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Mindless Left

To show you how far liberals willfully have their heads up their butts, the liberal activists willfully blind themselves to obvious truths. It would take a cave spelunker weeks of searching up their butts to find the liberals' heads.

Liberals are absolutely clueless how they are perceived by the liberal upper class trash. Right now, the liberals are useful idiots but, when the upper class trash doesn't need the liberals anymore and the liberals become useless, they will just be idiots. That is when the upper class trash will kill or purge them.

Then I see liberal activist dopers sending out messages saying blatantly obvious and stupid things like pot has never killed anyone in spite of the people who have recently died from over dosing on pot in Colorado. They and the dope pushers still claim pot is harmless and doesn't cause any medical problems.

Within the last ten years, I have seen the results of at least half a dozen studies on the effects of pot and it is very harmful, even worse than tobacco. For example, you are 40% more likely to get lung cancer from smoking pot regularly than from smoking tobacco, both of which are very harmful and stupid to use.

But the liberals ignore the results of these studies because THEY WANT to use pot regardless of evidence and facts saying they shouldn't use it. Liberals are like spoiled two years olds who only care about immediate pleasures and rewards. Of course, later when they get the health problems they are now in denial about getting, the liberals will want you to pay the medical bills.

Think about the consequences just five minutes from now?

Absolutely not, why that would spoil their childish fun.

They remind me of the spoiled children in Pinocchio who went willingly to a place (utopia) where all they had to do was play, eat and drink whatever they wanted, and have no responsibilities. Drinking the water turned them into donkeys and then they were sold into slavery. For the fortunate liberal fools, that will be their end, the rest will be killed by the people who are presently providing the fools with their "utopia" and they don't want to hear their future. They want to blindly believe that their tomorrow will be better than today without looking to see what it will really be like. They are their own worst enemies, along with everyone else's worst enemy.

Oh, BTW, all of those Muslim immigrants Obama is bringing into the US are to replace the liberal white cracker commie traitor activists when Obama and his Muslim pals purge the liberals.


I just read a headline by one of those intellectually superior journalists which said, "The Year 2015 is the Year the West Became the Target."

Really? In what closet has this guy been sleeping for the last quarter of a century?

I guess the 1993 bombing of the World Trade Center and all of the subsequent Muslim terrorist attacks against the West were just the Muslim terrorists missing their targets elsewhere?

The truth is that 2015 was a significant escalation of attacks against the West. The West has been under attack for more than two decades or almost a quarter of a century but you can't expect liberals to understand that because their heads were in their utopia, you know, up their butts, not seeing what was going on in the real world. Liberals not being aware of reality is probably from them smoking all of that harmless pot.

I just saw another headline which was about something very different than it sounded like but is very truthful when applied to the current situation. It said, "The Left is No Longer in Charge." That is true, the Muslims are increasingly in charge and, in the US, it is the black Muslims who have majority control.

You see, the liberals are already being turned into Pinocchio's donkeys and sold into slavery by the black Muslims. The liberals are in worse trouble than you are and are too stupid to realize it.


When Iran fired those missiles close to a US aircraft carrier, they were testing the defenses of the carrier to see how close they can get with launched weapons without a response from the US military. They do this so they can figure out whether they could cause significant damage with a surprise attack. It is a very deadly cat and mouse game with very bad intentions on the part of Iran.

There is a biological reason why men naturally want to protect women from war.

Women are the reproductive "choke point" for humans. You see, if we send men off to war and half our male population gets killed, our nation can recover within one generation to have enough soldiers to be able to protect ourselves. But, if we send women off to war and half our female population gets killed, it will take us at least 3 or 4 generations, more than 100 years, to recover to where we will have enough soldiers to protect or defend ourselves.

This is because, if you have one male and one hundred females, you can still produce 100 children each year but, if you have one female and 100 males, you can only produce one child each year and it will take much longer to replace the lost females.

You see, men wanting to protect women from war is not a sexist thing, it is survival, protecting the future of the nation or tribe. But liberals are too stupid to understand that.

On a funnier note, I just saw a video of a Russian S-300 (SAM) missile fail. The missile launched out of the launching tube, the engine failed to ignite, and the missile fell back to the ground causing a small explosion. I guess the S-300s won't do too much to protect Iran from an Israeli strike. I wonder what their failure rate is.

What was really funny was listening to the Russian soldiers laughing about it like it was no big deal and a great joke. I got the feeling this wasn't the first time they saw an S-300 missile fail.

There was nothing telling where this happened. If I was Iran, I wouldn't be too happy about it and it kind of explains why Putin sent S-400s to protect Russian planes from attack by Turkey.

BTW, it is going to take more than 20 S-300 missiles to protect Iran from even just 50 Israeli planes and, the last I read, Iran is only getting about four or five S-300 launchers with four missiles each or about 20 missiles. Even if they get 100 missiles, that won't be enough to stop an attack by Israel and you can bet Israel will hit the SAMs first so the rest of her planes can get through to their targets.


I have read that a number of planned attacks for New Year's Eve were stopped including at least a few potential bombings in places like New York and Germany. I get the feeling that everyone was so alert that most of the terrorists decided to lay low and wait for a better time. Just being aware and prepared can deter most attacks.

But you shouldn't relax for at least a while because, each day, the threat just gets worse and will continue to get worse until someone starts to work on solving the problem, which means you have to start by getting rid of Obama and his Muslim pals.


Recently released Clinton e-mails revealed that George Soros regrets supporting Obama.

You mean George Soros screwed up something and didn't like the results? What, he isn't as brilliant as he likes to think he is just because he is mega wealthy?

Man plans, God laughs.

BTW, I hope you realize that, when Obama stages his coup of the US, Soros will be one of the first people Obama purges or kills because Soros is too powerful. I won't shed a tear because I know that Soros is one of the upper class trash working to set up their beloved one world commie government and butcher more than 7 billion people globally.

Speaking of which, Obama is really accelerating and focusing on taking your guns away from you because he is afraid of the armed citizenry of this country. I guess he has an allergy to hot, high speed steel. He seems to have reached a point to where he doesn't feel safe in doing much more towards staging his coup until he can get your guns.

You can expect him to get very aggressive, angry, and obvious about you not religiously obeying his commands, you know, he thinks he is god. Keep an eye on this because this fight is just getting started and Obama is very quickly running out of time. You are about to find out how crazy and evil Obama really is.

History teaches that such lunatics get very hostile when things don't go their way. A number of sources have stated that, when Obama doesn't get his way about something, behind closed doors, Obama explodes into furious rages, screaming, yelling, and ranting at people just like the spoiled rotten two year old brat he is and like Hitler used to rage behind closed doors. If you think that Obama doesn't think he is god and is a demagogue, then remember that Obama stated in one of his books that he is the descendant of Pharaoh.

What is the next logical step in reasoning for an extremely arrogant narcissist like Obama?

That, if Obama is a descendant of Pharaoh, then Obama is Pharaoh and, if Pharaoh was a god, then Obama is a god. Watch and you will see that Obama worships himself as god and expects everyone else to worship him as god. If you don't worship Obama as god, then you automatically incur Obama's wrath and become his enemy because, to Obama, not worshipping Obama is blasphemy. You can't get more deranged, out of touch with reality, and dangerous than Obama.

BTW, after Obama seizes control, sets up his Muslim dictatorship or Caliphate, and imposes Sharia Law on us, it will automatically destroy our corrupt courts. Sharia Law will purge those corrupt judges and replace them with Muslims.

With everything important that is going on, the media are making a huge deal out of Obama going to coffee with useful idiot, Jerry Seinfeld. It is all a diversion or distraction, you know, "don't look at the problems I am causing, look at me going out to coffee with Jerry Seinfeld", you know, like Obama doesn't have anything more important to do than driving around in a Stingray with Seinfeld drinking coffee. Next week, we will get to see and read about Obama dancing with Mini Mouse while the world burns. It is all smoke and mirrors.

I hope you realize that Trey Gowdy's Benghazi hearings have all been nothing but talk or show, you know, more smoke and mirrors to make you think something is being done when nothing is being done. It is just a great big show to pacify the little people. I don't expect to see Hilarious or Obama get arrested, much less prosecuted. These people are all criminals and belong in jail.

Congress has become the US national asylum. I guess we could also call it the national whore house or brothel because, to get there, you have to sell your soul to the devil to get the money to win elections. They are all a bunch of owned political whores. Someone should put a red light on the front door.

How is that false Greek pagan god, democracy, thingy working for you? Still beating that dead horse, are you?

Get it straight, your god, democracy, won't save your butt, only the God of the Bible can and you have to repent of your sins, turn back to God, and ask for Him to save you before He will. God is not going to save your butt while you are worshipping other gods because you will give those other gods the credit and not the one true God. It is time for revival.

Without Jesus, even your guns won't save your butt.

You think not? Remember those UAVs Obama has flying over your head right now?

If you start fighting him without Jesus, all he has to do is fly one overhead, drop a Hellfire missile on your butt and you are history.

How are you going to beat Obama's UAVs?

You better start praying because you put your faith in God and then use the guns and other weapons as tools to fight. You don't put your faith in your guns.

You want to know how bad our political corruption is?

Just watch and you will see that everyone at the top is good friends. There is no "them and us", it is all "us against the people." A really great example is that McCommie (McCain) and Hilarious are good friends and even had a drinking contest together. They are all the same traitors sleeping in the same bed screwing the American people while pretending to be apposing each other "for the people". It is all smoke and mirrors and they are hiding the truth less and less.

Paul Ryan said he would rather have Hilarious as president than Trump.


Because they are all in the same bed. They are all the same criminals and traitors stealing from and oppressing the same people. EVERY ONE of them should be rounded up and tried for treason because they have all sold you out. But they won't be prosecuted because they own the legal system.

Remember, most of them are attorneys?

The infighting you see is mostly smoke and mirrors and the rest is because power mad and greedy people can never be satiated, just like I have told you again and again. They can't steal enough fast enough from you so they steal from each other too. Everything else, you know, them caring about you is just show to get you to vote for them but soon they won't need your votes anymore because they will have their little commie traitor dictatorship set up and that is when the infighting will really start, called consolidation of power.


They are already talking about the collapse or fall of Europe because it is already happening and nothing can save Europe from its suicide except God. Their upper class trash have destroyed Europe just like I told you they would.

The only question now is what will be left when the dust settles?

History teaches that most of the upper class trash will die along with tens of millions of people.


Saudi Arabia just executed a bunch of Muslims for terrorist attacks including a religious leader who has been encouraging terrorist attacks.

Maybe Saudi Arabia knows how to deal with Muslims and we should learn from them?

John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

You better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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