is an ongoing battle of developing technology and tactics.


I got this at Arutz Sheva, which is pretty dependable most of the time. It was written by one of their staff.

"Germany's foreign intelligence service BND has resumed cooperation with the Syrian secret service in the fight against Sunni Islamist extremists, according to a newspaper report Friday."

So Russia, China, Iran, Britain, France, and now Germany are working with Assad to defeat ISIS?

Yep, me thinks Obama's failing coalition for stealing oil from Syria and Iraq via ISIS is melting down. There are only a handful of nations in Obama's coalition which are doing anything to stop ISIS and they are leaving to join the Russian coalition.

Obama is saying that he has increased attacks against ISIS but the military is saying that Obama is limiting attacks against ISIS training camps, which are turning out 1,000 fighters per month, you know, because Obama is a good Christian (/sarc).


Remember that I told you that Russia is hurting Turkey economically?

Turkey has been very aggressive against Israel in every way possible for years but suddenly is making nice with Israel. This is because Turkey now needs to do business with Israel or Edogan will go up in smoke. Other than greed, I cannot understand why Israel is helping Turkey when they should just let Edogan self destruct and get a different leader in Turkey. Israel just blew a really great opportunity to get rid of one very hostile leader in the Middle East.

Child Abuse

I am seeing increasing cases of children being beaten to death and am keeping an eye on this. It looks like it is the parents getting too frustrated from trying to raise their children the liberal way, the children turning into misbehaving brats, and the parents trying unsuccessfully to turn them back by spanking them too late. In their frustration, they are getting too angry and carried away with their disciplining the children causing physical harm, sometimes resulting in death. This phenomenon seems to be increasing.

But you know what the liberals will do. First, they will refuse to admit that their way of raising children doesn't work. Second, they will use it to completely outlaw spanking children turning everyone's kids into spoiled little monsters further discouraging people from having children and depopulating the planet.

I have pointed out before that increasing numbers of young adults, especially liberals, are deciding to not have children because they regularly see the failure of raising children the liberal way and don't want to buck the system by raising them the Biblical way, further depopulating the planet.

Gee, do you think this liberal child raising was intentionally designed to discourage people from having children to depopulate the planet?

Since it is almost all liberals who are deciding to not have children, it is more evidence that liberals are already being purged.

John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

You better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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