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An ex-military advisor from the Pentagon said that Muslim attacks will soon "morph" into guerilla warfare in Europe, you know, like I told you. You are right now watching Europe return to feudal state warfare with the Muslims controlling some places and the Europeans controlling other places and the Muslims waging war against the Europeans, you know, feudal states.


We just found out part of why Obama is supporting homosexual marriage. They just stopped the ban on blood donations from homosexuals, which will cause a pandemic of HIV among those heterosexuals getting blood donations.

How do you think Americans will feel about homosexuals when large numbers of heterosexuals start getting HIV from homosexual blood donations?

You know there will be a backlash against homosexuals when Aids becomes pandemic among heterosexuals, which is what Muslims like Obama want. This will make it much easier for Muslims to kill homosexuals after the Muslims seize control.

Do you see how Obama is turning us against each other?


Remember that I told you that it is impossible that the erosion on Mars was caused by water?

But the scientific x-spurts who got the right degrees from the right universities, have really great paying jobs with organizations like NASA, and other great worldly credentials were all saying "there is water on Mars causing that erosion" even though good science says it couldn't be water and most of you listened to them instead of to me.

The scientist have realized that the formation of gulleys and canons was caused by something other than water. They recently realized that the erosion is continuing in spite of the fact that it is currently too cold for liquid water to exist on Mars. They don't know what is causing the erosion but it isn't water, you know, like I told you. Don't be surprised when they find out that the erosion is being caused by something like liquid methane.

In those storms we see taking place on Mars, are there rain showers of something like liquid methane?

That would be very important to know before trying to colonize Mars.

If you read back through my site, you will find that I am rarely wrong with predictions and hypotheses while all of the x-spurts who got the right degrees from the right universities are rarely right with their predictions and hypotheses.


Because, like them, I have good science because we studied the same science but, unlike them, I seek the wisdom of God and they seek their own wisdom or the wisdom of the world, which is foolishness. I keep studying, researching, praying, listening to God, and writing and their research keeps proving me right and them wrong. We both know the same science, they just don't know and listen to my God.

Oh well, so much for their pretending to prove life may have evolved on Mars "under different conditions" and accidentally transported to earth by some incredible miracle because they know evolution is impossible but are trying to prove it is possible "under different conditions" somewhere else to save their fanatical religion of evolution. It was a really stupid idea anyway and I proved that a long time ago.

It is just another bit of smoke and mirrors in a vain effort to save evolution from the facts and evidence in their liberal pagan war against God, the Bible, and Christians.


You have to understand that one of the things Obama hates most about Putin challenging Obama is that Obama believes he is a god (pharaoh) and that absolutely no one should challenge Obama's word, that is blasphemy to Obama. Obama knows that, if Putin continues to challenge the word of Obama's god, Obama, and the most powerful man in the world (president of the US) it is only a matter of time until others also challenge Obama. Putin poses a threat to the self worshipping deity, Obama. (Obama is his own god and religion.)

For example, Britain just rebelled against Pharaoh Obama and declared Obama's beloved Muslim Brotherhood to be a terrorist organization. Oops!


Remember that I told you that Turkey was only making a deal for a new relationship with Israel because Putin has cut Turkey off and is hurting Turkey so badly economically?

Erdogan said that his deal with Israel is only to help Hamas (Gaza). He is trying to make it look like he is not hurting because of Russia.

BTW, Erdogan is not only fighting against everyone who is fighting against ISIS, including the Kurds but not the US, and fighting to keep his nation's economy alive but is also fighting increasing riots in Turkey's streets. Things are getting much worse for Erdogan, not better.


They just found an ancient tablet on the northern side of the Galilee Lake where Jesus was believed by the locals to have cast out the demons into pigs. They are saying the tablet is only 1,500 years old and that it says "in honor of" but not telling us anything else.

I just saw a video of the tablet and noticed two interesting things. 1) You can clearly see more Hebrew words than what would say "in honor of" because it is a good sized tablet with quite a bit of writing on it with the writing being very clear so that you know they can read it and know what it says and 2) the archaeologist who found the tablet said that the Hebrew writing is the style used during the second Temple or when Jesus was alive so the tablet is clearly more than 1,500 years old, probably almost 2,000 years old.

What are they hiding about this tablet? Does it provide an eye witness account to the miracle by Jesus and they don't want you to know it? Why can't people just be honest and not lie?

Oh yeah, because the truth disproves what they want you to believe.

You see, they have a tiny problem, that tablet proves Jewish occupation of the area, which is what the Jews want, but it is also probably about Jesus so they admit they found the tablet, give it a date too young for an eye witness account of a miracle by Jesus, and don't tell you everything the tablet says because they hate Christianity. That way it proves the Jews were there and have a right to the land while not confirming that Jesus did miracles and is the Son of God.

The truth will come out.

BTW, if the Jews spoke almost nothing but Aramaic instead of Hebrew at the time of Jesus, you know, like the x-spurts keep telling you (including the Catholic Church), why do they keep finding so many items with Hebrew written on them?

Oops, I guess they were speaking Hebrew or no one would have been able to write Hebrew on so many items or able to read the Hebrew writings.

You have to pay attention to little things like that because those little things often reveal the truth and are over looked by the liars so that the liars kind of sort of forget to cover them up.

Franklyn Graham

Franklyn Graham, the son of Billy Graham, has just announced he has resigned from the Republican Party.

It proves that eyes are opening to the ugly truths I have been teaching you and people are choosing which side of God's line to be on. The rebellion is picking up steam and growing.


Dick Morris is saying that Hilarious has lost the support of most Commiecrats and is in trouble. She should be in prison. The fact that anyone supports her speaks poorly for this nation.

Chris Christie is defending Muslims

Paul Ryan is saying he hated the bill they just passed but did it anyway.


Because he is a political whore who sold his soul to the Devil and is being paid to pass the evil bills the upper class trash are telling him to pass.


A retired pediatrician is being sued by four grown former clients for child molestation. I don't know whether he is guilty but this is a good a learning opportunity.

Pedophiles tend to prey on children because they see the children as helpless and think the kids won't tell on them. What they don't think about is that 1) some of the kids will tell and 2) they all grow up and will come after your butt later.

God meant it when He said, "Be not deceived, your sins will find you out."

You still don't think so?

The liberal commie traitors who are trying to set up their dictatorship and murder you are right now being purged and will soon be killed off because their sins made it possible for the Muslims to take over and kill the liberals. Their sins are already finding them out.

Of course, we as a nation have sinned and our sins are finding us out right now. We are paying for our sins by watching our nation be destroyed by the wicked right in front of our eyes. God didn't lie, your sins will find you out.

Peace Makers

People think that Jesus was only talking about pacifists when He said, "Blessed be the peace makers."

The truth is that a person who wages war to stop an invading enemy and return to a state of peace in his country is more of a peace maker than any pacifist who does nothing to stop military aggression by hostile leaders and just permits that entity to continue waging war.

I ask you, how is not stopping a hostile entity and permitting them to continue waging war because you are a stupid pacifist making peace?

You are not making peace by not stopping wars being caused by others. You can only make peace by stopping the wars others have started and that requires going to war to stop those armies. Then and only then can you be a true peace maker. Jesus was not talking about pacifists when He said, "Blessed be the peace makers", He was talking about those who risk their lives to fight the wars to stop the bad guys and bring about peace.

Public Schools

Boko Haram has thrown 1 million kids out of public schools in Africa.

If you have been paying attention, you would have noticed that Islam is destroying public schools everywhere and replacing them with Muslim Madrasa schools for boys only. They are also denying girls any education and forcing them to stay ignorant so it is easier to oppress them.

I believe this is God destroying the public school systems being used by the liberals to brainwash the kids and replacing the public schools with Islamic schools to brainwash the children, you know, replace the public schools with schools you will destroy. Don't be surprised to see increasing numbers of parents either doing home schooling or sending their kids to private Christian schools.

The government should not be involved in education because education is too important and the government screws up everything it touches.


I am seeing shadows moving in the background telling me that Obama is getting ready to stage his coup of the US to set up his Muslim Caliphate. We are getting close.

Remember that Obama's DHS purchased billions of rounds of ammunition? Remember that Obama appointed a Muslim to head DHS? Remember that Obama has his DHS using drones to "monitor" Americans? Remember that Obama has his "secret racist data base"?

Obama also has a data base for everyone who will be in his CNSF he warned you about before he was first elected. He is using the DHS, all of that ammo, and those drones to form his CNSF so he can disband the military and law enforcement and will use those drones to help his CNSF take your guns away from. If you refuse to give up your weapons, he will have one of his drones drop a Hellfire missile on your butt.

It won't be the cops, sheriff's department or military that come to take your weapons away from you. It will be Obama's CNSF composed of Muslims at the top end and liberal commie traitors at the bottom end.

Get the picture yet?

He has been slowly building his CNSF one step at a time inside the DHS and it is now time for him to use it against you. Since the CNSF will be lead by black Muslims, you can bet they will wear and be called black shirts, you know, just like ISIS.

Michelle Obama said that "White folks are what is the matter with America."

You still think they don't plan to kill all whites, including liberals, and not just white conservatives?

She didn't say white conservatives or conservatives, she said white folks.


A recent poll in Britain said that better than 80% of the people want their guns back. They want to lift the ban on guns in Britain but you can bet their power mad, corrupt upper class trash don't want to let the people arm themselves again, though the upper class trash are protected by guns.

Gee, who would have figured?

Car Attack

There is a pretty big cover up going on about the car attack in Las Vegas and I am keeping an eye on it to see what develops.

First, they knew her name less than an hour after the attack but refused to release it for quite a while. It is Lakeisha Holloway. I think they kept it from us because Lakeisha is common among black Muslims in the US. Note that Muslims don't always change their last name to an Arabic name.

Second, one witness is reported to have said that she yelled Allahu Akbar while driving into the crowds of people on the sidewalk but the rest of the media has said nothing about this...of course.

Third, they said she was "living in the car that Holloway claimed she owned, although it was registered to someone else in Oregon."

It turns out she didn't even own the car. Someone in Oregon provided her with the car and they are holding back who that person is and there has been no report that the car was stolen.

This fish is smelling pretty bad right now but it gets better.

It was said that, after the attack "She parked the car and advised the valet to call 911."

Did they change drivers before parking the car with the valet? Does that sound like something a "crazed" person would do?

"Police said she was "stoic" when she was arrested and she told them why she committed the deadly crime but that they will not disclose her intentions(?)" and "She did (offer an explanation for the attacks) and I'm not comfortable disclosing that at this point because it is an ongoing investigation. I can't go any further into that comment."

You know, just like they initially covered up the California attack was terrorism.

This is looking like it was pretty well planned and is probably a terrorist attack. The more I find out, the more suspicious it is. The media is in overdrive trying to portray her as being "crazy" or "crazed" so you won't think she is a Muslim but she is not fitting that description.

She drove into the crowd two or three times, could have stopped to turn herself in at any time, drove away, and calmly turned herself in later.

She is supposed to have committed this crime because she was very angry and frustrated but was stoic when she turned herself in?

I have never heard of anyone who was so angry and frustrated they completely lost it and committed murder and then calmly turned themselves in a few minutes later with no remorse for the victims, whom she didn't even know.

I'm not buying that bridge and it is looking very much like she didn't even do it and is taking the fall. There are too many holes in this and too much is being kept from us. We will see.

Now we have this taking place in France: A Muslim man drove into five different groups of pedestrians in parts of Dijon, France before he was finally arrested. He injured 11 people. They say he was yelling Allahu Akbar when driving into the groups of people.

Gee, what a coincidence. That sounds almost exactly like what Lakeisha did. Sooner or later we will find out whether her attack was a Muslim jihad attack. If this was a Muslim attack, she will insist on telling everyone, you know, just like all of the other Muslims did following their attacks.

John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

You better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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