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35 Orthodox rabbis from Israel, the US, and Europe have made a plea to Christians to stop fighting the Jews because of the past and to become allies because they realize that, for both sides, we should be allies and are the only dependable allies for each other. A lot of Christians have been trying to get this started for decades. This will be a good start if the rest of the people on both sides learn the same lesson and accept it.


Putin is still trying to work with both Assad and the US to resolve the crisis in Syria. It is Obama who refuses to work with Putin and is obsessed with removing Assad. Obama is obsessed with replacing Assad with his own puppet, you know, like he did in Ukraine.

Ukraine is now in default 3 billion dollars to Russia. It will be interesting how this default will be worked out. Putin said he plans to stay in Ukraine to protect Russians.

Gee, did Putin just accidentally admit that it is him in Eastern Ukraine instead of just rebels?



Why am I not surprised?

The statistics for crime in Denver are in and it isn't looking good. The liberals predicted that the opposite would occur following the legalization of pot but they seem to be a wee bit off in all of their predictions, you know, like with global warming and everything else.

In Denver, murder is up 72%, rape is up 16%, robberies are up 13%, and aggravated assaults are up 14%. This is largely due to what I told you in the past that pot increases a person's aggressive behavior towards others while making them apathetic about working to earn money to buy more dope and decreases their work performance forcing the dopers to steal for drug money, contrary to what the dope users have been telling you. While these crimes are going down in most of the rest of the nation, the states which have legalized pot are experiencing a growing crime wave.

The ugly truth is coming out, eyes will open, and people will realize they have been lied to by the lefties...again. You can't believe ANYTHING the lefties tell you, they have zero credibility.


Rush Limbaugh is saying they should disband the GOP.

I was telling you to break away and form another party a few years ago because I knew this would happen and told you about it. With the next presidential election next year, it is just a wee bit late now. You should wait until December of next year, 2016, to START forming a new conservative party. That should give you plenty of time to have it up and running by the next election but you can start planning for the start up now. That would give you 12 months to plan the startup.

But you know the liberals will quickly infiltrate it to seize control of it just like they did both the Commiecrat Party and Commiepublican Party. That is why democracies always fail and we need a Christian theocracy.

So, how is that false Greek pagan god, democracy, doing?


The Kurds, who are doing the best at defeating ISIS on the ground, are being attack by Turkey because Turkey is an ally of ISIS. Turkey is fighting the Kurds to help ISIS defeat the Kurds.

I keep waiting for Russia to provide the Kurds with significant help. Canada and a few other countries are already providing the Kurds with some but not much help.

Look, Turkey just joined the Muslim military coalition started up by Saudi Arabia. Belonging to that coalition and NATO should be enough of a conflict of interest to kick Turkey out of NATO so we can start helping the Kurds.


Something I am keeping an eye on is that, recently, Obama "accidentally" bombed the Syrian Army and just "accidentally" bombed the Iraqi Army.

This is an air force which can put a bomb in a toilet from 40,000 feet but suddenly can't hit ISIS instead of those fighting ISIS?

Once is an accident, twice is starting to develop a pattern, and a third time will be a definite betrayal or lie.

Remember that Obama stabbed Saudi Arabia in the back to make deals with Iran?

Saudi Arabia is working on a deal where Russia will build Saudi Arabia a nuke power plant that can be used to create nukes.

Obama says he doesn't watch enough cable news to be in touch with what is going on. He is trying to portray his treason as being caused by ignorance to keep from being prosecuted for treason, A.K.A. smoke and mirrors.

The president is supposed to have daily briefings, which are much more accurate than the news, to keep him informed about what is going on. If he would quit skipping the briefings and spend less time on the golf course, in parties with rich people, and on expensive vacations, he would be more knowledgeable about what is going on.

Obama keeps saying that the US is changed for the better while the nation is imploding. He is doing this because 1) he knows there are plenty of stupid liberals who will just keep drinking whatever Kool-Aid he pours and 2) the US is changing for the better...for Obama and Islam, not you.

You see, people are misunderstanding Obama and thinking Obama is talking about improving the US for the sake of the American people but he is talking about improving America for the sake of Islam. You have to understand that Obama doesn't speak and act based on YOUR perspective but on HIS perspective. The things Obama says and does are for the benefit of Islam and not for the benefit of the US.

It is amazing that almost none of the journalists get this. They don't understand Obama's perspective and keep trying to understand Obama based on their own perspective. That never works.

Obama's actions very clearly prove that Obama is working against the US and for Islam and is, therefore, committing treason. Get it straight, Obama isn't being stupid, he is committing treason.

The arrogant x-spurts think that they are so brilyunt (yeah, I know I spelled it wrong) that everyone must think the same way the intellectually superior x-spurts think. Why, it just isn't possible that anyone thinks differently than the x-spurts and that is why the x-spurts are misunderstanding Obama. With Obama it is all perspective and semantics.


When I read about the politics of this nation, especially the coming presidential election, I find it very troubling that most of the politicians and candidates get any support at all. There is just too much great tasting, poisoned Kool-Aid in this country and people just keep drinking it. God has a lot of cleaning up to do so it is going to get very bad before it can get better.

Jebberwocky called Trump a jerk. I would rather be a jerk than a traitor. Jebberwocky says that he feels much better at the back of the pack than leading.

Let me get this straight, we are supposed to want a president who is more comfortable losing than winning? Gee, doesn't that just make you want to have Commander in Chief, Jebberwocky, lead us into war to protect the American people?

The Commiecrats are openly supporting Rubio, which should tell you he is one of them just like Ryan, McCain, Graham, and too many other Republicans.

Hilarious is repeating an old liberal lie that taking a stand against an enemy will help the enemy recruit new fighters so it is best that we not take a stand against them and just let them murder people. Putin is proving that wrong because ISIS fighters are fleeing from his stand against ISIS, many of the rest are dying.

This is funny: Hilarious claimed that ISIS is using tapes with Trump on them to recruit fighters just before ISIS released a tape using Billy Boy Clintstone to recruit fighters. I love the way God throws the lies back in these people's faces.

It seems there is a growing rift between Bernie and the Commiecrat Party/Hilarious.

If this rift gets wide enough, will he run as a third party?

One thing Bernie Sanders is doing is dividing the Commiecrats. He is turning hardened liberal activists against each other. It is fun to watch.

Ultra liberal super RINO, Lindsey Graham, finally dropped out of the presidential race. Now, if we can just get him and the rest of the liberals out of Congress.


An ISIS official just bragged that they are planning a coordinated attack in cities across Europe. From what I am seeing, the same planning is taking place in the US. Keep an eye on this.

Remember that I told you the Muslims would probably attack the malls and other stores just before and after Christmas?

There was just another shooting in another mall and the government is now warning about attacks in malls. Keep an eye on this.

Farook U

Enrique Marquez, the man who sold Farook U the guns that were used to kill people in his terrorist attack, is spilling the beans to the FBI. It seems he is also a Muslim and he and Farook U were planning a number of different attacks. One plan they were working on was to attack a college they were both attending by throwing pipe bombs into a lower area of a library building and shooting students as they fled, you know, killing or purging you stupid liberal commie traitor college students along with the other students.

How many more liberals do these Muslims have to kill before you liberal fools realize the Muslims are RIGHT NOW purging you, you know, just like I told you they would?

Remember that Obama got a list of more than 200,000 Muslims to appoint to government positions only a few months after he became president?

Most of the top government officials were liberals, therefore, Obama was already planning on purging liberals out of the government before he was even elected.

Remember that it was recently discovered that Obama has a "Secret Racist Data Base"?

If you have been paying attention, you would have noticed that Obama started replacing liberal bureaucrats with Muslims only months after he was elected. Obama has been purging the liberals out of the government and power for SEVEN YEARS! He has replaced liberals in his cabinet, the head of DHS, and the CIA with Muslims along with many others. Yet, the liberals still don't get it.

Just how stupid are the liberals?

Oh yeah, they are infinitely stupid because their stupidity is never ending.

John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

You better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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