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Car Attack

Investigators think Holloway had been in Las Vegas for about a week, homeless and living in her car. But a family representative told CNN that Holloway wasn't homeless, had a job and comes from a loving family.

Note that just three years before, she got a job with the Forestry Service. What happened to that job?

That shoots down the "homeless and living in her car" lie

The sheriff said police don't know what "caused her to snap and/or whether it was planned previously."

At least someone realized this was probably an pre-planned attack.

Zimmerman, the Las Vegas police deputy chief said, "This was not an act of terrorism," he said. "We are treating this as an intentional act."

An act of terrorism is not an intentional act?

He stated that he determined it was not a terrorist attack by looking at videos of the car attack.


I think Las Vegas Police need a new deputy chief, this one is either bonkers or a traitor. The x-spurts rarely realize how stupid they sound and how much they destroy their credibility when they saw crazy things like that.

I went and did a little digging. The organization which helped Lakeisha turn her life around is Portland Opportunities Industrialization Center which bills itself as Portland OIC.

The OIC looked familiar so I did a search on it and got another OIC which is the Organization of Islamic Cooperation. The Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) (formerly Organization of the Islamic Conference) is the second largest inter-governmental organization after the United Nations which has membership of 57 states spread over four continents. (You know, Obama's 57 states slip up a few years ago.)

This is a Muslim Brotherhood nonprofit organization which helps Muslims and is used by Hamas, Hezbollah, and other terrorist organizations to launder money via donations from "moderate" Muslims (who know what they are doing) to terrorist organizations and to recruit terrorists.

Gee, what a coincidence.

You think that maybe, just maybe Muslims would recognize Portland OIC as a local branch of and front for the international OIC?

Convinced yet that Obama is a devout Muslim terrorist infiltrator, spy, saboteur, and other wise traitor?

About a month or so ago there were some articles about Muslims being afraid of US organized crime.

Remember that US crime organizations own Las Vegas?

If this was a Muslim terrorist attack, it is very likely it was a response to that article by attacking the pride of organized crime and, if so, was an act of war by Islam against US organized crime. Don't be surprised if some top official at Portland OIC ends up dead in the near future.

Also, US organized crime has international contacts with other criminal organizations and it is only a matter of time until organized crime realizes that Islam is a major threat to them. Don't be surprised to see this turn into a shooting war between Islam and organized crime.

BTW, the Muslim car ramming attacks began in Israel. You might want to keep an eye on Israel because, what the Muslims do to Israel is eventually done to us by the Muslims. And remember the cars driven by Muslims into groups of people in other countries like France when our government tries to say someone driving a car into groups of people isn't a Muslim terrorist attack.

Muslim Family

A Muslim family from Britain was denied entry into the US to visit Disneyland. The lefties are making a big stink about this pointing their fingers at Trump but Trump had nothing to do with this. The father of the family praised Al Quaeda and the Taliban and even claimed to be a consultant to them on his FaceBook page.

Of course, the liberals are throwing a fit about this and blaming Trump.

DHS is saying there is a credible threat in New York for the holidays, you know, like I warned you. Also, someone has stolen 43 industrial size propane tanks from two different locations in Philadelphia.

Don't assume that there won't be terrorist attacks just because no threat has been issued for your area. Be careful everywhere. We are at war on our own turf and the president is helping the Muslim terrorists against you.


Get this straight, Allahu Akbar does not mean god is great or that god is greater, it means Alla, the specific name of a specific deity, is the greatest god. Allah does NOT mean god, it is the name of a specific god. You are still being lied to. Allah doesn't mean god any more than Zeus, Odin, Thor, Ra, or any other deity name means god. It is the very specific name of a very specific deity.

Allahu Akbar does not translate to God is great, it translates to Allah is the greatest of all gods.

Government Satanic Service

On December 19, 2015, the Satanic Temple of Detroit held a Satanic service on the steps of the Michigan state capitol in Lansing, Michigan. This was the first ever state sanctioned Satanic service.

You think we are not in trouble?

The Satanic pagans have taken over and are running everything. As a nation, we will be held accountable for such things.

Have you figured out yet that the liberal pagans and Muslims are the evil axis waging war against you?

Puppet Masters

Have you ever figured out that about half the corrupt people who buy politicians with campaign donations waste their money every election because their paid political whore loses the election?

Yep, about half you corrupt upper class trash waste your money buying those whores, especially if the election is rigged against your whore. Just think how much money you would save if you couldn't buy those whores and could invest that money in businesses which will provide you with a return on your investment. So quit wasting your money on whores.

So, how is your false Greek pagan god, democracy, working out for you upper class trash losers?

The Church

When God established the church 3,600 years ago in the Sinai, He expressly forbade borrowing money, called usury in Old English and the Bible. The church was supposed to be the government (it was set up as a theocracy), run the church, and help poor people based entirely on the 10% tithe, which would require responsible fiscal management.

Today, in spite of the fact the church doesn't spend any of that tithe money on the government (they don't pay taxes) and most don't spend a dime on the poor because they let the socialist government take over that job, increasing numbers are filing for bankruptcy because they took out loans because they were so fiscally irresponsible they can't even run just the church on the 10% tithe.

And you think God doesn't hold us responsible for our actions? You still think we won't be punished for violating God's Law?

Even the church is being punished for violating God's Law. Hundreds of churches are filing for bankruptcy every year because they broke God's Law and committed usury or borrowed money instead of using proper fiscal management.


Here is a little hope. Even after so many liberal poser Christians have already turned their backs on God and the Bible for Islam and other forms of paganism, 70% of the US people still consider themselves to be Christians. This means that, after God finishes His purge of the church, 50% or more of the people could still be Christians. Plus increasing numbers of people are converting to Christianity. So there is hope.

US Military

Remember that I told you that God told me that 80% of the people in the military and law enforcement are on your side and not on the side of the upper class trash?

Over at I got the following information by Bill Hoffmann:

"The Joint Chiefs of Staff has indirectly supported Syrian President Bashar al-Assad in a bid to help him defeat jihadist groups, a bombshell report by investigative journalist Seymour Hersh claims.

Hersh writes in the London Review of Books that the group of senior military leaders who advise Secretary of Defense Ash Carter sent intelligence through Israel, Germany, and even Russia.

The secret missives were transmitted with the understanding they would be forwarded to Assad in his quest to defeat Jabhat al-Nusra and the Islamic State.

'We weren't intent on deviating from Obama's stated policies. But sharing our assessments via the military-to-military relationships with other countries could prove productive,' a former Joint Chiefs of Staff adviser adviser told Hersh.

'It was clear that Assad needed better tactical intelligence and operational advice. The JCS concluded that if those needs were met, the overall fight against Islamist terrorism would be enhanced. Obama didn't know, but Obama doesn't know what the JCS does in every circumstance and that's true of all presidents.'

Hersh also writes the military actually stopped a U.S. effort to arm Syrian rebels to prove it was on the level about helping Assad finish off the terror groups.

Discussing his article with Amy Goodman on Democracy Now!, an independent global news blog, Hersh said of Assad: 'He has a lot of native support, and even from Muslims, because every Muslim in Syria is not a Wahhabi or a Salafist, an extremist. Many are very moderate people who believe they would be in trouble if the Islamic force, the Islamic groups, came into power, because they would go and seek out those fellow Muslims that don't agree with their extreme views. So he does have an awful lot of support, more than most people think. This is not to say he's a good guy or bad guy. We're just talking about reality.'"

Basically, our military leaders found a way to legally get around Obama's treasonous orders and actions in order to protect you from terrorists, you know, just like God said they would. This is why Obama is using the DHS to build his CNSF to replace all law enforcement and the US military.


I just saw a YouTube "documentary" about laser weapons which was very well produced and had to cost quite a bit of money but was mostly bull crap. Much of the information provided was wrong. For example, they stated that the military development of an aircraft carried laser began in the 1990s when I know for a fact that development began in the 1970s and their aircraft carried laser shot down its first flying targets before 1980. The military began working on ground based lasers in the early 1960s.

That "documentary" was put together by the companies making a lot of money developing those lasers as a PR tool to get you to get your Congressmen to support their budget for continuing their weapons development in Congress, you know, keep the money flowing in. Yes, it was pure PR and it was very inaccurate causing me to get mad at them not telling you the truth. You see, they were selling their lasers, which they have been working on since the early 1960s, more than half a century ago, as the latest super weapon everyone will be using just as soon as they get more money to develop their weapons.

The truth? If they have been working on lasers since the early 1960s and have shot down aircraft with aircraft carried lasers before 1980, why are there not laser weapons on all of our military aircraft, armored vehicles, and ships?

Because lasers are very limited and flawed as a weapon system.

1) Lasers are line-of-sight weapons which cannot shoot over the horizon or hills to hit targets hundreds to thousands of miles away like you can with missiles, artillery, and mortars.

2) Laser beams are broken up too easily by things like rain, snow, fog, and dust storms where as projectiles can function in all of those conditions. Therefore, lasers are absolutely worthless weapons in rain, snow, fog, dust storms or any other weather conditions which will disrupt the laser beam. This means that lasers can only be used under good to ideal weather conditions where as projectiles can function in any weather.

It should also tell you that one of the counter measures for defeating lasers is chaff. For example, if you are approaching a weapon like a ship or tank you know is using a laser weapon, you simply fire a rocket carrying chaff, called chaff rockets, like we developed in the 1960s, out ahead of you and, when the laser beam hits the chaff, the chaff will deflect the laser beam in thousands of different directions breaking up and neutralizing the laser beam.

3) A laser beam has to be focused on a specific point and will not destroy the target if the laser beam strikes the target before or after that focal point, you know, just like the light beam on a magnifying glass will not burn paper if it is not focused properly. This means the focus of the laser has to be very precise and, if it is off by more than just a little bit, it will just be a very expensive flashlight. Where as, with a missile, bullet, or artillery shell, if you are struck by them anywhere within the flight path of the projectile, it will still kill you. That is not true with a laser beam.

4) There are other things I can't tell you because they may still be classified.

Now, do you understand why we have continued to use projectiles like missiles, bullets, and artillery shells instead of using very limited and easy to defeat lasers?

Projectiles are much more dependable and less limited than lasers so they make much better weapons. Since wars are rarely fought under ideal conditions and are increasingly fought over the horizon and hills, we can't use lasers as our principle weapons and must use projectiles, which work under all of those conditions.

LONG before your enemy can come over the horizon where your laser can hit your enemy, your enemy can fire a missile and destroy you AND your missile can destroy your enemy so why would you want to use a laser?

Once again, TV and Hollywood are wrong about lasers being super weapons of the future. If you believe just 10% of what you see on TV or out of Hollywood,you are grossly misinformed.

John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

You better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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