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Today was one of increasing numbers of days in which I just got tired of reading the news about over paid x-spurt intellectually superior idiots who got the right degrees from the right universities who can't even figure out what is causing all of our problems, you know, liberals. I am convinced we are in the real zombie apocalypse and the God hating pagan liberals are the brain dead zombies.

For example, I keep reading about liberal Israelis who say stupid things like terrorism isn't being caused by the Arabs, it is being caused by the Israelis. They are partly right because it is not being caused by the Arabs because there are plenty of good Christian Arabs who are not involved in terrorism.

But their comments tell me that there are plenty of other Israelis who believe terrorism is being caused by the Arabs in spite of the fact that not all Arabs are terrorists and Christian Arabs don't commit terror. And this isn't just an Israeli problem. I see this ignorance throughout the West with people who, in all of their great intellectual brilliance can't figure out who and what is causing terrorism with it being so blatantly obvious that all terrorists are Muslims and all Muslims are terrorists because they are in liberal PC denial and just have to prove they are politically correct regardless of the facts.

With all of these geniuses, who have obviously never read the Koran, all they have to do to figure out the truth is quit listening to the other ignorant geniuses and read the Koran. The Koran makes it very clear why Muslims are committing terror and waging war against the rest of the world, Muhammad said to, that is why. It has nothing to do with race, it has nothing to do with poverty, it has nothing to do with psychology, and it has nothing to do with philosophy because it is all about the Koran and Islam.

But actually do their homework and read the Koran?

Oh no, these geniuses don't need to do their homework, that would require work and, besides, they already figured it out in their blissful ignorance via osmosis without knowing anything of significance and, if they can use enough big words to make it sound brilliant, then it must be true.

I get so fed up with over educated fools who got the right degrees listening to the right idiot professors at the right universities using the right politically correct bull crap and then spewing forth their ignorance based insanity that I want to scream. The vast majority of the x-spurts doing the talking have not done their homework and are just spewing ignorance based insanity because they are completely clue less about what is really going on in this world and debating them is futile because they already have their stupid simple little intellectually superior minds made up that they can't possibly be wrong about something they know nothing about.

Just how surprised do you think these twits are going to be when the very ugly truth about Islam and terrorism bites their butts, you know, just before they get their stupid heads cut off? And whose fault will that be?

Yours and mine, of course.

I just wish we could hurry up and get this over with so the idiots would hurry up and get their stupid heads cut off so the rest of us can start fixing this mess without their intellectual expertise ignorantly blaring in our ears.

Upset? Me?

Yep, pretty much. Liberals are nuts!!!

I think I am going to call it a day and go read comic strips for the day and it is only 8:45 am.

(Hours later) OK, I have been re-energized and ready to go back to work.


China just committed 5,000 of its best troops to Syria for helping Assad and destroying ISIS and the other terrorist...uh...rebel groups. You can bet Obama isn't happy about this.

Also, you can bet the US and other militaries will be watching the Chinese soldiers fighting to see how they operate. This will be interesting.

BTW, US Representative, Pete King, said that Obama won't admit the ISIS fight is going poorly.

For whom is the fight going poorly?

It wasn't going poorly for Muslim traitor Obama until Russia got involved. It was going poorly for the US, but not Obama. Get a clue, King. Obama is not on our side and is on the side of ISIS. Obama created ISIS. Obama trained ISIS. Obama funds ISIS. Obama arms ISIS. Obama is the Caliph for ISIS.

It seems the ISIS brutality and "kill everyone but us" game is not working out too well. They have either killed or scared all of the doctors off and now ISIS doesn't have enough doctors to treat their wounded. ISIS just started a program of begging doctors to return to their homes and start treating the ISIS wounded, which would be a really stupid thing to do.

Just what do you think will happen to those doctors when they get caught up on treating the wounded?

At the very least, they will be treated badly and will probably end up being tortured and killed. Only the really stupid doctors will return.

Maybe ISIS should:

1) Stop murdering everyone?

2) Just wrap up their wounded in suicide vests and send the wounded off to paradise and their 72 virgin goats?

US Revolution

About 150 armed people have occupied a federal building in Oregon protesting the abuse of power by our government.

It looks like the revolution may be starting. This is a challenge to the power grabbing US government and Obama.

BTW, Cruz said that armed US citizens don't have a Constitutional right to stand up to a bad government. Cruz needs to read the Constitution because it says that it is not only the right of the people to rise up armed against a bad government but it is their responsibility to stand up armed against a bad government.

I told you that I don't know anyone I want to vote for president. They are all the same criminals sleeping in the same bed working for the same puppet masters.

Ask yourself, when was the last time an election actually solved anything significant in this country?

Not since at least Reagan, more than a quarter of a century ago. If you believe this coming election will solve anything, you are being naive.

Keep an eye on this.

BTW, a Gallup poll has shown that most Americans now consider the US government to be our worst problem.

What? Our glorious big government Marxism has failed? Who would have guessed?

Eyes are opening.

Saudi Arabia

After Saudi Arabia, a Muslim country, executed a Shiite Muslim leader for instigating terrorist attacks against Saudi Arabia, you know, like we should do, Iran has gone on the war path with Saudi Arabia. Saudi Arabia has just given Iranian diplomats 48 hours to get out of Saudi Arabia, you know, like we should do to Muslims for waging war against us.

Please, watch Saudi Arabia, a Muslim country, and learn how to deal with Muslims.

Note that Bahrain, UAE, Kuwait, Sudan, other Arab countries, have also cut ties with Iran.

Chinese Stock Market

China's market just crashed setting off selling in the US and Europe. This crash is showing one major flaw in a stock market, which is that the prices of stocks have become almost exclusively based on demand and not the performance of the businesses. When demand for the stocks drop, the prices drop and you get a market crash.

The liberals and upper class trash, especially in China thought that, if they could get the Chinese stock market up high enough because of everyone in China owning stocks, the prices would just magically stay high forever, even without a continuing demand. So China invested billions of its own money in its own stock market and when the investing dropped off and stock prices began to fall last year, China all but required its citizens to invest their money to keep the stock prices inflated.

Now that most of the money in China has been invested in their stocks, demand has fallen so China started pumping more government money into the stock market to keep the prices high but finally reached a point to where they realized they were just dumping money down a rat hole. With significantly less demand, the over inflated stocks are now crashing and China is going to lose much of its wealth, which will hurt their military buildup and they may even have to scale back on the military to save the military.

Like I have said, I am not too afraid of China as a major power partly because Billy Boy Clintstone, who left our economy in a recession that was hidden by our lying liberal commie traitor media, has been one of China's main financial advisors.

The lesson here is to never use a useful idiot Marxist as your financial advisor. All Marxists are clueless about economics and finances. All they understand is big government spending and stealing via the big government. That big government spending just failed again.

China is imploding right now.


An EU court has decided for the people of Ireland that Ireland cannot deport an ISIS recruiter. This is just another case of the intellectually superior EU insanity causing more problems for the people of Europe.

What, no common sense?

The upper class trash is too intellectual to use common sense.

When are the people of Europe going to learn and dissolve the EU? What should the people of Ireland do if the EU doesn't allow them to deport an ISIS recruiter?

1) Leave the EU and deport the Muslim?

2) Hang him?


1,000+ migrants, A.K.A. Muslims, rioted at a German train station, fighting, raping, and stealing.

Think about it, 1,000+ Muslims staging an assault is a small army waging war against the people of Germany. Just like I told you, the Muslims have started feudal warfare and the European troops' and cops' hands have been tied with political correctness and by their corrupt traitor leaders. This will get much worse until the German people stage a revolution and overthrow their corrupt leaders.

The German government is "stunned by the rash of gang assaults on women", you know, by Muslims.

What, they didn't do their homework and know this was coming? Didn't they even pay attention to the rapes by Muslims in Sweden?

It is a shame the leaders are not the victims of their own mischief but the leaders are protected by guns after taking guns away from their people so the people can't protect themselves. The leaders should be stripped of their armed protection and dropped off in the new Muslim feudal states to "care for the poor souls". Let's see how the leaders like being treated the way they are treating their own people.


Canada has elected a childish, irrational fruit loop for PM, Justin Trudeau. He said that he will not bomb ISIS even if ISIS attacks Canada. We are talking an extreme ultra liberal super idealistic pacifist fool who is completely out of touch with reality. To show everyone how wonderful he is, he just sold out the Canadian people by giving ISIS free kills in Canada because ISIS now knows that, even if ISIS kills Canadian's, the PM won't attack ISIS. This extremely dangerous idiot has been completely brainwashed with the liberal crap about all bad guys are just victims who need understanding and caring. Trudeau is the perfect idiot.

What Trudeau is showing us is that he has absolutely no understanding of reality, especially bad guys. All Trudeau understands is unicorns charging over rainbows. The arrogant little fool doesn't even realize that what he just did was send ISIS an invitation to attack Canada and kill Canadians because Trudeau will not fight back to protect his people.

This is a violation of the most fundamental reason for government, which is to protect good people from bad people, and is a violation of the basic government contract with its people. Without the government protecting good people from bad people, there is no reason for government except to abuse government power by stealing from, impoverishing, and oppressing the people. Trudeau and his entire government should be fired for breach of contract.

Trudeau is also showing that he has absolutely no understanding of the military. He said he is not going to bomb ISIS, what he is going to do is provide the "locals" with military training and humanitarian support so they can fight ISIS without Canada's tactical air support, which will only get more of the locals killed by ISIS. It also shows Trudeau to be a military hypocrite because he will not send his own trained troops to fight ISIS but will train locals to fight ISIS and refuses to provide either tactical air support, aiding ISIS in killing everyone ISIS attacks.

I have told you that the planet is being run by the stupidest people on the planet and Trudeau just proved that. His stupidity is mind boggling but, hey, he probably got the right degree from the right university so all of the other fool liberals assume he is intelligent. They voted this twit into office, they will pay the price for his insanity.


Hilarious is promising to investigate...wait for it...UFOs, aliens and Area 51.

Can we say desperate and totally loony toons? Gee, her campaign couldn't be heading south, could it? After all, if there really were aliens intelligent enough to travel through space to other planets, do you really think they would want to make contact with a nation stupid enough to elect her?

She is in serious trouble.

Now, do you understand why I get so frustrated reading the news?

John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

You better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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